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opposition parties. Draft anti-terror laws fire up earthquake toll. A dramatic increase in the Pakistan at the Sydney Cricket Ground. The World sent spinning celebrates a royal birth. And Denmark and Tasmania Good evening. with ABC News. Felicity Davey and among opposition parties There's been dismay in legal circles proposed new anti-terror laws. the details of the Government's has been made public A draft of the legislation Jon Stanhope. by the ACT Chief Minister, imprisonment for people It includes provision for life found to have funded terror groups - even if no violence takes place. it gives Australian Federal Police The Greens and Democrats also claim a licence to kill terror suspects. infuriated the Federal Government ACT Chief Minister Jon Stanhope draft laws by publishing the confidential late yesterday. on his Government's website I think it was grossly offensive. two requests The Chief Minister defied office to remove it. from the Attorney-General's the back corridors and in the dark. He might like to scuttle around with legislation in secret, He might like to deal but that's not my way.

leaders signed off Although State and Territory just over two weeks ago, on the new terror laws with the fine print. some are not impressed to bring in draconian laws, And I think if you are going which we support - which is what they are, a public interest monitor there needs to be better debate. and there does need to be The draft bill states in jail that a person would face life make funds available, if they intentionally or indirectly, for a terrorist, or collect funds directly, a terrorist act occurs. whether or not of money to a religious organisation If somebody gave a substantial sum found out later that and the authorities that was just a front for terrorism, in prison for life. that person could end up has been proposed A 7-year jail term for inciting violence or sedition. And the the Government wants Police wider powers to give the Australian Federal for up to a year. to control a terror suspect to prevent employment, A control order would allow police ban phone and Internet use,

suspect to wear a tracking device. restrict movement and force the The Greens and Democrats fear in the way British police that terror suspects might be shot a Brazilian man early this year. mistakenly killed The draft bill says a fleeing suspect the Federal Police have to warn only if it is practicable. It enshrines, for the first time, of the right to kill. a new definition by the Australian Federal Police Previously lethal force and others has been reserved their life is in danger. to when people feel The Government says that's nonsense. is exactly the same The use of lethal force in the Crimes Act already. as the provisions of a major terrorist attack The threat any State or Territory is likely to convince the end of the year. to back the new laws before However, many remain concerned a Senate committee that the Government is allowing

to review the legislation. only one day of hearings David Spicer, ABC News. have been farewelled Australian troops heading to Iraq

450 soldiers assembled by the Prime Minister.

before leaving for Iraq. at Darwin's Robertson Barracks today for a barbecue Mr Howard flew in with the troops and their families, of encouragement. and to pass on some words

No military task is without danger. but this is a task You all understand that trained and prepared. for which you have been superbly Iraq's al Muthanna province The task force will be based in fire for the first time this week. where Australian troops came under to last six months. The tour of duty is expected where millions of voters Security is intense in Iraq of a new constitution are deciding the fate designed to unite the country. Iraq's borders have been sealed, and traffic banned in Baghdad. government offices closed

Despite the strict crackdown, cut electricity to the capital attacks on power lines overnight of Basra. and the main southern city the first to cast a vote President Jalal Tala-bani was among government The Kurdish and Shi'ite-led strongly back the draft constitution are strongly opposed to it. But the minority Sunnis A week after the disaster, from Pakistan's earthquake the death toll has taken a dramatic leap. have died Almost 40,000 people and that will go up

to disrupt the relief effort. with heavy rain continuing Thompson reports from Muzaffarabad, South Asia correspondent Geoff Kashmir. the capital of Pakistani-controlled

storm clouds loom - Above Muzaffarabad, which is rapidly approaching. a forecast of the bitter winter, On the ground, at least, the relief effort is settling down. there is some evidence that on the edge of the city, At this aid distribution point, the needy are queuing calmly -

