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Live. A win for people power.

Hosni Mubarak steps down President. President Hosni

Mubarak has decided office of the President of the

Republic. Euphoric celebrations break out across the country. While Obama hails the events as

history in the making.

Good morning, I'm Jane

thus 24 this Saturday and Hutcheon, you're watching ABC

thus 24 this Saturday and it's a historic day hozmy Mubarak finally conceding

to public pressure to step down. After 18 days of mass protest

protest against his rule 82-year-old relinquished power this 82-year-old Mubarak

morning. The news has sparked mass celebrations on the streets of Cairo and Alexandria and around the and around the world. Vice-President Omar Suleiman made the announcement about announcement was made Hosni

Mubarak and his family fled

Cairo to the resor of Sharm el Sheikh. Power has now been

handed to the military ahead of

presidential elections promised

for September. World leaders

have praised Mubarak's decision

to step down. US President

Barack o - Obama has hailed

events in Egypt overnight as events in Egypt overnight

history in the making. His words were with a word of

caution as he warned it's just

free and fair elections and a functioning democracy. There are very few moments in our

lives where we have the privilege to witness history

taking place. This is one of

those moments. This is one of

those times. The Egypt have spoken, their voices those times. The people of

have been heard and Egypt will never

never be the same. By stepping down President responded to the down President Mubarak

responded to the Egyptian this is not the end of this is not the end of Egypt's transition. It's the beginning.

I'm sure there will be

difficult days ahead and many

questions remain unanswered.

But I am confident that the people of Egypt can find answers and do so peacefully, people of Egypt can find the

spirit of unity that has constructively and in the

defined these last few weeks.

For Egyptians have

clear that nothing less than

genuine democracy will carry

the day. The military has

served patriotically and

responsible as a care takeer to

the state and will have to

ensure a trns yition that is

credible in the eyes of the Egyptian people. That means

protecting the rights of

Egypt's citizen, lifting the

emergency law, revising the

constitution and other laws to make this

make this change and laying out a clear path to

elections that are fair and

free. Above all, this transition must bring all of Egypt's voices to the table for the spir of peaceful protest

and perseverance that the

Egyptian people have shown Egyptian people have shown can

serve as a powerful wind at the back of this change. The United

States will continue to be a

friend and partner to Egypt. friend

asked for, stand ready to provide whatever

asked for, to pursue a assistance is

transition to a democracy. I'm asked for, to pursue a credible

also confident that the same

ingenuity and entrepreneurial

spirit that the young people of Egypt have shown in recent days

can be harnessed to create new opportunities, jobs and

businesses that allow the extraordinary potential of

generation to take flight. And

I know that a democratic Egypt can advance its role of

responsible leadership not only the region but world. Egypt has world. Egypt has played a

pivotal role in human history

for over 6,000 years but for over 6,000 years but over

the last few weeks the wheel of history turned history

history turned at a blinding

pace as the Egyptian people

demanded their universal

rights. We saw mothers and phat

errings carrying their children

on their shoulders to show them

what true freedom might look

like. We saw a young Egyptian

life I really say "For the first time in my

life I really count. My voice

is heard. Even one person democracy one person this is the way real protestors chant democracy works." We saw

peaceful" again and again. We

fire bullets saw a military that would not

fire bullets at the people

were sworn to protect and we

into the streets to saw doctors and nurses rushing

volunteers checking protestors those who were wounded,

to ensure that they unarmed. We saw people of to ensure that they were

Muslims, praying together and chanting and Muslims, Christians, we are one and though we know that the

strains between faiths still

divide too many in this world

and no single event will close that chasm immediately , these scenes remind us we need not defined by our differences

common humanity that we share.

And above all we saw generation emerge, a generation And above all we saw a new

that uses their own creativity and talent and technology to

call for a government that

represented their hopes and not

their fears, a government that is responsive to Egyptian put it simply "Most boundless aspirations. One

people have discovered in last few days that they worth something and this be taken worth something and this cannot

anymore, ever." be taken away from them

power of human dignity can never be denied. Egyptians

have inspired us and they've

done so by putting the the idea that justice is best

gained through violence. gained through violence. For

Egypt it was the Egypt it was the moral force of

mindless killing, but non- nonviolence, not terrorism, not

violence, moral force the arc of history violence, moral force that bent

heard the sights and sounds that we

heard were entirely Egyptian,

we can't help but hear echos of history, echos echos of history, echos from Germans tearing down a wall, Indonesian students taking Indonesian students taking to

the streets, Ghandi leading his people down the

justice. As Martin Luther King

said in celebrating the birth

of a new nation in Ghana, while trying to perfect his trying to perfect his own, there's

that cries out for freedom.

