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(generated from captions) the IMF chief being extremely present. That's

releasing the imf's the IMF chief economist

economic outlook overnight. releasing the imf's latest

Let's take you directly to Tony Abbott who is speaking in

Melbourne. This is an out

standing facility, it was built just five investment of some $50 million. just five years ago with an just

It is a state-of-the-art facility. It difficult times but, because of reininvestment, it is

looking like it has a good future. In looking like it has a good Australia, this business is going to be hit by the toxic tax, the carbon tax which tax, the carbon tax which comes

into force in just 10 weeks

time. In 10 weeks time, country is going to be hit

a carbon tax. The carbon tax price in our economy because will impact on every sing m

every single business economy every single business in our transport and power and transport are what the carbon

tax will hit. So I say to the

Prime Minister, if you are

serious about the future

you would not manufacturing in this country,

country with biggest carbon tax at the biggest carbon tax at the worst

possible time. And every day see possible time. And every day we the carbon tax will swing like a wrecking ball through our

economy. Just in the last 24 hours we've of whole sale wealth destruction because of the

carbon tax, even before seeing carbon tax has come in we are

seeing whole sale wealth

destruction with the write-off destruction with the

of the value of the assets of the reduction in the value of NSW electricity generating

Billions of dollars of wealth assets by some $3 billion.

destroyed because of

tax. So, again, I say to when it demonstrate that you get it

industry, rethink this carbon when it comes to manufacturing

tax. Now, before I throw to

Scott, I just want to make another observation, if I see another observation, if I may. flagging I see that the government is

businesses which take on senior incentive payments to

workers. This of

catch-up politics from the directly government. They have almost Coalition directly lifted from the at the last election. This be the second where the Government Last year, they mental health policy. This they are lifting our seniors incentives policy. The fact is only the Coalition has the

policies to deliver the hope, reward and opportunity that Australians want. I Australians want. I encourage

the Government to steal more of

our policies. steal our policy for

dinkum paid parental leave

scheme. It might want to steal

approach to the national our policy for a bipartisan

disability insurance scheme. might want to steal disability insurance scheme. It

to look at more flexible and

effective forms of child care decide and, above all else, it might decide that the carbon tax

really is the last thing that

Australia needs right now. Scott? Thank you, Tony. Thank, Matt. Unemployment

in this more than double the national in this part of Melbourne is

average. Modern Baking has done

a fak job to ensure that this facility provides ongoing work

made more to the locals. But that will be

coming weeks as the cost of producing products gets higher and higher but

diskits don't face the carbon

tax. Every workers will face increased

thanks costs at home as well. So costs at home as well.

costs at today, and best of luck today, and best your projects. Are there any today , have you had a chance

to look at those? Wayne Swan

for says they show we're on track

the IMF for a surplus. Interestingly the IMF has downgraded its growth forecasts for the growth Australian economy.

coming year at 3.5%. It's downgraded that to 3%. It

forecast growth of 3% for forecast growth of 3% for the current financial year and it

looks like we're going to get economy and it's under 2%. This is an under performing

performing because of economic performing because of the poor current government. Ralph Norris apparently is a surplus in these conditions reaction to it's very reaction to that? Look, I think

and good economic wasteful and unnecessary

government spending. If we

weren't confronted with such wasteful and unnecessary - borrowing $100 million single day, which is upward pressure on interest rates. So it is important to get back to get back to surplus. And the way to get back to surplus is not to increase taxes, what this Government is doing, the way to spending. Leaving aside the fact that you

fact that you say that the Government stole your policy.

company that employees Is it a good idea $1,000 for a

It was Coalition wish that we had had to put in place straight after the last election. I very much regret that people will have to wait much longer than would otherwise have been the case for this good policy to be put in place and Government they won't put it place well because, as we know,

for poor execution, even

as we know, has the Midas touch

in reverse. What do you make Place and Kevin Rudd working on some deal before the

Prime Minister was

ousted? Again it calls into question the Prime Minister's

against Kevin Rudd and I explanations for her coup

against Kevin Rudd and I keep

making the point Kevin couldn't trust the Prime Minister, the Australian people

couldn't trust the Prime Minister, Andrew Wilke couldn't

trust the Prime Minister, Harry Prime Minister. Yet again, essential elements of the Prime

Minister's stories for what unraveling. Casting your mind back to Sunday back to Sunday night, were you confronted by activists at Melbourne uni and were you forced there? Yes and weren't forced to

leave? No. What did you think

of their behaviour? I of their behaviour? I think people should be able people should be able to enjoy

a quiet meal with a friend Sunday night in Lygon Street. OK, church abuse Victorian Government has announced an inquiry into church abuse in Victoria. church abuse in Victoria. What do think it's very

get to the bottom of this kind

of behaviour. And to

behaviour had taken place, it should be reported to the be launched. I be launched. I think where institution have been inadequate, they should be investigated and they would improved. I do make this improved. I do make this point, though - there has of though - there has been a lot

of pretty gruesome behaviour of pretty gruesome behaviour in many institutions years, and we should be careful not to single out particular institutions, given that a lot

of this has been or it is a is a terrible blot on our society as a whole, something that can be pinned on one or two families say that a parliamentary parliamentary inquiry is not enough, but is needed for this sort is needed for this sort of thing. Well, jurisdiction s into the shameful treatment of

by institutions of one another. That's really a matter think that Ted Bailleu ought to

be con - congratulated for taking the steps taking the steps he has . Thank you. That is you. That is the Opposition Leader Tony Abbott speaking to journalists at

going across all of the key

political issues this morning

that IMF report that downgraded Australia's economic growth

rates, although pointed to

still a jobs bonus is Government jobs bonus is Government is about to offer employers to

take on older workers. child sex abuse there at the very end, called by the Victorian Government and

intriguingly it came up during that meet Media conference encounter Tony Abbott encounter Tony Abbott had with