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Tonight - it's over. A

political race won - history is

in the making. Tonight I can

stand here and say that I will

be a democratic nominee for the

of America. President of the United States

Doctor promises

questions about clinics in

Labor seats. All fired up - the

heat is on for a pay rise.

And a draw is enough for

Stuart MacGill to go out on a


Good evening. Juanita

Phillips with ABC News. Barack

Obama has become the first

African American to be

nominated for President of the

United States. Obama claimed an

historic victory today, ending

a long and bitle battle against

Hillary Clinton. Senator

Clinton has so far refused to

concede defeat, fulg

Obama's vice-presidential speculation she might end up as

running mai. And now the

primaries are over, the race

for the White House has well

and truly started.

. A win in the very last

primary pushed Barack Obama

over the line and into the

record books. 150 years ago,

blacks were held as slaves. Now

an African American is able to

claim an historic

title. Tonight, I can stand

here and say that I will be the

democratic nominee for the

President of the United States

of America. The 46-year-old

will take on a 71-year-old war

hero. Barack Obama gave his

victory speech in the same hall

where the Republicans will hold

their nom eth nominating

convention. America, this is

our moment. This is our time. The Hillary Clinton

spore, it's not just the end of

a campaign, it's the end of a

dream, for now at least. They

wanted a woman in the bhous and

many of them feel betrayed by

Barack Obama. He is a danger to

this nation, I mean it, people.

Open your eyes. A year ago,

Hillary Clinton was considered

unstoppable. She had the name,

the money, the endorsements and

the smartest advise iner the

business. It wasn't enough.

I want to start too tonight

by congratulating Senator Obama

and his supporters on the

extraordinary race that they

have run. It has been an honour

to contest these primaries with

him, just as it is on honour to

call him my friend. Hillary

Clinton stopped short of

formally quitting the race, and

she didn't endorse her rival.

Before that happens, the two

Democrats have a lot to

discuss. Including Barack

Obama's choice of running

mate. This has been has been a

long campaign andly be making

no decisions tonight. In a

conference call with other New

York Democrats the former first

lady said she was open to the

idea as returning to the White

House as Vice-President. Many

dream ticket. Hillary Clinton Democrats think it would be a

has won more vote and raised

more money than anyone else who

has run for the nomination,

except for Barack Obama. One of

the United States' longest and

closest and costliest bats is

over and the general election

campaign is about to begin.