Those were the cries that Those were the cries that came from Tahrir Square and the entire world has taken note. Today belongs to the people of Egypt and the American people are moved by these scenes in Cairo and across Egypt of who we are as a people and

the kind of world that we want

our children to grow up in. The word Tahrir means and it's a word that speaks to that something in our souls that cries out for freedom and forever more it will remind us

of the Egyptian people of what they did, of the things that they stood for and how they stood for and how they

changed their country and in

doing so changed the

President Barack Obama President Barack Obama there. And live shots as And you're about to see live shots as you can see the streets live shots as you can see the

streets of Cairo are streets of Cairo are packed with hundreds of thousands of people. This is obviously Liberation Square,

Square, masses of people there.

As you can see it's just after

11pm Egypt time. Well, in

know Egyptian President know Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has stepped down after

18 days of mass protests

against his rule. The news sparked the streets as he relinquished

power after 30 years as leader

and we know that more and more

residents are pouring on to the

streets. You can hear them chanting. They're just in chanting. They're just in a mood of complete celebration.

It's 11:10pm in Egypt. Well

fireworks also erupted in

Cairo's Tahrir Square earlier

as people celebrated the end of

the Mubarak regime and the

beginning of something new. The

Egyptian people have welcomed assumed control. Throughout the

country protestors have cheered

the army. Some people stopped

to get a memento capturing for

future generations of the history of the day. Some

soldiers were swept up in the

emotion and ran into the crowds

to join the celebration. Those

who remained at their who remained at their posts

could only watch with awe as

the will of the people the will of the people landed

squarely on their shoulders.

Let's take a look now at President Mubarak's long-time rule over Egypt. was thrust into office in 1981

when Islamists gunned down when Islamists gunned down his predecessor Anwar Sadat at a

military parade. At the time Mr Mubarak was an air force commander. During his 30 years in power the President has promoted peace abroad and more recently backed economic

reforms at home but he's always

kept political opposes at bay.

He's maintained

with the US which has poured

billions of dollars of military

and other aid into Egypt. Until now Mr Mubarak has even

significant political change,

even ushed pressure from the

US. Because of this Hosni Mubarak's power has been dispieted. He won the first multicandidate presidential

election in 2005 but observers

say the election was marred by irregularities

irregularities and in last year's parliamentary elections opposition parties accuse the Government of vote Government of vote rigging when

Mr Mu bar yck's ruling party

won in a landslide. The armed forces has said it will oppose the popular will of the

Egyptian people in calling for radical change but it's stopped radical change but it's stopped short of outlining short practical measures to achieve

this. TRANSLATION: Egyptians, TRANSLATION: Egyptians, fellow citizens, at this historical

defining moment in the history of Egypt and after

the rez lux by President

Mubarak to give tup post of the President of the Republic and instrucking the supreme council

of the armed forces to run the country's country's affairs, while we are all a ware the gravity of this matter in the face of the demands of our nation wide nation wide to implement

radical changes the supreme council of the armed forces council of the armed forces is examining this matter, examining this matter, taken spore in order to materialise the aspiration of and the supreme council of and the supreme council of the armed armed forces will later hand down resolutions and defining the measures actions to be emphasising at the same time that there but the le - legitimacy acceptable to acceptable to the people and the supreme council of the armed fors extends all appreciation to the President he has delivered in his career. At the time foreign peace and patriotic stance to give priority to this context the supreme council of appreciation and salute the

memories of all the martyrs who

have fallen, who have sacrificed their lives for the freedom and security of their

country. Well Lina p Atala is the phone. First how the phone. First of all tell us how this evening has unfolded for you? Well just wrapping up the day, not expecting wrapping up the day, not expecting much change,

especially after of President Mubarak last night and

and two statements we got and two statements we got from the armed forces this morning we didn't think that there would be drastic changes afternoon until we got

statement from the Vice-President basically announcing

brought a huge state of

festivity across the everyone took to the treats and everyone everyone is basically celebrating this unprecedented moment of seeing the moment of seeing the end of a 30-year old rule. Has the

reality sunk in for you at least? I'm sorry? Has reality of this momentous

situation sunk in? Has it

become real for you? It has been quite imminent although didn't get a final word didn't get a final word about the regime's deparure until

today but you could see that

the regime throughout those past 18 days

and it was quite gradual.

