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(generated from captions) Court decision continues, but

the Prime Minister vows to lead

Labor to the next election. Julia Gillard is

tough as nails and lead the Labor Party for a long

period of time. This is a

Federal Government which is

paralysed on the big paralysed on the big issues and

which is now descending into in-fighting. And please lead in-fighting. And please lead by

example - the world's diplomat says Australia can example - the world's top

show the way when this comes to

Captioned Live. New tension human rights. This Program is

with Turkey as Israel refuses

to apologise for a raid on a Gaza-bound flotilla. Libbia's

National transitional council

declares most of the country be safe and secure. And declares most of the country to

Samantha Stosur into the fought

fourth round of the US Open

after an epic match against

Nadia Petrova. Hello, you're watching ABC News 24.

watching ABC News 24. I'm Palan. Let's check tomorrow's weather forecast for you first:

The Prime Minister has

fielded new questions about her

United Nations leadership in front of the

Secretary-General who is

Gillard has re-affirmed her visiting Australia. Julia

commitment to the Labor

leadership. Her role has come

under renewed pressure since

the High Court ruled the Federal Government's Malaysia

asylum seeker deal contemplating the possibility Some Labor MPs are

of a new leader, but others say

there is no other candidate for the job. Ms there is no other serious

Gillard says she is not going anywhere. I will be leading the

Labor Party until the election. Every day between now Labor Party until the next

and then I will be fighting for

Labor values, for the things I believe in, for jobs, for education, for opportunity.

That's what you will see me doing. Federal Treasurer Wayne

Swan has laughed off

suggestions he might like to be

Prime Minister. He has thrown

his support behind Julia Gillard. Julia lead the Labor Party for a long period of time, because she is

up to tackling the big

challenges that this country

a price faces for the future - putting

a price on carbon, delivering the NBN, fundamental the NBN, fundamental health

reforms - the big reforms that

we need to set this country up

for the future and to deep economy strong and to maximise for the future and to deep our

the opportunities that will

come to this country from the

mining boom and Asian century.

This sort of media talk and

gossip is nothing more than that and it with disdain. But the

Opposition is continuing to

insist the Government is

dysfunctional. Coalition leader

Tony Abbott says the situation

will only improve if he wins Government which is paralysed

on the big issues and which is now descending into in-fighting. I think what the Australian people want is a

government which solves their

problems, which gets on with

the job, a government which is

not consumed with indecision and rifn

and rifn with factions. It is

not the question of who is the government which has to get the what's the policy. This is a

policy right and if you want to

get the policy right, you've

got to change the government, not just change the leader. Tony Abbott there

speaking in Queensland. Well,

the UN Secretary-General says

he wants Australia to lead he wants Australia to lead by

example on human rights when

devising a new policy on asylum

seekers. It was one of many

issues covered in a issues covered in a meeting Minister Julia Gillard when the between Ban Ki-Moon and Prime

temporary seat on the UN two leaders met today.

Security Council was also

discussed. The Prime Minister also committed an additional $10

$10 million to helping the

in the Horn of Africa. Mr Ban unfolding humanitarian crisis

braised Australia for strong support of the United braised Australia for its

Nations. Of course, there Nations. Of course, there are

some concern s on how to deal

with immigrants, asylum seekers

and refugees, and of course,

you know, I highly commend the recent endorsement of the

United Nations declaration on

the rights of Indigenous

people. I hope that the Australian Government under leadership Australian Government under the

leadership of the Prime

Minister translate all this

principal endorsement on the

rights of Indigenous people

into policies, into real action into policies, into

s. Again, for all this human rights-related issues, I believe that Australia can by example. If you have any specific questions, the United

Nations is always ready to walk

together through the office of High Commissioner High Commissioner for refugees

and office of High Commissioner

for hue machine rights and for hue machine rights and I'm

also discussing this matter

the United Nations. Well, with all the member states of

Turkey has expelled

in response to a United Nations ties with the country. This is

report which

report which found Israel used

excessive force when it raided an aid flotilla to Gaza last

year. Nine Turkish people on

board were killed. The rift

risks increasing Israel's

isolation in the region. In the middle of the night in middle of the night in inter national waters, national waters, Israeli

commandos abseiled on the ship

last May. The ship had been

trying to beat the blockade of

the Gaza Strip. By the end of the raid, nine activists

were dead and Israel was being

condemned around the world. It

released these pictures, saying

its Special Forces only fired

when their when their lives were in

danger, and it said the raid

had not, as Turkey insisted, been

been against international law.

