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Live. Good evening, I'm Scott

Bevan. On tonight's program one of the

decorated soldiers has become

the 24th Australian killed in

Afghanistan. Sergeant Brett

Wood, a recipient of the medal of gallantry died when an

improvised explosive device blew up. His Australia's continuing more questions about

Australia's the country. You're watching

The World. Another terrible blow to our nation, a tragedy

Australian family. T The Prime Australian family. T The Prime

Minister says Australia remains

committed to its mission in

Afghanistan. Also ahead - a

small town obliterate small town obliterate and more

than 100 dead in the worst

tornado to hit the US for more than 50 years. welcome,

in Ireland so how will their British visit at the crippled reactor goes from bad to worse. at the crippled Fukushima

And European air travel faces yet more chaos as the Icelandic yet

ash cloud spreads further. Australia's presence in

Afghanistan has again been Afghanistan has again

Australia's questioned with

Brett Wood was killed in a the line of duty. Sergeant


attacks on the same day. A Taliban ambush in one of two

Sergeant Wood has been praised decorated veteran of 2 wars,

as a warrior and an

inspiration. When the winter

chill thaws in the poppy

of Afghanistan the Taliban

warms to the fight and this

year is no exception. A home

made bomb claimed Australia's 24th combat 24th combat death, a battle hardened commando,

high achiever. He hardened commando, a military

magnificent soldier who high

high some incredible operational some incredible

Wood was 32, married and a experiences. T Sergeant

veteran of Timor, Iraq and two previous deployment s to Afghanistan. His unit was

patrolling on foot when it was

hit. Two of his colleagues are seriously wounded. Another

terrible blow to our nation, terrible blow to our nation, a

tragedy for an tragedy for an Australian family. Sergeant Wood's

defining moment had come 5

years earlier. In 2006 he was wounded in a wounded in a vicious fire fight family. Sergeant

but fought on resisting a

of gunfire to subdue an enemy attack. but fought on resisting a hail

attack. His team killed 7

earned him the medal for

gallantry. Sustained wounds to

earned my left hand,

right foot. He right foot. He was really an field environment. It's been a

trying 24 hours in the field.

Another attack wounded 3

soldiers although they're

expected to recover. This is just the start of the fighting giving as good as they get. The season but the Prime Minister

insurgents have lost far yes, I'm absolutely confident insurgents have lost far more,

of that. For one

Melbourne's suburbs it means

little. We salute Sergeant Wood

to his family and to his

comrades. In silence and stood, for soldier number stood, for soldier number 24 and the 23 who fell One of the worst tornadoes and the 23 who fell before him.

American history One of the worst tornadoes in American history has wiped a small midwestern town off map killing more than One of the

map killing more than 100

people. Many in the community people. Many

of Joplin, Missouri were

sitting down to dinner when the

gash 9 kilometre long and 1 deadly twister struck leaving

kilometre wide through the town centre. Joplin, centre. Joplin, Missouri had only minutes' getting big, big, big. That is huge. The twister was over a kilometre wide packing winds of 300km/h. Oh, gosh, that is a

monster tornado. It tore into

the midwest city shredding up to a the seconds. Listen to and prayers as through. I love you. Jesus, and prayers as it roared

Jesus, Jesus, heavenly

chasing meteorology students

eyes. That is destroyed, debarked. The completely. The trees are debarked. The local hospital

evacuated moments before took

direct hit. T its evacuated are gone, windows blown out. The

The storm ripped apart entire

tearing up gas and water blocks, downing power lines,

around like toys. Survivors crushing

emerged into hail and rain emerged into hail and rain and

a landscape of utter devastation. Being in that

house and hearing things come

sudden down and the water all of a down and the water all of


concrete and stuff, yeah, yeah,

we knew us. Rescue teams scoured we knew the house came down on

through wreckage finding bodies and trapped and trapped down

man who used his mobile to call

for help. Yeah,

I'm stuck. Neighbours helped

each other. Their smashed

households hopeliless intermingled. Just

a twister here, this is just

incredible damage. Such power of the storm that

wreckage was found nearly 100 kilometres away. Many locals

say they didn't hear the

tornado sirens.

tornado sirens. Those that did had about

shelter. If it wasn't for that

would have been even worse. officials say the death

Well one resident of this

extraordinary home video of the immediate aftermath of the

tornado. Aaron Durral spoke to

and he and he described how he survived the ordeal. We frantically tried to round up

our cats and pet turtle because

we're very concerned about our

and we animals, they're like family

and we just rounded them up as

quick as we could, hit our crawl space, got under the house and found our plumbing line and just held on to the plumbing line plumbing line because we knew it would it would be anchored deep into the ground. Fortunately our

home was pretty much other than some tree damage. Our yard is pretty Our yard is pretty much

6 blocks away from our home 6 blocks away from our home was completely levelled and decimated. I mean

decimated. I mean it decimated. I mean it looks like a virtual nuclear wasteland. Everybody talks

about how it sounds train and, you know, it may

sound cliche to say that but it

really does. It is a horrible,

horrible sound to hear and you

just have no idea just have no idea what's going on. You are dark praying and holding on,

you know, for your dear you know, for your dear life and you're just worried sick about all of your loved ones,

your friends, your your friends, your family and

you have no clue. terrible feeling. Everybody was

in shock. terrible in shock.