Just over a year ago, many

Americans had never even heard

of Barack Obama. But now this

first-time senator has become a

household name. Barack

Obama's historic quest for the

White House began on a bitterly

cold winters day 16 months

ago. I stand before you today

to announce my candidacy for

President of the United States

of America. There was

excitement and curiosity too

about this first term US

senator and whether he could

become the first African

American to clinch a

presidential nomination. But it

wasn't until his shock win in

the Iowa caucuses in January

from tha the 46-year-old became

an overnight political

sensation: We are one nation,

one people and our time for

change has come clam Barack

Obama was born in Hawaii to a

mother from canvas and a father

from Kenya. His parents

separated when he was two and

he lived briefly in Indonesia

before returning to the United

States, going to university and

becoming a union organiser in

Chicago. But it's his

phenomenal fund raising and

persistent theme of change

that's brought Barack Obama to

the brink of the presidential

nomination. He's weathered the

inevitable controversies. Not

God bless America, God damn America. Most notably the fiery

rhetoric of the pastor at his

church of 20 years? In this

grueling battle, race, relij

yoj and gender became political

faultlines, battling to win

over white male voters Barack

Obama took up 10-pin bowling,

badly, and started eating hot

dogs at diners across the

nation. His campaign was given

a boost with some high profile

endorsement s. If Barack Obama

does become the

Commander-in-Chief, he's

promised to swifltly end the

Iraq war, which he's never

supported. He is also offering

to talk with leaders of Iran. Barack Obama's defeat of

Hillary Clinton is one of the

biggest upsets in modern

political history. His next big

test is whether he can become

America's first black

President. The ABC's north

America correspondent Mark

Simkin has been following the

campaign. I spoke to him a

short time ago and asked him if

Barack Obama's supporter s would ever accept Hillary

Clinton as his running

mate. . Well, Barack Obama

telephoned Hillary Clinton

tonight and invited her to sit

down with him at a time of her

choosing. Obviously Hillary

Clinton will bring a lot to the

the table, 18mm thicks I

suppose, that's how - 18

million things I suppose,

that's how many people voted

for her in this process. The

democratic party is divided on

racial, gender and class Ryans

and having Hillary Clinton on

obviously way of resolving some the ticket would be the most

of those differences. At the

same time, though, Obama jads

viezers with worry about

Hillary Clinton under mining

Barack Obama's message of

change. They worry about bloint

wandering around the White

House. They worry about the

idea of would she be a loyal

deputy, one super delegate said

to me if he chooses her he is

going to have to subl the side

of his Secret Service

detail. Now that the

presidential campaign is on in

earnest, what sort of chance

because Barack Obama have

against John McCain? You think

it would be a slam dunk for the

Democrat. You have George W.

Bush, one of the most unpopular

presidents in modern political

history, the ir war in an Iraq

and an economy in recession but

the opinion polls suggest that

Barack Obama leads John McCain

by a very slight margin. That

could change now that Barack

Obama can start focuses on Senator McCain rather than

Hillary Clinton but a lot will

depend on the Hillary Clinton

spores. Do they support Barack

Obama or do they stay home in

November? Thank you. The

arrest of one of the State's

top crime fighters has open add

can of worms. Senior police

investigator Mark Standen has

been charged in connection with

an international drug smuggling

ring. As a result, some of his

cases are being reviewed. His

gambling debts have been re veenld there have been more

calls for a judicial inquiry into the Crime Commission,

where he worked: And to

complicate matters it's now

come out that his goifrd worked

for the Independent Commission

Against Corruption. Mark

Standen won't be required to

appear in court on drug

importation charges until next

Wednesday but already the Crime

Commission has announced a

review of other criminal dayses

he's investigated. The

Commonwealth Ombudsman said if

Standen is con-Viced there

could be serious repurr

ketions. If he has been

involved in criminal activity

in competition with other

people, there is always the

risk or suspicion that evidence

has been doctored to put

competors out of business. The

NSW Government is now under

pressure for a full scale

judicial inquiry into the

secret workings of the State's

Crime Commission. This person

was absolutely central, central

and crucial, to criminal

investigations involved in organised crime not only here

in NSW but indeed right around

the nation. If the evidence is

there on further action needed

to be taken on another body to

investigate, I am not going to

rule that out. The Premier

nominated the Independent Commission Against Corruption

as one body which could

undertake the inquiry. However,

it's been revealed that Mark

Standen was in a relationship

with an investigator from the

ICAC. The ICAC Commissioner

Jerold Cripps said today that

his senior management had been

kept informed at all times

about the police investigation

and that included Mark

Standen's involvement with the

officer. The but Commissioner

Cripps said she is not a

suspect. Even the Federal Police Commissioner has come

under media scrutiny, but today

Mick Keelty denied reports of a close friendship with Mark

Standen. For all the talk

about people struggling with

the high cost of living It

seems the economy is marching

on regardless. While many

households have dramatically

cut back their spending, it

doesn't seem to be having much

of an impact on the figures.

Despite the soaring cost of

petrol, grocery prices,

economic growth has been even

stronger than expected. Rising

interest rates, higher petrol

and food price, the credit

crunch, they're yet to deliver

a knockout blow to the economy. It's not slowing as

much as we thought it would be

or hoped it would be but there

is certainly evidence in the

data that demand in Australia

is moderating. Australia's

economy grew by 0.6% during the

March quarter, so the annual

growth rate fell from above 4%

to 3.6%. It may have been the

weakest quarterly growth in two

year, but the average forecast

was much low er and the annual

rate was expected to be less

than 3%. In the context of a

slowing world economy, today's

national accounts are reassuring news on economic

growth but they also show that

the inflation fight is far from

over. The national accounts

showed inflation remained

stubbornly high. Government

spending picked ip and although

household spending hafd, it

remains resilient and not yet

as weak as the flagging retail

sales and credit growth figures

suggest. The RBA probably has

more work do in terms of

achieving the desired slowdown

in the economy that it wants

over 2008. The numbers changed

interest rate expectation ob

financial markets. Money

markets now think a rate

increase by the middle of next

year is certain, whereas before

today they thought it was a

50/50 chance. Higher interest

rate expectations also saw the

Australian dollar rise more

than half a per cent above 95

US cents. It may be a new

government but it's facing

accusation of good old

fashioned pork-barreling. Labor

has been accused of stacking

two-thirds of the new GP

superclinics nits own seats.

