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(generated from captions) Live. Good evening. I'm Scott

Bevan. On tonight's program the wedding that celebrates the Bevan. On tonight's program -

love of a couple and that has entranced amid much ceremony in London's

wem Abbey. They're watching 'The World'. With Duchess of Cambridge. You're

this ring I thee this ring I thee wed. With my this ring I thee wed. With

body I thee live to our correspondents at route to Buckingham Palace. Also tonight, hundreds

killed as tornados tear the United States south. Hell killed as tornados tear across

- - no other word to describe

it. Foreigners targeted in a

Moroccan bomb blast Moroccan bomb blast that's left

at least 15 dead in

New image s of the wave that New image s of the wave

changed everything in Japan. And the final countdown - the space shuttle

prepares to lift off one

time. We begin tonight

Middleton. The happy couple

have just exchanged vows

will now be known as the will now be known as the Duke

and Duchess of Cambridge. Millions worldwide watched the service on TV and online, with

hundreds and thousands on the

streets of central streets of central London as

well. In a moment we'll speak

to our correspondent, Philip Williams, at Westminster Abbey.

But first a look at how the

wedding unfolded. I William

Arthur Philip Louis take thee

Catherine Elizabeth to be my

wedded wife, to have and to

hold from this day forward, for

better for worse, for rich er

for poorer, in sickness and in

health, to love and to until death us do part health, to love and to cherish,

according to God's holy law and thereto I give thee my thereto I give thee my Troath. I Catherine Elizabeth thee William Arthur Philip I Catherine Elizabeth take

to have and to hold from this Louis to be my

day forward, for better for worse, for rich er worse, for rich er for poorer,

in sickness and in health, to

love and to cherish until death us do part. With this ring I thee wed, with my body I thee honour, and all my worldly

goods with thee I share. the Son and of the Son and of the holy

ghost. There are those moments

at that wedding in Westminster

Abbey. It's still going on.

Shortly we'll be crossing to Shortly we'll be crossing

just outside the Abbey to speak

with our Europe correspondent Philip Williams. But the Royal romance has been keenly watched

for years. After enduring

intense scrutiny of the world's

media for the past six it all media for the past six months, kiss. Here's Alberici. It's the ultimate correspondent Emma

fairytale, the ordinary England who dreamed England who dreamed of marrying

a prince. But the rags to riches story. This a prince. But it wasn't quite

Cinderella was educated Cinderella was educated at exclusive private schools. In

her gap year, she spent time on

a volunteer project in Chile.

Coincidentally, the same

expedition Prince William had demeanour and a a certain aura, a certain

maturity that made demeanour and a certain

out slightly from others. It was at university in

Scotland of England. They shared a

house as friends and it wasn't

until this charity when she until this charity fashion show dress that she stole his heart.

I think he just took a shine

lot to her really. They spent a

very good friends time, and I think then blossomed into something time, and I think then that

more. Seven years into this Welsh island where Prince

William is working with the Royal Air rescue pilot. ring, will

William of Wales. This chapter of the fairytale ends here, sealed with a kiss on that famous balcony. At Westminster Abbey Kate Middleton will bride become only the second royal

vow to obey her husband. Instead she'll opromise Instead she'll opromise to love, honour, comfort and keep correspondent, Philip Williams,

who's at Phil, good evening, or good who's at Westminster Abbey.

morning to you there. The

wedding service is still going

on, but it's extraordinary hour extraordinary hour or so? It has been. has been. Pomp, ceremony, the

emotion, the dress revealed.

It's all been happening and we're just waiting for and wife and then take the to emerge from the Abbey man

carriage. You can probably the carriage. You can probably see

can see the officials can see the officials waiting to usher them down the steps their new life, where they'll be taken down Palace be taken down to Buckingham

reception they won't forget for the whole of their lives. They

stand on the balcony, there

will be at least a million people, they estimate, the Mall to welcome them the Mall to welcome them to their new status, and of a bride for their new status, and of course

Australia. Phil, as we and of course the King of

pictures from these are walking out. They'll be coming out behind you at Westminster Abbey any moment

now, as they come down aisle. It has that, as you mentioned, has had a

a lot of pomp and ceremony, a lot

moments of modernity and deeply

personal moments. I'm sure I saw Prince William utter to his about to be calm over the last couple calm over the last couple of

nervousness. days, there was clearly

be nervous with 2 nervousness. Why wouldn't you

be nervous with 2 million

people watching you, 4 billion eyes on you. They did

extremely well and despite those nerves, those nerves, understandable nerves, everything has gone

very smoothly and, yes, you

could see the emotion, you

could feel the emotion. could feel the emotion. These

are clearly two people very

much in love and while this is a massively

also an intensely private moment too, and you could

really see and feel that at moments during the service. Well, the procession, or

or the wedding party, of course

led by the husband and wife,

getting ever closer to those

doors behind you as they come

out of Westminster Abbey after that service. Phil, the

inevitable comparisons will be

made to 30 years ago, when Prince William's Prince William's mother and father got married in the very

church behind you what you've seen and experienced today, what are experienced today, what are the similarities, what are the great differences in those two

ceremonies? Well, actually

they were married at St they were married at St Paul's, so that is a major difference. But of course she was the

young, shy teenager. Here is

an experienced, confident woman

in her late 20s, nearly 30. That's

That's a huge difference.

