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Tonight - bombed out,

Australia's cricket tour of

Pakistan called off. The safety

and security of our employees

must come first and we've been

left with no alternative. Black

gold fever hits global market,

petrol is next They're

Sydney's best pubs and also the

roughest. Well I think it just

underlines the hypocrisy we've

got. And the Catholic Church

finds even more ways to go to

hell. People seem to be losing

a little bit of the sense of

sin. Good evening, Juanita

Phillips with ABC News. The

Australian cricket tour of

Pakistan is off because of

security fears. It was

cancelled late this afternoon

after a wave of suicide

bombings. Officials say the

safety of players cannot be

guaranteed. Even as the tour

was being called off, two

powerful explosions rocked the

city of Lahore where the

Australian cricketers had been

scheduled to play. At least 20 people have been kill and

scores injured. A recent spate

of suicide bombings in Pakistan

prompted this announcement from

Cricket Australia just over an

hour ago. Pakistan cricket

bourd and Cricket Australia

have confirmed that the

scheduled tour of Pakistan for

March, April this year has been

postponed. It's expected to be

at least 12 months before the

tour can go ahead, an exact

date will be determined in the

next couple of weeks. We've

left no stone unturned in

trying to ensure that the tour

could proceed as planned but at

the end of the day for us the

safety and security of our

employees must come

first. Players and their

families are relieved to hear

the tour's been postponed. I

think Cricket Australia have

here. Player definitely made the right call

here. Player safety is the most

important thing. It's no

secret the players were seeking the tour to be rescheduled. At

the end of the day the players

and the ACA are pretty happy

with where we've got to. And

the Foreign Minister Stephen

Smith also supports the

decision. Was upper most in the

minds of Cricket Australia was

the safety and security and

welfare of their players and

any touring staff. Shortly

before the announcement there

were two explosions in the

Pakistani city of Lahore, the

main blast haped at a

government office for criminal

investigation. A second

explosion was reported in the upmarket model town neighbourhood which is home to

the city's political elite. The

blasts come just a week after

two suicide bombers blew

themselves up in the city

killing four people and back in

January 19 people were killed

in a suicide bombing near the

state High Court. The city of

Lahore was one of four venues

itinerary. #89 cliern on Australia's cricket tour

cloo clierge

Higher mortgage payments, growing inflation and now

petrol is on the way up again.

Crude oil prices hit new

heights in New York overnight

and that means we'll be paying

quite a bit more to fill up the

car probably by Easter. Global

markets have already been stung

by the credit crunch and this

latest price surge in oil has

only fueled the

instability. The demand for

crude oil keeps rising as does

its price. At one stage

overnight in New York it edged

over US $108 a barrel. Everyone

has black gold fever right now

and they're continuing to push

this market higher. We're in a

vicious cycle right

now. Analysts blame the weak US

currency. Investors are

off-loading the green back as

its value falls. They're buying

oil instead. What you saw in

the rallying crude had a little

to do with the dollar. The rice

of oil has surged 80% over the

past year so the US

Vice-President Dick Cheney will

visit Saudi Arabia next week to

ask them to put more oil on to

the market. I feeling is

unlikely it's unlikely Saudi

their production having just Arabia will agrow ochanging

agreed to leave it unchanged at

lation week's OPEC

meeting. Itsuo spooked Wall

Street overnight. Those fierce

and credit criess concerns

stood sent the local stock

market into an early spin. It

hit an 18-month low at one

stage before settling 64 points

or 1.2% lower. Increasing crude

oil prices are also signaling

the prospect of even higher

petrol prices, that's expected

to stoke inflation which

analysts say the Australian

economy cannot

afford. Continuing rise in the

oil price will act as a

constraint on economic growth

adding to the slow down to the

economy that I think is already

starting to become evident. He

says a falling Australian

dollar now under US 92 cents

could help see petrol prices

here rise above $1.50 a litre

over the next few weeks. The

corruption scandal in

Wollongong has prompted another

change to the State's political

donations laws. Following last

Federal Government, the Premier week's discussions with the

has announced that all

political loans to candidates

and parties will have to be

disclosed. Under current NSW

law, a loophole means that

money given to a politic dal

party can be called a loan to

avoid disclosure. The changes

will be in place by September

when local government elections

are due. You win some you lose

some, that's John Howard's

frank assessment of last year's

election loss. Even so, the

former prime minister is

standing by his record in

office on his speaking tour of

meanwhile the Opposition has the United States. At home,

been accused by the Government

of abandoning John Howard's

legacy. Kevin Rudd's not having

still under pressure over it all his own way though, he's

payments for carers an seniors.