Like I said, it was just like -

it's something you see it's

movie. For all we knew it was

like something that was in an

apocalyptic film it just

seem real. It was so surreal

and you're numb. That's Joplin and to ABC News 24 via webcam earlier today about the devastation in his town.

Israeli Prime Minister

Benjamin Netanyahu has again rejected the US President's vision deal based on the 1967 deal based on the 1967 borders.

Mr Netanyahu has been speaking

to the American Israel public

affairs committee, a strong pro-Israel lobby in Washington. He says he will outline his

vision for an eventual peace for Israel

for Israel and the Palestinians in

must leave Israel with must leave Israel with security

and therefore Israel cannot

return to the indefensible 1967 return to the indefensible 1967 lines. (Applause

Mr Netanyahu is due to address Congress early Australian time. We'll have

reaction to his speech Australian

World tomorrow night. US

tonight in Britain for

State visit with a mix of diplomatic and ceremonial engagements. Ireland

Michelle wowed the crowds. He

pressed the fresh, drank the

local drop and couldn't stop

talking about his talking about his distant Irish correspondent Philip Williams. Bigger than Bono, the obam arks had arrived and what

a welcome. This rock star treatment

popular here than he is in the United States. And home is what

he calls this tiny village popular he calls this tiny village Moneygall. where the President's left for the new life in the

US. So this was a family

reunion including a hug with his 8th cousin Henry and of course a pint of Guinness in the lock ale to seal the

homecoming. I just homecoming. to know that the President pays

his bar tender. The President his talks with talks with the Irish Prime Minister. Northern Ireland inevitably top of inevitably

The Queen's tour here last week

clearly an inspiration. To see the mutual warmth and the mutual warmth and healing

that took place since what Bobby Kennedy once called the ripple of ehope. And more than

thousands who gathered to hear

the President speak in central Dublin. It's put the spotlight

back on Ireland. It puts us

back on the map. We're Irish. We will fight, we back survive. Not everything went

exactly to plan. The

presidential Cadillac was too

long, low an heavy to get long, low an heavy to get over

a bump in the a bump in the driveway but no obstacle was going to dampen the President's enthusiasm. My

name is Barack

name is Barack Obama... (Cheering) Of the

Moneygall Obamas. And I've

home to find the apostrophe

that we lost the way. Next stop for the Obamas, Great the Obamas, Great Britain staying with the Queen at Buckingham

Palace. The warmth of the welcome here in Ireland Palace. mentioned there Barack now in London. He will be now in

for the next 3 days or so and he has plenty to discuss with his British counterpart, David Cameron. To find out more about this visit and this visit and more broadly US/British relations where

they're up to let's speak with

Dr Alexis Crow, she's research fellow in the international security international security program at the respected think at the respected think tank Chatham House and Dr Crow joins us live from our London studio.

Thanks so much for this evening. Thank you. In a joint statement by the US British leaders they describe

their nation's relationship as

not just special but not

But for which side is it But for which side is it more essential? Ing say that, I mean this kind of

rhetoric, this kind of fluff,

proceeds any US presidential

visit. Straight through from

Kennedy to Reagan to Clinton

and I would say that

to be just that, political rhetoric, and it's important rhetoric, it's important rhetoric, it's important for both sides in terms of political

know, one's reminded of the know, Oscar Wilde famous quotation

two nations divided by a common

language. However I would say that this time

lacks substance, both in terms

of defence and security and in

terms of the financial

situation. Before we look at

some of those issues you've

defence, I thought for Britain in particular they would in particular they would be public would be reading a lot

into how their leaders behave and perform during this some commentators, and the public, wrote about the seeming

one-sided nature of the relationship with some

referring to the former PM being described as Bush's

poodle. So how does David Cameron set the right tone Cameron set the right tone for

both the US visitor and play to his British public to

show that he is indeed in

charge? Well, I think if you -

the London 'Times' today

there's a letter coauthored by

President Obama, an article

the op ed section and in it

both the Prime Minister and the

President open with this passage about how they both

came of age together in the

they go on to say that they

wish to evoke the special

Regan and Prime Minister thatcher and so there is sort of similarity in age

between the two and, you know, prior to Obama's prior to Obama's previous visits here and previous

meetings between the two

leaders there was all this talk of of being young and dynamic leaders. So they do their these

personal similarities and I

think that might resonate with the people that I think the people that I think Cameron can really hold his own can really hold his own with

there was a lot of speculation

Obama wasn't going to

Obama wasn't going to have time

to meet with Nick Clegg he

does so so that's a good sort

of believe. It's just a question

of what about when questions come up such as, you know, come up such as, you know, the UK is supporting the US UK is supporting the US stance Israeli Palestinian conflict,

however how much of that - how

much of the US efforts on that behalf are the product of a

consult Tative process with the

UK, for example. Let's explore something you raised before,

that of defence. Most recently

with Libya there have been

signs of differences, of ideas and approach to dealing with the crisis there. How the

that dominate talks in the next

couple of days, do couple of days, do you believe? Well, Secretary Clinton

of speculation that the US isn't contributing of

that the UK might chide the US into contributing more into contributing more but Secretary Clinton has pointed out that the US continues out that the US continues to

fly 25% of sorties over Libya. However, I mean However, a sort of marked 180 degree

turn from Secretary of Defence

Bob Gates going to knocking Bob Gates going to knocking on

the doors of European the doors of European leaders saying please can saying please can you

help us with the burden sharing

and then all of a sudden, you

know, 180-degree turn to Libya and saying we wash our hands of

this essentially and this essentially and this is Europe, this is your mess, is your backyard, this is the