They've known each other many

years and - something is

coming. Something coming. Something is happening here. People are here. People are sensing it.

The bells, it sounds very like

that. They're just about to

emerge here. Joy for the crowd

here, who have here, who have been waiting

some of them for four days just

to get the position, just to see and experience this very moment. moment. Any second now they'll be emerging through those

doors. As I say, their lives

will never be the same. will never be the same. Of course, Prince William was born

to this. He was always going to take a to take a wife and that person - There they are behind There they are emerged for There they are emerged for the first time, the British nation and the

world. You can hear the reaction behind us, absolute

ecstasy amongst the crowd as the carriage draws up and they will be cheered from here down the Mall into Buckingham

Palace. This is an Palace. This is an historic moment. years between these events, and this

this couple are making the absolute most of it. Down the route you'll Australians, some here, some who've flown especially for monarchist, some Republicans, but all wanting to but all wanting to be a part of this and experience it just hundreds this and experience it just as hundreds of a million, British are also doing exactly the same thing at this moment.

audience, not just here, but throughout the world. Philip Williams - throughout the world. Philip Williams - I can say, covering

this the last few days, it this the last few days, it has been a moment, really just pure joy for the nation. pure joy for the nation. This

has really lifted spirits here. Whether you're a Republican Whether you're a Republican or whatever, this event. event. These people are in

love. People are happy. This

is a great day. Phil, you're a professionally, experienced a lot,

this as magical. How close is this -

very true statement. It is a magical moment. magical moment. I was in London for the It feels very, very similar. Of course, things didn't Of course, things didn't work out. We

very, very different path. I'm sure they'll take it, having sure they'll take it, having learnt those

learnt those lessons over the

years. This is a moment of

course when they get course when they get to Buckingham kiss on the balcony, that's

when the real parties begin. I

can assure you up and down country and beyond the parties will continue for hours.

have to leave now, but I have to leave now, but I leave utter joy. Europe Philip Williams, thank you so married couple, Duchess of Cambridge, Duchess of Cambridge, leaving Westminster Abbey after that one and attended by 1900

attended by 1900 guests, in

what is a little bit what is a little bit different

to tradition, more than 1,000 were family members and friends of

couple to be in that very

special service. There they go, heading towards Buckingham

Palace, as you heard Phil say,

heading up the Mall to

applause and rejoicing of

hundreds of thousands, some of

whom have staked out their positions for this moment for some days. Let's have a listen the newly married couple pass. (Crowd roars)

There is the Royal couple, newly heading up the Mall. heading up the Mall. A few

moments ago we saw a shot of a very proud-looking grandmother,

Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth

II, looking on, having just

come out of the Abbey along

with 1900 other guests. This celebrations and the celebrations and the ceremony, the service, which was modernity in Westminster Abbey may have come to an end, but the celebrations go on, with

luncheon reception and then a dinner being hosted tonight by

the prince of Wales, by the father and father and father-in-law of the

couple. In around an time from now, the couple will kiss on the balcony Buckingham Palace, a huge moment that billions around the globe are waiting for globe are waiting for and expecting. Just a reminder that ABC 1 has continuing coverage of ceremony right now live in all

States, and of course we'll be continuing to check continuing to check back in on the celebrations throughout the evening right

evening right here on ABC News 24. Don't forget tomorrow morning Virginia Treoli special edition special edition of 'News Breakfast'. You can catch that

here on ABC News 24 as well. To people have been killed in

what's been described as a

perfect storm. Wild weather

and tornados swept through the south, obliterating south, obliterating entire neighbourhoods, power lines. It's the country's deadliest series of

storms in nearly 40 years and the death toll is rise. Tornados ripped through

six States, the six States, the hardest hit

Alabama. Witnesses say one

twister there was a kilometre

and a half wide. The President, Barack Obama,

the next day or so. the next day or so. Here's North watching and listening is weather service called it eruption of eruption of tornados, dozens

tore through Alabama and Mississippi, lifting and

looking for our loved looking for our loved ones. We keep hearing people whining, but but we can't find are reports of twisters touching down in twisters touching down in a massive stretching from the south-east all the

some over 1.5 km wide ripped some over 1.5 km wide ripped up trees, cars and parts of homes. We have what I would call that we're dealing with. that we're dealing with. The city was worst hit, with was worst hit, with entire neighbourhoods shredded. Locals say

no warning. Hell - that's what

it is, we've been through hell.