Two leaders, worlds apart.

Today Australia's ratification

of Kyoto enters into force. We

could be put at a trading

disadvantage. But John Howard

might struggle to see his

reflection even if the party he

led for

led for 12 years. I welcome

Australia's formal ratification

of the Kyoto protocol. The

Government is busily demonising

the Howard years an accusing

the Opposition of hiding it

believes or believing in

nosmgt Hiding in the corner

hoping no-one notices that they

are still supporters of Work

Choices. Cutting and running

from John Winston Howard. But

there are still some true

believers. He just delivered,

that's what John Howard did. He

just delivered. Kevin Rudd

didn't swiftly deliver a

guarantee that the benefits of

seniors an carers weren't being

targeted by his razor gang, so

he's still sweeping up the

mess. We have had five days of

vacillation and muddle. I give

an absolute guarantee those

carers will not be a dollar

worse off as a result of the

Budget. Labor's caucus has

voted to make Kevin Rudd the

most powerful leader in its

history formally giving him

control of selecting his own

cabinet but some are concerned

about his leadership. They say

the carers payment stumble is

exactly what happens when every

decision is made by one

man. The Opposition has picked

up on Labor's internal

disquiet. They're all controlling Prime Minister

would not allow his ministers

to sort this out. The man Kevin

Rudd defeated was also accused

of being too controlling and he

has some advice for young

players. Well I guess the first

lesson I learnt was is you win some and you lose some. And to

learn from your mistakes. A

good start, that's the reaction

from hoteliers and youth workers to the Federal

Government's $53 million crackdown on teenage binge

drinking but there are also

calls for a new tax to make

alcohol more expensive. The

Prime Minister will

continue. Kevin Rudd has wasted

no time getting the heads of

Australia's major sporting

codes on board to discourage

teen drinking. I've convene add

meeting this Friday to discuss

with them how the government

will work with peak sporting

bodies across Australia to

tackle together the challenge

of binge drinkings. Sporting

clubs are on notice to develop

codes of conduct for alcohol

consumption or risk losing

government grants. We think

that what he's done is to be

congratulate ed, to reduce

inappropriate use of alcohol

but why demonising sporting

clubs and why demonise

alcohol. Because, according to

the Government, the culture of

excessive drinking is alive and

well in club rooms. Drug and

alcohol ex-per s welcome the

drug offensive but want teens

to be priced out of the binge

drinking game by another tax on

alcohol. We've got too many

licences out there and I don't

think that's helping anybody.

The PM has committed himself to

action and everybody should

come in now behind the Prime

Minister and seek a solution to

this problem. The focus too is

on adults. They're learning

their behaviours from us from

adults and we n general are

approving of binge drinking

particularly at celebrations

like weddings, parties, the

racing, the football. We need

to pay attention to this. The

Government says 72,000

Australians are admitted to

hospital each year due to

alcohol misuse. One of the

breeding grounds for teenage

bring drinking is the local

pub. It can also be a flash

point for alcohol-related

violence and according to a new

survey, some of the worst pubs

for violence have also been

honoured as the industry's

finest. A situation some regard

as farcical. It's one of those

stories that could easily be

put in the only in Australia

category. The two roughest pubs

have won awards for hotel of

the year. I think it just

underlines the hypocrisy we've

got. On the one hand we want to

have the freedom to drink

whenever we feel like it and

however much we want to drink,

on the other hand we all bemoan

the problem of alcohol-related

violence. Bureau of Crime

figures show the Mean Fiddler

is the most vie lent. There

were 51 reportsed assaults from

January to September last year.

Coogee hoelted was number two.

Locals say this there have been

continuing issues with several

hotels in the area. I'm sorry

to say I was born and bred

here, it's a beautiful place

but it's just becoming unbearable. People come from

outside the area, get drunk,

stay late, make a lot of noise. Both pubs have been

awarded hotel of the year by

the Hotels Association in the

last two years. The Association

dismissed the research saying there's no there's no way there could be

that many actual assaults. It's

just absolutely just statistics

and statistics lies more

statistics. But the Bureau of

Crime Statistics says it's

likely the actual number is

higher because the figures only

cover assaults inside the

hotels and many assaults are

not reported. Some think it's

time the Hotels Association

reviews its award process. I

think it's a good idea. I think

it's time we had a look at the

criteria we use to gauge a good

pub and surely safety is one of

those issues. While there's

plenty of talk and action at

the Mean Fiddler and the Coogee

Bay Hotel much of the year,

they didn't have anything to

say today. Two Australian

sailors have pleaded guilty to

assault charges after a drunken

brawl in the United States.

