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Financial crisis takes toll on rural Chinese -

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(generated from captions) like hers who can no longer

afford to go shopping. Well,

the impact of the economic

crisis on China has become

clear with one of the country's

senior officials saying that at

least 20 million rural workers

have lost their jobs. The

admission came when China's

Premier Wen Jiabao was in

Europe talking up the prospects

of economic recovery, ABC's

China correspondent Stephen

McDonell reports. Until

recently around 130 million

Chinese rural workers would

head to industrial cities, work

in manufacturing, and send

money back to their families.

Now a senior Government

official has put a number official has put a number on

how many of them have lost their jobs.

TRANSLATION: 15.3% of 130

million, roughly 20 million

rural workers have gone back to

their home towns because they

have lost their jobs. Thousands

of factory closures followed a

collapse in international

demand for Chinese goods, some

analysts think there could be

more than 20 million out of

work China is a large country.

The economy is large. Yet these

numbers are also extremely

large. I don't think we have

seen the full size of it. In

London, Premier Wen Jiabao was

still talking up the potential

for China to lead the way to recovery.


economy can maintain steady and

fast development it will be the biggest contribution to the

whole world in the face of such

a financial crisis. A Cambridge

University protester threw a

shoe at Premier Wen Jiabao,

referring to him as a referring to him as a dictator,

back at home he has bigger

were, the Government is worried

about the social in stability

that unemployment could bring.

China is hanging on to 6.8%

economic growth, a figure most

governments can only dream of.

The Chinese Government needs

economic expansion more than

most, its legitimacy rests on

it. With millions of rural