No other word to describe

it. With most emergency vehicles and rescue coordination centres in the

area damaged or destroyed, the

National Guard has been sent

in. Paddy Perez says it took

three men to pull her out of

the rubble. I couldn't get up.

I was having to move stuff off

me. In many places the damage

to homes and businesses to homes and businesses is

nothing short of catastrophic. They are used to twisters in south-east. Forecasters call

it duxy Ali. Big tornado. Oh,

my God. But the people here

have never experienced an April

like this. At the end of a

hellish 24 hours, many hellish 24 hours, many picking

over the wreckage say they don't know how they survived. Sally Blakeney is a nursing administrator at the DCH

Regional Medical centre in Tuscaloosa, us now on the line. Sally,

thanks for taking time out from

your schedule. How busy has

the hospital been treating storm and tornado victims? This afternoon it This afternoon it was

extremely busy. It has calmed

down tonight, Thursday night.

It was extremely busy Thursday.

Right after the storm we Right after the storm we saw

600 people in two hours. 600 in

two hours? Yes, sir, we had

patients everywhere. Some we

didn't even check in. If it

was minor, we didn't go through

our normal protocol, go. Sally, how does that

compare with anything that you

and the hospital have had to contend with before? I've been

here 23 years. I have never

seen anything like it and of seen anything like it and of course we were doing all this

on generator power, because we

lost power too. We are very

close to where the tornado came

through. We are probably about

100 yards from where 100 yards from where the apartment complexes

up. Can you tell us what - you paint a word picture for us

all around there. You mention

an apartment block has been

torn up. Further afield, what's it like? - if you go up on the top of

our hospital and look out,

can see the path the tornado

came. There used to be came. There used to came. There used to be trees.

Now it is a clear path. You can see exactly where the

tornado can see exactly where the tornado came. There's nothing to fix. It is all it is just down. Blank spots

where houses and where houses and businesses used to used to be. From those you've been treating, what sorts

been treating, what sorts of

stories have you been hearing

from folks about from folks about what they've gone through and how they

survived what they had survived what they had to do to survive? survive? Most were in their bathtubs or they went bathtubs or they went into closets and pulled stuff over

them. Some did get thrown their dwellings, but anyway. Most of it got real dark and real

but probably less than two

minutes and then people either had to help them had to help them out, some of them and there's more severe weather is forecast for your general region. well prepared are the authorities, how well prepared,

for example, would your hospital be if there is another bout of severe weather and do you think the do you think the people will cope after what they've just been been through? Well, I think because we're

weather or used to tornados, sometimes we don't think that again. We've already gone

through the restocking, you know, trying

here so that we will be here so that we will be prepared prepared if it were to happen again. Well, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, I certainly

there it doesn't happen again.

I thank you for taking time to speak with me tonight. you. Anti-government in Syria are vowing to hold huge demonstrations huge demonstrations around the country calling for further popular protests in the face of protests in the face of a security crackdown which security crackdown which has

left hundreds dead. Among those joining the so-called day of rage were the Muslim Brotherhood. The demonstrations will express solidarity with the city of Daraa, which has been focus of

the unrest. There has been of the Syrian regime's response to protests. In Libya, forces loyal to Moammar Gaddafi pushed pro-democracy fighters

out of a key crossing on the as the as the fighting spilled into its territory. a vital supply route for the rebels in western of thousands of rallied across Yemen denouncing the killing of 12 protesters in the capital, Demonstrators defied heavy rains to condemn the rains to condemn the crackdown by continuing to call for the long-time ruler to step long-time ruler to step down. A

massive bomb in a cafe killed at least 15 people no-one has claimed responsibility, although

authorities say the attack

shows all the signs extremist groups like al-Qaeda. Middle East correspondent Barker reports. The famous square in Marrakech is one of Morocco's biggest Morocco's biggest tourist attractions. At this usually packed with foreign tourists and

before lunch hour yesterday a massive building and killing at least

15 people. TRANSLATION:

15 people. TRANSLATION: It

felt like a volcano shaking under the under the ground. We saw

people running everywhere. I've never seen anything I've never seen anything like it before. Moroccan authorities so far have no motive for the

bombing or firm leads on who the scene confirms indeed a terror attack, the scene confirms it was possibly a suicide bombing.

TRANSLATION: I condemn this TRANSLATION: I condemn this

criminal act that's criminal act that's hit our

country and killed innocent

Moroccans and foreigners.

