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Live. Bridging the generational divide, aged care and

superannuation move to the

centre of the 2010 election

campaign. We will have a

program to try to get 3,000

high-care beds operational as

quickly as quickly as possible. The benefit of $150,000 extra benefit of $150,000 extra for

today's 30-year-old when he or she retires.

Bob Brown warns of a Bob Brown warns of a deadlock

in the Senate if the Coalition

wins the election. wins the election. Also monsoonal floods in Pakistan

leave 800 people dead. And Drew Mitchell escapes punishment

following his send off in the Wallabies' Bledisloe Cup loss to the all-Blacks. to the all-Blacks. Hello, you're watching ABC News 24, I'm Kathryn I'm Kathryn Stolarchuk. Taking

a look at the weather first. Well Kevin Rudd's down but

certainly not out of this election campaign. From his

hospital bed the former prime minister is threatening

minister is threatening legal

action against his old foe politics have accused the other

of running a smear campaign. Here's chief Here's chief political

correspondent Mark Simkin.

Like other performers,

politicians should be wary of

appearing with

animals. Obviously a thoroughly domesticated animal, isn't

it And children. Can I have

your autograph? I want yours. How does that yours. How does that feel. The

Prime Minister felt a little better late in the day when the

Bulldogs won. She'll be hoping

her political team can surge in

the second half but that require an end to the free kicks. This is the latest

distraction, a newspaper report

suggesting Kevin Rudd's a political double political double agent. Alexander Downer's quoted saying

anti-Labor material to Kevin

Rudd who then leaked it to the

media to hurt his internal rivals. The former prime minister's issued a minister's issued a statement from his hospital bed calling

the allegations completely and

utterly false. Mr Rudd utterly false. Mr Rudd is

taking legal advice with a view to initiating legal proceedings, a spokesman said. Alexander

Alexander Downer released his own statement accusing the paper of misinterpreting his

comments but not denying he'd made them. While Kevin's in

hospital recovering from an

operation, here's the Liberal Party out there Party out there with a disgraceful political attack. The former prime minister I think had many faults as a politician but I

don't believe he was a don't believe he was a bad human being and I think he

should be treated with

respect. Julia Gillard would respect. Julia Gillard would rather talk about the economy. What's your name? Brody. She promised to set up a no frills default

superannuation account

estimating its fees could be up

to 40 times lower than existing accounts. This measure itself

will make a difference of about

$40,000 in retirement income

for someone who is 30 years old

today. Tony Abbott's also chasing the retiree vote. He

pledged nearly $1 billion to

free up nursing home beds,

provide convalescent care and

fund creature comforts like

Quack the therapy duck. The

money's not new though, money's not new though, it's redirected from other programs.

It's trying to ensure that the small joys of life are denied to people because

they're in formal aged they're in formal aged care. The Coalition wants to

bring joy to question time by

limiting questions to 1 minute

and answers to 4 minutes. Kevin

Rudd often spoke for more than

that. Elevation to high office tends to dull the reformist zeal. The Budget for zeal. The Budget for the Greens' campaign is small but

the party's optimism certainly isn't. The Greens have isn't. The Greens have their

sights set on picking up an extra seat or two in the Senate

along with the power to make or break the next Government's agenda. Greg Jennett reports.

It's green, it thrives in the

Senate and it's brown at the

top. It's exciting, it's uplifting, it's great to uplifting, it's great to have

the people with us. I'm getting

this all around

With up to 12% support in the

polls there's every likelihood

Bob Brown's gang of 5 will grow

this election to 6 or even

7. I'm enjoying this

enormously. The trick to taking

the seats and the balance the seats and the balance of power is to shore up the

base. It's one or the other.

Tax the polluters or Tax the polluters or the people. And calm the nerves. We

will never say just no. While also appealing to fears. It's

frightening that Tony Abbott is

only one controlling the Senate. A vote

for the Greens is a vote

against big party domination.

