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Live. This afternoon, a show of force from Mother Nature as wild weather Also on ABC News 24, Also on ABC News 24, getting

even, the Australian dollar

Greenback. the Greens claim a reaches parity with the

deal with the Government could

see hundreds of asylum seekers

freed from detention. And pilgrims eagerly anticipate the

canonisation of Australia's

first saint. Australia, you're watching ABC

News 24 I'm Richard Davies. A

fine but windy day in Sydney

and Brisbane tomorrow. cloudy in Canberra. Scattered

showers in Melbourne and Hobart

and sunny and warm in Perth. A

late storm for Darwin. Snow

floods and gale-force winds

have swept across eastern

Australia affecting parts of Queensland, New South Wales,

and Victoria. The conditions have forced widespread evacuations and minor damage in

the Government has declared natural disaster following floods in the floods in the states's Riverina

and south-west slopes. A cold

front dumped know down to metres above sea level.

There's been a good dusting pat

Mt Dandenong and Kingslake

where roads are closed. The

SES has dealt with hundreds of calls of for help for downed frees and minor property damage. Snow and gale-force winds have swept across parts of New South Wales, the Weather

reports of snow at Orange, Bureau says it has

Goulburn Canberra and in the

Blue Mountains and as far north

as the northern tablelands. Bureau says the cold Bureau says the cold wet weather is expected to continue

for the next few for the next few days. We do

have some very strong winds,

particularly through central

and northern parts of New South

We've got Wales on the higher ground.

We've got a severe weather

warning for those damaging

winds. The rivers are still up

a bit. We do have flood

river, the Murrumbidgee, there warnings out for the bell

is a major flood warning out

first started a couple of days for the

ago. We had a lot of moisture

come down from the tropics and

thant abilitied with a very strong cold from the Southern Ocean. Quite a big difference between the

two origins of that air. That's moving out now That's moving out now towards

the east to the Tasman Sea. A high pressure ridge moving in

behind that and conditions

weather forecast later in the easing. We'll bring you a full

bulletin. The Greens say

they're close to sealing a deal asylum seekers into the

community. Earlier this week Sarah

Sarah Hanson-Young announced plans

plans to amend Australia's

than 700 children and their immigration laws to free

families from detention. Today

she's told ABC Radio she's held talks with talks with the Immigration Minister Chris Bowen. She says he's

he's moving quickly on the

issue and that a deal to

release the detainees is close.

It is a very welcome move. It is wonderful to see the

minister moving. It

moving on this. We need to

make sure we get the

legislative reform as well. It is not just at the goodwill of

a good minister who understands that this is an issue, but that we get the legislative reform,

try partisan support so we

don't have to make the same mistakes all over again. People are being spoken to,

organisations are talking to each other, talking to each other, talking to the

Government, talking to us, the

Greens. I think this is a very, very welcome move from the Government. This is a minister who is clearly

uncomfortable with being detained and he wants to that children in particular are

see movement. That's see movement. That's what I'm

and it is in line with the reading from today's reports

discussions that I've had with

reached parity with the US him. The Australian dollar

dollar for the first time since

it was floated in 1983. It happened shortly after a speech

by US Federal Reserve Ben Bernanke in which he

pledged to keep stimulating the

US economy. . The world's most powerful knows he must intervene to prop

up America's I'lling economy.

There would appear, all else

being equal, to be a case for further further action. Unemployment in

the US is around 10 per cent. Household debt is massive, and interest rates are at record lows. To boost the economy,

the Federal Reserve is expected to increase quantitative easing, which involves easing, which involves printing

more money. In 2008, the

Federal Reserve Federal Reserve balance sheet

was point 8 trillion dollars. In 2010 it is at 2.2 In 2010 it is at 2.2 trillion dollars. The

Reserve has made it quite clear

not only would they like to see their interest rates fall

further but they would like a

weaker US dollar. Which helps

to explain the

week Australian dollar. After a

week on the edge of parity, the dollar finally broke Greenback, but only for seconds. Parity is Greenback, but only for 7

psychological. We're psychological. We're already

at levels the highest since at levels the highest since it

effectively went to a free

float in December 1983. You

need to get this parity party

out of way, get the balloons

ready, celebrate and move

Australian dollar to attract foreign investors, with

interest rates at more than 5

per cent, they can get a higher

return for their money. return for their money. The

risk Aussie dollar is rising because

risk appetite is picking up,

commodz rising, companies like

well in that environment even BHP and Rio tend to do quite

though there's downward

pressure on its earnings from the higher Aussie dollar. The

Australian dollar had slipped back to 99.46 US cents at the close of close of trading on

