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(generated from captions) no doubt. Thanks Paul Kennedy

with that update on the sport. Cheers, Nick. An update now on today's weather with Paul

Higgins. Good mornings. Rain hand thunderstorms continue today

across much of the outback, but it is starting to slowly dry

out over the south-east of the

will mover up Queensland's nation. A mild to cool change

southern coast today. Showers

in the south-east and inland


For more details on today's

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The top stories we're

following on ABC News 24 - more

than 400 firefighters have

battled fires on multiple

have been destroyed. A number fronts in Perth over 35 homes

morning. The fire at Roleystone set to rise throughout the

has burnt nearly 500 hectares.

Emergency alerts are still in

place for nearby Kelmscott and

in the north Red Hill,

Brigadoon and Baskerville remain remain on high alert. The fires in the west are a painful

reminder to Victoria of Black

Saturday which marks its second

anniversary today. Politicians

and survivors gathered for a

memorial service in Melbourne

yesterday with small ceremonies

held in Kinglake and Marysville

today. 173 people perished in

the deadly fire Muslim Brotherhood has held

in an talks with the government there talks with the government

in an attempt to end the in an attempt to end the crisis

gripping the country. The government official says participants in the talks have

agreed to form a

forward reform committee which will put

forward constitutional and legislative amendments before

the first week of March. deal has been struck after

almost two weeks of almost two weeks of deadly

protest aimed at ending

President Mubarak mubs's 30 year

year rule. Australia's impressive build-up to the

World Cup has continued. Yesterday they took comfortable 57 run victory over

England on the final day of the

one-day international series.

It leaves them with a score

visitors in the one-day card of 6-1 against the

series. The communities of Roleystone and Kelmscott remain Roleystone and Kelmscott remain on high alert while further

north, fires in Red Hill, Brigadoon and Baskerville have been burning out of control

throughout the night. 35 homes

have been destroyed but the nervous wait continues nervous wait continues for

those in evacuation centres

with that number expected to

rise to as much as

breaks over Perth this morning.

Alerts are also current for

Jarrahdale in the south-east

and Chittering in the city's

north. Residents have described just how quickly the fire

approached them. Bruce Telfer

spoke to the ABC earlier this

morning. He said containment lines are lines are holding. Certainly at

to see the Roleystone fire, we managed

to see much further through to

the fire. Still have about 140

strong easterly winds are hectares to continue with. The

their putting a bit of pressure on

their western boundary at the

moment. But all residents that

have remained in homes are safe

and those who've chosen to

relocate are also safe. How

much of a threat are those

winds as the morning goes

aware of where we're deploying winds as the morning goes

our firefighters at the moment

but we can't take away from the

containment lines. We effort in constructing our

mentioned there as many as 60

homes could be lost S that worst case scenario you are homes could be lost S that the

facing as the day goes on? Our containment lines are holding.

With will be conducting a more

thorough aste. In -- thorough through --

chosen to relocate have done so light. The people who have

cooperatively. The police have

helped us manage that situation

but there've been no forceful

removals. That's a really

aspect and as Craig said, it's

the highest priority on life the highest priority on life we

can place. What's your belief on how these fires were caused? That's still We've had the Police Arson caused? That's still unknown.

Squad investigating and being

in the afternoon and access was in the afternoon and access

difficult to difficult to those particular

places, so that investigation adequate firefighting is ongoing. And do you have

there? Are you scrambling more adequate firefighting resources

resources from other parts of Perth and the State to help battle those

certainly, had this battle those blazes? Yes,

certainly, had this particular

incident, we've had firefighters from 400 kilometres away to come and assist with their night shift. The crews that have worked

during the day have rested

overnight and they will be

morning. You say you're returning again in the

largely successful in you containing the fires. When do

you see some respite? When do

you believe - I know it's very

hard to foresee at the when do you foresee those fires

may be brought under

control? The aspect on the

darkness it hampers our forward edge here is steep country. In

progress. We're hopeful some time later on today we'll have those under some sort of containment. across Victoria are containment. Communities

across Victoria are pausing

today to mark the second

anniversary of the Black

Saturday bushfires. The ABC's Saturday bushfires. The ABC's

Tony Nicholls is in Kinglake

one of the worst-affected of the advisory and rebuilding areas. Standing here in front

centre here in Kinglake. This

is a one-stop shop for bushfire survivors and bereaved families to have all of their needs melt

in the aftermath of the Black

Saturday bushfires two years

ago. There's two formal commemorative services booked for Kinglake here for Kinglake here today. One at

