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Tonight the happy snaps.

Peter Garrett's gaffe puts a

smile on Coalition faces I

said to Kevy "Hey mate, sorry

for the stuff-up" The

passing of one of

Parliament's most respected

Independents He was not a politician, he was apparel

particle and he will be sadly

missed. Hundreds left

homeless in Mexico. The

Melbourne Cup carnival is off

fashion. Good evening. and racing t fun and the

Felicity Davey with ABC

News.. The Prime Minister

has seized on comments I will

Babe's environment spokesman

Peter Garrett hoping to make

it a turning point in this

election campaign. Mr Garrett

said in a private

conversation to a radio

presenter that Labor's

policies would change once it

won Government. He now says

it was a joke and the Labor

leader Kevin Rudd says his

rock star MP is only human

but the Government has already produced an

advertisement capitalising on

the Garrett gaffe and it has received some positive news

in the polls. He might be a

veteran rock star but Peter

Garrett is still learning the

hard way in politics I accept responsibility for

cracking a joke at the wrong

time and place and I said to

Kevin sorry for the stuff-up

and when will get on with the

job at hand. There is no way

the Coalition will let it go

just like that. Mr Garrett

said he joked to a radio

presenter Labor would change

its policies once elected.

The radio rememberer said it

seemed serious It is all

sweetness and light in the

campaign but once they get in

it will be a radical risky

alternative Government.

This moo too is a pretence to

try to get to the election

and try to fool Australians

into believing they could be

trusted with Government. The

Government has even put an

Internet advertisement

together already Because

once a union-dominated Labor

Government gets in they will

just change it all. This is

Peter Garrett's second gaffe

in a week. Kevin Rudd says

his rock star MP is only

human and it was clearly a

joke Every element of the

plafn that we are putting

forward to the Australian

people is our covenant with

the Australian people to be

implemented in Government if

we form the next Government

of Australia. Kevin Rudd and

John Howard were both in the

marginal seat of Soloman in

Darwin as a fresh poll of

marginal s showed the

Coalition is in 2 points in

NSW t two-party preferred

margin is slightly wider in

Victoria. In Queensland and

South Australia Labor is more

ahead more in line with the

lead Labor has had in the

National polls all year A

preference deal announce

would the Greens today may

help. At this halfway point

in the campaign the Prime

Minister has a spring in his

step and Kevin Rudd will be

hoping for a little more

restraint from his front

bench. He will be remembered

as a Truman of the people T

former Federal Independent MP

Peter Andren has lost his

battle with with cancer. He

was 61. In the 1980s Peter

Andren was the man people

turned to for their news The

orange greyhound club could

be told by council... The

death of one of his reporters

in a highway accident

prompted Peter Andren to get

political and campaign for

greater road safety so a

full-time life in politics

was a natural fit and he

became one of the country's

most popular Independents

with a near record hold on

his seat. For 11 years Peter

Andren represented the

western NSW seat from Lithgow

to Cowra. His first major

attack was on travel rorts

When are we go to draw a line

in the sand, admit the system

has been abused over many

years? Peter Andren was

vocal in his disguts over the

Tampa affair and pushed for dignified treatment refugees.

He was opposed to the Gulf

war, further privatisation

and demanded generous

superannuation for

politicians be reigned in I

respected his skills. Peter

Andren and I frequently

disagreed on major issues and

he made no bones about it and

neither difficult but that

did not stop me respecting

him Peter Andren will be a great loss to the Australian

Parliament. He was a man of

principle, a man of

commitment a absolute

independent. Peter Andren did

not make too many friends in

Canberra It is a fairly

lonely life as an independent

but I mean I chose it. He

went to another popular

independent Ted Mack for

advice on becoming a

politician He kept the flag

of Independents alive in a

quite dramatic fashion This

man was not a politician he

was apparel particle and he

Andren hopes to make the will be sadly missed. Peter

shift to the Senate at this

election but in August he

diagnosed with cancer and

pulled out of the race The

diagnosis was fairly grim in

that the tumour is inoperable. Despite it a

major electoral re

distribution in regional NSW

Peter Andren was optimistic

be the future of the

Independents in the

Parliament. I can see an arc

coming back into Macquarie.

