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Live. Tonight free to fly a

Garuda pilot cleared over the Jogyakarta disaster. Him

flying is just a slap in the

face really. Hundred has

arrested in a crackdown on

drunken behaviour. The EU pledges billions for a

climate change fund. Tiger

Woods taking an indefinite

break from golf. The Indonesian pilot of a plane

that crashed in 2007 killing

21 people including five

Australians has had his

conviction for negligence

quashed. The judgement means the pilot can return the

flying with all his benefits

an rights. The sister of one

of the Australians killed

stays Indonesian court system

has made a terrible mistake.

Garuda flight 200 came down

at Jogyakarta in March 2007.

It skidded off the runway

into a rice field and burst

into flames. Five Australians

were among those who died.

Caroline Mellish's brother

Morgan was one of them I'm

angry in some respects

nothing has happened. There

have been no ramifications

for anyone t pilot or Garuda. The pilot Marwoto

Komar was initially sentenced

to 2 years jail after a court

heard he ignored 15 warnings

he was approaching the runway

too fast. Now it has been

revealed his conviction for criminal negligence has been overturned on appeal.

TRANSLATION: My client is very happy with the result.

He is now free of any charge.

The court has ruled that

his rights, position and

status therefore should be

restored. Captain Marwoto

Komar never went to prison.

He was released on became

while the appeal was heard.

Now he will be legally

entitled to return to

flying. Him flying is a slap

in the face. The five

Australians killed in the

crash were all following then

Foreign Minister Alexander

Downer on a trip around

Indonesia. He has told the

ABC he feels surprised and

disappointed bid the

decision. It seemed to me the

evidence was that the

aircraft was in perfectly serviceable condition and

that the accident occurred as

a result of pilot error.

The Indonesian legal system

and Government system,

anything can happen and it is

all a bit dodgy. I can

understand why the families

of the Australian victims of

the Jogyakarta plane crash

are concerned and disappointed but in the end

these are matters for the

Foreign Affairs and Trade Indonesians. Department of

says it is seeking more

information from the ruling

but adds the Australian

Government cannot interfere

in the judicial processes of

another country. Hundreds of

people have been arrested at

the start of a Trans-Tasman

police crackdown on

alcohol-related violence. It

is called Operation Unite and police in all states an territories had hoped the

scale of the exercise would

help them get their message

through but after 24 hours

police are frustrated saying

it does not appear to have

made a difference. Critical

mass, more than 1200 extra

police officers hit the

state's streets last night.

other states and territories In New South Wales as in

the message was the same.. if

we people - find people who

act inappropriately, break

the law they will be arrested. No police officer

will be a punching bag for a

drunken thug. But an our

later one young officer was

down allegedly king hit by a

38-year-old arrested for a

pub assault. He has been treated for a broken

necessary and neck injuries.

This drives me crazy. If they

want the hurt themselves that

is one thing but when they

want the hurt those that are

there to help them it is ridiculous. A second officer

was seriously injured when he

fell several metres chasing a

drunken youth. 333 people

were charged by morn wing 520

offences range fringe

drink-driving to assault. The

message is just not getting through. I have another

message for you, we are back

out tonight and we will not

back off It was similar in

other states and territories.

In Victoria there were 180

arrests half for drunkenness

in Melbourne's CBD. In WA

more than 140 people were

arrested and two bars were

shut down because of poor

patron behaviour. In Auckland

the arrests included a drunk

driver with an 8-year-old boy

in the car the national

Trans-Tasman crackdown ends

at 6 o'clock tomorrow morning but the Assistant Commissioner says New South Wales will follow it up with