Kristy Fraser Kirk has reached Kristy Fraser Kirk Friday. David Jones publicist

an out of court an out of court agreement with

the company and its former Mark McInnes on a sexual the company and its former CEO

harassment case. The of the agreement are yet to be released. Ms Kristy Fraser Kirk launched a $37 million lawsuit claiming Mr McInness made unwanted sexual advances

at company functions. David

Jones and Mr McInness deny the

allegations. We first heard of sexual harassment allegations against Mr McInness earlier

this year. He stepped admitting he had behaved in a manner unbecoming of a chief

executive. Johanna McDiarmid

takes a look at the takes a look at the background story. David Jones publicist Kristy Fraser Kirk Kristy Fraser Kirk emerged smiling yesterday from

talks over Australia's biggest

sexual harassment case.

was a far different expression

to the one she walked in with. Ms Kristy Fraser Kirk Ms Kristy Fraser Kirk announced

she was suing former David

Jones CEO Mark McInnes and the company's directors for company's directors for $37

million in August this year.

I'm a young women standing here said it wasn't okay, because said it wasn't okay, because I

said that this should never

happen to me or to anyone. happen to me or to anyone. I

just wanted to be treated with respect. Ms

claims she was repeatedly harassed by the head of the

company. Her allegations

included unwanted kisses and

text messages. Mr McInness denied those allegations and

David Jones issued a statement

at the time saying both the

company and its directors would defend the claims vigorously. Almost a month Almost a month later, Ms Kristy

Fraser Kirk arrived at court

for the start of multi-million dollar case and

her lawyers revealed she had

been joined by many more women with similar allegations

against Mark McInnes. The

former CEO came out fighting. This is intolerable position. These new allegations new allegations are unstated, unsourced, and unsubstantiated. A revised

statement of claim was then

filed in the Federal Court. It included allegations against Mr McInness that date back two

decades. Mr McInness again

rejected those claims. David Jones also hit back saying the amended statement

remarkable as it bore so remarkable as it bore so little

resemblance to what was

foreshadowed. In finalising a settlement, the parties will

avoid a Federal Court here hearing that was due to start hearing that was due to start in December. Chile's rescued

miners are finally heading home

after their underground ordeal.

All but two of the 33 men have

Dean released from hospital as Dominique Schwartz Dominique Schwartz reports. The neighbourhood is getting ready

to officially welcome back its

sons, fathers, brothers and husbands. together to prepare a big

party. They are going to have

more than 400 people waiting

for them. Saturday will be the

party day. The mother of preparing a special treat. TRANSLATION: It is

especially for him. It is his

favourite dish. Baked

pork. Edison Pena was one of

the first miners to leave

hospital. Initially, the hospital. Initially, the Elvis Presley fan was just relieved to be home. But now he's angry. TRANSLATION: Every moment was difficult when

were going to die. Do you know

what that is like? Why do

these things have to happen.

Because the employer wants to make money and what happens? The worker, what happens with the workers? No, just go in,

but no, the mountain is making

noises, but no, go on in. Go

on in. That's what. Edison

Pena's concerns about mine

safety were underlined by the

news that another Chilean miner

has died in an accident: the 26-year-old was killed 26-year-old was killed by falling rocks at north of been a miner for six months so

he didn't have experience. He didn't have sufficient

training. For the men known as

the 33, the story the 33, the story has had a happy ending. But the

residents of this mining town

know better than most it could

have been so different. Dominique Schwartz, ABC News,

Copiapo, northern Copiapo, northern Chile. Final preparations are underway preparations are underway in Rome for tomorrow's canonisation of Australia's

first Catholic saint.