of jostling panic. in contrast to now familiar scenes

beyond Muzaffarabad, It's working less well and towns in the pulverised villages where roads no longer reach. have doubled the difficulties. Violent aftershocks into valleys again. Mountainsides have collapsed and filled this whole valley up. The whole mountain just slid away out there. It is pretty...unbelievable Rescuers are losing faith

survivors being found. in many more rubble-trapped says The UN's emergency relief chief such a Himalayan winter disaster coping with is a worst nightmare come true. This is an ancient culture - crumbled under this earthquake. a very proud people who have now of loved ones and shelter. Left behind are lives stripped (Cries) Most of the women in this tent have lost their husbands and their sons. Among them is Shahnaz Aktar. "Yes everyone has lost them," she says. "Even my sister-in-law has lost her husband "and everything in her village. "They don't have anything to eat and the road is not yet open. "People sleep in the rain." The arrival of international agencies has brought some sense of order to the relief effort here in Muzaffarabad. But with 90% of this city's population now estimated to be homeless, a race against the elements is on. The winter is closing in and by December open areas like this will be carpeted in snow. Geoff Thompson, ABC News, Muzaffarabad. An emergency meeting of vets from across Europe has recommended ways to stop the spread of bird flu. Despite a deadly strain confirmed in Turkey and now in Romania, authorities say there is no public health risk at the moment. Farmers are being advised to keep poultry away from wild birds

and in some cases to bring flocks indoors. The disease is thought to have been spread to Europe's doorstep by birds migrating from Asia. One of President Bush's closest advisers has again been questioned about leaking the identity of a CIA agent. Karl Rove has made his fourth appearance before a grand jury, with prosecutors saying there's no guarantee he won't be charged over the affair. Prosecutors suspect someone in the White House revealed the agent's name to punish her husband for criticising the Iraq war. Rove is largely credited with the President's re-election last year. Charges against him would deal a severe blow to the President, who's facing the lowest approval ratings of his years in office. Nearly two months after Hurricane Katrina

almost destroyed New Orleans, many families are still undergoing the agonies of separation. Hundreds of children are still missing and while most of them are probably just misplaced, there are fears they could have met a darker fate. This report from North America correspondent, Mark Simkin Oh Jesus. Krisha! Krisha!

A desperate mother has just found out that her children survived Katrina.

There have been hundreds of scenes like this since the hurricane hit. But more than one month after the disaster, there are still hundreds - perhaps thousands - of children missing. Each of these faces represents heartbreak - a terrified child, an anguished parent. Some were separated from their families by the floods. Most were lost during the chaotic evacuations. When did she go missing? Hundreds of kilometres from New Orleans, the National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children is trying to put the families back together. I've been with the center going in to my 17th year, and this is the first time we've ever had anything of this magnitude. Some of the children could be dead, but it's more likely most of them are lost -

in different shelters or states to their parents. But there's also the possibility of abduction. Thousands of registered sex offenders are still unaccounted for. Even the children who have been reunited with their families could face long-term damage. I think it's been a traumatic experience for many children who still will never overcome this tragedy.

We have cases of children being evacuated by helicopter off rooftops, floating on mattresses to get to safety. Already, the officials are hearing reports of traumatised children who have stopped speaking. Mark Simkin, ABC News, Washington. Sydney Airport has admitted a major mechanical breakdown this week led to significant dispruption for passengers. A large piece of metal fell from a baggage sorter narrowly missing a worker. WorkCover described the incident as serious and closed down four baggage conveyor belts. Up to 80,000 to 100,000 bags over the past weeks that we're manually handled flights since Sunday's incident. and up to 5,000 bags have missed of the baggage sorting system Qantas says the failure