just that we needed this grand

moment of the President announcing his resignation.

is sinking in completely is sinking in completely but

even for us at

because we're thinking about

what the political future would interim rule of the armed forces and

what it could - and how it

could unfold into a proper democratic process. Are you concerned about this interim government process? I am concerned inasmuch as throughout the throughout the last few days we didn't have a opposition because disagreements were main demand which is main demand which is the ousting of Now the worry disagreements can loom again

because there are so many

stakeholders and so many people

who have the right to take part in

of course it worries me but also it doesn't mean anything

negative. It means we need to

do a lot of work. What happened

is great but also what we are waiting is even - should be

greater and should involve a

lot more work from us. Do we

know what the plans of

ex-president Mubarak are? We've

heard he's gone to his house in

Sharm el Sheikh, will he in Sharm el Sheikh, will he remain

in Egypt? I don't in Egypt? I don't see see Mubarak needs to leave Mubarak needs to leave the country. Although tlz there has

been a lot of talk from the

street about people demanding his prosecution his prosecution but I don't think the situation is so dire

for him in the sense that

people didn't really

than his resignation from his

post. So I don't think it's

going to be difficult for

President Mubarak to remain in the country at least in

coastal area of Sharm el

Sheikh. I don't necessary hear a scenario whereby

run away like Ben Ali did in Tunisia. I've been reading comments on Twitter this

morning and one person suggested the first thing that needs to needs to happen is the

of political prisoners and

people who have been tortured. What do you see is the priority

for this transition? I see

that as definitely a priority

but the governing framework

that allows for those prisoners

to be detained arbitrarily and

also tortured and imprisoned

the emergency law so I think

the top priority really is to

see an implementation of the

army's pledge to lift the

emergency laws that have been

in force for the past 30

years. Indeed. Well Lina

Attalah, thanks for joining us on

on this momentous

occasion. Well the UN Secretary-General Ban-Ki Secretary-General Ban-Ki Moon has paid tribute to the Egyptian people for their courage days and he called for a transparent orderly and peaceful transition to

democracy. I have just learned of President of President Mubarak's decision

to step down and I continue to step down and I continue to monitor monitor developments in Egypt.

I respect one must have been a difficult decision taken in the

wider interest of the Egyptian

people. At this historic moment

I reiterate my call recently as last night for a transparent, orderly transparent, orderly and

peaceful transition. That meets the legitimate aspirations of

the Egyptian people and

includes free, fair and

credible elections leading to the early establishment the early establishment of

civilian rule. I urge the civilian rule. I urge the

interim authorities to try to

clear a path forward participation of all

stakeholders. In this process it is vital that human it is vital that human rights

and civil liberties are fully respected and that genuine and inclusive dialogue is assured.

The voice of the Egyptian

people, particularly the youth,

has been heard and it is for

them to determine the future of

their country. I commend the

people of Egypt for peaceful and courageous and

orderly manner in which they

have exercised their have exercised their legitimate

rights. I call on all

to continue in the same spir spirit. to continue in the same spir -

spirit. The United Nations

stands ready to assist in the process. UN process. UN Secretary-General

Ban-Ki Moon and Ban-Ki Moon and we'll continue

to bring you extensive coverage

of the political developments

in Egypt. Time now though for sport with Tulsen Tollett. The Melbourne Demons have made a perfect start to the AFL

preseason cup winning both

their matches in Adelaide last night. In the first game the Demons kicked 4 goals to

Adelaide's 1 in the first half

for an 18-point lead at the break. The Crows outscored mobile in the second mobile in the second but the

