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Tonight a landslide win but the Opposition cries

foul. A not guilty verdict

in Victoria's level crossing

tragedy. I will never forget

the impact of that day on the

lives of so many. My thoughts

are with those families. I'm

so sorry. A Sydney businessman accused of

massive corporate fraud.

Fears tourism is falling foul

of swine flu. Good evening. Felicity

Davey with ABC News - Iran's hardline leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has been swept

back to power in the

country's presidential

releases. According to the official figures he has

already won around 64% of the

vote that is despite

predictions of a close

finish. Supporters of his closest rival Mir Hossein

Mousavi are crying foul

alleging voting

irregularities and riot

police have cracked down on

them as ABC Middle East correspondent Ben Knight

reports from Tehran. Just

hours after polls closed Mir

Hossein Mousavi claimed

victory. It was premature to

say the least. Soon

afterwards official results

began to come through showing

him trailing badly. Even so

his supporters gathered

outside his campaign office

in Tehran. Police arrived

and gave them an hour to move

on. Mir Hossein Mousavi !

But 10 minutes after that the

riot squad arrived.

The crowd was sprayed with

tear gas as it stampeded down the narrow street. Several people were injured.

It was a clear sign that the authorities in Iran are

not prepared to tolerate any

dissent over this election

result. The headquarters of

Mir Hossein Mousavi are just

down the hill behind me but

that area is now completely

clear. And the streets belong

to the supporters of Mahmoud

Ahmadinejad. Why are you

happy? Because I love him! I

love him! Because he is a

man. Very strongman. My

country is very happy. My

people they are very happy. But Mir Hossein

Mousavi and his supporters

are far from


almost all cities they shut

the polling booths early and

people were unable the vote.

In many places ballot papers

ran out. Our scrutineers were

banned from more than 250

polling booths. They are also

angry about the shutting down

of Iran's text message system

on election day. It has been

heavily used by young voters

the stay in touch. The severe

size of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's

winning margin has made

people here even more

sceptical. The

But proofing anything will

be difficult and is unlikely

the make a difference

anyway. Ben Knight joins us

now from Tehran. Ben, tell us

what is the atmosphere like

in the capital at the

moment? Firstly the mood

here in Tehran is very, very

calm and that is probably not surprising. There is a ban on

any kind of public gathering

until the official result is

announced but in reality even

when it is, it is very

unlikely you will see anyone

in the streets. The people

I've spoken those, those who supported Mir Hossein Mousavi

say they are simply feeling a

sense of profound

disappointment. They are not

going to protests, they are

tightened. They know if they

do they will be attacked and

arrested. One said "All we

can do is weep". What

evidence if any at this stage

has been produced to support

allegations of cheating by

the Iranian authorities?