Thousands have made the pill

grim Interimage to

as Europe Juanita Phillips reports. (Sings) # Mary MacKillop give us your MacKillop give us your passion,

may we respond to all may we respond to all those in need. It's a Roman invasion, Australian pilgrims Australian pilgrims re straysing the steps Mary

MacKillop took here more than

130 years ago. Prayers shared in the same churches she

visited. A city now filled

with nuns from the the order she foe here has a story like Sydney teacher Anne Wagstaff. She

said her prayers to her relative Mary MacKillop relative Mary MacKillop gave

bouts of cancer. She was such

a strong woman that it was her

strength that gave me strength. No feet of taken have

harder longer road to Rome than

these. Garry Ridgeway has just

completed a 2000 kilometre 86

day pilgrimage from Canterbury in England to foot, all time for the

canonisation. Even though I'm

not Catholic, I not Catholic, I feel inyesterday blbly proud of this

formidable determined fantastic

lady and what she actually did with the

with the young people of Australia. For our visiting politicians, it is a rare

opportunity to agree on something. Great to be here Rome, isn't it. Rome, isn't it. It's like a

Nobel Prize or awarded to a

really decent person in Mary MacKillop. Whether you're a

person of faith or have no faith, it is an amazing,

extraordinary event and all Australians can feel proud. Of course the Mary course the Mary MacKillop story is very much an Australian one

and people have come in their thousands from that country,

but they have to share it the

event with people from all over

the world. All of them fascinated by that

extraordinary woman. From the

highlands of Scotland, these

pill grims have two reasons to come, Mary MacKillop's parents

group in their parish and share group in their parish and many

share a family tree with a

woman most new little about until our saint as well, very much

so. Very close to our heart. Prayers to Mary

MacKillop in Scotland MacKillop in Scotland and Australia are Australia are kret credited

with saving a life of a baby doctors had given up on. doctors had given up on. There is an amazing difference is an amazing difference in

this child. We'll operate.

The operation was Monday. The

child's five years old now and

running around. At the Vatican, recognising Saints is nothing

new, but it is to these Australian will pilgrims

looking forward to a home grown

saint Mary now just a day away.

Philip Williams at the Vatican. ABC News 24 will bring you full coverage of the lead up to Mary MacKillop's MacKillop's canonisation across the weekend and from six o'clock eastern time tomorrow

Scott Bevan will take us live

to the Vatican and to the celebrations across Australia as Pope Benedict the 16th

declares Mary MacKillop

Australia's first saint.

Israeli troops have Israeli troops have clashed with Israel unveiled plans to build

more than 200 new homes in East Jerusalem.

Jerusalem. It ends an owe unofficial building unofficial building freeze in

the disputed the disputed part of the city. Plins have hurl pd rocks at

Israeli troops. Tensions were running high because several Jewish families settled in the predominantly Palestinian

areas. The United States it is

disa pointed with plans. disa pointed with Israel's

plans. To send us your

pictures or video of the wild weather that's our website and head to the up

load section and the address

is: Drug users are turning away from ecstacy due to a drop in

quality and instead they're switching to cocaine and a synthetic party drug called miaow miaow. There are concerns

concerns that police and paramedics are

paramedics are not equipped to deal with the shift. One the

popularity of ecstacy is on the

slide as it becomes harder to

get and less pure. They are

wanting to get bang for their buck they'll turn to alternatives

when the purity of pills so poor. More effective policing

is being credited for the

ecstacy drought. It may be that we're actually seizing more labs, we're stopping labs, we're stopping precursors

coming in. A national drug reporting system that surveys

ecstacy user every year has

found their cocaine use as doubled in the Another cheaper alternative is

a synthetic chemical also known

as N cat or miaow miaow. The drug is prohibited in drug is prohibited in Australia

and has only been and has only been banned in the UK since April after it was

implicated in a number of

deaths. For the first time it has emerged numbers in Victoria and Tasmania and experts are

worried. We need to be up skilling the people these

people come into contact with.

Straight out Sim lants have all people need to be properly

skilled in managing skilled in managing situations

where they might come where they might come across

these people. It is a new challenge for law enforcement officers. We don't understand the market to the extent

we probably should do and that's because it is dynamic

and is changing so and is changing so much. With easy to access, authorities are

appealing to users to

not buy it, warning of significant health risks. Australia's Commonwealth

Games team has touched down in

Sydney six hours behind

schedule after wild weather

forced the plane to divert. The Qantas flight left Delhi

late and had to be diverted to

Canberra for refuelling because

of the strong winds in Sydney.

The Prime Minister Julia

Gillard was waiting at Gillard was waiting at the

airport to greet the team. You've done incredibly

well. The nation is very proud

of you. You went there, you gave your all, gave your all, you competed

heart, you played fairly, did

you it in the Australian way.