Mediterranean is your backyard,

you deal with it. So those are the sort

and I don't think that and

would be very happy to commit ground troops which might be needed to remove Gaddafi from

power. I think the US needed more focused on its internal debt problems. Just last week it hit - it hit

ceiling and, you know, we're

the economy, stupid. And President Obama reminded of likely be focus ing his reminded of one concern on resurrecting US economy. So you believe that whole question of debt and

economies will be high on the agenda? I

President Obama's agenda and of course that's what will be

discussed in the G8 summit but

I wonder to what

and the UK sharing ideas on resurrecting the economy is actually going to help

President Obama in the end

reelection campaign and getting

more jobs for the American

people. If we remember there was that was when Gordon Brown put forth all

of his ideas about the economy

and that went to when

Washington praised it and lauded it however one wonders

to what extent the UK and the

problems. As there's increasing

focus on the so-called focus on the so-called Asian

century coming, with the rise and rise of China, how much is focus on about two powers about two powers working towards a common goal of sorts

of maintaining relevance internationally? Well, I would

say to begin with I would say to begin with I would say the special relationship is

important in a important in a way and essential as both leaders said

this morning in the complex strategic environment in which we face

financial environment, security environment, collaborative

effort affords greater efficiency and so in that sense

it's quite effective. However,

I would say that the US

especially, as it's mired debt, needs to have a flexible

response. It's not necessarily

the US and the UK can look vis-a-vis Asia but it's vis-a-vis Asia but it's more

the US, although it's talking

rhetoric of this special

relationship, how the US can remain flexible and not necessarily use the UK as a

default setting as its default

think lit have to be in dealing with other leaders, in dealing with let's in dealing with let's say Japan and leaders in South-East Asia. I think I that sense. Finally, the US

President has just arrived, can

he expect that

delirious response in London as

he received in Ireland? I saw

there were lots of kissing there were lots of kissing and drinking of pints of Guinness

going on. He is staying the Queen which is a tremendous honour and he's addressing both houses of Parliament which is a tremendous honour. I think from

the heads of State here he's

receiving a hugely warm welcome however I think probably the Obama mania which was rife

across the UK and the continent has 2008. Dr Alex

Chatham House in London, I

thank you for your time and your thoughts tonight. Thank you. New vision has thank

purporting to show the of the Syrian Government's crackdown on crackdown on community protests. And a warning, some people may find the images in

this report disturbing. This amateur video is said to have

been taken on Friday city of Hama. It was posted on a Hama. It was posted on a social

media website last night. The

people carrying out the bashing are said to be civil defence anti-government protestor.

Human rights activists say more

than 850 people have been killed by security killed the start of the crackdown in

March. And a NATO war planes

have repeatedly hit targets in

the Lybian capital Tripoli. More than More than 20 strikes sent a heavy

city not far city not far from Colonel Gaddafi's compound. The Lybian

Government claims at least people were killed by the attacks. Violence has flared

in the security forces security forces and opposition

tribal fighters. At least 6

people are dead and dozens more have been wounded. Buildings in

Sanaa have been blasted and government offices were set on

fire after President Ali Abdullah Saleh refused to Abdullah Saleh refused to step down. The operators of the crippled

reactors. TEPCO now believes

fuel rods in fuel rods in reactors 2 and 3 suffered the same

reactor 1 in the earthquake and tsunami in March. North Asia

correspondent Mark Willacy reports. The latest announcement means all 3 reactors with reactors with active inside the Fukushima plant are

believed to have suffered meltdowns after the March

earthquake and tsunami

TRANSLATION: On the morning of the 13th the high pressured the coolant injection system stopped on reactor number 3. Taking this into consideration in terms of the cooling and how bad the reactor condition is,

reactor number 1 is reactor be the worst followed by number 3 and then number 2. The operator of the facility, TEPCO,

month that the number one

reactor most likely had a reactor most likely had a fuel meltdown shortly after the

disaster. Now the company says a partial meltdown is believed to have happened in the number

2 and number 3 reactors as well. TRANSLATION: As for reactors and 3, their situation was

helped by the fact that

sort of cooling capability for

a short time after the disaster hit. TEPCO hit. TEPCO says the pressure vessels in the reactors may

also be damaged. A Pakistani

American man who's American man who's already pleaded guilty to playing pleaded guilty to playing a

part in the 2008 Mumbai attacks

has accused Pakistan's

intelligence of involvement. He's made

He's made the claims in a US court. India's investigators court.