another operation targeting alcohol-fuelled silence next

week. Clubs and pub are being

targeted. Three Sydney

karaoke bars were shut down

for breaching their licensing

laws. 17 people have been

injured, two seriously in a

minibus crash south of Sydney

this afternoon. The bus

veered off the road at Appin

just before 5 o'clock. No

in the accident which has other vehicles were involved

left two women with serious

injuries, one of them is

pregnant. They have been air

lifted to Liverpool and St

George hospitals. 7 others

have been transported by road

ambulance to Wollongong and

Campbell town hospitals with

minor injuries. In Copenhagen

police are bracing for mass protests tonight as

the United Nations climate protestors demand a deal at

change summit dl. Has been

one agree. European leaders

have pledged billions to help

poor countries combat global

warming but leaders of the poorer nations say is not

enough. All week poorer

countries have been saying

mitigate the effects of "Show us the money" to help

climate change. Now the EU

has done just that exceeding

previous estimates with a

promise of more than $11

billion over the next three

years and to support cuts the

emissions of 30%. People

will be able to say of us

that we have tried to do

everything that we can to

make this agreement possible. The pressure is now on other developed countries

like the US and Australia to

spell out their commitments. This short-term funding for

the poor nations seen as

crucial for the support for a final Copenhagen agreement

but so far poorer countries

remain unimpressed. If it is

just a one-time for three

years only at that level it

will not be adequate. When

the US made it clear that

Chinese would not receive any

of the money earmarked for

developing nations the

reaction was are far from

diplomatic.. I was shocked

personally to read the

American's comment. I do not

want to say the gentleman

issing yarngts he is very

well educated, I think he

thraks commonsense when he

made such a comment, either

lack of commonsense or

extremely irresponsible. The

Americans say the money

should to go the most needy

but the Chinese said they

never had their hand out in

the first place but they are

not the only ones unhappy in

Copenhagen. More than 60

protestors were detained

after they mounted a protest

outside a meeting of business

leaders who were discussing

climate change. There will be

many more protests in the

Danish capital and around the

world with the temperature of

the global warming debate

soaring over the next

week. China has turned to

star power the help deal with

global warming. Its economy

may be boom in but its

environment is being heavily

polluted in the process. Now

one of the nation's most

famous faces is using her

fame to try the change

attitudes to climate change.

China is struggling not only

with the impact of air pollution but also with

public awareness of environmental destruction in

general so one actress has decided

decided to use her star power

to try to promote the cause

of climate change.

TRANSLATION: I want to use

my influence to make people

more aware of this issue an

get them involved in the

campaign. Li Bing Bing is one

of the current crop of

Chinese starlets with

enormous popular appeal

throughout Asia. She grew up

in China's freezing

north-east. She says these

days the snow is not as deep

and the ice melgts faster and

this motivated her to speak

out about global warming.


generation or the younger

generation will not see a bright future on climate

change before we pass away.

But since we are given a life

we should shoulder responsibilities for the

world's future. China wants

the West to bear a greater

burden in pollution in global

carbon emissions. Beijing

says it needs to maintain its

current the rate of economic

growth to catch up with the

living standards of other

countries. TRANSLATION:

Ordinary people must live a

life dependent on the

economic I right?

If the economy does not grow

our livelihood will not be

secured. In recent decades

economic growth has

transformed life in poorer

communities like this one.

But people here also worry

about environmental change

because so many of them rely

on growing crops to earn a

living. TRANSLATION: Climate change is more important.

What is the use of money if

people cannot survive climate

change? Star power in China

is quite a considerable

thing. I willly thinks she

can use a bit of it the

achieve positive change.

There was climate action on

the local front today with

thousands across the country

taking part in the walk

against warming. In Sydney

around 5000 environmental

campaigners gathered in

Martin Place. Organisers said

is part of a global campaign

calling for delegates at the

Copenhagen summit to come up

with a treaty that is fair

for all nations. This is

about ordinary people coming

out here and sending a

message across the world and

being part of a global day of

action on climate change. Super heros added their

weight to the campaign.

Marches were Hedin all

capital cities and some

regional centres. Two Liberal

Senators have fought off a preselection challenge on the New South Wales tick yes.

Ways landslide win for the Shadow Minister for Ageing


Bill Heffernan defeated

Pfizer executive David Miles

but lost the top spot on the

ticket. The feisty Senator was not too keen to talk

about it. Do you want me to

have a crack? Unlike the

Labor Party we encourage a

contest. This retoo gutless

to have one. The ballot

included Macquarie Bank

executive Oliver Yates and a

Blacktown City Councillor A

total of 105 preselectors

cast their votes. Smash and

grab raids by criminals in

the UK have taken on a new

meaning with thieves using mechanical diggers to

completely remove ATMs. Hole

in the wall cash mince

Northern Ireland have been reduced to holes in the reduced to holes in the

walls. A security camera

caught one gang using a

Digger to rip out the ATM

before dumping it on the back

of the truck. The machines

can contain up to $200,000

and to rob brings in largely

rural areas are leaving

community short of cash. The

UK's main ATM operator is

offering a reward for

information. Heads are

expected to roll in the Roman

Catholic church than in

Ireland over child sex abuse.