international flights led to delays on a number of Qantas

and inconvenience to customers. all bags were screened The airline says however, regulations. in accord with Federal Government a $6 million advertising blitz The Federal Government has launched for the bushfire season. telling people to prepare on the east coast Fires have already threatened homes and the Attorney-General says complacency. authorities are concerned about screening in some states The ads will begin this weekend and will be rolled out across the country as the fire threat increases. TV COMMERCIAL: What you do, along with your neighbours and your local fire authority, can make a real difference. Bushfires have a tremendously adverse impact on communities in Australia - people lose their lives, property is lost and a great deal can be done if you prepare. State Emergency ministers Mr Ruddock also met with disasters such as fires and storms. to coordinate responses to natural But we want to make sure doesn't happen here that the American experience and that we concentrate on and how we handle them right. getting disasters next year The ministers will meet again to discuss progress on the issue. from a tiny town Residents evacuated have returned home in Tasmania's midlands that a local dam might collapse - after fears proved to be unfounded. However, police are warning that the town of Tunbridge could still be in danger. A team of engineers and heavy machinery worked through the night to patch up several large cracks in the dam wall.

By morning, the threat to the town had eased. Last night, we located where the leak was occuring

on the upstream face and we pushed material over that and we're continually...we're dropping the level in the storage and now the seepage is very minimal. A group of local farmers had the dam built almost two years ago increased the level, cracks emerged. but when recent rains through a paddock Water is being diverted which flows through Tunbridge. and into the Blackman River, If the dam wall burst, more than 6,000 megalitres of water. the town would be swamped by Sort of worried, yeah...yeah. of the Blackman River. Mickey Farrelly lives within metres

who sought refuge He was one of around 50 residents last night. in the neighbouring town of Oatlands as quick as we could, you know. Wanted to get back home But some refused to leave. his home was at risk. 90-year-old Roy Lohrey never felt on television Watched ABC for a while had quite a good sleep. and then went to bed, Police say there's no immediate threat to people in the area but residents should be on standby.

There is a significant body of water upstream from Tunbridge and there are concerns about the structural integrity of the dam. The cause of the structural faults is still being assessed. Alister Nicholson, ABC News, Tunbridge. In breaking news - An air and sea search is underway for a department of immigration including a child. boat carrying five people, The boat was returning Island in the Torres Strait from an exercise on Saibai early this morning. when it experienced engine trouble in relation to the alleged assault Police have laid more charges towards stem cell technology Leukaemia patients can now look as the key to a longer life.

a way to use stem cells Queensland scientists have found extracted from bone marrow in recovering patients. to prevent relapses such as leukaemia, To treat blood cancers, a bone-marrow transplant. patients often have the marrow of a donor, treated Stem cells are taken from then infused into the patient. But in about half of all cases the cancer comes back. What we have seen is that a relatively newly identified type of white cell, called a natural killer T cell, is critical in eradicating leukaemia after transplant. Scientists at the Queensland Institute of Medical Research have changed the way they collect the stem cells to encourage those killer cells to turn on. We are hopeful that over the long term this does translate we will see that for people with leukaemia. to significantly improved survival with leukaemia 18 months ago. Jay Coombes was diagnosed

of the treated stem cells He received a transplant collected from his sister. the cancer has not come back. One year on, There is always a chance of relapse. has given me, I suppose, But taking part in this trial a long and healthy life a chance to possibly live it may not have been the case. whereas in the past was completed Nine months after the trial signs of a relapse. none of the patients is showing

Researchers hope to recruit a further 30 people to have the treatment. Sophie Scott, ABC News. A reminder of tonight's top story here on ABC News - ppposition parties are calling for a full inquiry into the Government's new anti-terror laws. And still to come -

a first Caulfield Cup win for NSW-based trainer John Hawkes.

