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(generated from captions) This Program is Captioned Live. The death toll climbs Live. The death toll climbs and

in Syria. Activists say more

killed just days before the than 100 people have been

start of a ceasefire.

An Easter home coming An Easter home coming for

based personnel return from Australian troops, Townsville

Afghanistan. One Australian's protest against elitism

disrupts a London tradition. And Greater Western Sydney's tough introduction to the AFL

continues. This is ABC News

24, hello I'm Richard Davies.

Checking tomorrow's weather: In Government is supposed to be In just 2 days' time Syria's

honouring a UN ceasefire by

pulling its troops off the

streets. But for now the crackdown is Observers say more than 100 crackdown is continuing.

civilians have died in

civilians have died in one of

the country's bloodiest days

since the start of the uprising

last year. Middle last year. Middle East

correspondent Anne Barker

reports and a warning, viewers may find some of these images disturbing. Thousands disturbing. Thousands of government supporters turned

out in the capital Damascus to

mark the 65th anniversary of

the ruling Ba'ath

Party. Elsewhere in the country

the Assad regime was reminding

Syrians that it's still in

charge. The city of Homs, charge. The city of Homs, which

has already suffered months of

heavy bombardment came under

renewed government shelling.

There were also reports of up close

close brutality. Activists say

these men were put up against a

wall and executed. Clandestine

observers say the situation observers say the situation was

even worse further north

despite the bloodshed, Syria's Government insists it is ready

to honour Tuesday's for a ceasefire. The Assad to honour Tuesday's deadline

regime has told Kofi it's already pulled the regime has told Kofi Annan that

military out of some areas but

the US is disputing that

releasing satellite images which shows Syrian which shows Syrian forces

either still in place or simply

being moved from one location

to another. Opposition groups

pull remain sceptical the army will

pull out. TRANSLATION: All the time government promises to accept TRANSLATION: All the time the

proposal s will not carry them

out. We hope Russia and China

will put some pressure on the

regime. If the Assad regime

from the Free Syrian Army are does meet the deadline rebels

supposed to follow suit and

stop their attacks. That would

allow a small UN team of

observers to enter the country. In the meantime

thousands of refugees are still

streaming across the

streaming across the border into Turkey. According to

official figure s almost 3,000 people entered into Turkey.

This has been continuing for

several weeks and in an

increasing fashion. It's a

trend set to continue if the

guns don't fall silent on

Tuesday. Pakistani rescue teams

in Kashmir are searching for

more than 130 people buried in

an avalanche. 124 soldiers and

11 civilians were at a military

camp near the Siachen glacier

in the Himalayas when the Officials say avalanche hit last night.

Officials say the scale of the

disaster means the rescue disaster means

effort could take days. TRANSLATION: It's a massive

avalanche. It covers an area of

about 800 metres by 600 metres

and is 60 to 70 feet deep. The authorities have sent

helicopters and sniffer dogs to the region

the region but with

temperatures capable of

plunging to minus 70 degrees

Celsius, officials don't hold out much hope of finding

survivors. The President of

Pakistan, Asif Ali Zardari has

arrived in India for a one-day private visit. It's the first

visit to India by a visit to India by a Pakistani

head of state for 7 years. Mr Zardari has met Indian Prime

Minister Singh for lunch Minister Singh for lunch in New

Muslim shrine. Officials say Delhi and will travel to a

the trip is a private visit but there is hope it could lead to

improved economic ties between

the two nations. The leaders

have expressed their hope that

another meeting will be held in

Pakistan. I would be very happy

to visit Pakistan at a mutually

convenient date. The between India and convenient date. The relations

should become normal. That's a between India and Pakistan

common desire, we have a number

of officials and we are willing

to find tactical, pragmatic

solutions to all those issues

and that's the message that

President Zardari and I would

wish to convey. India and Pakistan are neighbours, we

would like to have would like to have better

relations with India. We've

spoken on all topics that we

could have spoken about and

we've opened to meet on

Pakistan soil very soon. If

Good Friday is a day for solemn

reflection, Easter Sunday is

that's exactly what Christians reserved for celebration. And

across the country did today to

mark the resurrection of Jesus

Christ. Sebastian William I

baptise you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of

the Holy Spirit. Around the

country the newest members of

the Christian faith officially

join the flock. The head of the Anglican Church said Anglican Church said Easter is