Dees hung on for a win. They

had to mobile had to back up against Port Adelaide and the Power led at half time but Demons ended up winning the

match by 9 to make it 2 from 23

- 2. And the Crows ran away

with the final game of night. They concede ed They concede ed one goal in

their win against Port. Mark

Renshaw secured victory in the Tour of Qatar for his first career road title. Renshaw career road title. Renshaw

finished 17th on the fifth and

final stage winning overall by

8 seconds from Heinrich Hausler

and was 17 seconds ahead of third place of Dan third place of Dan - Daniele

Bennati of Italy. Happy to come

here to get the result for the team and myself, it's team and myself, it's an

opportunity I done get often so I'm

I'm ecstatic with the win. Mesh

golfer Stacey Lewis an

Australia's Kristie Smith share the lead heading into the third

round of the lady's Masters on

the Gold Coast. They have one-stroke lead over world

number one Yani Tseng and Lewis took advantage of the took advantage of the morning

conditions yesterday. She

rolled in 5 birdy and an eeg

toll move to the top of the leader board. Tseng is lurking

ominously at 11 under and

Australian Katherine Hull is

well in the hunt at well in the hunt at 9-under

par. Meanwhile on the PGA tour Steve Marino leads in the

second round of the Pebble Beach Pro-Am. Aaron Baddeley is the best of the Australians

just off the lead. Rory McIll one-stroke lead. McIlroy and with tee go with his 65 the previous day

he's going to be hard to Head to the home straight Tiger

spent Woods has shown he's far from a

spent force carding a 6-under

round leaving him just 4

strokes off the pace. I felt

like I had more control on my shots. More control of my trajectory today. We had trajectory today. We had some clean greens which was clean greens which was nice. I

think all of us made a few

better putts. Adelaide has

wrapped up third spot on the A-League soccer ladder after a

2-1 win over the 2-1 win over the Victory. A deceptive free kick from deceptive free kick from Paul Reid fooled everyone as the

Reds took the lead in Reds took the lead in the opening minutes. The Victory

capitalise on some sloppy

defending in the second half

and substitute Archie Thompson

made the most of his first game back in Nearly 2 months. The

Reds' match winner came from

another free wick, this time it was Travis Dodd who was on the

receiving end. In tennis news Australia's Jelena lost to Belgian's Kim Australia's Jelena Dokic has

at the Paris lost to Belgian's Kim Clijsters

final. The victory means Clijsters regains the world number one ranking. She

prevailed easily winning 6-3,

6-0. And West Tigers an Manly have won their latest National

Rugby League trial games. The Tigers beat 12 points in Townsville while

the Sea Eagles won 18-0 against

Cronulla at Brookvale Oval.

A cloud trough stretches from

triggering South Australia into NSW is

triggering areas of heavy rain

and storms. Thick masses of

cloud across WA in a low is

causing scattered showers and

severe storms. A closer look at the States now, showers along

much of the east coast of

Queensland. Thunderstorm oefrs

the Cape Yorke Peninsula but

mostly fine in the interior.

NSW will see scattered

on the coast with possible

thunderstorms in the north. Isolated thunderstorms

elsewhere. Showers in the east

and south of Victoria, cool and south of Victoria, cool to

mild and mostly cloudy with

moderate to fresh southerly winds. Tasmania will winds. Tasmania will see isolated showers developing in

the south-west and far south the south-west and

during the evening. It will be fine isolated thunderstorms over the

north of South Australia. Hot

in the north ahead of a mild

southerly change. In WA, a

flood warning is in place nor

the Gascoyne River catchment,

severe thunderstorms throughout central parts of the State. Scattered showers with a

possible lock assise ed flooding across the Top End. A

late south-east change developing

and looking ahead to Sunday:

Our dr supporters of Egypt's prodemocracy movement are celebrating across the world

after the Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak resigned this morning. The country's Vice-President announced on State

State television that Mr Mubarak was stepping down after

18 days of protests that

brought the country to a stand

still. Earlier Mr

his family left Cairo for the

holiday home. The United States Sheikh where they have a Red Sea report of

has welcomed the news of Hosni Mubarak's resignation with the

Vice-President Joe Biden

describing it as a pivotal

moment in history. The mood on

the streets of Cairo has turned

from anger to jubilation. More than a million people marched

to demand Mr Mubarak's overthrow in overthrow in cities across Egypt. Australia's State and Territory officials will be in

discussions today as they the Federal Government's new proposal for proposal for health funding. The Prime Minister's new deal

will be on the table at tomorrow's Council of Australian Governments meeting Government says its new

funding proposal went leave any

State or Territory worse

off. Julian Assange must wait until February 24 to hear whether he'll be extradited to

Sweden. The WikiLeaks founder

has been back in has been back in a British

court fighting extradition over sexual misconduct allegations. Final today and the judge says he

needs more time to consider the

case. Well, Cairo is echoing to

the sound of jubilation. For 18 days tens of thousands of people

people have gathered night and

day saying they will never give

up until they see this moment.

A protest movement that drew

its strength from the its strength from the Internet

generation has toppled 30 of authoritarian generation has toppled 30 years

of authoritarian rule. Christian Fraser reports on

the day people power ended the

rule of Hosni Mubarak. The

reaction in the Square was euphoric. The anger and resentment that had spread to

every corner of this nation

dissipated in a second with

these words from the Vice-President.

TRANSLATION: In these grave circumstances that the country

is passing through President

Hosni Mubarak has decided Hosni Mubarak has decided to

leave his position

leave his position as President supreme council of the armed

forces to run the country. For

18 days he's shown the steely

resolve that has kept him in power for power for 30 years but now it seems his

seems his speech to this Square

on Thursday evening was the

final roll of the dice. I

future but I see a brighter don't really know what's the

future, I at least see a

future. Before that we dn see

any future. It was just as in a

dark room. There was no future for

for us. For the moment sit the

that holds high council of the military

to see detail of how the country will be the good afternooned in the days and

weeks ahood. For many of this

people this is only the battle part one. They want a government without the military

at the helm which means we're in for a period of

instability. Earlier in the day

the crowds had moved to the presidential palace. Hosni

Mubarak was already on his way to Sharm el Sheikh. Once again there was no resistance from the soldiers guarding the soldiers guarding the buildings. Mubarak is

illegitimate they shouted as they poured into Tahrir Square.

Day 18 and another massive show

of force. See how many people are there, there's are there, there's no of force. See

are of force. See how many people confusion, everyone

to leave. Whatever happens confusion, everyone wants him

confusion, everyone wants yesterday it happens for 30

years now. With no government

of any note the real debate this of any note the real debate on here in the Square. Heated

exchanges among protestors, this is democracy at work but

can they now move it from Square to the highest

institutions of State. Throughout the day was occupied Throughout the day the stage the Opposition. The army is with us or it's regime, they shouted, regime, they shouted, and if they're with they are the enemy. the mood is more one of the the mood is more one of jubilation. This is the second

months. The repercussions of this are this are felt much wider than Egypt's shores. Well if it's

Saturday it must be News makers

and joining me for the segment

is Romilly Madew who is the CE Spies-Butcher of Australia and Ben smed of Green Building Council

Spies-Butcher fellow with the is Romilly Madew who is the CE

Centre for Policy Dopment. Centre for Policy Dopment. We can't begin without about events in can't begin without talking

expect he would quickly after expect he would resign so

It's one of those things where

you have to stay you're going you have to

to stay until the to stay until the very moment you intend to leave so who knew

what would happen. It's wonderful thing to see and it's what would happen. It's a

wonderful to see democracy in action. One word came to mind

was finally and the words were really looking for transition democracy coming you really hope

back on track happens coming months. Do Australia in the wider sense

Australia in the wider sense of things? Egypt

been a focal point in all our deal wtion that going to change now? I

think not just Egypt but our whole relationship with the to see the

this across the Middle East this across the Middle East and

think clearly and carefully we as Australia will need to

about how we're of Middle East because there has been agitation in other countries interesting to countries as well and lit be response in those interesting to see the people's

countries. Indeed. I countries. Indeed. I think

very important to see that entirely possible in all parts entirely possible in all

of the world and

a lesson for all of us learn. And apreesh yit some people died

but overall the 18 days wait a

the Square and the number of

people who were agitating, you're right, there you're right, there were relatively few people who relatively few people who have died even though we pay

respects to them. And the and defence force really take a than has been seen in other countries. They seem to entice people to start showed a lot of strength. In we're now going to be

discussing our own politics when people parts of the fight so hard simply fight so hard simply to get a

democracy and we

you like. But we should go to Tony Abbott's Tony Abbott's unfortunate comments in Afghanistan were aired this Mr Abbott tried to suppress. this out of context, youen with

there. I would never seek to

make light of the death of an

Australian soldier. OK, tell what's the context then out of context, what context? (Silence) You're not pretty painful

silence, isn't it? But I wonder

what's the issue around his use of the word? I mean could something like that possibly out of context? It seems

it was out of

think it's the way

that he used and where it was. You know, it's a very emotional area and we have Australian soldiers in that area so I

the politicians want more and

they expect them carefully and he knew that

there was a camera there was a camera in front of him. Ben Spies-Butcher, what him. Ben Spies-Butcher, what do you think that shaking silence was about there? Look,