But the Government insists

they're going where they're

needed most. It's become a

question time standard -

lashing the previous government

for pork-barreling. What an

outrage. This mob opposite

defined regional Australia by

how people vote. But that

criticism is now being leveled

at Labor. The GP super clinics

with massively stacked in Labor

seats. One of lain's election

promises was to build general

practice super clinics. To

areas of need right across the

country writ's hard at present

to find GP services. 30 sites were announced during the

course of the campaign and 275

million dollars has been set

aside to build them. Of the 30,

12 are in seats that fell to

Labor, exactly half the seats

Labor won in 2007. So, 21 of

the 30 super clinics will now

be built in Labor lorts. Of the

other nine, seven will be built

in Coalition seat s held by

margins under 2%. These clinics

are going where families need

them. We've made it quite clear

from the beginning what our

criteria is and there's a range

of factors we will take into

account - shortage of doct o,

low usage of Medicare, low

rates of private health insurance. The Australian

Medical Association says the

placement of some of the

clinics fails the Government's

own tests. Only 11 of those are

in areas of genuine work force

need. But others don't think

there are enough: There are

work force shortages in all

areas of the country, in

metropolitan areas , rural or

remote. In the Senate, Treasury

was being quizzed about its

estimate of the number of

people who would leave private

health if the threshold is

lifted. We think there fl is a

loss of hospital membership in

the rake of 10%. Which moons

premiums will rise to cover the

gap. The Iemma Government's

post Budget sales pitch has

been drowned out by noisy

protests and accusations of

budge - budgeting bastardry.

Public sector workers have

stepped up their demand for

higher pay and the Opposition

says the Government has

deceived the public over

transport funding. SIRENS

WAIL So loud it almost stopped

proceeds in the house House.

The fire fight ers blared their

sirens for demands for higher

wages. Come on out. But Morris

was on a do-it-yourself

mission, giving the hard sell

to hardwear salesmen on the

cuts to payroll tax. He

reckons it will encourage more

jobs, but the boss wasn't so sure. We will consider

that. The Treasurer Treasurer

was spruiking the Budget at a

business breakfast and agree s

ing with one commentators of

his assessment. Hi, I'm Michael

Costa, I'm a bit of a

bastard. There is indeed Budget

bastardry at work. It's pointed

to an announcement heralding

the arrive al of new buses and

the figures show it was all

spin and no substance. They've

only allocated $100,000. That

is lack of dedication and

commitment to liver delivering

the buses. The Government has

also been criticised for

rushing through new laws on

planning. The legislation was

debated throughout the night

and passed and the Parliament's

new family friendly hours were

cast aside for a 2am

finish. But the Premier says

the midnight session wasn't an

attempt to avoid public scrut

ni. All of this has been slated for debate in the Parliament

for some time. In the clear

light of day, the Premier

introduced another set of

controversial laws to sell off.

He's included measures to make

sure the auditor general is

involved - a condition laid

down by the Opposition. But

Barry O'Farrell insists that

won't guarantee Coalition

votes. What we've seen so far

is little progress to say any

met. The sale of those five condition also be

met. The sale is set to be

debated in Parliament later

this month. The Government

has announced a major over haul

of maritime safety laws a month

after six people died in a boat crash on Sydney Harbour. The

new laws will come with tougher

penalties and bigger fines. But

some say they should go even

further. Joe Tripodi's been a

minister under pressure. Today

11 deaths on Sydney Harbour he finally acted in the wake of

over the past two years. This

is the biggest over haul of

marine safety legislation in

over a decade. Under the plans

changed it will be tougher to get a boating licence: Now

there will be a compulsory

practical test and police and

maritime officer also have the

power to deregister boats on

the spot. We're making it very

clear that the Government

believes that prevention is far

more powerful than

punishment. But new punishments

too are severe. Currently the

maximum fines are $1,500 but

that will rise to more than

$5,000 for recreational boats

guilty of dangerous or

negligent navigation and for

operating an overloaded craft,

the maximum fine sky rockets to

$44,000. I am pleased to

compliment NSW for taking a

lead here. There will be new

offences including:

Extra rules, good as they

may be, are meaningless without

enforcement in place. The

father of a 14-year-old girl

killed on Sydney Harbour last

year agrees. Robert Innes wants

the Government to allocate even

more harbour patrols at

night-time. We've got a 24-hour

masher. We should be having

harbour. Investigations more investigators on the

continue into last month's

Bradley's Head crash which

killed six people. Police are

yet to lay any charges.