a reminder to the faithful that

despite all the darkness God's mysterious ways are

working. Evil is real, people act in really destructive ways

that cause a lot of pain and

misery for other people. Today

is a day full of joy because we

remind ourselves that's never

the final word. That God's in that mess and destruction too

and working away to bring new

life. The Catholic Archbishop

of Sydney delivered a lesson on

creationism and urged

Christians to bring light into

the darkest corners. All our prosperity and technological

progress have brought us progress have brought us many blessings but we still have not

only sickness and death but

also misfortune and innocent

suffering. Whether it's from

the pulpit or the stage, one

message resonates on this particular Sunday. Jesus particular Sunday. Jesus Christ

is alive. Of course Easter is

celebrated in different ways in

different places. What's all

this? What's all this drinking

on a holy day? On the south

coast the blessings are

reserved for the local fishing

fleet. We really believe in the

blessing. Quite important for

us to make a safe season for us

and give us a good catch. God

speed for those venturing out

on the high seas. We're going

to take you live now to the

Vatican where the Easter Sunday

mass is about to get under way.

Huge crowds have gathered at St Peter's Square for the service

to celebrate the day signifying

Jesus's resurrection. And it

ends the Catholic Church's holy

week celebrations with that

Easter mass. It's now just

after 11:00 Sunday morning

there and Pope Benedict will

lead the Easter mass and then

deliver a speech from the

central balcony of the

basilica. And it is, of course,

the end of a stamina-testing

holy week appearances for the

Pope. There have been concerns

over Benedict's health. The pontiff who turns 85 on 16

April he used a raised platform

during the Easter vigil service

on Saturday night to save him

from walking down the main

aisle of the basilica. So these

are live pictures you're seeing

from Vatican City and we will

of course keep an eye on

proceedings there and proceedings there and take you

back to listen to some of the

service a little bit later. And

this Easter held special

significance for the families

of Australian diggers arriving

home from an 8-month-long tour

of duty in the Middle East.

More than 100 troops were

welcomed by family and friends

as they arrived in North

Queensland. For for Gemma and

Jay Doyle this Easter Sunday marks a sweet return. Daddy's coming. We've been

coming. We've been counting

down the sleeps on the calender so many sleeps until birthdays

and everything else and it's so

many sleeps until dad comes home. After more than 8 anxious

months apart it seems like the last minutes were the

longest. Someone was a bit hard

to get up this morning. I was

up, I was excited. For some it

was easier to wear their

emotions. I missed him. I love

him. The members of Force

Support Unit 5 served in Afghanistan and the United Arab

Emirates. Their role was to

supply and help train troops

throughout the region. Easter

is particularly significant so it's nice

it's nice because the soldiers

missed out on Christmas and

it's great to have them home

for Easter and spend time, for Easter and spend time, take

especially the kids off mum's hands. Hello. Easter

celebrations weren't forgotten.

Yeah, I was lucky the Yeah, I was lucky the ladies

on the plane had a few spares

so it was good. For Shane

Burgess this home coming is the

second time he's met 8-month-old son Xavier. Some

came further afield for the

home coming. We were up at 3:30

yesterday morning to catch our

flight out of Tassie at 6:00.

We're just so excited. This is

our son Roger. Hey, buddy. And

for others it was hard to contain their excitement. Hey,

Jay man. How's my boy? Today is

about family and friends

reuniting with loved ones, in May the city will host an

official welcome home parade to

acknowledge the work of the troops. Forensic teams are

trying to identify a man's body

found in a dam at a high school

in Sydney's south-west. A farm

hand discovered the body this morning at Hurlstone

agricultural high school agricultural high school in glenfield. Police believe the

body had been in the water for

some time. A postmortem will be carried out to find out how the man died. Investigators have

set up a crime scene at the

school and are appealing school and are appealing for anyone with information to come

forward. The Easter weekend is

proving to be a violent one proving to be a violent one in parts of western Sydney.

Overnight two men were shot and

injured in separate attacks. They follow 3 other shootings

in recent days and police are

again exasperate ed by again exasperate ed by a victim

who is refusing to help. Two shootings within half an hour

and a few kilometres. Sydney's

west is again in the firing

line. Western Sydney now line. Western Sydney now looks

more like a Martin Scorsese

film set than a place where people can live. The first

attack was in Auburn at 11:30.

A 22-year-old man himself A 22-year-old man himself to

hospital with a gun shot wound

to a leg and then at midnight

police were called to a party in Pendle Hill. A 43-year-old

man had been shot also in the

leg. Officers from Operation

Spartan were in the vicinity

and performed a high-risk

vehicle stop and arrested 5

male persons and took possession of a loaded firearm. The shootings are

unrelated and the police are at

pains to emphasise a key difference. In one, the victim's refusing to victim's refusing to cooperate

and no arrests have been made.