11am and another at 7pm. Whilst

these services are really

important for this community,

most residents are stressing

they want this time to be a

private time. One for directly affected by the bushfires themselves. So

they're really asking for

onlookers an well-wishers not

to pay a visit today. We're

joined by the mayor of the

important is it to get this

commemoration right? I think

it's very important. This is a working day for people. There working day for people. There will be different people in the communities. It's very important for the well-being of

our community that we're left

alone. Can you see here that in the background as you look the streets some charcoal trunks with a lot of green coming off them. The coming off them. The rebuilding process itself, how much work is there yet to do? Most of

is there yet to do? Most of the government government and council infrastructure is already

rebuilt. About 35% of houses

have been rebuilt. People are

building at their own rate. A

lot of the houses won't ever be

built. Families have kept them as memorials for their and the as memorials for their parents and the like and other people

have bought their numbers out have bought their numbers out to increase the size of blocks and make them safer. This shire includes safer. This shire includes

Marysville. The devastation was incredable? We were the most

affected shire. We lost 95 people, 1300 houses, the list

could go on, but it becomes quite emotional just to even quote the figures. What are your memories of that time your memories of that time of the community pulling together

in? Axe amazing. You can't

imagine the diverse groups that come back today for the services who have left areas. They'll come back. The

emotional recovery since tragic events six months on, one year on, now two years on, how has it changed? We're a bit calmer now. More feeling comfortable in what we are. For

a lot of us, the floods have been a real

been a real issue. I look at

the TV and see those people's

faces. I can see myself and faces. I can see myself and my

friends in those faces. And

that brings it back to us all. And looking ahead now, the commemorate ive services commemorate ive services today,

the public ones, what will be involved? Just two they will be run by the that are running that are running tell, I can't remember which group is doing it, there are several groups involved. There will be a period in between where people

can go in the tent, sit down, talk to

friends, write down messages they want to they want to leave for anyone else. else. Just that very low key. Yourself, how do events. events. My wife will go to one of them. I were in my house on the night

when the fires came through and

have a coffee with them. Good on you, good luck

on you, good luck today. Thank you

and a very emotional time in Kinglake. An Australian soldier killed by a bomb in

Afghanistan has been farewelled during a memorial Tarin Kowt. Soldiers and

friends gathered to pay tribute to 22-year-old corporal patrol in Oruszgan Province last week. service friends spoke of his

cheeky nature and dedication to his job. Corporal Richard Atkinson's casket escorteded to an RAAF aircraft

through a 1 kilometre long honour guard honour guard of soldiers and began the began the journey back to Australia. 22 Australian

soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan since Australia

first sent troops there in 2001. 2001. The New South Wales Premier keb Keneally will head to the Illawarra, Penrith and

Parramatta today as she tries families package with promises

to cut living costs. The to cut living costs. The 913

million dollar package was announced yesterday and includes an head-to-head with State Opposition leader Barry

O'Farrell during O'Farrell during a forum in Penrith with

John Thompson joins me now. What exactly can we expect from this forum? It

should be quite should be quite an interesting forum. It's the first time that the Leader will have gone was prorogued in a controversial move last The premier is 20-minute address, followed by

the Opposition Leader. Then minutes for questions. This is a

a key battleground for both sides of hope of winning the State

election, they need to election, they need to win Western Sydney. Western Sydney. Nearly 2 million people live out here. It will be a big challenge for the government. They've and in fact last

lost the Penrith with a swing to the Liberals of

nearly 26%. A swing half that across the State decimate Labor at the election.

This is all part of Kristina message, the yesterday of 900 million

package to help working

to hear what she and also Barry

O'Farrell have to say. They've

been concerned over a number of years of a lack of investment

in transport, infrastructure and health. So it promises to

be quite an interesting discussion. It appears we've

got a long campaign ahead got a long campaign ahead of

us. We had something of a soft

campaign launch by the premier

at the weekend. How did at the weekend. How did that go down? Well, it was an down? Well, it was an unusual

launch to launch to say the least.

