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(generated from captions) Wells, thank you. The Opposition Leader Tony Abbott

has been in Horsham this

morning. He was there to open

the 50th Wimmera machinery

field days. While he was there,

he spoke to the media and we can bring that to you

now. Look, it's great to now. Look, it's great to be

here at the Wimmera Field Day.

It's gra it to be in

presence of John Forrest,s It's gra it to be in the

local member. It's good that so

many of my other colleagues

have been here because this is a very important day in a very important day in the rural calendar, very important

day for northern Victoria. It's

important to remember the

importance of agriculture importance of agriculture in Australia's economy. I think

all too often people who live

in the city forget the continuing importance of agriculture in Australia' economy. I think Wayne Swan forgets the importance of agriculture in Australia's economy. If Wayne economy. If Wayne Swan understood the importance of

agriculture, he would not be

hitting the farmers of

Australia with a carbon tax.

Let's not forget just how much

damage the carbon tax is going damage the carbon tax is

to do to farming. The carbon

tax will add $10,000 a year to

the cost of running a race farm

and a cotton farm. It will add

$5,000 a year to the cost of

running a dairy farm, $3,000 a

year to the cost of running a

wheat farm, and that is in

power alone, and from 2014,

when the carbon tax comes on

transport, those costs will

just continue to go up and up

and up. So I say to the farming

community of Australia, if you

want a fair go, if you want a

government that gets off your

back, vote for the Coalition

and there will be no carbon tax

on you or anyone on you or anyone else. The

other point I want to make is

that Wayne Swan is talking

about how billionaires are allegedly threatening the

fabric of our democracy. Well,

this isn't an attack on the big

end of town, it's an attack on

middle Australia. Forget the

phony class war against billionaires. What Wayne Swan

is really on about is an attack on middle Australia. The carbon

tax is an attack on middle

Australia. The private health

insurance means test is an

attack on middle Australia. A

senior policeman is going to pay the private health insurance means test. Lots of

going middle-income families are

going to be hit by the private

health insurance means test. Of

a policeman married to a

schoolteacher is rich as far as

Wayne Swan is concerned, and

will be hit by the private

health insurance means test, so

let's never forget when Wayne

Swan attacks, the people who

bring investment, jobs and

prosperity to our country, that

this is the man who has wasted

more money than any in more money than any

Australia's history. This is

the Treasurer who has delivered

the four biggest deficits in

Australian history. You know,

if we get a surplus next year,

and it's a very big if, it will

take 100 years of Swanny

surpluses to pay back just 4

years of Wayne Swan's years of Wayne Swan's debt. Do you want to you want to say something, John? Well, all I would like

to say is to thank Tony for his

visit here. It sends a very strong message to this region.

Agriculture is the backbone of

the Horsham community and all

the smaller towns surrounding,

and Tony, your visit today has

given us tremendous

encouragement. We wish you all the best as our Leader of the

Opposition and let's hope that

things talked about tonight can

be fixed before the nation goes

further down the plug hole. I

publicly said that in 1971

Gough Whitlam opened the

minimum ra field days and

viewed who the worst is, so your visit will prop up your visit will prop up that

strong support we will get from

Coalition voters out here and

we will certainly do our best

to ensure that your next vice

Toyota the Wimmera will be as

thanks for coming. Thanks very Prime Minister of Australia. So


much, John. Any questions. REPORTER: What's

been the main message you hear

from people you've been

speaking to today? I think

people here want a change of

government. That is the message

I'm getting loud and clear from

the people of the Wimmera. They

feel badly let down, betrayed

even by this government. They

were promised 5 days before the

last election by Julia Gillard,

"Will will be in carbon tax

under the government I lead." She betrayed the promise to

stay in the Lodge. I don't

think the people of Wimmera

will forgive her for that, I

don't think they should forgive

her for that and I think it

will haunt her until her political grave. REPORTER: What's the Liberal Party What's the Liberal Party doing