I think he genuinely wasn't made to the soldiers. But I mean he

did have a reasonable amount of

notice here. I think it surprising that he didn't have

something else to say situation. To be honest I think

there are broader issues ones that seem to stand out. One about and the attempt to suppress information but also the power

of initial images. Take us do you mean

suppress those images? Are you

saying something about our freedom of information freedom of information act? It looked looked like the act held up

lot of time but there certainly

were attempts to stop some of

that footage coming out. We know from the United know from the United States and their their tight control of visual images with soldiers, that a key part


be controlling the image s that the public gets to see in order

to be able to control the way that the war that the war is debated at thom home. And

this was the point Abbott was

trying to make that in war, no matter what That's the reality of war. And that's a very sobering reality

and one that I think we need to

discuss more fully in

Australia. We are at war and you'd barely take your point there but take your point there but in

terms of the scat ological

we afford that in a we afford that in a leading politician, politician, an opposition politician and someone who might one day deal with. It's not just what's happening in the Middle East and Afghanistan and Afghanistan and his response there but it's also

the response we have change and in other areas. have to be you can respond in a way that

the public are going to understand and it seems to be

that he can be all over the place and people consistency and consistency and that's what I think - What about honesty and

what we expect from what we expect from our politicians? I'm biting my tongue. We do expect honesty

people are getting much more cynical about politicians and

their responses to things we have a one thing I think one thing I with Abbott is we one thing I think that happened to be on with Abbott is we to be on the whole time. to be on the whole time. He's

in another country, in a war zone, speaking about a very

complex issue and we have such

a high expectation of him and I

think, you know, he let his

guard down and this is what

happened and I'm sure he's, you know, really unhappy about know, really unhappy about what he's he's done. He knew there were cameras obviously because he

tried to suppress the footage, is that the kind of thing you're saying that you're saying that politicians

can't really afford to ever

make an off-the-cuff comment if there's a camera around? The same thing happened with Gordon

Brown when the mike was left on

Isla Pell and he made those unfortunate remarks. But media has changed the way and access

to media it has changed with

what happened with politicians

20 years ago. They're on the

whole time. Before they could afford to afford to let their and it must be very and a huge pressure for them to be constantly having to go

quted I have to remember what

I've got to say what I can say,

what I can't say". That's a

huge challenge. I mean for

anybody that's a huge anybody that's a huge challenge and they will make mistakes. To

be fair Julia Gillard has also

faced scrutiny this week. She's

faced accusations of being

wooden while visiting flood

victim and then on Tuesday

there was this during question time. Mr Speaker, I've brought

with me today a mud-splattered,

tattered Australian want to show it to the House.

It was recovered from the area

of Murphys Creek by the crew of

a defence force helicopter. And

I want to thank Major Scott

Somer, Captain Lachlan Thornely, Sergeant Dean O'Cass and Corporal Steven Abbott who

gave it to me. And there are

other heros, Mr Speak e, like Mark Kempton and his Mark Kempton and his helicopter crew from emergency management

Queensland, a crew that winched

28 people to period of 2.5 period of 2.5 hours. They should be patting themselves on

the back and saying job well

done to each other. Instead Mark is haunted. He's haunted

by every human face of this disaster. A woman he rescued

who wept uncontrollably as she

was pulled into the helicopter.

In a media report Mark said, In a media report Mark said, "I looked over my shoulder and I

saw her sitting on the floor saw her sitting on the floor at the aircraft and she was devastated. It was heart breaking." What Mark was

witnessing was a young pregnant

mother who just seconds before

the chopper had arrived had had

her young child wrenched from

her weary arms by the her weary arms by the flood waters. She finally succumbed

to the terrifying power of nature that night. Julia

Gillard there, very emotional.