That is not a dream. That is

very possible at the next

election. There has been

another Australian casualty

in Afghanistan with a soldier

badly wounded in a roadside

bombing. The incident

Oruzgan near where Trooper happened near Tarin Kwot in

David Pearce was killed by a

similar device last month T Defence Department said Sergeant Michael Lyddiard was

trying to defuse the bomb

when it exploded He is a

qualified and highly respected disposal ordinance

operator. His job was to try

to make those areas safe for

his mates which is what he

was doing. The soldier was

seriously injured and

airlifted to a trauma centre

at Tarin Kwot base It is an

amazing outcome the

helicopter was able to get

them to that specialised care

within an our of the incident. Sergeant Michael

Lyddiard may be evacuated to Europe for further treatment

T Australian casualty list in

Afghanistan is now 2 dead and

6 wounded since August. In

Beijing the funeral of a

prominent Chinese

intellectual has attracted

the largest gathering of

Tiananmen Square dissidents

seen in years. Bao Zunxin was

a historian who supported the tens of thousands of student

who occupied Tiananmen Square

in 1989 and was later jailed.

Even after death he still

courts controversy as our

correspondent found out when

he tried to attend the historian's funeral today. Bao Zunxin would be a

thorn in the side of the

Chinese Government right up

until his death. Even beyond

it seems. We were invited by

the familiar through today's

funeral but plain clothed

police had different ideas.

Excuse me. Though the

historian's friends and

supporters tried to help

officials wanted us to leave

immediately. I am sorry. In

1989 student protestors in

their tens of thousands

occupied Tiananmen Square.

Bao Zunxin was one of a dozen prominent academic whose

supported the push for

democracy. Bao Zunxin edited

books on Western philosophy,

he also promoted the rule of

law and human rights for

China. After the Tiananmen

Square movement was squashed

he was jailed among with

others for anti-Government

crimes. He had a strong sense

of justice and made great

contributions to democracy

one professor says.

According to another in the

future his think definitely

praise him. Despite the fear

of retribution many

intellectuals and student

came to pay their last

respects to Bao Zunxin. But

many more stayed away. The

people attending the funeral

are keen to speak with us,

the authorities are a little

nervous. I am not sure how much longer we will be able

to stay here. I asked this

former student why the police

did not want us doing

interviews. He replied that

they are worried about it

being a threat to the

Government. The Government called Bao Zunxin one of the

black hands behind the

Tiananmen Square protests.

And he was stirring things up

even on his way out. Mexico

has been hit by a flooding catastrophe which has left

hundreds of thousands of

people homeless. A massive

airlift operation is now

under way to bring in

supplies and to help in the

rescue effort T worst-hit

area is the southern state of

Tabasco which is largely

submerged. Our North America

correspondent reports.

Thousand us of desperate

people are still trapped on

Tabasco's rooftops. While

some are plucked to safety

others try to swim their way

clear. Horrible. We didn't

eat. We lost everything. We

were on the roof of our house

in the open air. We never

thought this would be so big.

70 per cent of the state is

underwater. Cities are inland

seas. 800,000 people are

homeless. The scenes are

reminiscent of New Orleans

after hurricane can from

betweena although the State

Government says this is even

worse. He is urging anyone

with a boat to join the

rescue effort. For some even

a door will do. Food,

medicine and drinking water

are running out. Get us out

of here. We have already lost everything. Please, there are

no busses here. There is

nothing. Mexico's president

arrived to inspect the damage

and help the relief effort.

It is not only the worst

natural disaster in Tabasco's

history it is one of the

worst in the recent history

of the country. The floods

are the result of a week of

rain. In some places the

water is 4 metres deep and

the torrent is now threatening at least one

other southern state. It is

not likely to finish any time

soon. More rain is forecast

and the flooding could get

even worse. Further north

Californian s are dealing

with dead I will bushfires

and some of the driest

conditions in decades but

south of the border it is

water that is filling the

record books. Turkey is

turning up the heat on the US

to take concrete steps

against Kurdish rebels in

northern Iraq. After meeting

Condoleezza Rice Turkey's

Foreign Minister called for

action not words in the fight

against the PKK guerillas.