The Pope has expressed outrage, betrayal and shame

over the scandal which went

on for decades A major

reorganisation of the Irish

church is expected. The Pope's words of condemnation

for this scandal are among

the strongest. The Vatican

said after reading the report

into paedophile priests in

Dublin the Pope took very

seriously its central issues.

In a statement the Vatican

said the Pope now shared the

outrage, betrayal and shame

felt by Irish people. The

statement went on the say

"The Holy Father was deeply

disturbed and distressed by

the contents of the report".

Today the Pope summonsed

senior members of Ireland's

Catholic clergy to a

90-minute crisis meeting

after the Vatican was

criticised for failing to respond the inquiry.

Afterwards they said the Pope

had made it clear there would

soon be a shake such in the

church of island.. this is

not a question of heads

rolling, I've said people

assume their own

responsibility. The Murphy

Report published two weeks ago revealed a shocking

litany of child sex abuse in

Dublin an said scores of

priests were protected by

successive Archbishops.

Tonight a support group for

the victims said the Pope's

response fell far short of

what was required. We think

the Pope's response was

disappointing. He has

attempted to place the blame

on individuals rather than

accept responsibility for the

culture of secrecy and cover

up that went to the be to of

the Vatican. The Vatican has

described the Dublin abuse

case as these traumatic

events. Although there was no

word today on whether there

will be any resignations the

in Ireland over this but

after similar cases in the US

and Australia the Catholic

Church at its very highest

levels has been left reeling

once again over the

unspeakable actions of some

of its most trusted members. Three Australian

priests have been on a

religious road trip this week

holding ecumenical services

in outback communities. Each

year the Catholic, Anglican an Uniting Church clergy bring together families that

cannot get to church during

the festive season. We caught

up with them in Toompine in

Queensland's remote south

west. They have travelled

vast distances. And come

bearing the Christmas

message. Yet these three

wise men insist they are

anything but. The final

stop on their Christmas road

trip is Toompine, population

2. The remote outpost is

affectionately known as the

pub with no town! The

Christmas story is a story of

a little bloke born out

behind the pub because his

people cannot get a place in

the pub so it seems vaguely

poetic to me we finish

here. The camels and donkeys

add a symbolic touch but the

alpacas seem out of place.

There was no room at the inn

nor the 60 people who made

the journey to get here so

the service was moved next

door. For many of the

families here tonight the

nearest church is 500 or 600

kilometres away so attending

a service this Christmas is a

little out of reach, that is

unless the church comes to them.

# He rules the world...

Locals say the pilgrimage

helps to foster a sense of

community. It is a gathering in hard times like we have

had for the last 10 years out here. After the service Santa

Claus arrived in true outback

style. Merry Christmas girls

and boys! Although his

Christmas clobber proved a little sweaty in the

40-degree heat. Santa will

have a drink because Santa is

very hot! Many of the congregation then adjourned

to the pub to celebrate in a

more secular fashion. The

world's highest-earning sportsman Tiger Woods toys

take an indefinite break from professional goal.. Woods

made the announcement today

via his web site where he had

also admitted he had been

unfate actual to his wife. He

said he was putting golf on

the backburner to concentrate

on saving his marriage. A

poster boy for the game until

a fortnight ago. He has not

been seen in public since he

crashed his car outside his

Florida home which prompted

reports of a domestic

dispute. Since then a string

of women have come forward

claiming to have had affairs

with him. In a statement

released on his web site

today Woods admitted he had

been unfaithful to his

wiemplt it read -

The Swedish golfer Jesper

Parnevik introduced him to Elin Nordegren, something he

now regrets. I told her this

is a guy, everything you

want, true, honest, great

values, everything you would

want in a guy and I was

wrong! Long seen as an

ambassador to a new

generation of golfers Woods

clean-cut image earned him

record sponsorship deals.. I

hope he sorts it out for

himself and makes sure he

sorts it out for the game of

golf too. The last major

event Woods played in was in

Melbourne last month where me

won the Australian Masters.