The Greens' campaign launch

was like the party itself, full of ambitions without the paying for them. There were visions

more high-speed rail and more high-speed rail and a new national marine reserve. It's

our job to be guardian, to

establish the marine reserve system around this country. If

it goes as he hope, Bob Brown will make the journey from

influence to power but not

necessarily glory as necessarily glory as the Democrats there's a price to be paid in

policy purity for every deal

that's done. Of course the Greens' vote only Greens' vote only becomes

relevant if Mr Abbott, if his Opposition Leader doesn't respect the mandate and the will of the Australian people

at this election. We'll work

with whoever we need to work

with and to try to achieve a legislative program. They mightn't have a choice. For the

first time Victoria's Premier has apologised for of the State's emergency response to the Black Saturday

bushfires. A day after the

Royal Commission's final report

into the tragedy many of those

singled out for criticism

keeping a low profile but as

Jane Cowan reports many of the affected communities have had

enough of looking backward and

just want action. After a

punishing report the Victorian

Premier was in a repentent

mood. We are all sorry and I am very personally obviously very personally obviously very

sorry. There were calls for

others to follow suit. The people who fire-affected communities they

want an ac - acknowledgment by

those who were running the show

on the day that mistake were made. State Cabinet met made. State Cabinet met to

discuss what to promising to announce an interim response interim response within days but the community is

doubtful. Something has to be

done, there's a lot of people

that are accountable for what

happened. Nothing's ever been

implemented so why should we have faith in have faith in this Government? I hope they Government? I hope they have

the. Will I think like everybody, you know, everybody, you know, there's not a great deal not a great deal of confidence. The commissioners

themselveses have identified lack of political will do do enough fuel reduction burning

and a failure to embrace fundamental change on evacuations. The evacuations. The Royal

Commission's had its say, the community's

into the Royal Commission, it's

time to get on with it. If

bushfire policy is in transition, those who work in

the field are feeling more than a little battered and bruised

as they digest just what's in

the report. There's been no comment so far from either of the

the fire chiefs. We are

standing by those individuals who are named in the report. Victoria's chief adviser on bushfire policy,

Bruce Esplin, has indicated he

will discuss his future with his wife and Government. I

think Bruce has been think Bruce has been a great

asset to State. The last 2 senior emergency figures the

Premier has pointedly praised

were the former police chief Christine Nixon and the Country

Fire Authority's Russell Rees just before they each resigned. Authorities in north-west

Pakistan are struggling to cope with flooding in decades. Officials

say at least 800 people have

died and the toll is expected

to rise. There are growing fears that the flood Waters

could spread further to the

country's south putting more lives at risk. Water surrounds

everything. Across this everything. Across this poor,

rural part of the country a

million people are cut off.

Army helicopters are able to

bring some food but the deliveries are small and the area in need vast. With area in need vast. With roads

flooded or washed away, it's a

difficult journey out. TRANSLATION: These are terrible

conditions. People sitting on

the roof of their house without any water or anything to

eat. The monsoon brought 30 cm

of rain in 36 hours. It washed away people, houses and

livestock and overran supplies

of clean drinking water.

Doctors treating the survivors

are already reporting widespread sickness. TRANSLATION: The problem for the children problem for the children and the old people is their stomachs. All of them have diarrhoea and most of the men, women and children complaining of itching and their skin is covered in spots. The flooding is the

worst in Pakistan since 1929.

It's on such a scale that

no-one really knows how many

people have been affected. The level of devastation is so

widespread, so large that widespread, so large that it is quite possible that in many

areas there are damages,

are deaths which may not have

been reported. In parts of the north-west the water is

starting to recede but rivers

are taking it south where heavy

rain is set to add to the problem over the coming days.

In Afghanistan hundreds of

British and Afghan soldiers are continuing a military push against the Taliban

province in the country's

south-west. Commanders say

they're making progress and they're making progress and so

far have faced only light

resistance. The BBC's Ian Pannell is embedded with troops engaged in Operation Black

Prince. In the dead of Prince. In the dead of night British soldiers dig in

positions. They weapons and surveillance on

tap. But we're behind Taliban

lines where old-fashioned

sandbags and barbwire

essential. As the soldiers

work in the open, the insurgents prepare to attack. GUNFIRE

Let's go.

