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Captioned Live. Tonight,

warnings of a rapid rise in

swine flu cases. We have our

chief medical officer assessing

hour by hour let alone day by

day. Sinking feeling. Bellevue

Hill loses a major road. I

just thought, "I hope we don't

lose the whole road or even our

house. How bad can

house. How bad can it get?"

Indian anger over student

attacks in Australia and the

young refugees on their way to

the World Cup. Good evening,

Juanita Phillips with ABC News.

Australians are being warned to

expect a rapid rise in the

number of swine flu cases over

the weekend. Victoria has just

announced another 39 confirmed announced another 39 confirmed

cases, meaning 206 people have

tested positive to the virus.

More than 3,000 people in

Victoria have been quarantined.

The Health Minister says the

situation under control and

there's no need yet for tougher

containment measures. More from

medical reporter Sophie Scott.

Australia's leading AFL team is

leaving Melbourne, the

epicentre of the swine flu

outbreak, but for those left

situation is getting behind in Victoria the

situation is getting worse.

3,000 people there are now in

quarantine after a big increase

in cases in the last 24 hours.

We have our chief medical

officer assessing hour by hour

let alone day by day. For

south meringue lions football

club in Melbourne, they've

cancelled their weekend games

after five team members were diagnosed but the Federal diagnosed but the Federal

Government says the virus isn't

spreading enough to shut down public transport and stopping

mage epublic events. They're

doing everything they can to

contain it but it is becoming

difficult for them. To treat

the sick, more flu clinics have

opened around the country.

There is no cause for alarm but

we mean the disease will

continue to spread in the

community. In NSW, 1200 people

numbers are in quarantine. The growing

numbers of people being

diagnosed are causing problems.

Two patient s with the virus

were asked to leave this hotel

for the safety of other guests.

The industry says hotels are

not hospitals. We're not

expected to house people who

then subsequently show they've

got this disease and they're

not expected to be hospitals.

Most of the latest cases are

passengers from the cruise ship

'Pacific Dawn'. A further five 'Pacific Dawn'. A further five

passengers currently on the

ship off the Queensland coast

have developed flu symptoms and

are being tested. As we

continue to screen and test

people, those who may well, for

example, not be well, may well

need medical treatment. We

don't know that at this stage.

There's no reason to believe

they do. The ship will arrive

in Brisbane tomorrow morning.

All passengers will be

quarantined either at home in

Brisbane or on the ship for Brisbane or on the ship for

seven days. A vaccine will be

too late for cruise passengers

but pharmaceutical manufacturer

CSL says it could be ready

within eight weeks. In the

meantime, the Federal

Government has announced $7

mill wherein will be spent on

research into swine flu. A huge

landslide has left a gaping

crater in a busy road in

Sydney. A burst water main Sydney. A burst water main at

Bellevue Hill caused part of

Victoria Road to cave in,

sweeping away two cars and a

power pole. Amazingly no-one

was hurt but it could take

months for the site to be

repaired. This is the moment

captured by local Paul

Stradbrook when the hole first

swallows up a parked car. A

power pole is next, causing a

black-out and panic. Get out of this

of this area! Get out or I'll

arrest you. A police lock-down

followed. Residents were told

to stay inside in the dark

because a burst water main

caused a gas leak. Daylight

revealed the full extent of the

damage, part of Victoria Road

gave way under a torrent of

water causing a mudslide into

Cooper Park which left a

massive crater. I thought, "I hope we hope we don't lose the whole

road or even our house. How bad

can it get?" The noise got

louder and louder and it was

just incredible. No-one was

hurt as a tree and two cars

were swept down the hill. Ours

were the two on the end and

they're not there anymore so we

assume they're down the hill.

Residents say a water leak in

the same spot was reported to

authorities earlier this week.