The US Secretary of State

pledged an intensified effort

to confront them This is not

just at problem for Turkey,

this is a problem for Iraq

and for the US. So we have a

common enemy and we need a common approach. Condoleezza

Rice is in Turkey for a

conference on Iraq which has

been overshadowed by the tension over the Kurdish

rebels T rebels use northern

Iraq as a base to launch

strikes inside Turkey. Ankara has warned of a major

cross-border operation unless

the US and Iraq crackdown on

the guerillas. The blame game

over the equine influenza

outbreak has featured a

whatever words.The board says

the Agriculture Minister

ignored complaint about

quarantine years ago and

assured Australia was immune

to horse flu but the minister

has hit back accusing the

board of hypocrisy. Randwick

was quiet today but behind-the-scenes debate over

who is to blame has

intensified. Three years ago

the Australian Racing Board

warned the Government that

using private vets and

quarantine exposed the

country the an equine influenza outbreak like the one that hit South Africa in

2003. The former Agriculture

Minister Warren Truss replied

in a letter - The board said

horse flu would never breach

Australian quarantine It

says in black and white what

happened in South Africa

could not happen in

Australia. The minister says that is a deliberate distortion. He said he

assured the board that Australian's quarantine

regime was stronger in South

Africa's and horse flu would

not get in the same way The

advice given the me was that

what happened in South Africa

could not be repeated in

Australia. He as also accused

the Racing Board of

hypocrisy They came to me on regular occasions wanting to

bring forward import risk assess toments make it easier

to bring horses into Australia. An official

inquiry led by former High

Court judge Ian Callinan will

resume next week but the

opposition says it already

knows who is to blame 00,000

jobs in jeopardy, 33,000

horses affected and all

because the Government was

asleep at the wheel. The

Government says the Racing

Board is airing its allegations prematurely. It

is not helpful simply because

the judge will be taking it

into account. The racing

industry estimates it has

lost more than $300 million

since the outbreak of equine

influenza. There are new

questions about the State

Government's handling of the

Betfair issue. The Premier

has issued a statement

denying reports he intervened

to withdraw a cabinet

recommendation to ban betting

exchanges in NSW. Morris

Iemma says the proposal never

made it to cabinet because it

was not accompanied by

appropriate legal advice and

he has denied making any deal

with the company which is

half owned by Pakistan's PBL

It is clear too many of the

premier's friends and former

employers are involved in

lobbying on this deal which

is why a lack of openness and transparency raises all sorts of questions for the public. The Government is

expected to make a decision

by licensing Betfair in NSW

next year T move from winter

to spring is welcome for many

people but not so much fun

for those with hay fever. Now

a new study charts the condition indifferent

environmentments and it could

be that sufficient yeahs need

the make a sea change. It

looks a bit like a

surveillance camera but this

odd weather vein allows scientists to monitor

something in visible to the

human eye. We can identify

what hit is the air each

day. Specifically the amount

of pollen. Scientists if the

ANU and the University of

Tasmania investigate how the

count varies indifferent

environments. Hobart is close

to the ocean, has strong

southerly wind which are

clear and Canberra has a

dirty atmosphere. The air

samples are collected on

sticky tape magnified

thousands of times T grains

of pollen are then counted by

hand and the information

posted online to alert

allergy sufferers It does

not kill anybody but it does

dish mean I have to stop

work, school, that sort of

thing because of the symptoms. This doctor says

for his patients a daily

pollen forecast could make

all the difference People

probably get symptoms a

couple of days later so the

idea toys up the dose of

medication on the Tuesday or

Wednesday to not get the

symptoms a few days

later. Scientists say a sea

breeze can help reduce pollen

levels but for a dusty

country in drought the more

information for sufferers the

better. A reminder of our

top story - Peter Garrett has

apologised for what he says

were dumb and joking comments

about the changes Labor would

make elected. Still to come,

the world's first super

mouse. clrg

An elbow injury has forced

fast bowler Shaun Tate out of

next week's first Test in Brisbane against Sri Lanka.

The South Australian has been

replaced in the squad by the

exciting young Tasmanian

quick Ben Hilenhaus.

Queensland is in a strong

position against Sri Lanka

thanks to an Andy Bichel

century. The young Bradman

Player of the Year, 60

wickets he earned a one-day

call-up and a Cricket

Australia contract. His

inclusion in the Test squad

is not a surprise but try

telling that to the humble

Tasmanian. Obviously very

excited. Still pinching

myself is obviously a great

thrill and something I am

looking forward to. The Bulls

were 4/60 against Sri Lanka.

Queensland lots its fifth

wicket for just 89. Sri Lanka

was on top momentarily but

that was about the change

thanks to an 80-run

partnership. Noffke treated the leg-spinner with contempt

lifting him out of the ground

for a pair of 6s. Sri Lanka rested Muttiah Muralitharan

and the rest of their spinners struggled

particularly when bowling to

27-year-old Bichel. Noffke

was out for 24. The mow men

up the was still going with

the Bulls as Bichel began

charging and smashed Bandarra

to all parts of the ground.