A high f - high-powered

machine gun signals the start

of day 2 of Operation Black prince where the enemy is more

likely to be heard than likely to be heard than seen. Radio: Can you Radio: Can you confirm whether or not this The rounds are coming over the compound. This

The rounds are passing close

but they're not passing over

the compound. Some of the

sentries believe they may be

firing at the civvies in the

area potentially to scare them off, over. Roger. The plan here

is to drive the insurgents is to drive the insurgents out

of their stronghold and win

over the locals. The British

have been doing this for years and progress has been modest. We've been on the

ground for a few hours now,

we've actually left the main

base and come to a different

compound as you can see the troops from the brigade reconnaissance force getting

ready to leave and go back out

on patrol. The truth is it's a

very slow, deliberate process,

a lot of waiting a lot of

trying to identify where the insurgents are and

the population starts here but

you can see why it takes months

and years to achieve. And in is what makes

just slow but dangerous. just slow but dangerous. The soldiers carrying bomb-making equipment discovered in a

workshop making IEDs. This time

they're lucky but the they're lucky but the push

south continues and the troops know many more lay ahead buried and waiting. Standby! Firing. Hamas has vowed Hamas has vowed revenge over

the death of one of its senior

commander s on an Israeli air

strike on Gaza. The militant

group says the dead man head of its military wing in central Gaza. 11 other people including 3 civilians were injured in the air strike. The Israeli army said it was responding from a rocket responding from a rocket attack from Gaza on the city of Ashkelon. No-one was injured in that attack. After weeks of

relative calm there are fears this

this will spark a fresh round

of vie leps. Back home now of vie leps. Back home now and police in Sydney are investigating a fatal shooting

in the afternoon. A man who hasn't

been just named was shot

several time ins in Green

acre. Paramedics pronounced him dead at the scene. Police are

urging anyone to contact crooim stopper. Police are also

searching for a girl wh went

missing from her western Sydney

home. Kiesha Abrahams hasn't

been seen since she went to bed

last night. Her mother raised

the alarm this morning. the alarm this morning. George

Roberts joins us. George, what's the latest? About people including the State

Emergency Service and police

using the dog squad and the police helicopter have been

searching this area all day but

so far they still haven't found Kiesha Kiesha Abrahams. Her mother

tucked her into bed about 9:30

last night but she didn't raise the alarm until around 12 hours late cher was about ten o'clock

this morning and since then a full-scale search has been

under way. Now police say under way. Now police say that

so far that search hasn't

turned up any leads. They're letting people know that when she was last seen wearing pink pyjamas and a

possible purple jacket and

here's what police had to say a

little earlier on today. Due to

the child's age being 6 we hold

fears for her safety. If anybody has any information where the child may be or has

seen the child in the last day

or so they could contact Mount

Druitt police. So George, will

the search continue throughout

the night? Yes, there will be a

scaled back search throughout the night. This area, there's lot of parkland and woodland in

this area making it this area making it quite

difficult to search and given that the search has gone on that the search has gone on all day and they still haven't

found any leads. It makes sense to scale back the search to scale back the search during

the night and I understand that

they will then scale the search up again tomorrow. And what other investigations are under

way? Police say they're looking

at a couple of possible

scenarios which may have led scenarios which may have led to

Kiesha Abrahams' disappearance.

But at this stage all they're saying is that it's out of character for the little girl

to have wandered off on her and there's no evidence to

suggest that that's what she did. Apart from that, police

are saying that so far they

have no suspects and a search have said that they're unaware

of any problems in the family

and that the family is

cooperating with inquiries cooperating with inquiries and that they're distressed that they're distressed about the disappearance of the disappearance of the little girl. George, thanks for your


Today's top stories News 24 - amid claims of smear

tactics aged care and

superannuation have moved to

the centre of the election

campaign. Labor is promising a no frills superannuation no frills superannuation scheme if re-elected while the

Coalition has pledged more than $900 million for aged care. Pakistan is struggling to

cope with its worst flooding cope with its worst flooding in

living memory. Officials say at

least 800 people have died. least 800 people have died. And

for the first time Victorian

Premier John Brumby has

apologised for the failings of

the State's emergency response on Black Saturday. A quick look

at tomorrow's weather:

Commemorations have been held

in Germany to mourn the 21

people who died at last weekend's Love Parade music

festival. Work rescue workers

lit a candle for each of the

people crushed to death in a

tunnel as the crowd backed up.

People walked silently through

the city of Duisburg and tragedy. There were several foreigners among the victim

including Australian woman 27-year-old Clancie Ridley.