It was only

It was only a little one but

someone had acknowledged the

leak with red and white tape

around it. Sydney Water says

it's unlikely the two are

linked soo. We know the 300mm

main out of the reservoir

broke. We believe it did so

suddenly. School was cancelled today. Woolahra Council has

just spent tens of thousands

there's upgrading the park announcement

there's a war of words with

Sydney Water over who'll foot

the bill. Woolahra Council says

some roads could be closed for

a couple of weeks while

remediation work will take

months. He was a celebrated

Olympic medallist, now he's

going to prison. The world

champion kayaker, Nathan

Baggaley, has been sentenced to

a minimum five years a minimum five years behind

bars after he was caught making

and supplying ecstasy. Baggaley

told the court drugs are evil

and he doesn't blame anyone. In

court without a paddle. Nathan

Baggaley's fall from the podium

has been spectacular and his

father and fiancee were there

to see it. No comment.

Baggaley was arrested in 2007

in Byron Bay as part of a cross-border cross-border police drug blitz.

He pleaded guilty to

manufacturer more than 500

ecstasy tablets and supplying

more than 1500. Police found a

pill press at Baggaley's home.

The kayaker's been sentenced to

a maximum nine years pris wn a

minimum five years. His brother

Dru Baggaley pleaded guilty to

making more than 3,000 ecstasy

three times tablets and supplying nearly

three times that. He was

described in court as the

instigator and sentenced to

maximum 12 years jail. Nathan

Baggaley is a triple world

champion kayaker who won silver

at the Athens Olympics. His

troubles began with a positive

steroids test four years ago

which forced a lengthy

suspension. On his website,

Baggaley says that left him with a lot of time on his Baggaley says that left him

hands, unfortunately leading

him to make bad decisions and

probably too much partying.

Nathan Baggaley's lawyer told

the court he hopes his client

will be able to educate people

on the dangers of taking drugs.

With time served, Baggaley will

be eligible for parole in 2012. A learner driver whose

dangerous driving caused the

death of a teenage passenger death of a teenage passenger

has been sentenced to at least

two years jail. The judge found

Tony Biggart showed little

remorse for the crash near

Bundeena in Sydney's south two

years ago. He was caught

driving unsupervised less than

12 months later. 17-year-old

Kim O'Brien died in the

accident and another teenager

was seriously injured. She was

the spark in our family and our

family will never be the same. Yes, he's destroyed

Yes, he's destroyed our family.

There's no prison sentence can

make up for what he's done. The

couple pleaded with all parents

to be vigilant about who their

parents get in a car with. The

reputation of Australia's

multibillion-dollar education

industry is under threat with a

sphat of attacks on Indian

students. The violence happened

in Melbourne, sparking outrage

oversea s. Australia's High Commissioner to

Commissioner to India today

flew to Melbourne to discuss

the incidents with police and

the Indian Student Association.

A series of attacks against

Indian students in Australia is

making head lines. Another

attack where a 25-year-old

Indian student, Rajesh Kumar,

apparently suffered 30%

burns. Last weekend, four

young inled ynds were assaulted

at a Melbourne party. One was

stabbed in the head with a screw driver and screw driver and is in a critical condition. Earlier

this month, a lone 21-year-old

student was bashed on a train.

It seems there has been a hate

crime perpetrated against

another Indian. That student

is Mr Singh who was robbed and

stabbed. I was screaming,

"Please don't kill me." The

crimes have outraged the Indian

public. I don't think I'll go to

to Australia after this. To

see people are being racist

towards Indians. The Indian

Student Association says some

students are so afraid they're

planning to go home. Well,

definitely they are not feeling

safe because there has been no

action from the authorities up

'til now. The Indian High

Commissioner to Australia has met the Victorian Premier and

police to discuss how to eradicate the violence. Some

eradicate the violence. Some

of these attacks have not been

opportunistic, they have been

motivated by other

considerations which is

unfortunate because it does not

reflect the true face of

Australia. Police say Indian

students are more likely soft

targets than racial targets.