This long awaited report by a

specially convened UN panel

found that Israel's naval

blockade of Gaza was legal and

a legitimate security measure

to prevent weapons entering the

area by sea, way Israeli forces boarded way Israeli forces boarded the

vessel was excessive unreasonable. It did find that they faced organised and violent they faced significant,

resistance which resistance which had required

them to use force for their own

protection, but it said the

loss of life and injuries loss of life and injuries were unacceptable, and Israel provided no satisfactory

explanation for any of the nine

deaths. The Israelis did help

treat the injured, but the report found that other passengers had been passengers had been physically mistreated and CHANTING. At the funerals of the dead, strong emotions. The

remember said forensic evidence

showed most of them had been

shot multiple times, including in the back or at close range.

Turkey is still demanding a

formal apology.

TRANSLATION: Some may still not

understand the extent of our determination. The measures

being taken now are the beginning. These include the suspension of military

cooperation. Turkey and Israel

are powerful regional players who exercises together. Now

Israel's ambassador has been

expelled from what was once its

closest Muslim ally. The

relationships with relationships with Turkey did not not start deteriorating just

with this issue. It is part of

a larger strategic shift that

Turkey is making towards the east, towards Islam.

Unfortunately, one of the ways of establishing your

credentials as a leader in the

Muslim world is by going against Israel. The UN report

into the raid was meant to mend relations. Instead, it has

deepened the rift between the

two countries at a two countries at a time of turmoil across turmoil across the Middle East. Still in the Middle Libya's National Transitional Council says most country is now secure and safe.

The council's representative in Britain Guma El-Gamaty says the

new leaders are committed to a swift transition to democracy.

Much of Libya is now under Much of Libya is now under the control of rebel including the capital, including the capital, Tripoli. He says council elections He says council elections could

take place by 2013 and he also

says it's just a matter of time before the leader Moamar Gaddafi is captured killed. Well, Libya's new leaders have also called for

the guns to be taken off the

streets of Tripoli and any

rebels who are not from the capital to return home. CHANTING. A lot of fer ver and

a lot of guns. fervour. Tripoli

is in its revolutionary

honeymoon, even though Colonel

Gaddafi is still at large and parts of the country are

controlled by his people in the capital who

supported the colonel keep well away from crowds away from crowds these days. The streets days. The streets of Tripoli

are dominated by young

fighters. They' moved into fighters. They' moved into the power vacuum left by Colonel

Gaddafi. As far as they're

concerned this is their new

revolution. New leaders in the National Transitional Council are

are trying delicately despite the process of persuading them to go home I'm too concerned about the guns right about the guns right now. We

thug, this killer, but my

concern is when you concern is when you talk about democracy, you talk about civil

society and peaceful discourse.

You don't really want to do

that with anti-aircraft guns. Tripoli's new military headquarters was an headquarters was an American air base before the Gaddafi

years. Its commander was once

arrested and he says tortured

by the CIA. He is Abdul, the

co-founder in the '90s fighting group the Americans

said it was a terrorist organisation with links organisation with links to al-Qaeda. He says all he wanted to do was overthrow the colonel. He colonel. He says they have a good idea where Gaddafi is. He

will get a fair trial if he

surrenders, and if he surrenders, and if he won't surrender, they will kill him. This huge him. This huge Gaddafi compound

has become a place to take the

children. It was the nerve centre of the Gaddafi regime.

Now they right rude messages about him. Assuming they can kill or capture Colonel

Gaddafi, this will become the

most complete Arab revolution

so far. He created a unique system of government that is already dissolved. That

means that Libya's new leaders

have to fend a new way to have to fend a new way to run this country,

scratch, and they have to take

the people with them. If they

can do it, it will be a huge

achievement. 21 people are

feared dead after a Chilean air force plane was believed to have crashed into the Pacific