Pakistan's ISI was involved Pakistan's ISI was involved in

the attacks. Al-Jazeera reports

from New Delhi. It's no

surprise to many here in New Delhi that Pakistan's intelligence agency the ISI has

been named as an agency had close had anti-Indian groups who coordinated the Mumbai attacks

in 2008. For many months Indian investigators have maintained

they have sufficient evidence their role in those their role in those attacks. So today's testimony does come their role

a day of redempletion for Indian authorities there are fears that these

revelations may further strain ties between the two neighbours. Diplomatic talks were stalled after the attacks in 2008 and

early as this year that the decision to restart the peace dialogue was taken. For the

Indian media though this is a field day. They're highlights parts of parts of David Headley's

testimony, peppering it across

screens across this screens across this nailings, especially the ones in which he says he dislikes India making

this many more of a soap serious court case. A UN Security Council delegation visiting Sudan has visiting Sudan has condemned

the weekend the weekend violence in the contested border contested border region of Abuja. They have called for an immediate end to the violence

in the region which

threatening to send north and south Sudan back to war. The

escalation of violence comes as southern Sudan prepares to

become the world's newest

country on 9 July. A passenger boat has sunk in

at least 5 people, many more

remain missing. The boat had

dinner for workers and their relatives. More than 100 people were on board the boat when it sank. It was only sank. It carry 92 people. Authorities in

Columbia have seized 12 tonnes of cocaine destined for of cocaine destined for Mexico. drugs on a container ship before the ship set sail for

Mexico. The drugs have estimated value of $360 estimated value of $360 million

making it the largest haul in recent years. The from a volcano in Iceland is still affecting travel in Europe. The main

Iceland has reopened but

of flights into Scotland and

cancelled. It's happening all

over again. A vast tower of ash billowing into the sky above Iceland, the cloud streakeded

with flashes of lightning with flashes of lightning and a

wind that's blowing the stuff

our way. It's not the

volcano as last year but the

ash is being blasted this evening the aviation authorities are warning that flights will be disrupted. Some

parts of the UK will have some disruption probably tomorrow and some possibility that by the end of the week that might be more parts of the but it is but it is very variable. We have a

but it

that means that the weather patterns could change very quickly and so that position

could change. So once again

could change. So once again all eyes are on Iceland. Now, eyes are on Iceland. Now, this

is where the ash cloud moved since Saturday and according to the will head over will head over Scotland during

the night tonight. The eruption is much bigger than the one

last year, it's throwing out

far more ash. But inside the cloud are larger

than last time so than last time so here heavier which means they should drop

than last

into the ocean more quickly. In any authorities have agreed new

rules. Planes can fly in up to this level of ash, that's a very

very light concentration. T add

into this denser cloud of ash

if they have permission. So

than last time. The first British airports to be affected

are? Scotland at Aberdeen already disrupted by strong winds passengers winds passengers were hearing about the ash cloud. We

couldn't go again, could we? Thought we'd

seen the last of that last

year. We see when we arrive in Norway we don't know if Norway we don't know if we manage to come back but we manage see. No,

I'm flying back in a couple days from Milan so I don't if I'm going to get but I'll fly out anyway. In Iceland itself a dark Iceland

descended and the ash is

Iceland keep it out of your car? This

country has seen for 50 country has seen for 50 years

and it's still going strong. Let's get the latest world

weather now with Graham

Creed. A low pressure system forming off the south coast of

NSW has introduced a severe

weather warning for many

weather warning for many parts of the coast. In fact it covers

the Illawarra, the Sydney

coastal fringe, the Hunter, all coast. There is the possibility of wind gusts coast. There of wind gusts in excess of showers in association with

that. Also got onshore that. Also got onshore winds about the south-east. That will trigger some

of the south coast including

southern parts of WA but the

heaviest of the falls around heaviest of the falls will be

around the Gippsland southern

For Tasmania any shower For

should be mostly about the For

and far south. Elsewhere relatively clear conditions across the continent. relatively

pressure system is bringing

strong to gale force relatively winds along the east coast

to gale force north to

north-westerly winds across much of New Zealand. much expecting to see expecting to see those strongest conditions up about heaviest rain about the west coast of the south island. We'll also see some in and around the Noumea area. Across South-East Asia and Across South-East Asia and the

tropical low is tropical low is still sitting

well off the Philippines, about

500 kilometres out 500 kilometres out to sea but there are now starting to see tropical low

wind warnings issued for parts of the Philippine,

the north, gale warnings out

for most oft eastern coastal waters but this low is also

intensifying the monsoon across

the south. Now there is a possibility of low-level

flooding, even landslides about Mount nous few warnings being issued across that region. We're also

seeing widespread heavy showers

an rm thos across Vietnam into

Laos and also Thailand and

we're expecting to see those for most of showers an storms persisting for most of the week showers

relatively clear conditions

we head up into southern parts

of China. Now Japan we saw some of China. Now Japan we saw some moderate to the southern areas today but they're gradually contracting to the very far south. Most

areas will be and Taiwan could actually see an increase in an increase in winds and they're also looking at a wet

forecast as that tropical low

becomes a feature in the coming days. And for India the days. And for India the monsoon