Indian students are very quiet

natured, very passive sort of people. They

people. They study hard and

they work hard so we find that

they tend to travel late at

night. Victoria police will

travel to India this weekend to

speak to prospective students

about personal safety in

Australia. They'll be advised

once they arrive here they

should avoid travelling alone

or while carrying valuables.

Defence spies tell no Defence spies tell no lies,

that's the conclusion of their

leaders in Canberra. The

Defence department has released

a report clearing itself on

claims its staff spied on their

own Minister, Joel Fitzgibbon.

Mr Fitzgibbon has left the

country to attend a Defence

policy conference in Singapore but he's accepted the results

of the inquiry. It was launched

following reports that Defence staff gathered information

about the Minister's relationship relationship with Chinese

businesswoman Helen Liu and

hacked into his computer. It

would be very difficult for an

individual to commit these

sorts of crimes without leaving

some sign of activity. There

were no signs whatsoever. The

inspector-general of

intelligence and security is still conducting his own

inquiry about the matter. Only one year on and

one year on and an historic

deal to restore the

Murray-Darling Basin to health

is at risk of collapse. State

rivalry threatens to hold

billions of dollars worth of

water buyback s and now NSW is

preparing to line up with SA in

a High Court battle with

Victoria. Political

correspondent Greg Jennett.

River politics arouses emotions

in any case. Tell the truth. Why don't you tell Why don't you tell the truth?

Especially alt the end of

Senate Estimates when every

Federal move to save a sick

Murray-Darling is checked by

interstate rivalries. In 18

months of this Government, we

have bought back 297 gigalitres

of water entitlement. More than

$300 million of farm

allocations have been bought

back in the hope that future

water will be available to send down the river. The down the river. The vast bulk

of it comes from NSW and it's

no longer open for business.

We think for the moment that

we've done enough, that we've

contributed our fair share.

It's now time for some of the

other jurisdictions. Deals

worth tens of millions of

dollars to farming communities

have been stalled. If we

freeze the market now, then

those people lose an

opportunity to sell. Only 14

months ago the Prime Minister months ago the Prime Minister

was for claiming salvation. We

have ended the stalemate and

brokered an historic

agreement. Now there's every

sign interstate rivalries will

be fought out in the High

Court. I said to Premier Rann

earlier today that we will give

consideration to joining the

High Court action. I want to

welcome what the Premier just said. That is extraordinarily

good news for SA. They want

Victoria, with its caps on cross-border cross-border water trading, put

in the dock. This is further

proof that the states can't be

trusted to act in the national

interest to ensure we've got

one river system with one set

of rules. Left unsettled, the

feud threatens to disrupt more

than $2.5 billion set aside for

buybacks but so far unspent. Each purchase will involve

difficulty, controversy,

negotiation. And that's just

with the

with the Premiers. There are

claims that sour grapes might

be part of the reason why five

Australians are still being

held in detention in Papua. The

five sight seers flew into Merauke last September without

visas. A flight recording shows

the control tower cleared them

to land after telling the pilot

they may be detained for a few

hours for not having the

hours for not having the right


They were arrested and tried

and sentenced to between two

and three years jail but the

sentences were quashed on

appeal. Prosecutors have now

taken the case to the Supreme

Court. Court documents seen by

the ABC urged the judges to, the ABC urged the judges to,

"Act within the law," unlike

Australia which burns and sinks

Indonesian fishing boats. The

Australian Embassy in Jakarta

is urging the Indonesian

Government to resolve the

matter quickly.

General Motors in the United

States is set to file for

bankruptcy next week. GM's

creditors had been holding out

on an offer to swap debt on an offer to swap debt for 10% of the company. General

Motors has improved the deal,

offering another 15%. It was

enough to get an agreement.