Philip Ferres and Kolis Barba

were in San Diego on shore

leave from HMAS 'Sydney'. They

got in a heated debate over the

Iraq war and the merits of Australian versus American

football. The man they attacked

suffered a broken nose and rib

and needed 30 stitches for

wounds on his face. The sailors

avoided a lengthy jail sentence

by reaching a plea deal. This

was the best thing for them in

terms of getting this case

resolved quickly so they can

get back and resume their

career, if possible. I believe

there will still be discussions

had by the navy and what's

going to happen to them. They

will be sentenced next month

and could face up to 90 days in

custody. He made his reputation

taking moral stands but it's a

one night stand that could

bring about his downfall.

Elliot spits zer the ambitious

Democrat governor of New York

has been forced to apologise

over reports he hired a

high-class prostitute. The

married father of three issued

a brief statement saying he'd

failed to live up to his own

standards. I have acted in a

way that violates my

obligations to my family and

that violates my or any sense

of right and wrong. It's

alleged that Spitzer met a call

girl in this New York hotel. A

liaison that was exposed in a

police wire tap. Last year

Hillary Clinton was glad to get

his endorsement for her campaign. Spitzer has ignored

calls for his resignation but

says it will take time to

rebuild public trust. Lust of

course is one of the seven

deadly sins. The Catholic

Church came up with its not to

do list 1,500 years ago and

evils like sloth and gluttony

are still going strong

today. But modern times bring

modern sins which has prompted

the Vatican to update the

original seven deadlies with

seven new ones. Gluttony might

have been rebadged as obesity.

Lust is just a marketing must.

Vanity is insanity. Envy is

the envy of those who heed the

need for greed. And sloth,

well, we'll leave evolution to

sort that out. 14 centuries on

you could argue that the seven

deadly sins have become the

gods of today. People seem to

be losing a little bit of the

sense of sin. The threat of

eternal damnation seems to have

lost its sin sting so new sins have been proposed by the Apostolic Penitentiary.

Pollution is a newy by all its

forms. I wouldn't call it a

sin, I'd call it carelessness. Globalisation is

another and there have already

been some secular converts to

this belief. Social injus stis

is also a sin inviting

damnation though the ballot box

can be just as effective. The

familiar Catholic Church stand

on paedophilia and abortion

also rank along with genetic

engineering and taking drugs.

Obscene wealth is another new

sin. Presumably if it's not

held by the Vatican, one of the

richest organisations in the

world. The Catholic Church here

initially said the story was a

beat up, but now says

discussion is good. I think

this commentator is reflecting

papal thought. Some

parishioners find it a bit

confusing. In this day and age,

who knows? The timing may be who knows? The timing may be

linked to a Vatican conference

on confession and a report that

60% of Italian Catholics don't

go. One idea is that by listing

some contemporary sins, a few

more sinners might be driven

into the confessional. Geoff

Sins, Sims, ABC News.

Kicked out because of the

colour of their skin. That's

the complaint against a

backpacker hostel in Alice

Springs accused of racial

discrimination against a group

of aborigines. The Northern Territory's anti-discrimination

commissioner says it's not an

isolated incident in the Alice.

These young leaders travelled

300 km to Alice Springs to

learn how to help others. A

pool will open in their remote

homes later this year and they

were lef learning how to be

life savers. After checking

into this resort the group of mainly women and children say

they were kicked out on

Saturday night because other

tourists complained of being

scared of aborigines. They said

that it was because of the

colour of our skin and they

didn't like it. If they - if we

didn't leave they would

leave. Someone was complaining

about us just because we was

black and the manager told us

to leave. The incident has

attracted condemnation from the

highest levels. We don't

support any form of racism. It

is just abominable in Australia

today to imagine that this sort

of racism is taking place. It

is absolutely appalling that

these women and kids have been discriminated

discriminated against. The ter

trrk's anti-dit crimation

commissioner said it's not an

isolated incident. There seems

to be an at tut amonction some

elements in the industry that

they can treat Aboriginal

people as second class citizens

an treat them unlawfully. The

resort's own verse declined to

be interviewed but issued a

statement today denying the

group were asked to leave. But

that contradicts an earlier

statement that the group were

asked to leave because they

were not international tourists.