Police are continuing to

investigate how the crush happened. Organisers

Love Parade will never be held again. Now time to check the sport with amand la Shalala.

The Broncos are back in the NRL

top 8? Yes, they're peaking at

the right time. The Broncos

have boosted their finals hopes

with a win over competition front runners St front runners St George Illawarra. The Gold Coast Titans upset Titans upset the Warriors in Auckland while Melbourne Auckland while Melbourne beat

the raiders t. Brisbane fans were treated to

one of the best one of the best defensive games

of the season. The Broncos

were ready to do battle were ready to do battle with

Wayne Bennett's Dragons today and there was no love lost in the first half as the game

heated up. Only one try in the opening stanza scored by man

mountain Israel Falou. It mountain Israel Falou. It was

only 4-0 at the break and there wasn't much scoring wasn't much scoring in the

second half except when the big fellow got the ball. The

Dragonsor fieblly on the board

through Brett Morris but minutes to go they ran out of

the time. Melbourne was never headed against Canberra today.

The first of 2 tries to Justin O'Neill had the Storm 12-4 at half time. Melbourne

ran away with its scoring 5 tries after the break but midway through the second half

the Storm lived up to their

name when the weather turned

ugly. The Canberra lads didn't

appear to mind the mixture of

hail, wind and rain. Luckily

it's not golf ball it's not golf ball size. The

Titans have gone a long way

towards a finals berth with a gallant win over the They trailed 12-0 before a

double to Steve Michaels kept

them in the contest. A try to Manu Vatuvai put the Warriors

back in front. But a 90 metre solo try to William Zillman

follow bade try scoring double to Mat Rodgers enabled the

Titans to secure a rageous win.

The Tigers just scraped home

against the Sharks in a thriller at Leichhardt. Chris

Lawrence scored them at half

time to put them in front but

the Sharks never second half scoring 2 tries.

Lote Tuquiri kept the home side

in front but the Sharks claim

they were robbed after Ben Pomeroy had a try Pomeroy had a try disallowed late in the game. Despite their

loss the Dragons are still loss the Dragons are still on top of ladder.

In the AFL Fremantle's on its way to a percentage-boosting

win over West Coast at Subiaco

Oval. The Dockers have

comprehensively outplayed the

last placed Eagles. Freo extended its lead at every break to carry a 61-point advantage in the final term.

The Eagles all but guaranteed to take home the wooden spoon

this year. A 7-goal haul to

Barry Hall has helped the

Western Bulldogs to a big win other North Melbourne and it's kept

kept them in 4th pot on the

ladder. The Kangaroos only

trailed by a couple of goals at

half time but a late surge from

the Dogs blew them away. They

kicked 9-2 in the final

triumph by 71 points. On a

ground needing a little tender

loving care after last night's

rugby Test, Barry Hall rugby Test, Barry Hall and

Scott Thompson picked up where they left off in round

9. Hamish McIntosh snapped

cleverly for North but Hall was

on hand to take advantage of on hand to take advantage of a

defensive lapse. Thompson was

having a much tougher time as

the Bulldogs led by 17 points

at the first break. continued after the break and

Brent Harvey made the Dogs pay.

There was some uncertainty on

the Kangaroos' bench and Tom

Williams caught Norths' defenders napping to keep the Bulldogs ahead at Bulldogs ahead at half time. The arm wrestle continued

in the third term while Jarryd Grant's snap was a moment of

the highest quality. Hall continued to torment the Kangaroos'

Kangaroos' defence and kicked Kangaroos' defence and kicked his 5th before the final change. change. Ryan Griffin took the

game further away from North

Melbourne while the Roos'

September hopes took a slide.

Hall collected his 7th major

as the Dogs kicked away as the Dogs kicked away to a 12-goal win and confirmed their

top 4 placing for another week.

The Adelaide Crows' finals

hopes are hanging by a thread

after falling to Richmond at

the MCG. The first term was a

turnover fest with both sides

having trouble with the

conditions which included hail.