Con congratulatelations to each

and every team member. So many of you have come back sporting

medals, but many of you went there, competed,

and my congratulations on

behalf of the nation goes to

each of you. The weekend sport, the Spring Racing Carnival is off to a flying start. That's right. Despite the right. Despite the wild

weather and heavy track the $2.5 million race couldn't be deterred with Descerado deterred with Descerado handing gay water husband her gay water husband her first

Caulfield Cup victory. The four-year-old was too strong for the 18 horse field. Chris

Muntz got the gelding from New

Zealand to the barrier nicely

from his wild stall into fought place for much of

the 2400 metre feature race. He went to the front in the

straight and had too much in

hand for fellow New Zealand he ter Harris Tweed ter Harris Tweed and Monaco

consul. Shocking failed to hit hard from the stalls. Gai

Waterhouse has waited a long

time for a Caulfield Cup and

was understandably happy with

the result. I'm not taking

this out of my hands. Ill be

taking it to head tonight. can't tell you. You dream

about winning the one of the

big cups down here. Every

dreams about it. I said to Mike

after the race I must have read your book. your book. It's just something

really exciting. A very really exciting. A very excited Gai Waterhouse there. Gai Waterhouse there. Casey Stoner has secured poll

position for tomorrow's Australian Moto GP setting the

fastest qualifying time at

Phillip Island. Phillip Island. After

finishing quickses in morning

practice he was challenged

during today's qualifying session. Championship winner

Jorge Lorenzo didn't rest on his laurels notching up the

second fastest time, point 672 seconds behind Stoner. Ben

Spies rounds out the front row. It leaves Valentino struggled in the wet conditions. Stoner will conditions. Stoner will be looking for his fourth consecutive Phillip Island consecutive Phillip Island Moto

GP title tomorrow. Tried GP title tomorrow. Tried a couple of things, couldn't get

any improvements, tried another

couple of directions and straight away we straight away we started

getting quick with getting quick with old tyres and dropped the and dropped the lap times very substantially. We've got the

bike working well. It bike working well. It seems to be a little difficult to set up

but when it does it work really

well. In local cricket

Queensland has lost early wickets ins against Victoria at the Gabba. The bultion won the toss and

elected to bat but lost Ryan

Broad. Simpson was caught for 41. Luke Carseldine and was at

the crease. The kings kings

will be looking to will be looking to seal their

return to the NBL tonight. The Battle

action in Townsville before the

Kings play New Zealand. Sydney

returned after a two year

absence with style last night

beating the Tigers in beating the Tigers in Melbourne

by 16 points. In the A-League

Brisbane Roar can stress thent

its grasp on second spot if it

can beat Newcastle. Sydney

still searching for its first

win but the team is still

confident it can turn its

season around. The Roar hosts

The Jets at Lang Park. Last downed Perth in toins ville. Chris Payne put the home side

ahead before sloppy defence

gave the visitors a equaliser. David Williams

converted to give the home side

the win. It's been a bitter

and lengthy battle but one of England's biggest football

clubs Liverpool is in new

who owns the Boston Red Sox hands. Its owner John W Henry

baseball team says he's proud and humble after completing a

takeover worth almost $500 Dallas might have thought Liverpool's ownership soap

opera was a bit far-fetched,

the battle one of England's

most famous clubs has had everything, Hi Fi nance,

courtroom drama and a colourful cast

cast list. Tom Hicks and George Gillett have been

fighting tooth and nail to

brink on to the club. Tonight,

amid jup lant scenes, the want, a deal worth want, a deal with John W Henry

worth 300 million pounds

worth 300 million pounds and

writing off the club's debts.

I'm proud and hum bull. We had

a lot of work to do. I can't

tell you how happy am that

we've finally got to this point. We've always known we

were doing the right thing,

that we would get justice and I think you saw exactly what we got in the end. With so much

attention being paid to events easy to forget there was easy to forget there was a football club at the heart of

the story. At the field this

after relieve for the

some money into it, willing to fans. They're willing to put

take the club forward. They've

got a proven record in got a proven record in America,

hopefully they can push it on.

As long as I think Gillett and Hicks have gone, I think

then it's start of a new era.

The new owners may be American

but it's the start of a new era hopefully for the club. Ah about three years the

Hicks is finally overment the

deal done here at the offices

of Liverpool's lawyers only transfers the club from one set

of American owners to of American owners to another.

Supporters will be hoping that John W Henry is a different

kind of owner. His record at the Boston Red Sox would seem

to suggest he could be. He

took an under achieving team to

two World Series titles and is

said to be prepared to invest

to get Liverpool back to the

top. That's part of football.