Australia is in a powerful position after Day 2 of the Super Test at the SCG, and Stuart MacGill after leg-spinners Shane Warne against the World XI batsmen. weaved their magic between them The pair took seven wickets to live up to its reputation. as the World team again failed led by 221 runs. At stumps, Australia for his 16th Test century Adam Gilchrist needed only six runs

had a new ball and a big appeal but his nemesis, Andrew Flintoff, on the second delivery of the day. Oh, bit close. Very, very close. COMMENTATOR: He asks for the third umpire. and that is out. Takes middle and leg Flintoff recaptured his Ashes form in as many overs. to pick up three wickets to be all out for 345. Australia collapsed But its pace attack made early breakthroughs. World XI captain Graeme Smith out for 12. This is a very difficult chance for Adam Gilchrist which he takes beautifully. New Indian skipper Rahul Dravid made a duck. And former West Indian captain Brian Lara continued his miserable tour. Oh that's close. I think he's gone. Eventually given out for 5

Walsh's total of 519 wickets as McGrath moved past Courtney on the all-time list. and into third spot fightback Virendar Sehwag led a brief World XI with an aggressive half century. Oh dear. at both ends But the introduction of leg-spin resulted in a flurry of activity. right off the meat of the bat. That's a brilliant catch That's out. Got him, stumped surely... about Matthew Hayden's catch There were no complaints

to remove Jacques Kallis for 44. But Mark Boucher will be wondering to the over-worked third umpire. why this one wasn't sent Not out - no doubt about that. in an exciting cameo, Flintoff hit 4 sixes off MacGill, but the temptation for a fifth was too strong. Mishit... he's getting under it... and he's gone.

The World XI was all out for a disappointing 190. MacGill and Warne combined to take the last seven wickets. Justin Langer departed for 22, but Australia was in a dominant position at the end the second day. The Queensland Bulls have made a miserable start to their domestic cricket season, crushed by NSW in a day-night match at the Gabba. for just 99, The Bulls were dismissed their lowest score against NSW one-day cricket. in 35 years of domestic from the start of its innings, Queensland struggled right for 62 runs. losing the first five wickets batsman to offer resistance, Skipper Jimmy Maher was the only top scoring with 34. for the Blues Doug Bollinger was a surprising hero taking four for 31, also grabbed four wickets. while fellow seamer Nathan Bracken took five catches. Wicket-keeper Brad Haddin a three match losing streak - Newcastle United has ended

over Adelaide United with a 4-2 away win at Hindmarsh Stadium. Newcastle opened the scoring in the 13th minute

when Matthew Kemp was credited with an own goal. The Jets were two-nil up before the home side charged back with goals either side of half-time to level the contest at two-a-piece. Former Socceroo Ned Zelic put the visitors in front again in the 68th minute and Nick Carle's second goal sealed the Jets' third win of the 'A' League season. has taken out the Caulfield Cup The John-Hawkes-trained Railings

in a barnstorming finish. the champion galloper Mummify The 4-year old mowed down to win the $2.5 million race. if Railings will run The trainer says he's unsure in a little over two weeks. in the Melbourne Cup It was a picture-perfect spring day of Melbourne's famous Cups double. for the running of first not a cloud in the sky, beautiful. Absolutely loving it,

What more could you ask for? made its way to the track A record crowd of more than 50,000 by controversy in its lead up. for the race which has been dogged But there was no talk of suspensions or field selection today. Darren Gauci was on the favourite- In his 15th attempt, jockey newcomer El Segundo. The 4-year-old jumped well and settled on the rail, but ran into traffic on the turn. 2003 winner Mummify led all the way and it looked like the gelding was going to be only the 8th horse to win the race twice, until the Japanese horse Eye Popper and Sydney stayer Railings loomed. COMMENTATOR: And the outside - Railings dived! I think Railings has won the Caulfield Cup in the last stride! It was the second Caulfield Cup win for jockey Greg Childs and the first for trainer John Hawkes. To win a Group One is just a little bit more special and to win a Caulfield Cup is extra special. There's two races that I've been trying to win for quite some time - this happens to be one of them, and I've only got the Melbourne Cup to go. The trainer said the Zabeel gelding might be his ticket. And just to prove to suspended jockey Danny Nikolic that things can always get worse, Mummify, which he rode into third place pulled up with a serious leg injury. The 2003 Cup winner will never race again. It looks like he's smashed both sezmal bones and his near fetlock. Freedman says the stable will try to save the galloper,

which today took its prizemoney to over $5 million. The American rider Nicky Hayden has pole position for tomorrow's Moto Grand Prix at Phillip Island. The Honda rider saved his best until the last minute and a half of qualifying. COMMENTATOR: Nicky hayden does it. He's smashed it by four tenths. Wow what a time. But the man to beat is Valentino Rossi. He's won the past four races at the island and he wrapped up the championship two rounds ago.