In the other, 5 men are in

custody thanks to help from the

public. The first 48 hours of

any investigation are the most

crucial point. If we're getting

either misleading, wrong or no information at all that means

that investigators must go back

to basics. There have been to basics. There have been 5 shootings in 4 days, the

Opposition Leader believes they

won't stop until police numbers

increase. We need more police resources thrown at this war that's

that's going on in Western Sydney. You could have a police

officer at every corner, you're

not going to be able to prevent

it. We need to convince people

to start talking to police and telling them what is occurring

within this criminal group so

police are in a position to prevent the shootings. Police

believe the Auburn shooting is

connected to a shooting in Merrylands on Friday. Northern

Territory police have denied

claims they were chasing a car

which crashed killing 2 people.

Police say they saw the car going the wrong way through a round about in Alice Springs

last night. It's alleged the driver sped off when police

tried to stop him. A few

minutes later the car crashed into a power pole and burst

into flames. This will be thoroughly

thoroughly investigated and a most transparent way and

ultimately the decision on the

cause of the crash and the

outcome will be one which will

be made by the coroner at an

inquest. The 27-year-old male

driver died along with a female passenger. Another woman and a child were hurt and taken to

hospital. Two people killed in

an ultra light plane crash last night were returning home from a flying convention at Tamora

in the south-west of NSW.

Police say the aircraft crashed on a property near Cootamundra

about 6:30pm. The ultra light burst into flames on impact. I heard a loud noise, engine

noise, a bang and ran outside

and saw the flames over the top

of the trees. The bodies of a

man and woman in their 50s were

found in the wreckage. It's

believed they'd been attending a gathering of flying

enthusiasts. A senior Federal

Government minister has

defended the embattled Labor MP

Craig Thomson for not publicly

explaining himself as promised. Craig Thomson said last

September that he'd soon make a

public statement about

allegations he misused union funds. He's always funds. He's always maintained

his innocence but is yet to

fully explain how fully explain how his Health Services Union credit card came

to be used to pay

to be used to pay for prostitutes, among other

things. Fair Work Australia is expected to release its investigation into the union in

4 to 6 weeks. It is, I think,

fair to say that he's been

awaiting the report of the Fair

Work inquiry like everybody

else and I suppose until he's

seen that he's probably got to

assess his position assess his position when he's

in possession of the relevant

information. The Shadow

Attorney-General George Brandis

has branded Mr Thomson a

criminal saying he broke the

law by using other people's

money to buy things. The actor Matthew newton has been

arrested again, this time after

an argument at a bar in Florida. Police mugshots Florida. Police mugshots show the 35-year-old looking dishevelled with a cut above

one eye. The owner of the Miami bar

bar alleged Newton was drunk

and belligerent. He and belligerent. He said he

called police when the actor

refused to leave. Newton's been charged with trespassing charged with trespassing and

resisting arrest. The actor is

also facing charges in Sydney

over an alleged assault on a

taxi driver.

One of the men who helped inspire the 1989 protest inspire the 1989 protest in

Tiananmen Square has died Tiananmen Square has died in the United States. The exiled

Chinese dissident Fang Lizhi

was 76. The prominent astro physicist became an outspoken

advocate for democratic reform

in the 1980s. His speeches

inspired students to join the prodemocracy movement

culminating in the Tiananmen

Square protests. American

diplomats invited him to take

refuge at the US embassy the

night after Chinese troops opened fire

opened fire on demonstrators in

the Square. Fang Lizhi and his

wife left for the US mainland

about a year later never returning to their home country. Malawi's new president has called for unity after has called for unity after she

was sworn in as Africa's second

female leader. Joyce Banda took

office after her predecessor

Bingu Wa Mutharika had a heart attack. During her time as vice-president she was one of Mutharika's

Mutharika's harshest critics.

Malawi's new president taking

the help. The swearing in ends

a tense period after the death

of Bingu Wa Mutharika. She was Bingu Wa Mutharika's fiercest critics and some politicians

had tried to block her path to

the top job. But Malawi's new

leader knowings running the country won't be easy. During

the past year there have been

several things happening and

frustration with the Malawiians

that led sometimes to

demonstrations that's caused

anger. As a result of that anger. As a result of that it is possible that people are

angry with one another. So angry with one another. So my

first call is to for all

Malawiians to forgive one

another. The Malawi Government only confirmed Mutharika's

death on Saturday two days

after he died. She's Malawi's first female president and may

have to deal with powerful

enemies at home as she tried to

lead a country out of economic

crisis. There are shortages of sugar, fuel and other

commodities leading to long

lines at shops and service

stations. Mutharika responded

to protest last year with a

security crackdown that

resulted in at least 19 deaths.