Those responsible should know

that justice will catch up with them. One witness said them. One witness said someone

inside the cafe had dropped a suitcase and immediately walked

outside. Most of those killed

were foreign tourists. Nearly half

half of them were French.

Moroccan police say the has all the hallmarks of

Islamist extremists who have staged similar attacks before.

The worst bombing in 2003

killed 45 people. A husband and

wife on trial in the US wife on trial in the US for holding a young girl captive

for nearly two for nearly two decades have

changed their plea to guilty. They have now admitted to

kidnapping 11-year-old and

keeping her in a secret

compound at their California home. Ms Dugard home. Ms Dugard was repeatedly raped during her time in

captivity and gave birth to two children before she was freed

in 2009. The accused both in 2009. The accused both face

life sentences. Fighting has

again broken out on the

disputed border between

Thailand and Cambodia, as a

ceasefire agreed to just

yesterday fell apart. At least

16 people have been killed in

the past week, with the conflict centring on two

ancient temples along the border. The struggle for the of over 60,000 people.

sides have blamed each other

for sparking the latest round of violence, but both also say

they still want to give the truce

with the first review in 16

years now handed over to Government. The $4 billion

program is set to nearly double

by 2015 to meet the new target of 0.5% of gross income. Australia's aid program program has so far been geographically focused. In South-East Asia and Pacific

nations like PNG,

approach has several targets. You justice are and similar with education. In Indonesia, education about improved standards of teaching and then standards of education for those people, particularly

around year 8 and year 9 level. That's actually programs are likely to

programs are likely to remain, but the aid program is set for a shake-up, with a new a shake-up, with a new focus on

Africa and a change to the way

aid is away from reliance on technical advisers in places like Papua New Guinea. Australians New Guinea. Australians come in, no matter how skilled they

are, they can only ever be temporary, unlike the tackle it. Aust yad and PNG Government the transition. For example, in the Department of Health, budget, which allowed us to focus on other focus on other things But

submissions to the review have called for more changes, including greater in how the aid budget is spent.

They've They've spent nearly $250 million, million of that has been properly accounted also concern the lines between aid and other responsibilities

from military activity from military activity to

climate change action have been blurred. Basically blurred. Basically Australia's saying we are increasing around 600 million out of that aid budget. The Government's

program has long been under fire, Africa focus is really about

winning a UN Security Council

seat. But most of the submissions to the aid review have called for a return to basics, to concentrate on reducing poverty. Let's get the

latest world weather now with

Graham Creed. We still Graham Creed. We still have plenty of showers expected continent, but they'll start to

ease through NSW as we head

towards the evening. Glimpses of sunshine returning on

Sunday. We also have a band of

cloud stretching from southern SA SA all the way SA all the way back to the

interior of WA. Could even see

isolated thunderstorms along that length of cloud. We also

have a very deep low-pressure

system well north of New

Zealand, high pressure system

over the south island, so most

areas relatively clear,

although for Norfolk Island there is possibility of

damaging winds, heavy rain and also large seas. Fairly

widespread showers and thunderstorms possible thunderstorms possible anywhere from New Guinea all the way

through to sill wazy, higher through to sill wazy, higher areas likely to

the falls, but most areas about South-East Asia could see South-East Asia could see potential of moderate falls

with thunderstorms. We also

have fairly widespread storms

through the western countries,

Laos is looking like picking up

the heaviest of the falls.

Also fairly extensive cloud Also fairly extensive cloud sitting through the southern

parts of China, but that cloud

will actually become

intense about the eastern parts of China. We isolated moderate to heavy falls falls developing there and the

scenario is for that rain to

persist into the weekend and

even next week. So some

significant falls possible there about there about eastern China. Low-pressure system in the Sea

of of Japan will see fairly

widespread showers about the

northern parts of Japan, but not not much through southern

areas. For India, fairly

widespread showers about the

south, up the east coast and

then also along the Himalayan

slopes. Heavier falls through the northern parts of Pakistan, Afghanistan and then also into although for those two countries mostly about the northern areas. As we northern areas. As we head into Europe, we into Europe, we have another relatively clear day on for relatively clear day on the way cloud about, but fairly for the UK, a little bit of

widespread showers through much

of the remainder of central and in the way of overly falls, and a fairly pleasant in the way of overly heavy

day we head further south into

Africa, we are expecting to Africa, we are expecting to see fairly widespread showers and storms

storms across the Equatorial system sitting through the belt.

south. That will trigger fairly widespread showers

between both Juana all the way through heavy falls. We'll see heavy falls. We'll see that activity about the north-east section of South Africaa. Fairly will form over Minnesota. will form over Minnesota. It

snow and cold conditions about will trigger fairly widespread

the north-eastern corner. Further south,

to Oklahoma meaning to Oklahoma and Illinois, meaning more tornados possibly. An area of significant rainfall anywhere around Paraguay and the northern parts of

