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Panel investigates future of Wolfowitz -

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Panel investigates future of Wolfowitz

Broadcast: 15/05/2007

Reporter: Tony Jones

Paul Wolfowitz will learn in the next 24 hours whether he will remain president of the World Bank,
after an investigating panel found he violated his contract by promoting his partner within the


TONY JONES: The World Bank president Paul Wolfowitz is under increasing pressure tonight to resign
after being accused of violating the bank's rules. A special panel established by the World Bank
board said Mr Wolfowitz breached its code of conduct when he helped organise a promotion and a big
pay rise for his girlfriend, Shaha Riza. Mr Wolfowitz has defended his actions, saying he had been
asked to handle Ms Riza's transfer. Well the bank's 24-member executive board will meet in a few
hours to determine Mr Wolfowitz's fate.