His appearance there led the

huge crowds and seemed to

justify the $3 million fee he

charged. For now Tiger Woods

is laying low but the lure of

equalling and surpassing Jack

Nicklaus's major wins record

should entice him back to the

game before long. The

business on the course - 8

players are within three

shots of the lead with one

round left at the Australian

PGA. Robert Allenby holds a

one-shot advantage over

Strange and Chalmers while

Michael Sim surged home.

Geoff Ogilvy's aggressive

approach brought him undone

on the first. It was in stark

contrast to Greg Chalmers

measured second shot on the

third. That's has to be a

certain birdie for

Chalmers. Allenby found water

on the third and had to negotiate more trouble today

on his way the an evunt full bogie. Stuart Appleby share his frustration was the

whole, his wayward drive did

not please him or the locals.

Queensland's Adam Scott catapulted himself into a

share of the lead on the

fifth while Griffin held his

near to have remain in the

hunt. Chalmers was on song

all day. His ire play set-up

a sublime third round. His

decision the reach from a 3

wood from off the greenback

fired and his ball fund a

whatty grave A wayward shot

cost Scott a share of the

lead on the 8th but loyal

supporters had plenty of

reasons to smile as he looks

for back-to-back wins on home

soil. Michael Sim avoided the

cameras but grabbed a

spotlight with 6 birdies on

the back 9. His 6 under par

65 was the best round of the

day. Allenby squandered good

opportunities in the middle

of his round but finished

strongly on the last two

holes with birdies to take a

one-shot lead into the final

day. In cricket Australian

bowler Mitchell Johnson says

a fast and bouncy Perth

wicket will give Australia a

advantage in the third Test

against the Windies when it

starts on Wednesday but

Johnson says his team will

neat to be wary of the West

Indian captain Chris Gayle

the leading run-scorer in the

series so far. I don't know if there is a specific plan

for him really. Like I said

if it is fast and bouncy it

will suit us more.

A few more days we will be

able to see what it looks

like but at the moment it is

not a concern. Just have to

do what we have to

do. Middle-order batsman

Marcus North has jumped to

the defence of Michael Hussey

amid calls for him to be

dropped because of poor form.

Look I was pretty shocked

to hear that actually.

Obviously there has been a

bit of debate about his

position but his form in

India and one-day cricket is

outstanding. North says he is

looking forward to his first

Test on his home ground. New

South Wales is in a strong

position at stumps on day two

against Queensland in

Brisbane. Blues top order

batsman Elysse Perry had

support from Smith. In reply

Bulls were in trouble until

Steve Corica steadied. The

Blues lead by 184 with two

days to play. In women's

soccer Sydney FC is the first

team into next Saturday's

W-League grand final. Sydney

had a 3-nil win despite

having only 10 players for

most of the game. Canberra's 19-year-old dual

international Elysse Perry

played cricket for New South

Wales yesterday and will

switch back to pace bowling

again for another game

tomorrow. Sydney was looking

to stretch its unbeaten run

to 10 games but suffered an

early setback. A straight

red for Leishman. Despite

being a player short Sydney

created more chances and

struck before half-time.

Here is a chance! Welsh!

Canberra paid the price for

being indecisive in attack as

the home team went further in

front through the head of

Leena Khamis. There it is.

Leena Khamis! It is 2 for

Sydney. Sydney which finished

the regular season on top-of-the-table will host

either Central Coast or

Brisbane in next week's

decider What a finish. The

Sydney FC men had to scam

sell in defence in the

opening minute of their game

against Wellington. An

infringement on Alex Brosque gave the visitors a

opportunity in his 20th

National League game Steve

Corica took the penalty. It

is 1-nil. Brosque threatened

to double Sydney's advantage

early in the second half. Next Brosque good

save. Sydney had to survive

the last 10 minute with only 10 men after Simon Colosimo

was dismissed. Its 1-nil

victory was Wellington's

first home loss in 15 game.

Last night North Queensland

has its fifth win of the

season defeating Perth 1-nil

in Townsville. Round 2 of

the Pipeline Masters has

produced some near-perfect

waves and rides in Hawaii. It

was a good day for the

locals, 17-year-old John-John Florence registered the

second highest score in the

event so far. While former

world champion Andy Irons

upstaged Australia's drew

Courtney in the final heat of

the day. Irons made the most

of the 2-metre swell as he recorded a pair of high-scoring waves.