Argentina. In fact, we see significant falls

be developing there, and that will

head into Sunday. Dramatic new footage has emerged of

month's tsunami in Japan. shows what happened when the wall of water airport, where large numbers cars and aeroplanes were swept away. Water even reached national building. The pictures released by Japanese Coastguard also pictures released by the

the fishing town of where 10% of the fishing town of Kesennuma, perished in the disaster. Across Japan, more than people died or as missing. 130,000 residents were made homeless living were made homeless and are ahead, we'll have an update on the situation in the southern United

storms and tornados. United States, hit by deadly

storms and tornados. We'll cross back to

on the Royal wedding and speak

to our correspondent on procession route to our correspondent on the

procession route to Buckingham Palace. You're watching 'The World'.

Our top stories - the worst

tornados in nearly four decades

have ripped through America's

people. Twisters south, killing at

people. Twisters and violent

storms have hit 7 US States.

More than 200 people have been

killed in Alabama alone. A terrorist attack in Moroccan city of Marrakech has

killed at least 15 people and

injured 20 more. A bomb blast ripped threw you a cafe in the

city's main square. Most of

the dead and the wounded are foreign tourists. Authorities the dead and the wounded are

believe it could have been a suicide bombing. Prince

William and his bride - Duke and Duchess of Cambridge -

have left Westminster Abbey a

married couple and have now

arrived at Buckingham Palace,

where they will soon kiss on the balcony. These are

These are live pictures, as

you can see, that is Buckingham These are live pictures, as you can see, that is Buckingham

Palace and these are some of the guests arriving for what is expected

expected to be a rather large lunch. A that Her Majesty

Elizabeth II is going to be hosting. A

Elizabeth II is going to be hosting. A few moments ago

there were shots of the Queen's hosting. A few moments ago there were shots of the Queen's procession arriving back at Buckingham Palace. Just before Her hour from now, a little under

an hour in fact, we should see an hour in

the Duke and Duchess

Prince William and the former Catherine Middleton, the balcony and kissing. It's

the kiss that I guess the whole

the kiss that I guess the whole world is waiting to see. Here are some of are some of the guests returning to Buckingham Just over 20 minutes ago the service concluded at Westminster Abbey. The service went for went for an hour and a quarter. It was a service

back into tradition, into the

past, and it was a service that touched on the contemporary

modern times, and even what seemed to be some seemed to be some deeply personal moments. one point, as he watched his wife to be walk down the aisle

in that dress, he turned to her when said "You're beautiful". I'm fairly

fairly certain that's what he

mouthed to her. But amid all

of that there was a lot of pomp and ceremony and tradition as well. In to speak to Rachel Brown, our London correspondent, London correspondent, who has been on the route along the Mall back to Buckingham Palace,

where the couple and the where the couple and the Royal

family have returned to. As

soon as we can, we'll cross to Rachel to speak to

mean time, let's return to the storm situation in the southern United States. More than 300 people have been killed after people have been killed after a

series of tornados and series of tornados and wild

storms. The State of Alabama has been left has been left devastated. Arkansas and Tennessee are

amongst seven states to have declared a state of emergency. Oh, my God. A terrified man watches, terrified man watches, films and hopes. Just one

inspires fear and awe. But in one day, more than 160 twisters have churned and ripped their

way across from Texas to New York, felling

trees, crunching up buildings,

spitting out debris, and killing more people than any

tornados in America for tornados in America for 30 years. The

The loss of life has been

heartbreaking, especially in

Alabama. In a matter of hours, these deadly these deadly tornados, some of

the worst that we've seen in

decades, took mothers and fathers, sons and fathers, sons and daughters, friends and neighbours, even entire communities. Alabama was

hit hardest. This tornado tore a 7-mile swathe of a 7-mile swathe of destruction, flattening part of the

university city of Tuscaloosa. in my in my life anything as destructive and as tragic as

what has transpired in Tuscaloosa. Security cameras

caught this junk yard being torn up. At least 184 people died in the devastation in this

State. Some are probably still

trapped. Here people are neighbour. They don't know missing since yesterday. In Mississippi, repeated Mississippi, repeated early warnings saved warnings saved lives. Still more than 30 died and others only just escaped. It

took me out of the house took me out of the house and blew me back in the house In this town, the grocery store this town, the grocery store is devastated, church cemetery in ruins, the mourning. What was left was people and bodies everywhere scattered, it's the

awful thing I've ever seen in my my life. This is out of the ordinary, 900 tornados since April, and the storms often get

more intense as summer approaches. Well, from US, let's return to the joy being played out in London, and

speak to our correspondent Rachel Brown, who's on route from Westminster Abbey to Buckingham Palace. Rachel, The procession I believe has just passed by you a few

moments earlier. What was the atmosphere and reaction like

around you? It's just gone

past me, Scott. Let me say it was phenomenal, it was to be a part of this slice of

history. There was a kak

offney of noise behind me

the now Duchess passed when I was speaking to you before, she passed as Duchess with her Duke. said, the crowd said, the crowd went just bananas. There were children on their parents' there was a sea of Union there was a sea of Union Jaques

being waved, party poppers going off, people were climbing up on posts trying to get glimpse of that beautiful glimpse of that beautiful Royal

carriage you would have

been lucky enough to use, the weather gods have been smiling.