He'll start from second on the grid. Sete Gibernau is third. Australian Chris Vermeulen has qualified 14th fastest in his first Moto GP. There are 18 starters in tomorrow's race.

Australian tri-athletes Annabel Luxford and Greg Bennett are on their way to the Commonwealth Games after the final qualifying race. Luxford easily won her race while Bennett finished second but that was good enough. RACE MARSHALL: Take your mark. STARTING HOOTER The weather was perfect but the water temperature was a numbing 13 degrees for the final selection trial for next year's Commonwealth Games. World number two Tim Don encountered some trouble at the final transition, as the large pack went into the 10km run with Bryce Quirk out in front. But with only one Commonwealth Games spot available to the first Australian across the line it became a race between Greg Bennett and Brad Kahlefeldt. Tim Don secured his Games' berth for England winning in 1 hour 48 minutes. Sigh of relief. Greg Bennett's second place booked him a return to St Kilda in March. Oh, you bloody beauty. It's such an honour to represent Australia, especially on home turf. I might be the old fart, but I'm not done. There's unlikely to be a stink about selection. World Champion Peter Robertson is in the team.

Kahlefelt finished fifth today

but should win the final discretionary place. If my money was on it I'd be pickin' Brad, yeah. In the women's race - World number one Annabel Luxford was in complete control. Queenslander Felicity Abram withdrew after a horror swim in the cold water.

Luxford finished in just under 2 hours 3 minutes - 1 minute 45 ahead of second. It's a great course. It's probably a little tougher than it looks. She joins World Champion Emma Snowsill in the Games team with Loretta Harrop almost certain to get the last position. I mean, it'd be great to see Australia go 1,2,3. The final team will be announced on Monday. Australia has many great sporting siblings from cricket's Waughs and Chappells to the Ellas in rugby union. Now, two netballers are creating their own family legacy. Laura and Natalie von Bertouch are competing for places in the Australian team for next year's Commonwealth Games. WHISTLE BLOWS The Australian mid-court contains the most fiercely contested positions in world netball. That's probably our hardest position

to be selecting at the moment,

is that mid-court area, and who actually gets in, because anyone that misses out is going to be stiff.

These sisters from Adelaide don't want to miss out. They're trying to show selectors they both deserve to be there. It means everything. That's our ambition and our aim - to make that side, so, to have your sister there with you would just be fantastic. The sporting combination of Laura Von Bertouch and little sister Natalie stretches back to their childhood. They've progressed from junior teams to the national league and now Australia. Definitely. When you're kids you always think you're definitely going to be here, but then as you get older it's pretty tough up there, so it's great to be here.

Team-mates with the Adelaide Thunderbirds, the Von Bertouchs were on opposing sides at the final national selection camp, ahead of a tour to Jamaica and New Zealand,

but there were no family favours. Basically, at this level you kind of forget who you're playing against. You don't really think,

"Oh, it's my sister, I've got to go harder or easier" The touring squad of 15 will be named on Monday, and cut back to 12 for the Commonwealth Games. Tasmanian-born Crown Princess Mary has given birth to a son and a future king of Denmark. Tasmanian-born Crown Princess Mary

has given birth to a son and a future king of Denmark. The as-yet unnamed baby boy weighed in at 3.5kg. His father, Crown Prince Frederick, says the birth was "a tremendous joy". Reporters and photographers have been camped outside Copenhagen University Hospital for days, waiting for a glimpse of the royal heir.