They're asking these creditors

for support and telling them

essentially they'll be taken

care of if they agree and if

not they'll get nothing. The US

Government expects to lend GM

$30 billion on top of the 20

billion it's already lent the company. When

company. When GM emerges from

bankruptcy it will be a lot

smaller and the taxpayer will

own two-thirds of it. To

finance and it was a fairly

bright end to the week. The

local share market rose sharply

today and the Australian Dollar

went above US 79 cents. As Alan

Kohler reports, house prices

continued to rise in April as

well. The optimism just won't

go away. The Australian Dollar

jumped 1.5 cents today, jumped 1.5 cents today, an

extraordinary rise for a

currency in just 24 hours, and it would have been partly due

to new data on house prices. The RP Data Rismark index rose

1% in April and the March

quarter figure was revised up

from 1.6 to 1.8%. Residential

property values everywhere but

Perth have gone up

electronically in the first four months of

four months of 2009 which is an

amazing thing to happen in a

recession. Share prices up 1.6%

today. BHP Billiton rose it

close to 2% today, Commonwealth

Bank 3.5%, Macquarie 3.6%.

Perhaps the most significant

move was Primary Health Care,

the largest pathology provider

in Australia. It's completed a

share issue at a share issue at a premium, not a

discount as usual. The issue

price was $5 and the share

price yesterday was 4.96, now

it's 5.33. The order of the day

on the share market at the

moment is volatility. This is the All Ordinaries index since

the start of April and you can

see there is an underlying

uptrend but it's not steady. Virtually every day is

different, either up or down,

and the gap teen the top and

bottom of the parallel lines is about

about 100 points. Further

confirmation of the decline in

credit today with loan

aggregates from the Reserve

Bank only housing credit is

growing, as reflected in the

house price data as well, and

the total is growing at the

slowest pace since 1992. Here's

how it looks on a graph. Very

sharp declines in business and

personal borrowing and a

gradual slowing of housing.

I'll be back Sunday with

'Inside Business' and the chief

executive of Perpetual, David

Deverell. Till then, that's

finance. The woman who blew the

whistle on disgraced former

Cabinet Minister Orkopoulos has

heckled the Premier at a public

forum. Gillian Snedden used a

fake name to get into last

night's community Cabinet

meeting. She helped investigate

Orkopoulos who was jailed for child sex and drug child sex and drug offences.

The Premier was Orkopoulos's

Chief of Staff at the time and

Ms Snedden wants a further

investigation into what Nathan

Rees knew. I've got a 4-page

list of people that knew all

about them but of course you

didn't know anything, did you,

Nathan? Because you run, you

scurry like a rat to Premier

Iemma's office because you

didn't want to get tainted by

the allegations. The the allegations. The Premier

rejected her allegations and

advised Ms Snedden to take any

evidence to the authorities.

It's been called a congestion

tax but new figures show the

peak hour toll on the Harbour Bridge hasn't made much

difference to the traffic. Time

of day tolling was introduced

four months ago. Since then,

figures from the roads and

traffic authority show there's

been a 4% drop in the number of cars using the bridge. In the cars using the bridge. In the

same period there's been a

small increase in people using

Victoria Road as an alternative

route but the RTA says the

system is working well and the

figures show a measured

improvement in peak-hour

traffic. A 26-year-old man has

been charged with fraud after

police uncovered a money

laundering scam using thousands

of damaged $2 coins. Detectives

say they recovered nearly $20,000 worth of $20,000 worth of chipped and

battered coins. The arrested

man told police he'd bought the

money in China on a recent

trip. He was caught feeding

coins into vending machines in

a Chatswood shopping centre and

swapping it for undamaged

money. He intended to defraud

a number of persons, whether it

be Coca-Cola or Cadbury or

whoever, obviously if there's

one person involved there may

be others. be others. The Royal

Australian Mint says damaged

currency is sent to Korea to be

recycled into new coins. Police

are now investigating how the

damaged coins ended up back

here. Rugby league bosses were

left red-faced after the NSW

State of Origin team kept hundreds of Victorian school

kids waiting at a coaching

clinic today. Many of the children were from bushfire-ravaged communities and travelled up to three hours and travelled up to three hours

to get to Melbourne. An

embarrassed NSW team is trying

to make amends by donating

$10,000 to be split between the

eight schools that took part.