for Victoria in 2012? Well, for Victoria in 2012? Well, the

Liberal Party is working in Liberal Party is working

strong cooperation with the

National Party. We have a very

strong and cooperative and

cleedgeial collision and the

best thing we can do country Australia right now is best thing we can do for

get rid of the carbon tax. As I

said, the carbon tax adds

$10,000 to the cost of running

a rice farm or a cotton farm,

$6,000 to the cost of running a

dairy farm, $3,000 to the cost of running a wheat farm, and

that is before transport comes

in. They are the costs this

year in 2014, they will go up

and up and up when transport

comes under the carbon tax. REPORTER: Has this before

your first trip to the Wimmera

and what's been your impression

of the region? Look, I was here

in Horsham last year for the in Horsham last year for

floods and I thought having

been in Horsham during bad times, it was appropriate to

come here in good times. I know

that we are having right now

bad times in other parts regional Victoria, terrible bad times in other parts of

times in parts of the Riverina

in New South Wales. Our

thoughts and our prayers are

with all those people in

Australia right now who are

suffering from flood. I know suffering from flood. I

it's often said that we are a

land of climatic extremes, of

droughting and flooding rains,

but whes though floods come,

when those droughts come, it's

important that the people of

country Australia know that

every Australian is with them,

and I think I can say on a bipartisan note that the whole

of the national Parliament will do whatever we reasonably can to help the people to help the people of the flood-ravaged parts of

Australia right now. REPORTER: Mr Abbott, you've shown that

you are a supporter of

agriculture here today. Are you concerned about the foreign ownership rules that

effectively mean we're selling off

off (inaudible)? I do think it's important that foreign

investment is in Australia's

national interest. There is

nothing wrong with foreign

investment as such, but it's

got to be the right foreign investment and it's got to

value-add for Australia. Where

foreign investment comes in foreign investment comes in to

build up industries from

strach, to take what might be

un productive land and make it

productive , that's a good

thing, but when foreign

investment just takes investment just takes over what's already there, without

adding value, I can understand

why people are very concerned

about it. So as the Coalition,

we are looking at this whole

issue. We do understand the

importance of foreign

investment, but it's got to be,

as I say, in Australia's national interest. That's why

we're looking at a register of all foreign investment in agricultural land and agricultural businesses, and

we're looking at a very

significant reduction in the threshold for Foreign Investment Review Board consideration of these

purchases. REPORTER: A business owner in Warrickville owner in Warrickville Dani

Johnson has tried to rally the

community to write to the Government calling for Government calling for an election and to get rid of the

carbon tax. Your thoughts carbon tax. Your thoughts on this? Well, I would encourage

Danny Johnson. He is doing the

right thing in this respect

because frankly the carbon tax

should never have been brought in without first seeking a

mandate, and if the mandate, and if the Government has any political integrity,

even now, it would delay the

introduction of a carbon tax until after the next until after the next election,

and then whether it comes

and then whether it comes in or not would depend upon which

side of politics were elected.

I think it's very important

that we maintain political integrity in this country.

Politicians should not say Politicians should not say one

thing before an election to thing before an election to win votes and do the opposite afterwards because they need

the support of the Greens to

stay in The Lodge and I think

that Danny is speaking for

millions and millions of

Australians when he says,

"Let's have an election. Let's

end the farce in Canberra and

let's have an election. Let's

have a Prime Minister and a

government chosen by the people, not a Prime Minister

chosen by the faceless men of the Labor Party." the Labor Party." REPORTER:

What will your policy What will your policy on foreign ownership actually be if you're elected? Well, if you're elected? Well, our policy on foreign policy on foreign ownership

will be announced in good time

before the next election. It will be a sensible, careful, responsible policy that will be

based on our judgment of what

is in Australia's best national interests. We

interests. We certainly won't

be saying no to foreign

investment, but it's got to be the right foreign investment,

foreign investment which builds

our country up, not foreign investment which takes without

giving. REPORTER: Mr Abbott,

are awe wear that a Victorian

unionist is threatening to sue

you over comments you made at a business conference? I will

have a response in due

course. Are you concerned? Am I concerned to end thuggery in

the building industry? My oath I am. My oath I am. If I

concerned that the rule of law

remain is the remain is the building

industry? Absolutely. I established the Cole royal

commission. I'm proud of the fact that the Australian Building and Construction

Commission has boosted

productivity by at least $5 billion a year in billion a year in that

industry, thanks to my work, but I am incredibly angry that

the current government is going

to take away the strong

watchdog from that industry. I think the Government is

proposing a toothless tiger.

What this Government is dog is

letting the thugs back onto the

building sites and that's dead

wrong. REPORTER: Way you go,

mate. REPORTER: Are you

considering his threat

seriously and would you apologise? Look, I think there

are far too many threats are far too many threats made

by unionists in the building industry and I would suggest

that it would be better for

them and better for the

industry if they stopped making

threats and started to be constructive, cooperative and cleedgeial, because we will

have a much better construction sector if workers sector if workers and management are cooperating. We

build good buildings, but we

build much better build much better buildings when people are working together, not fighting each other. REPORTER: Mr Abbott, after today... That was the

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott