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New claims emerge over Timor 'hit squads' -

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New claims emerge over Timor 'hit squads'

Reporter: Anne Barker

QUENTIN DEMPSTER: Tonight's Four Corners program has uncovered documentary evidence which further
implicates East Timor's Prime Minister in the arming of secret civilian militias. An interior
ministry memo obtained by the ABC matches the names of a civilian security team to the serial
numbers of automatic military weapons. While in East Timor today, emotions were running high as
three policemen, shot dead during last month's rioting, were buried. From Dili, Anne Barker

ANNE BARKER: Mourners chanted prayers as the coffin of one man was lowered into his grave in Dili's
Santa Cruz cemetery. Pascoal Hornai de Carvalho was one of 10 policemen shot dead last month when
rival army officers opened fire in an apparent revenge attack. He and his colleagues had just
surrendered their weapons and were being escorted to safety when they were gunned down. Hundreds of
people crammed around the gravesite; among them, Australian Federal Police and United Nations
officers. His grief-stricken family and friends are demanding justice for his murder.

ALEXANDRE DE ARAUJO, MOURNER: (Translation) The army should never have shot anyone who was unarmed.

ANNE BARKER: This is the same cemetery where, 15 years ago, scores of protesters were shot by
Indonesian troops. Now, once again, it's become synonymous with the massacre of unarmed East
Timorese. The United Nations has launched a criminal investigation into the killings and says it
will stop at nothing to find those responsible, even if it goes to the top of East Timor's

SUKEHIRO HASEGAWA, UNITED NATIONS REPRESENTATIVE: I felt very strongly that that incident has to be
investigated immediately.

ANNE BARKER: The document obtained by Four Corners purports to be a memo written to the then
interior minister, Rogerio Lobato, matching 30 names with the serial numbers of weapons. The memo
says Minister Lobato asked a local border patrol commander to arm these former resistance fighters
to form a private army. The commander said the orders came right from the top, but Prime Minister
Alkatiri denies any involvement.

MARI ALKATIRI, EAST TIMOR PRIME MINISTER: I never had one guns in my hand. I am not police, I am
not armed force, I am Prime Minister.

ANNE BARKER: A check of the weapons held by the militia shows they match the serial numbers on the
memo. Anne Barker, Lateline.