He was out for 125 which

included 11 fours and seven

6s. Mitchell Johnson chipped

in with a half century as the

Bulls raced to 85. Australian swimmers have dominated the

first night of finals at the

World Cup short course meet

in Sydney. Leisel Jones and

Libby Lenton were among a

host of locals to win in

world class times this. Was

supposed to be a chance the

regain racing fitness for

Leisel Jones but she looked

anything but rusty in the 100

breast stroke. Leisel Jones

cruised to victory in a time

just half a second outside

her own world record She may

have got a slow start but got

into rhythm quickly and she

will win the 100 breastroke

I'm very happy. I was hard

work. Hard to race fast when

you are in hard training so I

am incredibly happy. Libby

Lenton led from start to

finish in the 200 freestyle

and blitzed the field in the

50. Among the girls in the

competition it is awesome to

get a win. There were good

performances from the men as

well. Christian Sprenger won

the 50 and 200 breastroke while Eamon Sullivan out

classed the field in the 100

freestyle. World champion

stone stop in is on track for

another strong showing at the

Valencia Moto Grand Prix. He

set the fastest time ahead of

Sunday's conclusion. Fellow Australian Chris Vermeulen

was fifth fastest on his

Suzuki. Former world champion

Fernando Alonso has left

Formula One team McLaren.

Alonso had been involved sin

several stoushes with Ron

Dennis and rifle driver Lewis

Hammilton over his role and

position in the team. The

Spaniard won four races for

McLaren and finished equal

second in the drivers

championship. The Sydney

Kings are recorded another

impressive win in the

National basketball League T

second placed kings defeated

Townsville by 27 point. Mark

Worthington top scored with

26 points. Victorian racing

officials are breathing a

sief relief after the

Melbourne Cup carnival

finally got under way. It has

been under threat by horse

flu for weeks but today a

crowd of more than 100,000

were track side for Derby Day

T first big day of the famous

Flemington four-day carnival.

Racingers flooded through the

turnstiles from 7.30 this

morning. Many settled on the

traditional Derby Day black

and white but it was clear

the mini skirt was making a

come back. A good result for

bookmakers with a number of

favourites getting beat en

The best day of racing, if

someone said you can only

work one day I would pick

Derby Day. Much of the action

was in the car parks which

were again packed to the

rafters For sure, horses out

there somewhere? If you are

going to be in a car park may

as well do it in style! This

is the only way to do things,

very civilised. The John

Hawkes trained Marching was

sent out the short-priced

favourite At 100 he is

drawing away from Marching.

Kibbutz by 2 lengths. Marching rallied to

third. But the David Hayes

trained Kibbutz stayed the journey They were all

over-racing a bit and he is

going to win a loft races

with that attitude, he

travelled on a thread of

cotton for Craig today. The

win went some way to make up

for the disappointing fifth

by Miss Finland in the

McKinnon. She has been

withdrawn if the Melbourne

Cup. 80-year-old Bart Cummins

was a winner with his


Some of the world's

bravest surfers have con

vernled on Tahiti to tried

monster ways of Teahuppo. Australian diehard Dylan

Longbottom was among those to

take on the 6 metre waves at

the famous reef break. Dylan Longbottom disappeared in the

the massive swell but emerged safely in surfing conditions

considered to be among the

most dangerous on earth. Brazilian Maya Gabeira did

not do as well. The surfers

are competing for $92,000

prize money for riding the

biggest and most challenging

wave. For the Chinese numbers

are not just for continuing.

There is a mystic meaning

behind the fiction and the

numbal 8 holds special

significance. For that reason

the Beijing Olympics will

kick off at 8pm on the 8th of

the 8th 2008 but it turns out

August is not a great time of

the year on the weather front

so some experts from

Australia have been called

into help. Most thought I was

pollution that posed the

biggest problem for the

organisers of the Beijing

Olympics. But it seems wild

weather may present an added

dilemma.. this is one of the

peak times in China for

severe weather, flash

flooding and rainfall. That

is why the Australian Bureau

of Meteorology has been

signed up to help out. Using

what is called now-casting

they will issue forecasts at

very short notice warning of

severe water including

thunderstorms and hail. They

are very accurate for the

very short lead times, that

is 5, 10, 15 minutes. The

further out you go towards

the our or so we are aiming

at for a lot of our thunderstorm prediction the

less accurate they get. It is

a system based on observation

and satellite data used every

day in airports in Australia

to assist take-offs and

landings. It was given a

trial run at the Sydney

Olympics. In China they will

hope to keep the audience dry

and the athletes safe.