There is no evidence nor is

there likely to be. Foreign

election monitors are not

allowed into Iran. One of the

complaints of the chal

eveninger is that scrutineers

were bar from the polling

booths. This is not first time there have been

complaints of voting

irregularities. In the last election Mohsen Rezaei complained there had been

fraud, he took the complaints

to the supreme leader but

there was no investigation

and there is not likely to be

this time either. Unless something remarkable happens

on the streets of Tehran it

appears this is over. There

has been a hostile reaction

from North Korea to UN

sanctions. It has threatened

military action if the US

tries to isolate it and has

vowed to weaponise all its

plutonium and to start

enriching uranium. The move

came after the United Nations

Security Council unanimously

approved wider sanctions in

response to last month's

nuclear tests. Will those

in favour... It has taken

weeks for the security

security to make up its mind

Please raise their hands But now it has left no doubt

about its response to North

Korea's nuclear test. Tough

new sanction are now been

slapped on North Korea. The

message of this resolution is

behaviour is unacceptable to clear. North Korea's

and the international the international community

community is determined to

respond. There are new

financial restriction. A ban

on all weapons exports from

North Korea and the power to

inspect all of its land, air

and sea cargo with the

ability the seize banned

nuclear or ballistic missile

materials. However, the

inspections cannot be done

using force. Still Pyonyang's

neighbours are relieved. We

urge the council to fully

comply with this resolution

and to heed carefully the

united voice of international

community that such act will

never be condoned. Even North

Korea's allies, China and

Russia are backing the

crackdown It is now very

important for all parties

concerned to keep calm and

restraint and not to take any

action that might aggravate

the situation. The US warns

the sanctions could provoke

North Korea. It would not be

a surprise if North Korea

reacted to this very tough

sanctions regime in a fashion

that would be further

provocation and further

destabilising. Pyonyang has

with stood the pressure of

sanctions in the past and it

has already warned that it

views this batch as

declaration of war. A Supreme Court jury in

Melbourne has cleared a truck

driver over a crash with a

train which claimed 11 lives.

Christian Scholl was at the

wheel of a prime mover when

it smashed into a train at

Kerang in country Victoria 2

years ago. He says he will

never forget those affected

by the accident. Christian

Scholl's stoney-faced

expression did not change as

he learned he was free to go

home A jury acquitted him of all charges of culpable

driving and negligently

causing serious injury.

Although this criminal case

is now overly never forget

the impact of that day on the

lives of so many. My thoughts

are with those families. I'm

so sorry. The driver of the

train that Scholl's truck

collided with was at the

Bendigo court the hear the

outcome of the two and a

half-long week case. Barry

Litser was a witness in the

trial. Today he sat in the

public gallery of the

families of the 11 passengers

killed. Some broke down at

the not guilty verdicts were

read out. Outside they

declined to comment. It was

a clear sunny day two years

ago when Christian Scholl

drove into the V-Line train

north of Kerang. The trial

heard Christian Scholl passed

over the crossing hundreds of

times but never when a train

was approaching. Christian

Scholl told police he could

not explain why he did not

see the flashing warning

lights until it was too late.

The dispute in this case was over whether Christian

Scholl's driving amounted to

criminal negligence. The

prosecution said it did

because he failed the keep a

proper look-out. The Defence

said he simply made a tragic mistake at a difficult

crossing. In summing up the

case the Defence told the

jury -

The level crossing now has

boom gates and bright yeah

lights. A Sydney businessman has

rejected claims he is behind

one of South Africa's biggest

cases of corporate fraud.

Barry Tannenbaum says he is

amazed his imports business

is being compared to the pyramid investment scam run

by the New York money manager Bernie Madoff and says there

is no proof he has committed

fraud and he has called on

his accusers to provide the

evidence. This is the man

accused of fleeszing some of

South Africa's wealthiest

people out of more than $1.5

billion. At a home on

Sydney's upper North Shore that would be considered

unassuming for a millionaire

Barry Tannenbaum has bunkered

down with two lawyers who

have flown in from South

Africa. He refused to answer

questions but read from a

prepared statement. I'm very

distressed the at the amount

of fraud I'm alleged to have

committed has increased

10-fold. He is accused of

offering investors annual

returns of 200% on his

pharmaceutical imports

business and then faking

purchase orders It is

probably the biggest Ponzi

scheme we have seen in South

Africa, certainly there are

investors from the US and no

doubt also from Australia. An

Australian private

investigator working for

South African clients says

the invoices were used to

exaggerate the orders being

taken and that any returns

paid to investors were not

from profits. The interest

was in fact being paid from

in the investment funds of further investors and from it

is all broken down now and

all fallen apart. Barry

Tannenbaum insists investor

returns diminished because

his drug import business was

hit by the global financial

crisis. In fact I state

categorically that I'm not

sitting with millions. I've

not got a fortune I've spirit

away and in due course an

audit will bear the statement

if people are interested in

the truth. Lawyers in South

Africa have moved the freeze

his estate. With the threat

of an injunction against him

Barry Tannenbaum says he has

no intention of leaving

Australia or disposing ever

any of his assets. The

Federal Police will not say

whether they are

investigating the businessman

but it is understood the

South African Reserve Bank and prosecutors there are

examining the allegations.

The words often considered

the Kiss of Death, 'The Premier has my full support'.

That was the message if the

Health Minister to Nathan

Rees following another round

of leadership speculation.