Banda will have to Banda will have to fix relations with international

donors with whom Mutharika had

clashed. Despite the clashed. Despite the challenges

ahead the power in Malawi seems

to have taken place as set to have taken place as set up by the by the country's constitution. As constitution. As President Banda's supporters leave

parliament some know her time

in parliament may be a rocky

one. The average Malawiian is

expecting her to turn around

the economy quickly. In the US

the FBI has joined an

investigation into a series of shootings in the city of shootings in the city of Tulsa,

Oklahoma which police say may have been hate crimes.

Authorities are looking for a

white man in a white pick up

truck who's believed to have

killed 3 black men and critically injured others. The 5 shootings

happened within 1.5 kilometres

of each other in a black neighbourhood all in neighbourhood all in the space

of a few hours. In the of a few hours. In the first

shooting a 49-year-old man was

killed. Minutes later the

gunman approached 2 other men

and asked for directions before

shooting them. They survived

but later two more were shot

dead nearby. It's a sporting

tradition that goes to the very

core of being British. So you

can imagine the furore when an Australian protesting Australian protesting about

elitism almost ruined the

annual boat race between Oxford and Cambridge universities. In

158 years of this traditional

stoush between Oxford and Cambridge they've never seen this - extremely poor form. What's happened?

Cambridge stopped. Cambridge have stopped what can you have stopped what can you tell us? We've stopped rowing,

there's a man swimming there's a man swimming across between boats. Rubbing it in the protestor was from the colonies. Australian activist

Trenton Oldfield said he wanted

to make a point that elite ism

leads to tyranny. The un-Kouth behaviour almost cost him his

head from a rowing blade

slicing through the water.

Oldfield was taken away by police

police raising plenty of questions about security in

London's Olympic year. Back on

the Thames they started all

over again. Go! Could this race

be jinxed? There's a broken

oar. This is terrible. No stiff

upper lip for ox - Oxford's cox

who demanded the race be

stopped. The umpire said no

blaming her for the collision.

Without a full complement Without a full complement of

oars there was no way Oxford

could win and Cambridge glided

to victory. And then an Oxford

crew member collapsed from

exhaustion and he had to be

taken to hospital. An historic

day on the Thames for all the

wrong reasons. Let's check

more sport now and Joh, Greater Western Sydney has suffered a

big loss in the AFL? They

certainly have. Greater Western

Sydney's tough initiation into

the AFL has continued with a 129-point thumping

129-point thumping at the hands

of North Melbourne. The Giants

were no match for the

were no match for the more experienced Kangaroos who

triumphed 183-54. It took the

Giants nearly 25 minutes

Giants nearly 25 minutes to

post their first point with the

Kangaroos already leading by 40. Jeremy Cameron provided 40. Jeremy Cameron provided 4

of the Giants' goals for the

match while the Kangaroos'

Aaron Edwards booted 5 majors

in what was his side's opening

victory of the season. Aaron Edwards, already with 2, this

for his third. He's worked it

out down there. He just doesn't

miss. The Giants will only

have a week this time to get

over their loss before a clash

at Blacktown with West Coast

next Sunday. The Kangaroos will

be considering the be considering the merits of

the hit out before they play

premier Geelong. In the NRL Newcastle and Canberra have

both recorded wins in this

afternoon's games. The Knights

won 14-6 against Parramatta

while the Raiders rolled the

Warriors - 32-12. The Warriors

conceded 4 tries to the raiders

before half time. Only Ben

Henry could save face Henry could save face nor New Zealand with a 4 pointer of his

own. Plenty of room here and

Ben Henry over in the corner

taking full value of the

Campese mistake. It's the

raiders' first win this raiders' first win this season

at Canberra Stadium after

losses to the Melbourne Storm

and North Queensland. Meanwhile

Newcastle winger Uate Newcastle winger Uate scored

two tries to help the Knights to their victory over


Five eighth Jarrod Mullen

also came up with some big

played to be awarded man of the

match. In netball the Adelaide Thunderbirds have overcome reigning premiers the

Queensland Firebirds by 10

goals in Brisbane. The

Thunderbirds pressured the Firebirds through strong defensive play with new recruit