The primary school students

travelled for hours on buses

from some of the State's worst

bushfire-affected areas

including Kinglake and

Marysville. But by the time the

Blues arrived the kids were

left with little more than half

an hour with Australia's best rugby league players. Queensland had to Queensland had to delay its

arrival when it heard the Blues

were running late and while the

Maroons hope it's a good open

for next week's series

opener... I think they showed

up two hours late so hopefully

it's like that on

Wednesday. ..the Blues say

their morning training session

ran overtime and were apologet

ic. We feel bad about the fact

we were late. We tried to stick

around longer. around longer. Their tardiness

didn't impress the Melbourne

Storm who faces a constant

battle to win over fans in AFL

heartland. We won't make a

song and can dance about it.

We'll move on. Rugby league

appears to be making some

inroads in Victoria. I've

never paid attention to it but

it's fun. A lot of people play

in the yard. Some join in to

get hurt. Paul

get hurt. Paul Gallen might

join in on Wednesday night after training with team-mates

for the first time today. It

was good to have the full team

in today. It was a buzz for us

other players but the guys look

like they're on track. They

didn't miss a boat at

training. A final call on

Gallen's sore shoulder won't be

made until Monday. Jelena Dokic

has made a tearful exit at the

French Open, retiring

French Open, retiring with back

injury during the second set of

her match against Russian

fourth seed Elena Dementieva.

Dokic had a one-set lead when

she withdrew. Australia's

Samantha Stosur and Jamila

Groth progressed while Olivia

was beaten. Jelena Dokic had

the chance to repeat her

giant-killing run from the

Australian Open but it was

ended by a back complaint. It ended by a back complaint. It

was very painful and just hope

it's not too serious. Playing

in her first French Open since

2004, Dokic won the first set

6-2 and trailed 4-3 in the

second when she couldn't

continue. I felt like I had

the match in my hands and I-Y

was doing well. Had Dokic won,

her next opponent would have

been Fed Cup team-mate Samantha

Stosur. The 30th seed Stosur. The 30th seed had a win

over Belgian Yanina Wickmayer.

Jelena Jankovic will meet unseeded Australian Jamila

Groth in the third round. Roger

Federer saved four set points

in the first and fought back in

the third to defeat Argentina's

Jose Acasuso 6-2 in the fourth

set. Ian Baker Finch has been

talking the course rather than

walking it in recent years

after the sad disintegration of his

his golf game but the

48-year-old Australian today

showed of the form that

won him the 1991 British Open.

In his first professional

tournament in years, he shot a

2 under par 68. I wanted to

see how I would go. The former

Colonial champion is trying to negotiate the mental negotiate the mental tightrope

which strangled his career.

There was a lot of bad thoughts

at times and I tried to keep

myself in the present and I'm

really happy with myself that I

could do that today. Baker

Finch lies in joint 17th

position, five shots behind the

leaders. Robbie McEwen is in

serious doubt for the Tour De

France after badly injuring his

left knee in a fall during the

tour of Bellevue Hill. He was hospitalised with the deep hospitalised with the deep

wound after crash ing into a

flower tub. Two screws have

been inserted into the key and

at best he won't be back on his

bike until just before the

French tour. The Australian

cricketers have arrived in

England for the world Twenty20

tournament which starts next

week. The players are trying

their best not to mention the A

word. We haven't thought much

opens about the Ashes yet. Australia

opens its campaign against the

West Indies next weekend. They

came in their thousands to

salute the newly crowned

champions of Europe, lining an

8km route through Barcelona,

the team bus seemingly floating

on a sea of arms. The Nou Camp

Stadium was at capacity with no

game in sight, the work done

yesterday when Barcelona

defeated Manchester United 2-0

to win the coveted Champions

yet to qualify League title. The Socceroos are

yet to qualify for next year's

World Cup but one Australian

team has already been selected

to play there. A project which

uses soccer to integrate young

refugees into Australian

society has been invited to

take part in what's considered

the world's biggest sporting

event. From all around the

world, these young players have

come together, bonded by the world

world game. Football United

gets all kinds of people. It's

not like they don't choose,

"You're good, you're bad," they teach you about what you

have. The coaches are mostly

refugees themselves. You're

not going to be the best player

in the team. They help guide

these young migrants through

training and their new lives.