John Della Bosca today

announced $17 million for

hospital bed as part of

Tuesday's budget but he spent

much of his time fending off

questions about a potential

leadership spill. The

pre-budget drip-feed keeps on

dripping? Why do you think

I've lived so long? Most often the Government hand

also good news. We have

about 106 new beds across the

state about 7 30 of which

will be medical assessment units. Occasionally though

bad news cannot be avoided.

The fact of the matter is

there is something wrong with

the system. Amritsar's

96-year-old aunt was in a

hospital when the heating

went out Not good. Is the

21st century. Come on. We are

throwing money left, right and centre and we have hospitals, this is

ridiculous. No heating

system? I'm disappointed

with what happened at Prince

of Wales in the particular

case of that ward. The communication should have been better. It would have

been fixed more quickly.

This is a story replicated across the health

system. While the Government

is pushing health in the

budget the event itself

threatens to be swamped with the speculation swirling

around the Premier. Frank

Sator spent the week denying

he business to move on Nathan

Rees while the Premier is

said to see off his

challenges with a spill. John

Della Bosca will not concede

he is right in the middle. I

think I've said four times I

support the Premier. This

Government is about naval

gazing , worrying about

itself, jobs tore the boy a then services people rely

on. Budget week shapes as a

long one. A prison deaths

watchdog says Western

Australia's justice system is

discriminatory and racist and

has called for a inquiry in

response to a coroner's

finding yesterday that an

Aboriginal elder died because

of a private company's

reckless approach to prisoner

safety. The Aboriginal elder

known as Mr Ward died of heat

stroke after he was transported hundreds of

kilometres across the

Goldfields in a van with a

faulty air conditioner. He

was found with third-degree

burns on his body from the

hot metal in the van. The

coroner found the department

of Corrective Services, the

transport company and the two

officers who drove Mr Ward

contributed to his death. The

committee says prisoners in

remote regions should be

transported by plane not road

and wants a inquiry. It is

obvious there is systemic

racism in the just tiffs WA

and we want a public

inquiry. The former Corrective Services Minister

said she on could not

convince the Cabinet

colleague toss replace the

ageing fleet and it is the

biggest regret of her public

life I think we were

negligent and I regard myself

as personally responsible

even if I'm not legally

responsible. The corrective

service Commissioner declined

to be interviewed today but

in a statement said - The

prison officers union says

the system should never have

been privatised. You put

profit before people. Nobody

from the company GSL known

AG4S could be contacted but a

spokesman has told the ABC's AM program that action has

been taken. The two

employees have been suspended

and the findings of the

coroner, the report and

recommendations will be

considered carefully. It is understood the family is considering suing the

company. The swine flu

outbreak is adding to the

woes of a tourism industry

already facing a downturn due to the global financial

crisis. In Victoria the hardest hit state in Australia a number of visits

by schools from Japan have

been rescheduled because of

the health alert. However the Japanese soccer team has

travelled to us as planned

for a World Cup qualifier but

it seems it was not taking

any chances. There was no

masking the fact Japan's

soccer elite were cautious

about touching down in

Melbourne. Conditioning.

The influenza. Even before

the swine flu Australian

tourism was suffering. There

were 50,000 fewer

international arrivals in the

12 months up to and. In

terms of swine flu it is too

early to tell the international impact. While

there have been a few pose

pointments of visitation from

Japanese schools the good

thing is thin tend to come at

a point in the

future. Travellers who are

here are apprehensive. I had

a bad cough. And were you

worried? Yeah, I was worried

about maybe fy had swine flu.

That sentiment makes this

year's Australian tourism

exchange all the more

important. Tourism Australia

says the only negative

reaction has been from

Singapore where 22 buyers

pulled out of the event.

That was a bit dramatic for

that market but it has not -

no other markets have been

affected. There has been

about 20% to 30% cancellation

because of the travel

advice. One thing that is

helping problem up the

tourism trade is a higher

average spend. Those choosing

to tafrl the Australia are

staying longer and therefore

spending more. As the flu

tally rises that trend will

be tested. Thousands of

dummies are being pull from

Australian shelves amid fears

they could choke a baby to death. The Baby Joy

orthodontic pacifier and the

Baby Pacifier 2dummies are

undersized and could become

stuck in a baby's mouth.