I read on the wires that Prince

William made a comment to his

father in the ceremony, he made a bit of a joke and said I thought this a squie et family affair, there

was no chance of that. Not by the look of there. Did you get of the couple, newly

Scott, as someone who wasn't

overly interested in the Royals

before I started my posting

here a year ago, I did goose bumps. It was just an

amazing sight to see. They

looked so happy. As you can

imagine, yes, it's the sign of

the times, it's a new, fresh

face of the monarchy. It's also new happy times for Britain, because they've been

through a long winter, both

weather wise and economically,

with the harsh austerity

measures. At the essence of

it, it is a story of a boy who

loves a girl. Everyone loves a

good love story. We're watching

the boy say "I do" to the boy say "I do" to the girl,

or the girl is walking down Westminster Abbey. watching pictures from an hour

and a half ago when the service was played out. While that was

going on inside the Abbey, what

was happening outside? How could the people there

connected, how did they feel

connected to the service connected to the service inside

Westminster Abbey? There was a

real community atmosphere here.

People were crowding around

talking to one another, sharing

their excitement to be here.

There were loud speakers

playing the service along the

route, along the Mall, between

Buckingham Palace and

got to feel a part of it. I

was one of the lucky ones. I was in a cordoned-off was in a cordoned-off media

area and crouched over a small

television monitor, one of the US journos was US journos was joking he's been

flown so many hundreds of miles

to be here to be crouched over

a monitor. Some people behind us were lucky enough us were lucky enough to be

joining in on the back to have

a peak at her dress and, you

know, how the Prince looked at

her when she walked in. I think Harry leaned over and

said "She's here qutionz ".

Look, we had the most amazing time. All we could

the audio. So from the time

the procession passed was just

this tense atmosphere waiting

for the service to be over so

they could see their potential

future king and queen of Britain pass them by glorious procession you would

have been watching. From how

far and wide have the onlookers come, the folks come, the folks around you

there, as you've talked to

them, which ones have staggered

you to think wow, you've come

that far. As imagine, a that far. As you would here is travelled from America. There's people that

from - Americans have adopted

the Royals as almost their

surrogate Royals. I've met a lot of people from Australia here here that have planned their holidays around this event. They're thrilled to it. They've said they've felt

a very strong sense of

patriotism, all over the world, as you can imagine - Germany, Russia, you name it, they're here. As you would have seen, over my left shoulder on the way In about an hour there will be a flyover over Buckingham Palace with Palace with Lancaster, spitfire, old newer ones, tornado typhoon. Just typhoon. Just before that

moment that everyone is waiting for, the kiss on William's mother and father 30 years ago. And the whole globe is waiting to see that kiss, and wonderful to hear and wonderful to hear your descriptions there and impressions. Glad you've had a

good time, Rachael Brown,

thanks so much for sharing those impressions. Thank Scott. A judge rejected an appeal by the so-called 'honeymoon killer',

Gabe Watson, to have Gabe Watson, to have murder charges against charges against him dismissed. Watson was extradited to to face murder charges. He'd

previously served time in a Queensland prison for the manslaughter of his wife during

a scuba trip in 2003. Watson's lawyers argued his American trial amounted to trial amounted to double jeopardy, having court and served Australia. He could now Australia. He could now face life in

soldiers have begun attending

them for the end training seminars to prepare

them for the end of a them for the end of a policy

which bans homosexuals from sec

in the army. The being told to be tolerant towards homosexual

but not expected to change

their personal beliefs. their personal beliefs. In December, the Obama, signed legislation overturning the policy which forced their sexuality. But their sexuality. But the policy cannot be officially

lifted until all soldiers have

attended the training sessions. We already lesbians and biswals. It's just able to talk about it now. People live in the barracks and have to share and have to share the same

rooms with them and shower with

to make me uncomfortable. Remaining in the US, NASA is preparing to launch its 'Endeavour' its 'Endeavour' shuttle one last time. International Space Station,

'Endeavour' will be retired. Al Jazeera's Scott Heidler reports from the Kennedy Space Centre. Spas shutle ready for launch one last time before hanging up her booster rockets for the second to last mission for

NASAa's space shuttle program, coming to an end after Challenger that exploded just after launch. The designed to help build the covering NASA for years. It's a very kind covering NASA for over 10 years. It's the age of the space shuttle.