They train once a week. It's

but more not just about the competition

but more about giving the kids

something to do. The majority

of the players are humanitarian

refugees, many have troubled

backgrounds and struggle

initially to fit into

Australian society. The kids

finish off their school and if

you don't engage them they

become bored and they make a

lot of problems before they go

home. The group's now been

chosen to send a team to the

World Cup next year for World Cup next year for a festival can which promotes

organisations which use soccer

for community development. In

the next couple of weeks we're

going to be working with you in

little groups and we're going

to make a list of all the

conditions that somebody has to

fulfil to become a World Cup

team member. And they're

hoping the local community will

kick in to help get them there. The old

The old expression necessity ty

is the mother of invention is

being given a new twist. Chip

packets, tea bags, even cane

toad leather have been twisted

into works of art in a national

competition showcasing recycled

genius. If art imitates life,

get ready for a life of

frugality. The 69 entrants in

spirits of their this contest channelled the

spirits of their grandmothers,

raised in the Depression, just

getting by during the Second

World War and staying cheerful

with it. I think the wonderful

thing about the entries in this

competition is the recycling is

ingenious and also the finished

product is beautiful. They're

works of art which had to

incorporate 50% recycled

materials. Here, the ultimate conservative symbol conservative symbol becomes a

symbol of conservation. Or take

a tea bag - 400 went into this

mukrom ai wall hanging. They

want to show what you can do

with materials that yougist

wouldn't consider as materials

for an art project. Like road

kill, tanned toad hide, how the

artist must have suffered to

turn a national pest into a

national symbol. During national symbol. During the war

a great shoe designer twisted

lolly wrappers into ladies'

sandals. Here's his idea

recycled as a handbag. There's

a forest of denim and a sewing

machine that won't make new

clothes but is made of old

clothes as everything old is

new again. Of course there will

still be viewers of the

exhibition who say, "That's not

art, that's rubbish." Checking art, that's rubbish." Checking

the weather forecast now. A

shower or two about with more

on the way and there will be

falls for the flood-devastated

north but nothing compared to

the record rains of last week.

The satellite shows cloud

spreading along the southern

NSW coast, high cloud across

the Top End into Queensland and

widespread cloud across WA and

SA. A weak trough is lingering over central NSW and a large

high is bringing southerly

winds across the southeast with

light rain and snow on the light rain and snow on the Alps

above 1500m and there's a

trough over the interior.

Tomorrow's rain outlook -

southerly winds and showers up

it NSW coast and showers and

storms over the central and

western interior.

Tonight's top story - the

number of people infected with

swine flu has now passed 200

and that figure is expected to

surge over the weekend. Despite

the rapid spread, the Federal

Government says the situation

News for is under control. That's ABC

News for this Friday. Stay with

us now for Stateline with

Quentin Dempster. Goodnight. Closed Captions by CSI

This Program Is Captioned

Live. This week - high rise in

the suburbs. It's the complete

rape of Ku-ring-gai. High on

grog in the streets. And high

art. I think everyone art. I think everyone does

believe that every person with

autism is Rain Man, that they

do live in their own worlds. Welcome to Stateline

NSW, I'm Quentin Dempster. The

dart of planning's metro growth

strategy to substantially lift

housing densities in existing

areas of Sydney boiled over at

Ku-ring-gai on Wednesday night.

The State Government imposed The State Government imposed

planning panel which overrides