After trailing the Tigers eventually secured a

20-point win. The Tigers felt

they had all the aces at the

home of football but with the Crows' season responded by putting the score

on the board early. In what became a depressingly repetitive situation for the

travelling Adelaide fans

though, opportunities were

continually butchered. It was

an ugly kick. When Richmond

went forward it wasn't exactly beautiful but it was effective

in establishing an 8-point lead

at quarter time which was immediately extended with work help of some poor defensive

work by Adelaide when play

resumed. But the Tiges didn't score again in recovered its composure and

took control of the midfield to

add 4 goals. The trouble was

the Crows murdered several more

chance and a 19-point lead

wasn't nearly reflective of their dominance at the main

break. Having taken full

advantage of their chance to

regroup, the Tigers emerged to

feast on the mistakes of their opponents. opponents. They added the first

two goals of the final term two goals of the final term as

well and were out by 20 points

midway through as the Crows

became more desperate. Got

be a free. Played on. It's a

goal regardless. The forecast bad weather then arrived sending the crowd scrambling..

It's hailing. Yes, it was, and

as Ben Nason could attest it

was a struggle just to see the

goals let alone kick one and

that, as they say, was the ball game. In rugby union Wallabies winger Drew Mitchell has escape

nid further punishment

following his send off in last

night's Bledisloe Cup match in Melbourne. Mitchell was given

his marching orders after

receiving 2 yellow cards in the

Wallabies' 49-28 loss. The

winger attended a winger attended a judicial

hearing today where it was decided that the send off was a

sufficient penalty. The

Wallabies face the All Blacks

again next week in Christchurch

and coach Robbie Deans says there's a lot there's a lot of work

I've got a lot of belief in this group and their capability and their capacity and they'll get there in time but we don't have long, we have a week and we've got to master. The

Australian men's hockey team

has achieved what the Wallabies couldn't. The Kookaburras

thrashed New Zealand 9-1 in their opening Champions Trophy match in Germany. Australia's

taken a relatively young squad

to Europe to gain some

London Olympics but the lack of

experience was no hind rens experience was no hind rens as

Australia raced to a 5-1 half

time lead. In the second the young Kookaburras didn't

ease up as they put four more goals past

goals past the Kiwis. And Australia's Mark Webber has

qualified second fastest for tonight's Hungary Formula One

grand prix. Sebastien Vettel

has polled. So another 1-2 for

Red Bull then. Let's hope so. It's as close as America gets

involving the daughter of a

former president and a current

Secretary of State. Bill and Hillary Clinton's Hillary Clinton's daughter

Chelsea has married her long him boyfriend investment banker Marc Mezvinsky. The event

itself was shrouded in itself was shrouded in secrecy with the guest list kept private and security extremely

tight. Hopeful crowds never tight. Hopeful crowds never did catch a glimpse of the bride

but several images have been made public including Chelsea being walked down her father. I can tell you it's

been very much like everyone's

wedding full of tenderness and

memories and laughter and memories and laughter and I'm

really excited for them. The Clintons have release add statement saying they couldn't have asked for a more perfect

day. Let's get an update on

today's weather now.

To the satellite image To the satellite image first, ragged cloud with a front

covering Victoria, Tasmania and southern winds and showers for the

south-east. A slow-moving low

and front will direct cold, gusty winds over the south-east

with scattered showers. A high will keep will keep the skies mostly

clear in southern and central

Australia. Around the State's


And that's ABC News up to

date. A reminder now of today's

top story. The third week of

the election campaign has started with both parties accusing each other of smear

tactics. And the Greens have campaign with promises to save the Great Barrier Reef and

build a high-speed rail line.

Stay with us, Talking Heads is next. Closed Captions by CSI This Program is Captioned

Live. The top stories on ABC

News - the Greens leader Bob

Brown has warned of a in the Senate if the Coalition

wins the election. The party launched its campaign in

Canberra today make an appeal to voters frustrated with to voters frustrated with the major parties to put their trust trust in the Greens. While the party is expected to hold the balance of pow in the Senate

after the election, Senator

Brown says a Coalition Government would only offer

deadlock or dominance. The major parties have made generational issues the focus

of today's campaign amid claims from each side of smear

tactics. Labor is promising a

no frills superannuation scheme if re-elected while the

Coalition has pledged more than $900 million for $900 million for aged care.

Hamas has vowed re venge over

the death of one of its senior

commanders. 11 other people