Australians Mick Fanning and

Joel Parkinson will begin

their battle for the 2009

world title in round 3

provided the big swell rolls

in overnight as forecast. in overnight as forecast.

One of the rising stars of

Australian tennis is back on

court after a 6-month

suspension. He says he is a

changed man. 19-year-old

Brydan Klein was suspended

for racially abusing an opponent. Brydan Klein says his temper is now under

control. Once a promising Australian junior Brydan

Klein became better known for

his mouth rather than his

racquet. You're in trouble! Anyone in that situation

would be embarrassed, mainly

upset with myself. In July

this year he was suspended

for 6 month and fined by the

ATP for a racial slur on a

South African opponent. The

19-year-old has had plenty of

time to reflect on his

on-court behaviour and he is

now ready to earn his respect

back. Just be happy to be on

court and I always was, I was

a bit competitive at times

but now I enjoy playing more because I appreciate it more

and having a lot of fun

playing. His world ranking

has dropped to 200 and he is

no longer guaranteed one of

the wild cards Tennis

Australia hands out to locals

in next month's Grand Slam at

Melbourne Park. He will have

to prove himself starting at

next week's playoff

tournament. I will practice

well and play as well as I

can in the playoff and there

is nothing more I can do so

it should sort its out. But

the next wave of young

players are pressing.

16-year-old world junior

champion Jason Kubler will

attempt to qualify for the

main draw for the first time.

All the indication are that

the movie 'Samson and

Delilah' will make a clean

sweep at the AFI Awards in Melbourne night. At last

night's industry awards it

picked up three gongs as did

Baz Luhrmann's epic

'Australia' and the ABC had

some big wins too. In

showbiz they love a party.

Australia's film and

television community gathered

for part 1 of the AFI award

and were united against

criticism that local films

are too depressing. I did

not know when it became a

crime to try to tell a gym of

complex issues and to try to

strife for excellence I suppose. Baz Luhrmann missed

out on nominations in the

major categories for

'Australia' but his wife goes

home with two awards, best

costumes and best production

design. You cannot make

things or do things for

awards but certainly, you

know, it is a lovely

recognition from your peers

and I really appreciate

that. The ABC won 6 award

including Best Comedy for

Review with Miles Barlow and

light entertainment for

Spicks and Specks . This is

not about music trivia it is

people craping on. 'Samson

and Delilah' scored three

honours including the coveted

best cinematography award. I

went to directing because I

could not fill the fridge

with cinematography but that

is my love. Never did I ever,

ever dream in my entire life

I would win. The main show is

still to come with the major

awards to be handed out later

tonight. There is strong

competition for Best Film

with 6 movies nominated

instead of the usual four but

after already picking up a

stack of awards this year most expect 'Samson and

Delilah' to clean up at the

AFIs. Time for a look at the

weather. In Sydney it reached

27 degrees, 1 above average

suburbs. Across New South up to 33 in the western

Wales it was mostly sunny

the north coats. apart from cloud around the

The satellite shows a band

of cloud over the far north

generateing a few showers.

Mostly clear skies elsewhere

under a strengthening ridge

of high pressure. The rinl

across the inland is bringing

dry and stable conditions

there. The high pressure

system south of the Bite will move towards Tasmania

extendsing a southerly change

along the New South Wales

coast. So tomorrow false on

the coats and adjacent ranges

in the south. Over the

north-east associated with

the trough of low pressure

near there. In the capital

cities tomorrow - showers for

Melbourne, Hobart and for Darwin. Around New South

Wales - there is a total fire

ban for the North Western and

upper central west plains

current. Tomorrow isolated

showers and storms on the

north coast and ranges.

Isolated showers or drizzle

developing on the South Coast

and adjacent ranges in the

afternoon or evening. The

inland will remain dry under

the influence of that ridge.

In Sydney tomorrow a sunny

morning then cloud increasing

in the afternoon, a top of 27

in the city again. The sun is up at

up at 5.38. Recapping our

top stories. The Indonesian

pilot of a plane that cashed

in 2007 killing five Australians has had his

conviction for negligence

quashed. Hundreds of people

have been arrested at the

start of a Trans-Tasman police crackdown on

alcohol-fuelled violence.

That is the newsroom

finished. I will be back with

an update in about an hour.

Closed captions by CSI Until then, goodnight.