You live through the good periods, through the bad that I think a cloud has that I think a cloud has been

lifted from the football club today. There's no question

Liverpool's image has been tarnished

tarnished by this dirty boardroom battle and while an

end to the sorry saga will

raise hopes of a return to the

glory days, repairing the

months since Iceland's ash damage won't be easy. It's six

cloud forced all planes cloud forced all planes out of

the skies of Europe stranding thousands. New evidence suggests some engine lifting of the flight manufacturers blocked

Here's Richard Scott. Six lifting of the flight ban.

months ago today the UK was

sent back in time. A volcano

1000 miles away turned our air

space into a no fly zone. Not since the days of the Wright

brothers have the skies been so

quiet. This was what it was

all about ash going into a jet

engine with melt clog the

turbine blades and stop engine dead. On 156 April

there was no rules how much a

jet engine could cope with. It

reopened five days later 33,000

flights had been cancelled

in the UK and six months on the airline

airline still believe that

decision was wrong. They

wanted the power to decide when

it was safe to fly and the boss

of one of our biggest airlines

told me the Civil Aviation

Authority overreacted. Authority overreacted. I

think the authorities panicked

if you like. It increasingly frustrating as the

days went on. As we started to

not believe the data that was

coming out from the Met Office,

airlines were putting up

were test aircraft going aircraft on test flights, there

they weren't finding any were test aircraft going up,

ash. Six months, the regulators

can see, some of it extremely say they had no choice. As you

fine. Trusting the airlines would mean ignoring the

of avoid avoid avoid. What guidelines for ash at the time

of avoid avoid avoid. What no

airline was able to do was

present us from data from our it engine manufacturers which said

conditions. If someone had

been able to do that we

wouldn't have had this issue.

Not a single airline was able

to do that right a the way

across Europe. There is a twist

to this tale though. Engine

manufacturers were crucial to lifting the ban because they

had to agree how much ash their

engines could safely fly through. I've even an email

which says whilst some engine

manufacturers were happy to

agree a deal others saw nothing to gain and blocked it. They

weren't the ones with planes stuck on the ground losing

themselves up to themselves up to potentially

extra maintenance claims. I

don't think there's any obstructiveness in the approach

of manufacturers, but it did

get time to get them understand why we needed get time to get them to

movement from them. The in lifting the ban meant more movement from them. The delay

passengers stranded. One

airline, Air France KLM had been refusing to reimburse them

in full. The CAA has told me

it persuaded them to pay out. Checking the national

forecast now, and forecast now, and cloud is being driven over the

south-east in strong west to south-westerlies

south-westerlies winds delivering showers to the ranges. Cloud over the Top End

in a trough is triggering

storms and showers and skies are clear over most of WA under

a high. A mainly fine day across Queensland tomorrow, those winds will ease and

morning frost is expected about

the granite belt. In New South

Wales, isolated showers over

the southern inland, those showers will the alps at first. It should

be fine elsewhere. A cool day

ahead in Victoria, isolated

showers predicted over the southern and mountain districts, scattered at times

near the coast.

scattered showers over the west, far south and central areas. There will be isolated showers

showers elsewhere with falling as know to around 800 showers elsewhere with some

metres. A cool expected for inland South metres. A cool morning

Australia. Sunny in the north

and low cloud in the and low cloud in the south-east

with isolated showers. for morning cloud near the

Eucla and Gascoyne coasts. It will be fine part from isolated afternoon showers and storms

near the north coast, cool and sunny in the south. Looking sunny in

ahead to Monday, a mostly ahead to Monday, a mostly fine

day ahead in all of the cap

capitals except for Hobart.

That is the latest ABC News. Stay with us 'Inside Business'

is coming up next. Closed

Captions by CSI.

This Program is Captioned Live. These are stored's top stories.

stories. Wild weather has swept across eastern Australia and causing minor damage.

There's been snowfall There's been snowfall over Mt Dandenong and kings lakes

north-east of Melbourne where

roads are closed.

Wales a natural as did as ter has been Chee clard following

floods in the riverine nan floods in the riverine nan and south-west slopes. 200 people

were forced to evacuate their

homes in the State's south.

The Australian dollar hit

parity with the US dollar overnight for the first overnight for the first time It's since pulled back slightly since it was floated in 1983.

to 99 US

had been threatening to breach the parity mark for several

weeks. The Greens say they're close to making a deal close to making a deal with the

Government to release hundreds

of detained asylum seekers including children into the