Ocean. The plane Ocean. The plane disappeared near the Juan Fernandez Islands after trying to land twice. Search teams were heading to

the area and no remains have

yet been found, but the yet been found, but the mayor of the islands reportedly says passengers' belongings have

been found offshore. A national TV network says five of its staff, including a popular presenter, were on board. More

than 100 people have been killed and many homes left in

tatters by flash flooding south-west Nigeria. Heavy rain

has caused a dam in Ibadan to

overflow. Homes were destroyed

and people's belongings swept

ever wer. Three bridges in a-area were a-area were damaged, trapping people in their neighbourhoods. Fears of a double-dip recession in the

United States have increased

after the worst jobs after the worst jobs figures for a year. The unemployment rate in America stands at just

over 9% with 14 million people

out of work. Last month, no

net jobs were created. That's the

the first time that's the first time that's happened

since 1945 and it's bad news

for President oh bam what who is already under pressure over his handling his handling of the economy. Obama is the first President since the Second

World War to witness a month where overall no new jobs where overall no new jobs were created. No President created. No President since

then has ever be re-elected

with unemployment so high. 14

million Americans are now

looking for work. 17,000 new jobs were created in August,

but that was wiped out of exactly the same number of people. On Wall Street, the Dow

Jones fell 253 points. The fact

of zero jobs growth in August

may be a statistical freak, but

some feel America is teetering

on the edge of another

recession It is very bad news

for President Obama and shows

that attempts to turned the economy around has failed. Unemployment was above

10% in 2009. Since then, it come down. But the rate has

hovered around 9% all of this year, anded whout predicts it

will stay that high next year, too. The President and his daughter Sasha are off on a holiday weekend. On Monday it's

Labor Day. Next week he will

unveil a new plan to unveil a new plan to create

jobs. The Republicans who control the House are likely to

kill it. If that is the case where they don't support his

plan, the President has made clear he will go out to public and take that message to them directly. Job centres are

filled with people looking for

work, but there simply aren't

enough vacancies. The Left say now is the moment for the proz

President to do something

radical. Basically saying,

"We're going to have something

big." If he doesn't have

something big and at least

plausible, I think he walk as

way with a lot of egg on his face. The President is in

charge, he gets the blame, so

the purpose of his big speech economic. Ahead of the 2012

election, he is trying to frame

the Republicans in Congress as

the one whose have the one whose have really blocked America's

recovery. Let's go to sport now with Amanda Shalala. There is a

crucial game under way at the

SCG? Yes, a big one for Sydney,

Simon. The Swans must win to

secure a home elimination final

against St Kilda next week.

Earlier today:

Sydney is in front Sydney is in front nearing half-time at have everything to play for but the Lions looked more desperate

in the first term as they led

by 6. But Sydney has found by 6. But Sydney has since

found its radar. COMMENTATOR:

Jude Bolton has three goals and Sydney extend the lead. On the

Gold Coast, the Hawks' decision to rest 8 places showed obvious

consequences early, but after

trailing at the main break, Hawthorn's understudies stepped

up to win the

game. -the-Bulldogs pulled away from the Dockers to from the Dockers to send retiring Barry Hall out as a

winner. Last night Geelong

thrashed Collingwood in the top-of-the-table clash. The Pies led at quarter-time, but

the Cats were simply

scintillating after that. They

kicked 10 goals to 1 in the

second term and went on to

record their biggest ever win over Collingwood. It over Collingwood. It hasn't

changed either teams' position

on the ladder though. on the ladder though. Fourth

spot on the NRL ladder is spot on the NRL ladder is up for grabs tonight when they face the Warriors in New Zealand. The

Tigers could also move into 4th

with a win over et Sharks the

and Titans and Eels face off. Last night, St George-Illawarra

made it two wins in a row and

the Knights secured the last

spot in the top 8 whilst ending Souths' finals Souths' finals hopes. The

Knights were going to let their

shot at finals football slip.

They led 18-0 in the first They led 18-0 in the first 15

minutes as Akuila Uate minutes as Akuila Uate starred. Akuila Uate got in the second half. It's Uate.

He has got

He has got three tries. Souths launched a customary comeback.

They got to within They got to within 10 points

with 6 minutes left, but Uate

confirmed the result with his

fourth try in a brilliant individual game. Sit back and

enjoy. Uate dhased by Luke, has a dive. It's in vain. Four tries equals the Newcastle

record. In Wollongong, the

Dragons came out

desperate to move on from their

mid-season slump. The home side

led the Panthers from the outset. Morn outset. Morn Rhys! Panthers captain Petero Civoniceva captain Petero Civoniceva and

Trent Waterhouse passed fitness tests to play their last games

for the club, but the captain

didn't last long, going off early

early with APEC toral injury.