Authorities say the teat and

ring on the Baby Pacifier 2

could come off and pose a

serious choking hazard. What parents should do is check

there is a warning on the

product and they should check

the structural integrity. The

recalled products were mainly

sold in discount stores and

anyone who has bought one is

urged to throw it away or to

return it for a full refund.

About 1000 people rallied in Sydney today against the Government's emissions

trading scheme. Dressed in

red and carrying banners the protestors marched from Barangaroo through the city

as part of a national day of

protest. Kevin Rudd does not

speak for us! Outside the office of the Prime Minister

people wrote messages of protests. They are accusing

the Government of selling out

to heavily polluting

industries. But Federal Climate Change Minister says

people's expectation are

unrealistic. What many of

these people calling for

simply cannot be done. We

share their desire for action

on climate change which is

why we are putting forward laws that will for the first

time reduce Australia's

carbon pollution. The bill is

due to be debated in the

Senate next week. Another

show of and another show of

unity. Representatives of Sydney's bikie groups road

through the city's east today

stepping up their resistance

to the Government's crackdown

on motorcycle gangs. The United Motorcycle Council

believes the new powers are

the thin edge of the wedge.

We will be first, it will go

from there. There are many

minority groups out there

this the Government and police can pick on off

us. The group has also

launched a web site to

promote its cause . It

started as a celebration but

ended in protest. Hundreds

turned out in Eastern

Arnhemland to celebrate the

approaching first anniversary

of the Blue Mud Bay court

High Court decision. The

historic decision handed

traditional owners control of

80% of the Territory's

coastline. Dancers wore

white for the clouds and blue

for the sea which they fought

so long and hard for. The

Blue Mud Bay High Court

decision gave traditional

owners exclusive rights over waters surrounding Aboriginal

land, that is about 80 Pert's

of the Territory's coastline.

That divisional owners say it

is a important decision.

Today is a great day for the

Yilpara people. Throughout

the Territory. But it is

still not clear where that

leaves anglers. Amateur

fishermen say they are not

worried for the moment

because the Government has

guaranteed permits will not

be required. Recreational

fishers will be able to fish

without permits and

payments. But the Northern

Land Council says it is not

up to the Government to make

that decision The Yilpara

people are the traditional

owner of this community has

said today that negotiations

will be on Yilpara terms. But

if there are celebrations

over sea rights the anger is

palpable over the Northern

Territory's homeland and

out-stations policy. We are

not happy with the policy. It

is not applicable for home

lands and it is not what we

need. A small group burnt

copies of the policy in

protest. People think Taree

about moving Aboriginal

people from home lands. That

is so wrong. It is not about

that. The debate over the

home lands policy is sure to

continue as will discussions

about pushing rights in Aboriginal waters.

The Broncos are refusing

to blame this week's swine

flu disruptions for their

disappointing home loss to

the Bulldogs. In tonight's

match the Roosters lead the

Titans in Gosford. Last night

the Knights did not trouble

the scorers in New Zealand

while the Bulldogs finished

too strongly for the tiring

Broncos. Swine flu quarantine

restrictions limited Brisbane

to one training session this

week and it showed. Two try

toss Josh Morris had the

Bulldogs barking early.

Karmichael Hunt was not

showing any effect of swine

flu that kept him in

lockdown. He laid on tries to

put his side in front. The

teams traded tries into the

second half but at 22-22 the

Broncos ran out of steam.

Bulldogs 5/8th Roberts was

causing most of the damage.