Because of the timing of

event the impact of rainfall

and so forth and even

spectator safety is

determined by what type water

is occurring. With 7 million

speck day doors and 120

million Chinese expected to

converge on Beijing for the

Games lit no doubt be a handy

tool to have. From cartoon

super hero to the real thing.

Scientists have created a

mighty mouse that lives

longer, runs faster and east

twice as much without putting

on weight. But is the

genetically modified rodent a

first step towards producing

super humans? This report

from BBC's Pallab Ghosh.

Meet mighty mouse, appearing

on the cover a scientific

journal the scientists have

clearly got a sense of humour

but as this laboratory

footage shows the science is

completely serious. At the

back of are is a normal mouse

and at the front is our super

mouse. The normal mouse has

trouble at the start falling

off the end of the trade mill

but super mouse keeps a pace

of 20 metres a minute. Fairly

stoon the normal mouse drops

out exhausted at 30 didn't 2

kilometres but super mouse

just keeps ongoing. I was

stunned when I first saw it.

We did not expect this. We

were so surprised to see

these animals running for 5,

to 6 kilometres on the trade

milling go for four to five

hours of running. It is quite

remarkable and it stunned

us. The mice have been

genetically modified to

improve the ability of their

muscles. Critics fear it

could lead to genetically

enhanced humans but

researchers say that is not

the case We are a long way

from creating super humans

from this research. We

understand more about the

basic mechanisms by which

muscle gets its energy from

contraction rather than

creating athletes that would

be modified in a way that

would make them run further

and faster.

# Mighty mouse is on the

way! In all the scientists

have so far created 500 of

their mighty mice so cities

likely this this is a

scientific story that will

run and run. The weather -

yes, still more rain on the

way. In Sydney today it

reached 21 degrees to below the average. the average.

Around NSW cloud persisted

over most of the state

bringing rain to pretty much

all of NSW bar the northern

rivers. In the south-east

cooler today and thunderstorms accompany the showers for much of the

region. There were also light

falls for the inland but they

were few and far between and

top temperatures were higher

than average. In the 24 hours

to 9am Mount Seaview fared


There were showers in

Darwin, Adelaide and Canberra

and cloudy in Melbourne and

Hobart. The satellite shows

thick clouds over NSW and

Victoria around a deepening

low. Generating widespread

rain and thunderstorms. To

the synoptic chart the

low-moving trough will

trigger showers and storms across the Northern

Territory, inland Queensland

and Northern New South Wales.

Tomorrow's rainfall - showers

for the north-west corner and for the north-west corner and

for much of the south-east

extending into Tasmania. In

the capital cities tomorrow -

Perth will be the only dry capital. Showers everywhere

else and storms for Darwin,

Sydney and Brisbane. Around

NSW tomorrow for the

north-east a partly cloudy

day, scattered showers and isolated thunderstorms mostly

in the afternoon. In the

south-east thunderstorms and

rain becoming mostly sunny.

Isolated thunderstorms should

clear during the morning and scattered showers in the

evening. Inland scattered

showers, top temporal in the

low to mid 20s. The chance

of an early thunderstorm and

a top of 25. Sunrise at 7 to

6. Seas to 4 metres.

More showers in Sydney

over the week. over the week.

In the news and current

affairs line up begins at 9

with 'Insiders', Barrie Cassidy's guest is the Prime

Minister John Howard. At 10

o'clock on 'Inside Business'

Alan Kohler talk the the ACCC

chairman Graeme Samuel. At

10.30 Gerard Whateley hosts

'Offsiders' a look at event

on and off the pitch and at

11 Helen Vatsikopolous will

host Asia-Pacific focus. The

Prime Minister says comments

by Labor's environment

spokesman Peter Garrett that

Labor would change its

policies once aelectricitied

prove a Labor Government

would be a risky alternative. Sergeant Michael Lyddiard is

the latest Australian

casualty in Afghanistan. He

was badly wounded while

trying to defuse a roadside

bomb. The independent MP

Peter Andren has lost his

battle with pancreatic

cancer. He was 601. That is

the latest ABC News for now.

We will be back with another

update in about an hour. Until then, goodnight.

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