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Clarke and Dawe with Peter Costello -

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(generated from captions) Matt Peacock with that report. And now, here's John Clarke and Bryan Dawe and the Government's perennial silver medallist. Mr Costello, thanks for your time. Good evening, Bryan. Thank you for inviting me on the program. It's a pleasure. How have you been? I've been pretty good, thanks. I've been at the Commonwealth Games, which is exciting. Great. Where have you been? I've been at the bit where you run around and throw stuff. The track and field. The track and field, yeah. Did you see the swimming? No, Mr Howard went to the swimming and to the cycling. He put his name down for that. Yes. Why did he decide to go to those two particular events? I think, Bryan, because he's particularly interested in swimming and in cycling. As you are in athletics. As I am in track or field.

Mmm. I see that Ron Walker is a natural sportsman, too, isn't he? He is. He's multi-disciplinary, though, Ron. He goes to everything. I haven't seen a shot that hasn't got him in it yet. That's true. So how are you? I'm very well, thank you, yes. Are you still with the Government? Yes, of course I am, yes. You still work there? Of course I do. Yes, indeed. What are you actually doing there these days?

I'm the Federal Treasurer, Bryan. I'm running the Treasury, yes. Oh, really, the same job. The same job, yes. You are obviously still enjoying it? I love it, Bryan. I'll be bringing down my 211th budget this year, so getting the hang of it nicely, you'd have to say. Can you explain to us what a Treasurer actually does? Well, yes. I run the economy, Bryan. And how is the economy? Well, you know, it seems to be going pretty well. I mean I'm not an economist. How can you run the economy if you're not a economist? I speak to Treasury, Bryan. So they are all economists? They are economists. They've got econometric people and everything in there, yeah. They explain to you. They explain stuff to me, yeah. So what do you do? I announce it, by Bryan. So you're a kind of spokesman.

I'm a kind of spokesman, if you like the put it like that, Bryan. Yes, I present the economy. I'm a presenter. But you're still here. Still here and still the Treasurer and Deputy Leader of the leadership. Still one out and one back. I'm one out and about six laps back now, but running into a bit of form, Bryan. We could go well later in the year. Well, good luck, Mr Costello. Thank you very much. I think this is the bit where I now present you with a medal. I don't want a medal. Of course you do. Why? We all stand up and play 'Advance Australia Fair'.

Why? Well, so the sponsors can get a look at you, Bryan. We'll do a big close up of you. If you have got any brains, you'll weep slightly. Can we sing that bit about the boundless plains? In the national anthem? Yes. No, we cut that bit out. Just use your brains, Bryan. Shut up, pick a spot of light on that wall, gaze at it and look a bit wistful. I'll ring Coca-Cola.