Wingers Goodwin and Masri put

the result beyond doubt. I

appreciate their week was

unique but I've been around

football long enough to know that disruption do not

indicate how you will play on

the weekend. It was not an

excuse. The last week our

Defence has been poor. A

desperate Lance helped the

Warriors to a lead in

Newcastle. On a cold and wet

night in Auckland the scoreboard remained the same

for less than an hour. A late

field goal and a run away try

from Lock clinch add 13-point

win for the home side. He

has the Midas touch! The

Blues will have the find a

new winger for game 2 for the

State of Origin. McManus will

spend several weeks on the

sideline after limping from

the field with an Achilles

injury. The Titans looked at

sea as Mitchell Pearce opened

the scoring for the Roosters

but three quick tries before half-time helped the Gold

Coast take a handy 18-6 lead

to the main break. The final score in that game Gold Coast

has beaten the Roosters

24-20. The Wallabies are

preparing to play Italy in

Canberra the All Blacks have

kicked off their season against France in Dunedin. It

is the first time the two

sides have met since France beat the All Blacks in the

2007 World Cup quarterfinals.

The New Zealanders were

looking to reassert their

dominance on home turf but

the All Blacks were missing

several players due to injury

in the French capitalised to

take an early lead. He has

gone through some feeble all

black Defence. France

dominated. New Zealand had

plenty of chances but could

not cross the line until just

before half-time. The margin

narrowed to 6 points. France has beaten New Zealand 27

point to 22. in round 11 of

the Shute Shield the ladder

leader Manly has had a close

win over Easts. Manly won by

4 points. The other winners

were Sydney Uni, Gordon,

Randwick, Norths and

Warringah. St Kilda has

extended its unbeaten run to

12 games with a hard fought

win over Carlton last night.

The Saints won by 9 point with Nick Riewoldt kicking

five goals. Sri Lanka has

beaten Pakistan at the

Twenty20 Lord's L in the first meeting between the two

countries since the terrorist

attacks in Lahore in March.

Sri Lanka won by 19 runs to

remain undefeated in the

tournament. Players lined up

alongside each other for the

anthems in a gesture to

remember the day that gunmen attacked buses carrying the

Sri Lanka team and match

officials killing 6 policemen

a driver and injuring

players. Pakistan has not

played at home since then.

The Sri Lanka openers

combined for an unorthodox

partnership of 81. Right a

off the middle. Amazing the

consistency. Pakistan fought

back the restrict its

opponent to 150. Khan made 50

off 37 balls but received

little support and Sri Lanka

won by 19 runs. He's got it

again. West Indian fielding

standards are not hat they

used to be. But Simmons

revisited the glory days of

the '80s. Dravo smashed 66

off 36 balls in his team's

7-wicket victory over India.

That's gone for 6! A win for

the West Indies! There was a

rare slip- up from the

championship Casey Stoner in

practice for tomorrow's Grand

Prix. The the Australian who

was not hurt had earlier

clocked for third-fastest

lap. Rossi set the quickest

time. Scotland's Andy Murray

has continued his promising

lead-up to Wimbledon with a

straight-sets win at the

Queens Club. He will meet the

Spaniard in the semis. The other semifinal will be

between Americans Roddick and

James Blake. Australia's

Robert Allenby is just 2

shots from the lead at the

jute jute in Memphis. He has

tied for second place with

three holes the play in the

rain-affected second round.

Compatriots Jason Day, John

Senden and Greg Chalmers are

a further 3 shots back. As

the clouds rolled in Ron

rob's iron play brought him within one shop leader Brian

Gay That is a great shot.

Believe it or not that is an

8 iron. But some missed putts

stopped the run of birdies

giving Gay some breathing

space. Katherine Hull sank a

monster putt to move into

equal third police alongside

fellow Australian Lindsey Wright. Which Brisbane us to

the weather. In Sydney today

it reached 19 degrees 2 above

the average. Around NSW today

in the north-east it was a

mostly fine and die from one.

Cloud over the south-east

ahead of a trough causes

patchy light rain about

south-west NSW and Victoria.

Areas of high pressure are

keeping the east coast and

much of Western Australia

clear and mostly drive.

Tomorrow's rainfall map shows

falls expected over a slither

of the southern and south-eastern coastline. In

the capital cities tomorrow -

showers forecast in Adelaide,

Melbourne and Hobart. Dry elsewhere. Around NSW for

tomorrow, for the north east of state it should be fine

and sunny on the coast.

That is the latest ABC

television news. We will have

another news update in around

an hour. Until then,


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