Tonight's top story - Barack

Obama has claimed victory in

the race for the democratic presidential nomination. And

still to come - the rodents

marking time in New Zealand.

An Australian soldier has

been flown out of Afghanistan

for medical treatment after

suffering burns in his throat.

The soldier was trying to put

out a fire on board a

Bushmaster infantry vehicle

when he breathed in hot gases.

He's been transferred to a

military hospital in Germany.

Last time it was reported to

me he was stable but he was

serious. But I understand that

his injuries are not life threatening. The Defence Chief also told the Senate he will

person ally apologise to the

entertainer Tania Zaetta. She

was the subject of a false

rumour circulated by his

department that she had sexual

relations with troops in

Afghanistan. The price of oil

is still at historic highs but

it did fall sharply today on

commodity market, taking energy

stock down with it. Here is

Alan Kohler with the

details. Oil fut nurse both New

York last night and Asia today

fell by $3 a barrel, back to

where it was a month ago. But

still 30% higher than where it

was at the start of the

year. But in line with their

policy of doing a cha cha to

the daily movements of n the

crude oil price, share traders

sold off oil stocks like

Woodside, down 44.5%. And the

beneficiaries of low er energy

prices soared, Incitec Pivot

which makes fertiliser from

gas, jumped more than 11

dollars or 6% and Qantas went

up 4.7%. The US market went backwards again overnight

because a bunch of investment

Banks had their credit ratings

downgraded by Standard & Poors.

For tonight's graphs I have

expected a couple of things

from the national accounts that

tell the real story of the Australian economy. The problem

is that domestic demand has

been persistent ly growing

faster than domestic product,

which has led to a lot of im

ports and rising prices due to

shortages. What has been

financing deth demand? Debt.

This graph shows interest as a

percentage of disposial income

against interest rates. Note

that the debt burden is now

twice as what was in 1990 when

interest rates were 17%. Even

though now interest rate s are

half what they were then. It

tells you something about the

volume of debt now. At 11:28am,

accounts came out, the dollar two minutes before the national

was trading at under 95 US

cents, down from 95.5 last

night. At 11:35, it was back to 95.5 because GDP growth was

quite a bit more than ex

expect and by the end of the day it was

day it was 95.6 and looking

pretty strong. That's

finance. America's love affair

with the big car may finally be

coming to an end. The US

manufacturer General Motors has

announced plans to shut four

truck fact Roy factories in

north America because of a

sharp drop in demand for gas gz

lers. It is also considering

selling its Hummer brand. The

soaring price of oil poedss a

threat to its business. These

higher gasoline prices are

changing consumer behaviour rapidly, significantly

affecting the US auto

industry. GM will move to more

fuel efficient car, including

an electric model. Australia

has retained the Frank Worrell

trophy after the second Test

in a against the West Indies ended

in a draw. A fighting

partnership between Ramnaresh

Sarwan and Shivnarine

Chanderpaul saved the home team

from defeat. But Australia now

has an unbeatable 1-0 lead in

the three-Test series. The

empty seats illustrated how

confident the local were about

the West Indies scoring 372 on

the find day to keep the series

alive. That's got

him. Rattled by Brett Lee,

Devon Smith fell for a duck and

his opening partner, Xavier

Marshall, went soon after.

Ramnaresh Sarwan showed no

mercy towards the retiring

Stuart MacGill. But Lee was on

target in his second splil to

reduce the tourist s to 3/105.

The story soon changed as

the West Indies best batsman,

combined Shivnarine Chanderpaul,

combined with Sarwan for a

143-run partnership. MacGill

thought he dismissed Sarwan for

92 but the captain received the

benefit of the doubt. And

capped off a productive game

with his 11th Test

century. Could it be a much

smoothing smoothing one? There

tl were nervous moment force

the host as Sarwan and Dwayne

Bravo fell in quick succession but Shivnarine Chanderpaul held but Shivnarine Chanderpaul held