Perhaps a leaf taken out of Julia Gillard's book at the last federal election. Kristina Keneally began with tan apology for the New South Wales

losing its way with voters and

not focusing on the issues that

really affect really affect particularly its

core base. Which is why core base. Which is why we saw

that $900 million package for working families where there

were caps announced on a whole

range of charges, including range of charges, including bus and train fares, drivers'

regos. Stamp duty. So it was an

unusual launch, but perhaps

it's all about acknowledging

that she is aware of those

problems, and then putting them problems, and then putting them to one side and then starting

to focus on the campaign itself. And I guess hoping to

make it rather than an make it rather than an election

on Labor's record, having been

in power for 16 years, hoping

to make it a focus on Keneally v Barry O'Farrell. That sort of

an election rather than an election on the government's

record. It's worth record. It's worth pointing

out that the Opposition Leader

Barry O'Farrell will be Barry O'Farrell will be there getting questions too about

what he could bring the what he could bring the State

if he becomes the next premier.

John Thompson, thanks very

much. Thank you. The forum between Kristina

between Kristina Keneally and Barry O'Farrell will

Barry O'Farrell will be hosted

by the ABC's Quentin by the ABC's Quentin Dempster and you can see it live.

A South Australian study has

found Aboriginal people are

more likely to be lacking in vitamin vitamin D than other Australians. Australians. The pilot study suggests they could be more

susceptible to bone and muscle

conditions, or even diabetes

and cancer. Vicky Holmes always

avoided the sun but now she is

having to change her ways after

being diagnosed with vitamin D deficiency. Very frightened

about having chalky bones and walking walking around old, with osteoporosis. She says she knew nothing about it before seeing her doctor.

Research just published in the

'Medical Journal of Australia'

suggests she's not alone. An Adelaide University pilot study Adelaide University pilot study of 40 Aboriginal women and 18

men found they had much lower

vitamin D levels than the

average adult, except in average adult, except in

summer. The deficiency can lead to serious health problems. Thinner bones, problems. Thinner bones,

osteoporosis, they get

malformation if they're growing

but they end up with potential

track snumpts recent have also linked the lack of

vitamin D to cancer and diabetes. It's thought melanin that

that makes the skin darker may

contribute to the

condition. Melanin protects you

from sunburn and skin cancer

but you have to let get a more sunshine on your skin to

produce vitamin D. We spend a lot of time indoors produce vitamin D. We lot of time indoors but that will have lot of time will have the impact D our skin D our skin generates. There are two simple messages for

Aboriginal people. Be aware you could be deficient and

secondly, a bit of fresh air

and and sunshine probably a good

thing. It's hoped the thing. It's hoped the pilot

study will lead to more detailed research into the condition. More

More than 400 firefighters fronts in Perth. Over 35 homes there have

number which is set to rise. The Perth fires are a painful reminder Saturday, which marks its second anniversary second anniversary today. And

they may have lost the but Australia's impressive continues, winning the final

game of the one-day series

Islands. The plane went down

just after it had taken off to return to Darwin last night. He was one of several planes that were returning Tiwi Bombers players after yesterday's football match. Daylight

revealed a wreckage revealed a wreckage that covers more than 300m. The barrier more than 300m. The barrier air

Cessna 310 went down Cessna 310 went down in bushland, killing the 22-year-old pilot. Locals heard the crash and then saw fireball. People were shocked at first. The explosion at first. The explosion was actually quite loud. And then people in the community knew that the Tiwi bomber were returning back at were returning back at that time. The plane was home Tiwi Bombers players after their weekend

They'd disembarked by the time the plane the plane went down, but other players players were getting off

another plane as the crash

happened. Most of our players

are really emotional about the

whole thing, and nervous about flying, and so we're flying, and so we're organising some counselling to take place from tomorrow onwards. There is a relationship pilot and his pilot and his family. Location and police made their way through the site to protect the site to protect the pilot's body. Police are yet his name. They say they know who he is but his have to be formally

Australian safety Australian safety transport bureau investigators will travel to travel to the Tiwi Islands to

try to work out what caused the


It might be smaller and less well

well known than the Tamworth

music festival but for country music lovers the Bungendore

muster was the place to muster was the place to be. They've been travelling there for a quarter of a century.

