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US engaging in 'terrorism' over poverty decla -

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(generated from captions) chaired meetings which led to the a declaration to reduce world poverty. Now the United States has moved 750 amendments to that declaration, which Mr Butler has responded to in a typically blunt manner. They're trying to destroy the document. 10 years ago I chaired the 50th anniversary of the UN and the Syrians were the terrorists. They tried to destroy the document on the 50th. This time, the 60th anniversary, the terrorists seeking to destroy

a declaration of all countries agreeing with each other is the United States.

World leaders, including the Prime Minister John Howard, meet next week to endorse a final declaration

on the so-called millennium development goals agreed on in 2000. These set measurable targets for health, human rights, AIDS, the environment, education, and reducing poverty by 2015. The proposed US amendments seek to delete the use of the phrase "millennium development goals"

in any declaration from the summit next week. US ambassador John Bolton says his country does not support the subsidiary targets and indicators in the package. The 11th hour moves have alarmed aid groups, who are urging the Australian Government to fight the amendments.

What we would want to see is a clear unequivocal statement from Prime Minster Howard in the lead-up to the summit to the millennium development goals

to increase Australian aid to meet agreed United Nations targets

and to commit to very specific measures from the summit

for governments to contribute to poverty reduction over the next 10 years. I hope you're right that the Australian Government will join with the overwhelming number of the world's countries and resist this terrorist attack on the document for the 60th anniversary. The Foreign Minister, Alexander Downer, didn't want to be interviewed, but a spokesman told Lateline the Australian Government believes the US is negotiating in good faith and Mr Butler's comments are typically anti-American. There is frantic lobbying at the UN to try and salvage the final declaration. Today the US indicated it may be willing to accept the use of the phrase "millennium development goals" provided it can be properly defined.

Hamish Fitzsimmons, Lateline. There was mixed news today on the fate of two Australians missing in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. A 75-year-old Australian who was trapped in the city has now been reunited with his wife. But the Department of Foreign Affairs says it's still trying to find an Australian factory worker who was last reported to be in Baton Rouge. Emergency crews in New Orleans are still removing people from the city as the political blame game heats up in Washington.

Norman Hermant reports. It is a cruel irony that in a city largely under water, one of the biggest problems now is fire. In New Orleans, it's up to helicopters to put out the flames. In Washington, it's George W. Bush who's trying to keep a lid