firm, finishing with 77 not out

to go with his unbeaten century

in the first innings as the two

teams played a draw for the

first time since 1995. That

partnership through the middle

of the day that we couldn't

break has been the difference

between us winning and being a

draw today. So well done to

them. Australia leads 1-0 with

one Test to play. MacGill

finished with 208 wickets from 44

44 Tests. Shane Warne won't

with coming out of retirement

to replace him, despite his

success in the IPL. Have I have

no interest in coming back at

all at this stage. There is not

much respite from the heat in

Dubai today. Today the range

was up to 43 degrees and it

will be in that vicinity for

the World Cup qualifier against

Iraq. The Socceroos has been

booted by the return of Josh

Kennedy, whose aerial talents

might have been useful in

Brisbane but for an ankle

injury. My ankle wasn't ready,

so there was no point making

the trip back to Australia, not

being even a chance to sit on

the bench or play, that's why

I'm here now. It's not easy

being green un less your name

is Rafael Nadal and you're

playing on red clay. Nadal

celebrated his 22nd birthday

with a crushing win

with a crushing win over fellow

Spaniard Catherine Ellis -

Nicolas Almagro, to finer set

up a match against Novak

Djokovic. Jelena Jankovic and

Ana Ivanovic won their

quarterfinals to set up an

all-Serbon semifinal. In New

Zealand, a study of old rat

bones shows that human arrived

in the country up to 1,500

years later than previously

thought. Scientists now believe

that Maori settlers first came

to the land of the long white

cloud in the late 13th century

and brought the Rodens with

them. Kerri Ritchie has the

details. Pacific rats can't

swim far, so scientists believe

they must have come to New

Zealand as stowaways on board

the ka noons of the first

settlers. For the past four

years a team of international years a team of international

researcher habs select

collecting and studying their

bones. They sent them to Oxford

University in England for

radiocarbon dating. It give us

us time zero for when rats and

people arrived in the

country. Researcher says the

age of the rat bone s show

Maori arrived in New Zealand

around 1280 AD. Previous tests

pointed to 200 BC but some

question the

question the reliant of bone

daith. Because you can have as

many younger dates as you like.

You only need one older date to

break the logic of that

situation. But Dr Janet

Wilmshurst says her team

redated bones found on previous

expeditions and she is

confident the new date is

correct. They've refined the

bone dating pretreatment

procedures which ensures the

complete elimination of

potential contaminants from the

bones. The researchers are

turning their attention to

other islands in Polynesia to

determine when humans arrived.

Time for the weather now and

with all this rain and storm

activity, it's looking like a

replay of this time last year,

Graeme. Yes, it's a very similar system but the good news

news is it's not as intent the

Hunter and the Sydney region

both have severe weather

warnings dr strong winds

averaging 60km/h and in about

an hour we have a king tide and

waves of 3 to 4 metres could

see low lying areas susceptible

to large waves and erosion.

There is a watch for river

systems in t in the Hunter and

the George and Cook rivers in

Sydney. Here, we saw maximums

of 16 to 18 degrees but the

rain really was the big feature

today. So far Penrith and

Hornsby have received the most

rain and there are some great

totals out there. It's all from a low that

a low that is sitting just off

the coast from Nelson Bay,

that's what's been driving

heavy rain along the Hunter and

central coast. Some of the

moisture has moved inland, to

produce cloud and light showers. Although the mid-north

coast had the heaviest falls

yesterday, there were

widespread totals of 25 to 50mm

reported from the north through

to the South Coast and the

northern ranges.

Although Nelson Bay is

expected to remain just off the

Hunter coast. Cloud over the

south-east inland is due to an south-east inland is due to an

upper level and surface trough.

Now this inland feature will

linger and is expected to bring

some light rain or isolated

showers over the inland during

the next few days. And model s

are still suggesting a rain

bearing north-west cloud band

affecting the State next week.

Tomorrow the movement of the

low will be critical to the outcome of the forecast.

Because it's expected to remain

close to the coast, falls of 50 to

to 100mm can be etch pesked in

the next 24 hours with isolated heavier falls but we should

start to see the rainfall

totals ease as the low move ing

s into the Tasman later


Thanks for that. Tonight's

top stories again - Barack

Obama has declared victory in

the race for the democratic

presidential nomination. But

his rival Hillary Clinton is so

far refuse ing to concede

defeat. The Rudd Government has

been accused of pork-barreling

with two-thirds of the new GP

super clinics to go to Labor

seats and a run of tragic

accidents on Sydney Harbour has

prompted a major over haul of

maritime safety laws, with

tougher penalties and bigger

fines. And that is ABC News for

this Wednesday. The '7:30

Report' is up next andly be

back with updates during the

evening. Goodnight.

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