There are no overseas artists to be heard there. Hundreds of country music purists flocked

to the small town near Canberra

to get their fill of Australian

bush ballads. Many of bush ballads. Many of those up on stage are country's pioneers. Others are just starting out. Trent Holder is just happy to

with many of his idols of Australian country music. It's the atmosphere, the atmosphere, the people,

they're all friendly. Once you get up on stage and sing get up on stage and sing and they come and remembers you. They come

from near and far. More than

1,000 fans have camped at the showground, undeterred by the

rain. For them the muster is a

chance to catch up with old

friends, and cheer on their

favourite artists. Tom Maxwell,

the best country music in

Australia. Brilliant. The

weather is a bit bad, but gotta take the good with the take the good with the bad. The

muster has been running for 26

years and many fans have

travelled to Bungendore for every single one. Maureen

Gordon had Gordon had the inspiration for the event back in the event back in 1986. We had

no idea. We originally ran it

as a one-off one day event. For

some reason, people just seem to take Bungendore to their

hearts. They loved the area.

Just loved Bungendore. Just loved Bungendore. We're

very proud of what we've achieved.

Fans and performers alike

say they will be back next year.

Australia has completed a

comprehensive 6-1 series

final one-day match at the WACA ground. A

England missed a chance to

remove Brad Haddin for a duck.

But the tourists soon found

their first breakthrough, with Tim Paine out lbw on review.

Callum Ferguson failed to

enhance his case for a late

call-up to the World Cup as he

went for 15. Haddin tried to make make e mends for his slow start but aggression brought about

his downfall, along with some clever work in

clever work in the field. Oh! I

think it's out! The hosts could've been in more trouble with two with two difficult caught and

bowled chances going down, but it was third time lucky for

England. The Australians

eventually lifted their run

rate through David Hussey and

Adam Voges. They combined for a

partnership of 95 from partnership of 95 from just 83 partnership of 95 from just 83 balls, before Hussey was dismissed for 60. On his return

to the national team, Voges top

scored with 80 not out in front

of his home crowd. He received good support from good support from WA team-mate Mitchell Johnson, as Australia

Posted a solid total of 279.

The tourists made a disastrous

start to their chase with Andrew Strauss gone Andrew Strauss gone for a

second-ball duck. It got worse in the second over. Kevin

Pietersen came in with aggressive approach. When Trott

fell, England was in fell, England was in deep trouble. Johnson also removed the dangerous Pietersen and

Bell hole out to become the Bell hole out to become the WA paceman's third scalp. Pryor

offered some resistance with 39

before he went thanks to an athletic Hussey catch.

Cricket's governing body the

ICC has promised a zero tolerance approach to

corruption a day after corruption a day after giving

lengthy bans to three Pakistani players. The players. The trio were

suspended for at least five suspended for at least five years. He had great hope. But now, banned

from the game for five years,

Mohammed Amir's career is in the

the balance. Today, the teenage

bowler told the BBC of his

devastation at yesterday's

decision. Cricket is very important for my life. In important for my life. In fact, it's the most important thing

in my life. My entire family depends on me. And depends on me. And of course I depend upon cricket, the depend upon cricket, the entire

thing will be upset by this decision. I will never lose

hope. I've never done that in my life. And I my life. And I will do

everything in my power to make

a comeback a strong comeback.

He could be back even sooner, if he wins an appeal against a if he judgment which has become judgment which has become so important isn't a city traditionally

associated with the game of cricket. But the sport's rulers

hope the decisions turning point in the head of world cricket said its tough action in banning the three players should give fans confidence. Fans believe in those isolated instances that we pick up we pick up corruption, that we actually deal with it, we send

out a clear message and they are comfortable that we are serious about protecth the

integrity of the sport. But not enough. I just thought enough. I just thought this was the one the one chance that the ICC had of of maybe - banning for life,

it's a harsh treatment but I

think the sport needs it. This

has been a dark episode for

Pakistan cricket but the ICC hopes it has send a next generation of cricketers. Now an update on the weather with Paul Rain and continue today across much of the outback but it is the outback but it is starting to slowly dry out over the south-east of the nation. A

mild to cool up Queensland's southern coast

today. Showers in the south-east forced hundreds The threat of fire has forced hundreds of Perth residents

residents to flee their homes.

At least 35 homes have been destroyed.

I will be back with more headlines at the top of headlines at the top of the hour. Closed Captions by CSI

This morning, hundreds flee raging bushfires in Western Australia. This Program Is Captioned


Also this morning - Victoria

marks the second anniversary of the Black Saturday bushfires.

Egypt's opposition holds

landmark talks with the

government in an attempt to end

the country's crisis. And

Australia continues its

impressive build up to the

World Cup, winning the final

World Cup, winning the final game of the one-day series against England. You're watching ABC News 24. Let's take a quick Let's take a quick look at the