trough is still developing about the south. It's certainly starting to get about We're still We're still expecting to see it drift a little bit further

north by the week's end. north by the week's end. Just some north by

the northern areas. M so of

those possible in and around those

Now the European region, a low of northern pressure draw some air down. to produce

to produce widespread showers

and rainfall, particularly around Scotland

help with some of that volcanic

dust. Most other areas

relatively clear although temperatures

overly warm. For Africa south coast so both the eastern and

and the western cape looking at some moderate falls. Showers

and storms will also some across the Eck torial

expecting to see another 24 to 48

48 hours possible 48 hours possible severe thunderstorms across those

central inland, even the

northern inland and it does see further tornadoes. That activity

activity isn't expected to

Thursday this stage. And in the south we've got heavy falls about

countries. Also the possibility of some heavy rainfall of the

far south of Rio. Well a

multinational space crew has landed safely in Kazak Stan in

central Asia after 6 months on the International Space

Station. The Russian mission

control says the Soyuz

control says the Soyuz space

cap chul arrived in the correct

location on the Kazak step rr.

NASA TV has described the cap

as appearing in good shape as

they emerged from the capsule. Still ahead - we capsule. Still ahead assess the men vying to capsule. Still ahead the next Republician President of the United States of the United States and how Twitter has left Twitter has left the UK's privacy laws discuss the impact of social

media and how it's turning tables on courtroom injunctions.

You're watching The World. Our top stories - Our

Minister Julia Gillard insists

that progress is being made in Afghanistan as Australia mourns

the loss of its 24th soldier in the war. Brett Wood was killed Brett Wood was killed by an

improvised bomb in Oruzgan

province overnight. More weather is on the way for

Joplin in Missouri after the

category 4 storm flattened at least 2,000 buildings. least 2,000 buildings. Rescue

crews have been crews have been digging through piles of shattered homes

piles of shattered homes and crushed cars looking for survivors after one survivors after one of the worst tornados in worst tornados in US history.

More than 100 people have died. The Japanese power plant

operator TEPCO has confirmed of reactors there's been a partial meltdown troubled Fukushima troubled

plant. It comes as a delegation

from the international atomic energy agency arrives for a

9-day fact-finding mission. The US presidential election might

be 18 months away but

Republicans are growing increasingly anxious about

their prospective candidates.

The current field is marked by

who's ruled themselves out than

Mitch Daniels and Nick Huckabee. In are Newt Huckabee. In are Newt Gingrich

and Tim po lanty. #4 Pollante. Jennifer Duffy thanks for joining us. Much has

been made of how slow been made of how slow this field has been in field has been in coming together. T is it any different

to previous campaigns? It to previous election campaigns? It is campaigns? It is different. It has gotten off to a slower

start and I think it's largely because we because we are dealing with an

incumbent president where incumbent president where there

is not an open seat, there has

certainly been some about what kind of an election cycle it's going to be but I think we

a point here where there is

some real clarity in the field.

I don't expect it to get much

bigger. I think that anybody

who's left to announce we

expect them to announce. We are

finally getting to a place

where we know what this looks like and it has been a

long time coming. Republican strategist suggests that this field is pretty much what it's going to

be and that there is someone in

here who can beat President

be know, whether or not know, whether or not this field can beat Obama is going to can very little very little to do with the nominee and it's going to have

very little

very little to do with the President to have everything to do with the economy. If the economy is

showing some real signs of

improvement and voters are are

feeling more confident I think it's going to be very hard to beat this sluggish as it is now and unemployment remains high and

there is no measurable signs of this field can this really going

economy and less who

candidate is. Why have they

been so slow to jump into the

certainly a long way from

improving? I mean I think

that's part of it. I meanwhile

the potential is there, I think a lot of these candidates quite a lot of problems. The

other thing I think

more strategic, I think it's

been a waiting game, I like to call it a staring

candidates wait to really does get in and really does get in and who's making progress and who's raising money. raising

we're finally passed that. I

mean, you know, obviously

former governor Tim Polente has

but today is

campaign so it really is

getting off to a slower officially getting off to a slower start. officially

That might ultimately be good for the field. You know, at

this point in 2007, a year

before the election,

had candidates who had gotten

in and gotten out. What in and gotten out. What about former vice presidential

candidate Sarah Palin and candidate Sarah Palin and the other Tea Party favourite congress woman will throw

ring? I don't expect Sarah Palin to run. I think she

enjoys her life, you know, enjoys her life, you know, not anybody to

for the first time in her life.

And I don't really she wants to run. I do think

she wants to be a stakeholder

in the process and that will

happen. I do expect Michelle

Bachmann to get in this Bachmann to get in this race

and she is a lot like Sarah Palin in many ways.

refer to her as Palin 2.0, the

next generation. I next generation. I do expect

her to get in. I expect former

Utah government John Huntsman who was the ambassador to who was the ambassador to China to get into this race probably

some time in June. So, you

know, those are know, those are really the last

two candidates to sort two

formally throw their hat into

the ring and to the field the ring and to the field is now somewhat set. So is the Tea

Party, and the various

organisations that make up that entity here in the having anesque on the

candidates we're seeing or that

we might end up seeing? It's very interesting. I think that

the Tea Party may generally have less of an impact than

they had in 2010 where they

made their presence felt across the country and the

less of an impact in States

that hold primaries as opposed to caucuses. However, having

said that, every one of

said that, every one of these candidates is courting the Tea Party. There is Party candidate, somebody they've chosen and gotten behind and because the Tea

Party is really not an organisation we call it more of a state of mind than group, it's also splintered.

