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(generated from captions) not just crossing some things

off and putting others on.

Governments are going to get

that wrong. Always good to see

Federal Government has you. Thank you so much. The

announced a raft of changes to

skilled migrant rules. Under

the changes 20,000 people who

applied for visas before 2007

will their applications

cancelled and their fund rez

funded. The government has

acknowledged the decision will

anger some overseas students.

For are so Scott Morrison joins

us now from Canberra. For a

long time now, virtually all

element and all sides of

politics that acknowledged that

our immigration mix needs to be rejigged, that something

fresher has to be done with it.

We have to focus more on

skilled migration. That seems

to be what this plan is propose

ing. What's your response?

When we were in government we

increased the skills migration

component from the less than

30% we inherited from Labor and

took it up to almost 70%. The government has already started

winding back the overall skills

component. It's fallen than

less to two-thirds for this

year. We're concerned to make

sure the skilled migration

component remains high. Family reunion programs are still

going up. They will go up on

20% from what we inherited from

Independent skills migration the coalition on this year.

will fall by 25%. The government is avoiding some

hard decisions here about the

composition of their overall

program and instead just

focusing on moving a few things around within skilled

migration. Do you have problem

for some applications being

rejected? I think there will

be a lot of consternation about

this. What's critical here is

how the government manages

these changes Do you object to

that, as part of an immigration

mix, do you think that's good

or bad? We need to have our

migration program focused on

skills. In the past the student

visa program has actually

provided a pipeline for skills

migration. But the government

has already been overseeing a

massive blow-out in education

skilled visas and the over

sight of these colleges around

the country by the States has

been pretty poor. There is a

problem to fix. It's a problem

they've allowed to get worse.

But we need skills migration

that predominantly gives 's

people when they need them in

the skills they need them for.

The government has a habit of

big announcements then when you

see the detail there is a lot

of weeds out there. Jobs will

be lost in the college sector and the government will have to

manage this very, very

carefully because it has at

risk jobs and our international

reputation for skills

migration. It seems to me if I

I cut through some of the anger and resentment towards the

government, you are basically

saying what they're proposing

is pretty much what you would

like anyway which is a focus on

what business needs and skilled

migration rather than a migration rather than a permanent residency scheme for

former students? You're miss mig point. What I'm saying is

it that the government is

squibbing the hard decision

about the overall skills level

of our migration program,

compared to the other

components of it particularly

families. The government is

largely moving things around

within skilled migration but is

not focusing on the bigger

question of ensuring that

least skills migration stays at pat

least two-thirds. They need to

pursue some reforms in in area

with education. They'll have to

handle it carefully. I'm

worried how they handle it could make the problem