Bec bol bollard a strand out

at goal defence. Carla Borrego scored 22 of the 38

goals. Peter Hanson has the

outright lead heading into the

final round of the US Masters

at Augusta. Hanson is one

at Augusta. Hanson is one shot ahead of the 3-time Masters

champion Phil Mickelson. Geoff

Ogilvy is if the leading

Australian 10 shots off the pace. Third rounds at the

Masters don't get much better

than Peter Hanson's effort. than Peter Hanson's effort. He

was begging and he got it a

foot. Wow. Playing the famous

tournament for only the second

time, the Swede had 8 birdies in a 7-under par 65. Staring him down as crowd favourite,

Phil Mickelson who will match

Tiger Woods and Arnold Palmer if he wins a fourth if he wins a fourth green jacket. This is a really fun

day. It gives me an opportunity

to make something special happen tomorrow. Hanson isn't

daunted by the prospect of

playing the final round with

Mickelson. Great to play in

front of big crowds like it is

here and with all the support

behind him hopefully it can

feed off a bit towards me as

well. South African Louis

Oosthuizen is well placed to

add the Masters to his 2010 US

Open title. Overnight leaders Fred Couples and Jason Dufner

are tied for 11. While Sergio

Garcia and Rory McIlroy

consoled each other during a difficult day. The Australian wicket-keeper role moved into

the safe hands of Matthew Wade

but there were butter fingers

elsewhere on day 1 of the first

Test against the West Indies.

The tourists dropped 3

chances, Craig Braithwaite made 67 before giving Wade his first scalp. Kirk Edwards was scalp. Kirk Edwards was more aggressive hitting 61 before

falling to a surprise wicket

taker. Hit very hard, David

Warner gets his first Test

wicket. The West Indies reached

3/179 before rain stopped

play. Spaniard Jorge play. Spaniard Jorge Lorenzo

has taken poll position for the season opening Moto GP in

Qatar. The defending Qatar. The defending world champion, Australia's Casey Stoner, was second quickest in

qualifying. And in tonight's

A-League match the Brisbane Roar has beaten the Central Coast Mariners 3-2. Thanks,

Joh. Winton, the dinosaur

capital of Australia, prides

itself on everything old but

today there was a new addition to the central Queensland town.

Regional development minister Simon Crean officially opened

the stage 2 of the Australian

age of dinosaur museum. The new facility houses a cafe, shop

and a bigger dinosaur bone

collection room. The collection room. The dinosaur bone collection room is where

we store the fossils, these are

fossils that representative of

their species so anyone who discovers another dinosaur

needs to confer with needs to confer with those bones to know what bones to know what you've found, whether it's the same or

different. The museum houses

the world's largest collection

of Australian dinosaur fossils. Taking a look at the

satellite image and a cold

front is bringing isolated

showers to the country's south-east, heaviest over

western tarz. An inland low pressure trough is trigger ing

a few showers over NSW.

Most people look forward to

eggs at Easter but one eggs at Easter but one Greek

journalist got more than journalist got more than he would have liked. would have liked. This presenter was interviewing a

local politician when he bore

the brunt of an on air attack from left wing protestors.

(Chanting) The TV station says 17 protestors hurled yoghurt

and eggs at the journalist

after breaking into the studio. They were angry at the

presenter for inviting a

neo-Nazi spokesman on his talk

show just the week before. Well

that is the news for now. But we're going to take you live

now to the Vatican City where

the Pope is leading the

traditional Easter Sunday mass. I'm Richard Davies, you're watching ABC News 24. Closed

Captions by CSI

This Program is Captioned

Live. The top stories from ABC

News - only two days out from

when the Syrian Government is supposed to honour a UN ceasefire there are reports of

more than 100 people have died

in a crackdown by in a crackdown by security

forces. Observers say it's one

of the bloodiest days since the

beginning of the beginning of the uprising last year. Syrian year. Syrian forces are supposed to be moving out of towns and cities but US

satellite images show them

still in place. The President

of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari

has arrived in India for a

one-day visit. It's the first

visit to India by a Pakistani

head of State in 67 - 7 years.

It's hoped the visit will lead

to improved to improved economic ties

between the two

between the two nations. More

than 100 Australian troops from Townsville have returned home

from Easter. The men and women

from forth Support Unit 5 from forth Support Unit 5 have

been work ck in Afghanistan and

the United Arab emirate s for

the last 8 months. And an

Australian protesting elitism

has interrupted one of

Britain's oldest contests in

the River Thames. The man swum

out into the middle of the

river during the 158th Oxford

and Cambridge boat race. He

narrowly avoided one of the

crew's oars and was later taken

away to be arrested. Those are the latest headlines from ABC


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