It's the age of the space

shuttle. There's this

fantastic flying machine that they're not going to

they're not going to have for at least in this incarnation, it's going to be gone. 'Endeavour' will deliver the

speck trom ter 2. To speck trom ter 2. To utilise, the biggest science experiment

ever to be sent to the

International Space Station

will be on board. It could greatly expand

greatly expand man's

understanding of the universe.

A grand send-off for shuttle

'Endeavour'. President Barack

Obama and his family will be here on hand at the Kennedy Space an entire first an entire first family

witnessed a space launch. Also

here a crew family here a crew family member

getting a lot of attention. The wife of Mark Kelly, 'Endeavour''s commander, Gabrielle Giffords, shot in the

head in Arizona back in

January. She received the okay

from her doctor to make the

trip, the first since her rehabilitation started four months ago. One, 0, booster ignition. With the end of the

shuttle program, what's next

for NASA? Has the fuel for NASA? Has the fuel been drained out of its rockets? astronauts into space. The

problem is they don't have American vehicle ready to fill the void of the There will be a noticeable gap in American capability. President Obama has

said he wants NASA to said he wants NASA to go

further, setting a definitive goal of a manned mission to Mars by 2030. The focus this

week still on around the block before she

ends up here, a science centre golden years. China have spread, this time they've hit the Chinese tea industry, facing a challenge from the new beverage of correspondent for the ABC's Australia network Huey Fern Tay reports from southern reports from southern China's Yunnan province. The price of coffee has hit a 14-year high

and for some tea growers other farmers in Yunnan, a change is brewing. TRANSLATION: Well, if you grow grains, you can make X amount coffee, you can make X amount of and you'll see worth while to grow worth while to grow coffee. The

coffee and tea industries have existed for many years. for many years. The spotlight has always been on the latter. Now Now there's a push to make the coffee sector even bigger, but doing so presents new problems. Competition has grown fiercely at both the retail and

production end of coffee. race is on to secure prime

plantations in China. Locals have heard

trend. TRANSLATION: Tea crops

that have been around for many years have either been to grow involved too. involved too. 360 Yuan for a sixth of an how widespread the practice is, but an even more pressing

problem for the tea business problem for the tea business is

a chronic labour shortage. TRANSLATION: Tea picking is a delicate task, so a person may only be able to pick to 80 Yuan worth, but if he or

she were to work in another day job, that person can easily make a few hundred dollars a

What this change in the way businesses

plan and a shift away from labour-intensive practices. To sport now with sport now with Amanda Shalala. Amanda, boy, soccer's

rivalry has erupted There's no love lost Barcelona charged following a semifinal clash. Madrid

manager was banished to the stands for protesting against red card given to one of his players. players. He's also in trouble for a for a post-match outburst, where

referees of conspiring to help

Barcelona win. He could be hit

with a touchline ban of up to 6

matches. Real has reported barsa for unsportsmanlike

behaviour. In America's national hockey League, the national hockey League, the can

vufr have taken a lead vufr have taken a lead in the western conference series against Nashville.

There was just the one goal in

it, with Higgins slotting the

winner in the second period.

Game 2 in the best of seven

series will also be in Canada on Sunday. Pakistan on Sunday. Pakistan has wrapped up its one-day

international cricket series against West Indies. against West Indies. The

Pakistanis won by three wickets

with two one-dayers still to

play. Rain reduced the match

to 45 overs a side. The

Windies made a promising start,

but they lost their last but they lost their last seven

wickets for 40 runs to 171. Pakistan's top order failed in the chase, but failed in the chase, but an unbeaten 62 ensured they

reached the target with several overs to overs to spare. The New Zealand Breakers have become

the first team from across the

Tasman to win a major

Australian competition. They

beat the Cairns Taipans 71-53 in game 3 of series. After winning game 2

in double overtime, Taipans

were deplated in tip-off, brutan was at the

forefront with 14 points. forefront with 14 points. The minor premiers translated

dominance all year to secure

NBL championship winner NBL championship winner s,

here in 2011. Abkrom by was

named finals MVP. I I thank my team-mates, I love you guys,

we're a family. We've fought all year long to share it with you people here,

at home, it's an amazing

feeling. We had a vision and we built this team and so proud you. Well done. It's a you. Well done. It's a tense encounter between

and Carlton Blues in the AFL

match at the SCG. Blues are just in front in

term. They're aiming for a first win in Sydney in

a very wet SCG term and a goalless second quarter. But as the weather improved, the Blues rained

Blues rained down on the Blues rained down on the Swans with 5-3 in the third

The Brisbane Broncos continue

to lead the way in the Rugby League after an win over Canterbury Bulldogs. rab tows revived their season with a win against the with a win against the sharks, while Broncos made it 7 wins in

a row. Darren Lockyer showed

he's still got a touch of speed

as he raced away for the opening try of the night. The veteran was trumped by a star in Ben Basher, though, the Bulldogs youngster turned

the flare to set Michael Lett

up and dogs trailed by just two at half time. But the Broncos second half, with

tries, enough for them to win the game. The Auckland the game. The Auckland Blues

have extended their lead on top

of New Zealand super rugby

conference with a 15-10 win

over ot go highland ers.