Ben Spies-Butcher, do you think

that was a performance or was

that authentic? I think that authentic? I think that

was authentic. I think anyone

who was going through the who was going through the sorts of events that she of events that she was describing who about them, I think it was

entirely understandable why you

would be overcome by emotion in

that circumstance. She had

been, the night before, accused

of being overly wooden of being overly wooden and

formal. I wonder do politicians

again, how do they control their demeanour when they're

trying to give a sense of

emotional, you know, grief, as

well as being careful with their words in Afghanistan? Well it's difficult because they're

trying to show that they're

leaders and that they

understand the situation at the same time I'd come back to another point

- have we ever had this

conversation about a male

leader? You know, so much has

been focused on Julia Gillard

this week and I tried to think back about a conversation we've had about male leaders in both

similar roles an both Howard

and Rudd had to deal with

tragedies in Australia, both

bushfires, floods and other

things as well and we haven't

spent the spent the whole week talking about their response. We should just focus on what she's been

trying to do and the fact that Anna Bligh and Julia Gillard

have experienced and saw some

terrible things. I mean terrible things. I mean I

watched television footage and

I cried. I think we should

focus on her as a leader, not

how she responds. Why do we

constant ly get this focus whether it's style over substance,

substance, substance over

style, Ben? I think it's

partly about the visual imagery power of television and the

rapid acceleration of the news

cycle. And you do start to

think, after a little while,

that David Williamson was

saying these comments saying these comments about how

she was wooden maybe we should

get Martin Sheen to be the

Prime Minister of Australia and someone don't have to worry about any policy substance. I do think

that there is a problem at the

moment in Australian politics

after the last election where a

lot of people thought things

got overly negative and I think the media was seen to have played some role in speeding

that up and looking for gaffes

and and blooper reels, essentially. You don't think that's always been the case? I

think it has to some extent think it has to some extent but

I think that has accelerated

considerably, particularly with the dominance of television

over time and that as

over time and that as that happens it becomes harder to sustain a longer term story

about policy and I'm hopeful, I

don't know if this is the case,

but I'm hopeful that part but I'm hopeful that part of

what Julia Gillard's doing now is trying to concentrate on achieving achieving actual policy

outcomes so her Government has

something to talk about at something to talk about at the next election. Rather than just

trying to get 24-second news

bytes. Perhaps the problem bytes. Perhaps the problem ,

the media doesn't feel there's

enough policy to get its teeth

into. I think we have an

expectation that not only are

our politicians going to be

great on policy they're going

to be charismatic internationally and in

Australia, great speakers.

Clinton would be one who was a

charismatic politician. But you

couldn't think our past prime

ministers as well

charismatic speakers so I think we

we are putting a bit we are putting a bit of

pressure on her on that point.

When it comes to policy we are

looking for some clear policy.

Give us health care reform and

there's been some new announcements on that over the

last 24 hours. What is happening with climate change

and the one thing that is

happening is they've been very

consist anti-about carbon price

and other areas as well and other areas as well around the flood levy. saying just tell us what's happening. What are you

doing? I can't let you go

without asking you about Mark Latham's comments about Julia

Gillard this week, how does someone get away with those

kind of comments that someone

who doesn't have children

therefore can't have a heart? I think I had heart and I was

pretty loving before I had

children. How can he get away with it? Just because it's

with it? Just because it's Mark Latham and Mark Latham says

these whacky things and people like reporting them. No-one

listens. Really, anyone listens. Really, anyone you just

look what he's said again. He's

opened his mouth and he said something again. Very quickly something again. Very quickly

next week Guides Australia

release a report which high

lights bull yig. to Beth Harper King who has been the victim of phone bull

yig. They wanted to rape me,

kill me, bash me up and do the

exact same thing to my father.

They had harassed a girl and frightened frightened the living daylights

out of me. Very, very quickly,

Romilly, your response to that.

Bullying is still such a huge

lot of problem in the country and a

we all have a role to play and

I think one of the important

tolerance in this area. OK , things is we need to have zero

Romilly Madew, Ben Romilly

Spies-Butcher, thanks so much for joining for joining us on this historic

day, many thanks and I'm ABC News 24, we'll continue to Hutcheon, do stay day, many thanks and I'm Jane

bring you extensive coverage of

Egypt at the top of the hour. Do join us