There are fears that

Israel's decision to expand a

settlement in the occupied West

Bank could further derail the

Middle East peace process. The

US Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, described the

move as not helpful at a

meeting with her Israeli

counterpart. Settlements are

considered illegal under

international law although

Israel dispults that. Ms

Lifney's visit to Washington

follows a lull in fight between

Israeli and Palestinians but

both sides are denying a report

of a truce. In India hundreds

of Tibetan exiles have been

banned from marching to their

homeland as part of

proindependence protests. The

symbolic trek was due to end in

six months to coincide with the

opening of a Beijing Olympics,

but police stopped the activists before they'd even

left the city. On to finance

now and ANZ today became the

last of the major banks to lift

mortgage rates. And as we

reported earlier in the

bulletin, the All Ords index

hit a new 18-month low amid

more concerns over the US

financial system. So the banks

that lifted their mortgage

banks the most, 0.35%, which is

Commonwealth and ANZ announced

at last,. The All Ords is now

back to where it was in October

2006 having fallen below this

year's previous low of 5,222.

Today's decline was focused on

the resources stocks rather

than the banks which is a

little ironic considering the reason the market is heading

south at the moment is Kearns

about the solvency of American

banks and commodity prices have

been soaring lately. There was

a big takeover offer today

which got a mixed reception.

Incitec Pivot whose shares have been going

been going off like a stick of

gelignite recently has bid for

the explosive s maker Dyno Nobe

lerkz. Investors in Incitec

weren't happy at all. The stock

fell 12% while Dyno rose 6.5%.

Challenger Infrastructure Fund

got a bid today. The parent

company, Challenger FSG had

been under pressure also benefitted. Wall Street had

another bad session overnight

because of nasty rumours about

investment bank Bear sterns

which were denied. The Malaysia

share market had a shocker

after the poor election result

for the Government and

elsewhere in the region trading

was mixed. You've heard that

the oil price hit a new high

last night, tonight's graph

shows how oil has been pulling

away from gold lately. Oil and

gold are both safe havens for

investors who are worried about

paper securities and the US

dollar. But there has been an

absolute frenzy in oil trading

over the past few weeks. Finally, the Australian

dollar was crunched today

falling near 1 US cent and one

euro cent. That's finance and

I'll see you next week. The

lights will be going off all

over the world this month with

more than 5,000 businesses

across the global signing up

for Earth Hour. The campaign

began in Sydney last year when

2 million people turned off

their light an electrical

appliances for one hour but the

idea caught on and this year's

Earth Hour will be observed in

24 country. The aim is to raise

awareness of climate change and

the State Government has

pitched in with sponsorship of

$100,000. What the critics and

the sceptics fail to understand

is that symbolism can be very

powerful when it comes to

change. Earth Hour will be held

on March 29 at 8 pm. The

Football Federation has taken a

safety first approach to the

future expansion of the

A-League. The federation has

told the Townsville and Gold

Coast franchises that they will

str to wait another 12 months

to join the competition.