Berrick Barnes and Beale have

been cleared to play

four games, while Beale has

overcome a knee injury. Certainly it's injury. Certainly it's lovely to have Berrick back, nice hectic. The Waratahs need to beat rebels to stay in with the competition front runners. And in American sports

news, the Carolina Panthers

have chosen Cam Newton as number

number one draft pick in informal draft. What a great team Panthers. Good ring to

it. Their debut on this show, I believe. check back check back in on the royal wedding now. In the next half hour or

so the newly married Duke Duchess of Cambridge will kiss on the balcony of Buckingham Palace, and the Palace, and the whole globe is waiting to see waiting to see that. And so are tens are tens of thousands of other people who palace hoping to glimpse of the couple. glimpse of the couple. There's

still a lot of pomp and

ceremony going been going, of course, all since early this

leading up to the procession to

Westminster Abbey for the and a quarter hour service which the couple was married front of members

front of 1900 people, more than 1,000 of

members and friends chosen by

the royal couple to be there.

Others, dignitaries from Others, dignitaries from many countries, including Australia's Australia's Governor-General and Australia's PM as well, and Australia's PM as well, and also some folks from charities that Prince William in with, including Australia's Ian

Thorpe. They met last year and

have stayed in touch. And after the service they after the service they came

out. The couple out. The couple came out to

the most extraordinary applause

outside Westminster Abbey outside Westminster Abbey and

made their way up the Mall.

While the procession has gone

through, as you can see with these pictures, the rejoicing

and the celebration goes on. Let's listen, if we can hear

some of the crowd.

Well, a lot of Union Jaques there and still a lot of

rejoicing, a lot of excitement. The procession went up the Mall

towards Buckingham Palace.

That road you can see there.

It is now just coming up to 1

o'clock London time and at

about 25 past 1, so about about 25 past 1, so about 25 past time, that's when the expected to head out on to the

for that famous kiss. And

hundreds of thousands have been in the English capital for this event.

event. Some have been there for days, staking out the best positions, so that they could get a glimpse of the couple and the procession as from the Abbey for the service.

As you heard from Rachael Brown just a

had of a jubilant, beaming

young couple, particularly as they headed back to Buckingham Palace. So we'll leave those

live pictures for now, but of course we'll be returning on right here on ABC News 24, transfixed by Prince William and and the former Catherine Middleton, but one Chinese couple have gone quite in the same league, but

the wedding planner has gone to

great lengts to recreate the regal atmosphere, Beefeaters and horse carriage. This place in

a mere $8,000. says the royal theme is now increasingly popular there. Three Three other couples have already booked in for a already booked in for a similar procession in the coming stories. Prince William stories. Prince William and his bride, the Duke and Duchess

of Cambridge, have left Westminster Abbey a married

couple and have now arrived at

Buckingham Palace, where they will soon kiss on

The worst tornados in The worst tornados in nearly four through America's killing at least 305 people.

Twisters and violent storms have hit seven than 200 people have been

killed in Alabama alone. killed in Alabama alone. A terrorist attack in the Moroccan city killed 15 people and injured 20

more. A bomb blast ripped

through a cafe in the city's main square. Most of the dead

and wounded are foreign it could have been a suicide bombing. And one Thai soldier has died in a fresh border clash between Thailand and Cambodia. Despite a ceasefire

struck hours before. At least

16 people have been killed in the fighting over the following, you can log on to our website. week. To keep up our website. The address

our website. The address is That World' for this Friday evening

and the week. I'll be

returning in a few moments and

we'll follow a little more of the Royal wedding ceremony in

London, including speaking to

our correspondent, Emma

Alberici. I'm Scott Bevan.

Thanks for your company. Closed Captions by CSI

Middleton marry in front of Middleton marry in front of an audience in is ABC News 24. Hello, Scott Bevan. Prince William and Kate Middleton have Kate Middleton have exchanged vows at Westminster Abbey in a billion people. Hundreds of thousands of gathered in London for gathered in London for the

event. Among the 1 #00 guests in the Abbey was the PM, Julia Gillard,

in front of the Archbishop of continue

Philip Louis take thee