Last night, a fortnight before her due date, 33-year-old Crown Princess Mary was admitted to the maternity ward. At 2:00am local time, with Crown Prince Frederik by her side, Mary became a mum. A brief statement from the court announced the arrival of a healthy prince, weighing 3.5kg, or 7.7 pounds on the old scale.

It said "mother and baby are doing fine". Mary's family has kept quiet today, but her friends are not so reserved. I can't even imagine what's going on in Denmark, and I think...

I mean, obviously everyone wanted a healthy baby regardless, but I think a baby boy is very exciting to a lot of people too. The Princess's home town greeted the news with three cheers and some ideas for a name.

Hip hip! (All cheer) Hooray! How lovely. Wonderful. Yes, marvellous.

Got any suggestions for a name? Jorgen, Jorgen - is that any good? Prince Peter. (Laughs)

Curtis. Why Curtis? Ah, it's a favourite name of ours and it's a family name.

Tradition suggests the prince will be called Christian. To mark the royal birth 21 gunshots will be fired from batteries in Copenhagen and the Kronborg Castle. In the evening, the Danish Home Guard will light hundreds of bonfires across the country.

Barbara Pongratz, ABC News, Hobart.

To the weather now - on a pretty overcast Saturday in Sydney it reached 21 degrees - one below average. It was cloudy to overcast over much of the State with scattered drizzle in the north-east, chiefly about the Hunter and mid-North Coast. Throughout most of the State's south-east and the remainder it was mostly fine with maximum temperatures a little below average for the most part.

And inland it was dry, in the mid-to-high 20s. And temperatures throughout the State ranged from minus-4 at Thredbo to 30 degrees at Coonamble. In the 24 hours to 9:00am - Mulla Creek, just near Tamworth, topscored

with more than 44mm of rain, while in the 6 hours to 3:00pm, Coffs Harbour received 2mm. Around the nation today - There were some light showers in Brisbane, showers too in Hobart and in the Alice. It was fine in Perth, Darwin, Melbourne and Hobart, And a bit overcast elsewhere. To the satellite picture - bright cloud is forming across southern Queensland, NSW and SA in a weak trough. There's some patchy cloud across the Northern Territory too. Onto the synoptic chart - easterly winds will feed into a trough over eastern Australia, causing rain across south-east Queensland and north-east NSW.

So, in the way of rain - falls for much of the east coast, showers too for southern WA. Showers and storms for the Top End. Tomorrow's national weather -

it should be fine in Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne and Hobart. Showers are expected in the other capitals. Around the State tomorrow - Rain and showers in the north-east and central east, with the chance of thunderstorms in the far north-eastern inland. Isolated showers are forecast in the far southeastern inland. It should be fine elsewhere. Mild to warm in the north-west. And inland - ahowers are forecast for Bourke, while it should stay mostly fine and dry elsewhere. Sydney's forecast - partly cloudy tomorrow, with a few late showers. Top of 21 degrees. The sun is up at 05:14am. Seas to 0.5m on a 1m swell. Winds from the east north-east, 10 to 15 knots. The further outlook - showers on Monday and Tuesday.

Fine on Wednesday. A reminder now of tonight's top stories. A draft copy of the Federal Government's new anti-terror laws posted on the Internet has sparked an outcry among critics of the legislation. Australian-born Crown Princess Mary has given birth to a baby boy -

the Prince becomes the second in line to the Danish throne. And in a thrilling finish - the John Hawkes trained Railings has won the $2.5 million Caulfield Cup. And before we go - a look ahead to tomorrow morning's news and current affairs line-up here on ABC television at 9.00am. There's "Insiders', be the Treasurer Peter Costello. Barrie Cassidy's guest will presents 'Inside Business' At 9.45am Alan Kohler

at the economics The program will look of Sydney's cross-city tunnel. with 'Seven Days' - At 10.15am, I'll be back international news. a look at the week's

for 'Asia Pacific Focus'. And join Tracey Bowden at 10.35am for this Saturday night. And that's ABC News with an update at 8.25pm. I'll be back Until then, goodnight.