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(generated from captions) out. We have 991,000 young

people unemployed right now.

It's soon going to hit the

million mark. We need to try

and get young people back into

jobs now. The ILO also warns of

potential social unrest in 45

of the 118 countries it

studied. But Greeks and the

British know all too

that. In another report, the

OECD says the Eurozone rescue

plan last week was vital, but

it still downgraded growth

forecast there for 2012 from forecast there for 2012 from 2%

to just 0.3%. And the US was

halved to just 1.8%. Not

exactly the path to fall employment. Employment is the

elephant under the table. No, it's not tell fapt under the

table. It's the elephant on the

table, on top of the table. We

haven't deal with the don't deal

crisis With some economies in a

precarious state the G20 in

France is a timely gathering,

negotiationings have been made

more tense with the news the

Greek Government will put the

Eurozone deal hammered out last

week to a referendum. One they

could lose. The message for

leaders at the upcoming G20 is

that decisive action is

crucial. Whole economy and

millions of job depend on it. Captions by CSI.