You know, Tea Party members You know, Tea Party members in

one state may get behind one state may get behind one candidate, yet in another State they choose someone else. So I don't think you're going to see

a lot of unity there which will

lessen their impact. Having look

in the rate, Newt Gingrich, was running and then had a

terrible week. In fact someone

suggested that it was only

marginally better than the Dominique Strauss-Khan had, how

would you rate it? I think I have ever seen a more

disastrous campaign roll

disastrous campaign roll out than Gingrich's and for someone

with so much experience in

political arena it was political arena it was quite surprising. You expect the newcomers, the novices to newcomers, the novices to have

that kind of week but for

Gingrich to have that kind week was really remarkable and

I'm not sure that he recovered

from this. I'm not sure that can come back from this. But it also

also taught us a lesson that I'm not sure that we expected to learn which is the so-called Ryan Budget plan, this plan the House of Representatives has to balance the Budget has really

become a litmus test in the Republican Party and Republican Party and these candidates will oppose it at their peril. So do you classify

what we see at the moment as a

weak field? I'm not sure this

is the strongest field because

there is no-one in this field

that has broad a - appeal.

There is no Ronald Reagan in this this field. This field also seems to lack charisma. There

perhaps that's exactly what Republicans need, something the anti-Obama, but I this is not a strong

field. Jennifer Duffy, thanks for joining us. That field. Jennifer North America correspondent Lisa Millar there. Social Lisa Millar there. Social media has left has left Britain's privacy laws

in chaos. A government MP named

a high profile football player

at the centre of a sex because it had because it had already been discussed by thousands of people on Twitter. The High

Court had earlier ruled that a privacy injunction should not

be lifted and his name should

remain suppressed. Here's Mark

Easton. Named in the House of Commons. According to an MP the

footballer at the centre of the injunction row is Manchester

United star Ryan Giggs. Lib Dem MP used the protection of parliamentary privilege to publicly identify publicly identify the speaker. With about people having people having named Ryan Giggs on Twitter it's obviously impracticable to imprison all. His revelation drew a

swift rebuke from the speaker. He is to finish his

question if an orderly

way. Other MPs have also questioned Mr Hemming's

questioned deliberate breach from the order of the High Court of Justice in Justice in England and Wales. Parliamentary privilege is an extremely important

right. MPs have it in order to after the interests of their

constituent but it needs to be used don't like the don't like the way that the law is working it is is working it is much better to

change the law than to change the law than to flout it. The MP's disclosure follow

asseries of High Court hearings

involving the former Ms Wales winner Imogen Thomas who had winner Imogen Thomas who had an alleged affair with the anonymous footballer. Last week

lawyers for the soccer star won permission to demand the names of breached the injunction. I

think you have a difficulty

clear that with judge-made law where it's following the will of

Parliament and what you have to look at is what the real

consequences of all of this are in terms of in terms of ordinary people Hemming's defiant behaviour

if repeated outside Parliament but this evening mainstream

media organisations took media organisations took the decision that the existing

injunction cannot now prevent publication of the sportsman's name. It is rather publication of name. It is rather un where newspapers can't print

something that everyone else is

there's a difficulty here

because the law the judges must interpret what the Court where celebrities' the lawyers have been going all day, there is a sense that the reputation of the

court injunction itself is at

stake with judges being asked

to rule but trying to gag the media

media is few tile. A rm foer lord media thought of people who deliberately flout privacy

established the principle that

we accept court orders.

Ultimately somebody has got to hold individual who wants to protect

his or his or her privacy and the media who want to publish

some members of parliament apparently everything. The the question of whether legal injunctions should always injunctions should always be respected. asked a committee of asked a committee of peers and MPs to investigate their respected. MPs to investigate their By entering this territory politicians must consider what the

should mean. To discuss this

further I'm joined in the studio by Stephen Brook the former deputy editor former deputy editor of Britain's media 'Guardian'

website and he's now media newspaper. We heard a little in

that report about the issue that's behind this furore. What

are these so-called are injunctionings and

apply to not just apply to not just traditional media but also to media but also to the Internet? Well, they're an injunction that that the that the media, not even allowed to exist. So ordinarily in

Britain, although we share the

same language with them it's a

very different culture and part of that newspaper of that newspaper culture is the kiss and tell which the kiss and tell which is celebrities being paid sums celebrities being paid sums of money to talk about their

private lives in traditionally what's happened

is that if one side of the party have decided want to sell their story

through the kiss and tell, through the kiss and tell, the other side in this case

footballer, could

court and get an injunction on grounds of privacy and grounds of privacy and then block the media from

injunction is at a

level because not only can you block a media telling the block a media telling the story that they have paid for but you can also block mention being made that mention being taken out an injunction in mention being

first place. So Britain's media

have been up in arms because

they see this as a restriction

of freedom of speech but also a restriction on their ability to

sell newspapers. I mean right

now for the traditional media

it's a tough thing to keep up much harder is it as shown by

this issue here this issue here that's come to light, this controversy where

these guys, where the

traditional media is allowed to report on information that is out there, that the PM allowed that the PM himself

talking about this information, and yet it's information that may disregard a may disregard a judicial order? There used to be rules. order? There used to be two

about what a I plied public and about what a I plied to the

rule that journalists rule that journalists and politicians and people who were

in the know knew about. traditionally if a court

was put into place it would

stop the newspapers printing the

the fact that this news the fact that this news but we

knew what had happened,

journalists knew and people who

were PRs knew and people who

were inside the were inside the media bubble

knew and you'd be able to

wonder over and wonder over and I remember

being in Britain and there was

a story about a football manager who had been said to have been visiting have

parlours an I wandered over and found out from the sport ts desk instantly who

desk instantly who it was and if that's very if social media and blogs and

Twitter and Facebook, Twitter they cross international

borders and it's very hard please have, in some ways, become inside this bubble become inside this bubble so

that journalists and can do anonymously, can get the story about

about about Ryan the about about Ryan Giggs who is the footballer who has been mentioned in this report and suddenly the demarcation suddenly the demarcation that

used to exist blurred meant that the injunctions in a way lost their effective power

because although the newspapers and it's still in place this

suddenly injunction against the newspapers naming Ryan he's been named on Twitter,

he's been named in blogs, he's

and in a Scottish

because they thought that this English injunction made in a

court in England didn't apply.

So this is happening around the

world as well. There's a world as well. There's a case

in Canada where there was a recent election and because

Canada's such a large country you're not

one time zone the result of the election until everyone's finished voting in finished voting in the other time zone, a bit like Sydney

and Perth difference, but people were going on to the Twitter and alerting party was doing well in the east coast before the west coast had coast finished voting. So the idea

being that you cannot punish

tens of thousands tens of thousands of people if

they're going online they're going online and spreading these secrets. How

much does a ul - all of this

say about the information being spreading so much out of control but

indeed uncontrollable at this

point? Well, that is true what Ryan Giggs did through what Ryan Giggs did through his

lawyers was that he sue Twitter, which is this social networking social networking platform and

he was in the first stages of

doing that when people on the

site decided to site decided to be defiant because they because they knew that there

was safety in numbers, was safety in numbers, that they couldn't prosecute tens of people so now Britain faces a real

police the right to privacy because at the end of the day

people still do have a right to privacy but trying to protect their

personal lives and social

media, it's very fast and you can get information out very quickly and a large quickly and a large number of people can disseminate it.

There's going to have to be new rules put into place because the system that's been shown by the events of this the events of this week has broken. So laws, the judiciary

have to what, is? It's very interesting, there's a conflict between the

laws and the courts and the injunctions

down and in this case not just

Twitter but parliament Twitter but parliament because an MP got up and protected by parliamentary privilege named Ryan Giggs

quickly that the speaker of the House couldn't shut him down

even though the speaker sort of

admonished him afterwards. So in fact I understand the latest

thing that's happened in Britain is there's been a call

for a government committee to try and sort out this

because it is a mess and you've

got people on one hand know, in very legitimate

circumstances want to protect

information about themselves and we do say that people have

a right to privacy but you've

got other people who information sell stories about got aggressive law firms who are trying to keep these stories secret, you've stories secret, you've got aggressive newspapers who are

trying to bust these stories

out into the open and there are

going to have to be new

legislation, I would imagine,

to take this to take this into account. I mean there mean there hasn't been a proper test case of someone successfully suing a successfully suing a social media platform for letting a

story story out of the bag. Fascinating debate. Stephen Brook the media editor of the 'Australian' newspaper.

Thanks for your time

tonight. Thanks a lot. To sport now with Amanda

Shalala and another Australian has won at Roland Garros. The women are doing really well. Jarmila Gajdosova has joined Anastasia Rodionova

Stosur in the second round. She brushed a side .

French qualifier Eric Prodon

seriously tested Murray early on. The Scottman was broken

when serving for

but Murray broke immediately to take the set 6-4

in 41 in 41 minutes. Murray was far

more clinical in the second set. He only dropped one game

and he closed it out 6-p in and he closed it out 6-p in the third to earn a second round match up. And Maria Sharapova

has within 6-3,

has within 6-3, 6-0. An incredible comeback a spot in the NBA finals. The

Mavericks downed Oklahoma City 112-105 in overtime to win game

4 and take a 3-1 lead in their western conference finals

series. Dallas was down by 15

points late in the game but came back to stun the thunder.

Dirk Novitzki

the stand out for

with 40 points with 40 points and they can earn their place in the finals

with a win in game 5 on

Thursday. Once we got out here we had we had a good feeling about ourselves after being down 15

and making all that comeback

and we obviously talked it in time outs that we've got to go for it now and we're here we've got to go forward. Boston's edged forward. Boston's edged closer

to winning it's NHL east

enconference Searcies with

Tampa Bay. The winning game enconference Searcies 3-1. They

wrap up the series in game 6 in

Australian batsman David Boon

will join cricket headquarters

as an ICC match referee and he will leave behind his role as national selector and

operations manager for operations manager for Cricket

Tasmania. David Boon Tasmania. David Boon is stepping down as an Australian


the ICC as a match referee. A

new chapter in my cricket

life. The former

life. The batsman wants

difference with the game going

through some challenging times. Sir Donald Bradman, I was privileged to was privileged with him once, said that we are

and our job is to make it better for those that follow us. A national selector since

the year 2000 Boon

the year 2000 Boon will move into his new into his new position in

July. Socceroos' coach Holger

Osieck, woed the room on Osieck, woed the room on a announcing after busy seasons

big names Cahill, Schwarzer and

Kewell are misdsing from the Socceroos' squad for friendlies against New Zealand and Serbia

next month in Adelaide and Melbourne. But Osieck not a second string team. Whenever somebody gets

invited to a national

must be good enough to play

there. The games are part of start of the World Cup qualifiers in September. Nerves are fraying on the eve of rugby league's State of Origin are fraying with the rivalry between

Queensland and NSW now extending to the coaches. extending to the coaches. Ricky Stuart incensed questioning a change in qulted culture culture when it comes to selection loyalty. Meninga

forecast the possibility of

changes with game 2 with return

of Inglis and Hodges. I'm of Inglis and Hodges. I'm very surprised that

against the so-called Origin -

Queensland Origin Queensland sticking by their own. What I

said really was we've got a lot

of players that have played Origin in recent times out

injured at the moment so injured at the moment so it's going to be very interesting

around the selection table come

game 2 when those guys are

available. Queensland will be hoping to hoping to farewell retiring skipper Darren Lockyer with a

6th series win in a row. And

former Australian rugby league player Willie Mason is set to make his rugby union make his rugby union debut playing against England in Twickenham

in London. I know we're

objective but I might wear a blue tie tomorrow night

again. I'll back that with you,

Scott. It's about time the

Blues won a series. 5 losses in a

change. Indeed, if not a blue

tie always looks good anyway. Thanks Amanda. When police in

Southampton on of Britain received calls from several alarmed residents several alarmed residents that

a tiger was on the loose they

scrambled helicopters scrambled helicopters and armed officers and they all flew into action. Specialists nearby zoo were put on standby and the local golf course was

evacuated. Well what the police

found had them stuffed.

Scrambled for what they

thought was a big game Today police released the first pictures captured helicopter as it searched for a

tiger on the loose. The alert began when a tiger

unusual in long grass close to

the busy M 27 motorway. Add in

a party of tourists with lens camera and within minutes

the phones were ringing Hampshire police headquarters. Cricketers at headquarters. Cricketers at the

county's Rose Bowl ground were

among those swept up in the ensuing among most surreal thing I've ever had in my cricket career.

Suddenly the police appeared

and said you've all got to get off, it's 200 yards away in off, it's 200 yards away in the

bushes and we all were sealed

off in the pavilion. A 6-foot long big cat, put on standby. We have facilities to tranquillise an animal at range if we have

to. For vair occasion we obviously ask are you

absolutely certain this is what's going on, which we said

yes, there's one there and we

had a photograph. Watched by armed officers the helicopter

moved in for a closer moved in for a closer look with its thermal imaging camera its thermal imaging camera and

at that point reality began to

dawn on all concerned. Particularly when the tiger was

eventually blown over by the

helicopter's down draft. They're now They're now the new owners of what they what they term a most unusual

item of lost property. Recap of the The World - Australia is mourning the loss of its mourning the loss of its 24th soldier in

soldier in Afghanistan. was killed by an was killed by an improvised

bomb in Oruzgan province. The

PM said Australian forces are in Afghanistan for all the

right reasons. More wild

weather is on the way for

Joplin in category 4 storm least 2,000 buildings there.

More than 100 people have died

with officials warning the

death toll is set to rise. The

TEPCO has been reactors 2 and 3 at the

troubled Fukushima power plant.

It comes as a delegation from the International Atomic Energy Agency arrives for a 9-day

fact-finding mission. And President Barack Obama is in

the UK as part of his 3-day

State visit.

President and his wife Michelle. And to keep up to

date on all the stories we're President and website. The address is That World for this Tuesday evening. I'll be back in a I'll be back in a few moments

with news headlines. I'm with Bevan. Thanks for Bevan. Thanks for your company. Closed Captions by CSI

with Live. top stories from ABC top stories from ABC News. The US President and Barack Obama and his wife Michelle have

arrived in Buckingham Palace in London. The couple London. The couple is being honoured with a full ceremonial

welcome. Mr Obama is on a 3-day

State visit to the UK. The President and his wife will

have lunch with the Queen at

talks with British political

leaders. One more name has been added to the list of Australian

war dead in Afghanistan.

Sergeant Brett Wood was killed

in a Taliban ambush in two attacks on the same day. A decorated veteran of 2 decorated veteran of 2 wars

Sergeant Wood has been praised as a warrior and an

inspiration. When the winter chill thaws in the poppy fields