Officials say it's just too

soon to bring in new teams. The

A-League is booming, however

expansion is a risk not worth

taking at this point. Both the

Townsville and Gold Coast franchises met alternate Football Federation

headquarters today and were

told they wouldn't be a part of

the 2008, 2009 competition. A

tinge of disappointment there

because we know the community

and all the football fans would

have loved seen us playing this

year. All in all the main thing

is that we've been awarded a

licence but striving by

2009. There's no where to hide

for the Sydney Kings as they

head south for game four in the

NBL grand final series, the

Kings must beat the Tigers in

Melbourne tomorrow to keep the

series alive. We feel like the

game's in our hands. We're

going to decide who wins the

game, it's up to us. This year

we face a lot of adversity and

when the chips are stacked

against us we've come out and

performed. In the box seat to win the championship on their

home court, the Tigers say they

will have to improve. Sydney

will come out very determined

and very physical and

aggressive so want to keep the

gies fresh. We had three games

in five days. Melbourne had a somewhat

somewhat light hearted work out

today, no doubt hoping a basket

such as this from Dave Thomas

won't be what's required to

take the title. The sport has

welcomed its class of 2008 to

the AIS. There's widespread

confidence the group will maintain Australia's flow of

players to overseas leagues and

keep the Opals at or near the

top of the women's game. The

global view of basketball now

everyone's got their eye on

Australia and again it's a

unique set up and it's done

very, very well. Williams

Formula One driver has had the

occasional experience of wiping

out but Rosberg doesn't want

the Australian grand prix

sinking from view after threats

to scrap the race unless it's

switched to a night time event

to fit in with global

television demands. I really

enjoy the Australian grand

prix, definitely. The whole

trip is fantastic, the track is

fantastic, the fans, so I sure

do hope that it will stay on

the calendar. Rosberg says lit

be a shame if the later start

times aren't enough to satisfy

Formula One boss Bernie

Ecclestone. There was no need

to dress up for this year's

Miran prize for photography. A

naked self-portrait carried off

the $100,000 first prize for

painting. The Jen fur

generations of one family in

the nude one the photography

award. Phoney Lowry placed

herself in the Belanglo State

Forest the site of the infamous

1990s backpacker murders for

her self-portrait. Her aim with

the first prize winning work

was to reclaim the beautiful

landscape. I was interested in

how that landscape has taken on

a paranoid aspect just because

of the knowledge that you have

of what's gone on inside that

landscape. 500 art is were

vying for Australia's richest

portrait prize. It differs from the Archibald because the

subjects don't have to be well

known. Painting portraits may

be popular but taking

photographs wins hands down in

the popularity stakes. More

than 3,000 hopefuls entered

shots for this year's

prizes. And they started young.

Alden Leong from Melbourne's

Glen Waverley high school one

the prize for his shot

'Pollution'. Larrissa Enright

from kinction cliff was the

Year 9 and 10 winner for

'Sinking'. Alex Case picked up

$10,000 for himself and another

10 for his school, Melbourne's

Wesley College for his still.

The big winner was Belinda

Mason winning $50,000 for a

comp sit photograph of herself,

her mother, her son and her 100-year-old grandmother but

how difficult was it to

persuade her family to drop

their gear. I think my mum was

slightly hesitant and my Grant

mother said she got to finally

be a centrefold. The exhibition

will be on show on the NSW

State library until May and can

also be seen online. If you

have to take your clothes off

for a photo Adelaide is

probably the place for it. It's

just sweated its way into the

history books for its longest

heatwave on record. The new top

of 9 straight days above 35

degrees was hit this afternoon

when the mercury hits 37.8.

That's the highest since

records began 120 year ago and

there's no quick end in sight.

It's expected to get up to 40

on Thursday and Friday. Looks

like temperatures are going to

persist above 35 into next

week. The State is forecast to swelter until at least Tuesday.

That's when the temperature is

finally expected to drop to the

low 30s. And parts of NSW have

also been having a heatwave.

Here's Graham with the

details. And Griffith and

Ivanhoe residents are living

through the longest-running

heatwave in history. Broken

Hill, Wagga and Dubbo are also

well on the way to

unprecedented length of high

heat with no significant relief

inside across inland NSW. But

whilst the inland melts, Sydney

is celebrating a month where we

have finally had more days of

above average temperatures than

below and with day time warmth

and high humidy overnight

temperatures are also remaining

warmer than the average.

Skies across most of the

country remain clear although

cloud over the south-east of

our State, the tropics as well

is increasing this evening.

That's due to afternoon

thunderstorms. Now the synoptic

pattern won't change over the

coming days. The ridge of high

pressure will continue to drive

any fronts and cooler air to

the south and that's why the

south-east of the country is in

this unprecedented heatwave.

The south-east NSW could see

some more isolated storms, some

of those could possibly be

severe with the chance of large

hail. Adelaide residents not

only have a hot day overnight

the temperatures will only drop back to around 20 degrees.

The day will basically be

dry and mostly sunny and we

will see light winds in if

morning but they will freshen

from the north-east as we head

into the afternoon. As you can

see by this forecast over the

next seven days little change

in the story for

in the story for Sydney. The

afternoon sea breeze is helping

keep the temperatures milder

along the coast. We should see

it peaking around 30, 31

degrees through much of the

week across the inland suburbs.

Of course that sea breeze

doesn't reach through the

western side of the rainction

and so that heat will just

continue. Thanks for that,

Graham. Tonight's top stories again - Cricket Australia has

called off its tour of Pakistan

because of security concerns. Two

Two more bombs rocked the city

of Lahore tonight. Drivers are

being warned to expect higher

petrol prices by Easter with

crude oil hitting another

record high. And a backpacker

hostel is Alice Springs is

facing a racial discrimination

charge for evicting a group of

aborigine s apparently because

of the colour of their skin.

That is ABC News for this

Tuesday. The '7:30 Report' is

up next and I'll be back with

updates during if evening. For

the latest headlines 24 hours a

day don't forget ABC online.

Goodnight. Closed Captions by


CC Tonight on the 7:30

Report, how a $2.5 billion

company lost more than 75% of

its value, burning 15,000

investors who are now calling

for the chairman's head. Andrew

Peacock needs to be held

accountable for the financial

performance of MFS. The fallout

from the share crash at the

property finance group MFS.

The man in the street will be

hit with higher mortgage rates

commit. for a crime he did not

(Sings) # Come and talk with me

# Set your spirit free # And

the former AFL champion taking

his reconciliation message to

the opera straidge. This is

probably one of the scariest

daunting. things I've done. It's quite

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