It took Penrith 52 minutes to

get on the board. Simmons has

got it inside. But it wasn't

enough, with the home side

easily securing the Dragons now go into the top

four, but they will have to

wait on the weekend's other

results to see if they will earn a home final. Samantha

Stosur is into the fourth round

of the US tennis Open, but the

Aussie had to fight every inch

of the way to get there. In the day's big surprise, Maria

Sharapova was knocked out, Sharapova was knocked out, and

it took Stosur 3 hours and 16

minutes to overcome Russian 24th seed Nadia Petrova. It was

the longest women's singles match at Flushing Meadows match at Flushing Meadows in

the Open era. The first two

sets went to tie breaks and sets went to tie breaks and the Queenslander prevailed in the

third, converting her fifth

match point. COMMENTATOR: She

does it. Samantha Stosur

through in an epic battle. 7-6,

6-7, 7-5. Andy Murray came

dangerously close to exiting

the tournament. He took five

sets to beat Robin Haase. He

the Scot will play Feliciano

Lopez in the second round. The

tourists need 5 wickets to win but Mahela Jayawardene and

Matthews are providing strong

resistance. After a rain-interrupted start to the day, the Sri Lankans day, the Sri Lankans are absolutely taking it to Australia's bowlers and Mahela

Jayawardene is now under Jayawardene is now under beaten on 90, closing in on on 90, closing in on a

century. The Socceroos have

avoided a major setback in

qualification campaign with a

2-1 win over Thailand. The Thais went into the match as

huge outsiders, but they took

the lead in the first half. The Australians finally found equaliser in the 58th equaliser in the 58th minute

through Josh Kennedy. Saved through Josh Kennedy. Saved by

the goal keeper and Australia are level at are level at last. Substitute

Alex Brosque then scored Alex Brosque then scored the

face-saving winner late in the

game, but the Aussies weren't happy with happy with their performance. Well, it performance. Well, it feels

like a loss, to be perfectly

say is we got 3 points on the

board, and that's all. Probably one of the worst performances

we've had for a very, very

long, long, time and there is no excuses. our game our game up. Australia's Sally Peerson will get her shot at World

gold tonight in the 100m final.

Jarrod Talent added a bronze to

his collection in the walk.

Luke Adams finished 5th.

Luke Adams finished 5th. Anyway

tan Deakes was forced to pull out of the race whilst leading

at the 36km mark because of a hamstring injury. Last night,

Mitchell Watts wasn't able to

live up to his reputation, live up to his reputation, and Dwight Phillips. Mine Mining

companies may soon have to

reveal what they do or don't

contribute to the communities

they operate in. Australia has

been one of the most supporters of an international transparency agreement, but

still hasn't ratified document itself. They are Australians, but exactly Australians, but exactly how large are their contributions? The new extractive extraction initiative will

clarify hoch they pay and how

much they get back in subsidies

and incentives. It is really designed to out the contribution of the mining

industry to local development

and it should mean can be much more accountable to the people of Australia. Charity groups say

financial relationships financial relationships between mining firms and governments

need to be published. If people

other than leading national

economists had been able to understand what taxes

Australian companies were

paying, the mining tax debate might have gone quite

differently. The Government has

spent more than $10 million

setting up the initiative, but

while other countries are signing up, so far Australia hasn't. A spokeswoman for Resources Minister Resources Minister Martin

Ferguson says the Government is

still considering agreement. If you've got

nothing to hide, you've got

noing to lose from this kind of

transparency. Australian

companies mining in places like south-east Africa have been accused in the

past of paying off local officials particularly for

wider security. This would keep Australian nationals in check. What we need is a

full-blooded implementation at

a local level, but encouraging Australia. The Government says it will make an announcement on

the issue before the end of the


The weather satellite image

shows a bright band of cloud is sweeping through South

Australia, bringing Australia, bringing a cool change, showers and the odd storm. Speckled cloud over south-west WA is causing showers, while patchy cloud over coastal New South Wales and Queensland is generating a few showers. Around

will continue to move onto the east coast of Queensland. Morning drizzle will Morning drizzle will occur

about the south-east ranges. In

New South Wales, some rain in the far north coast and showers

and patchy rain developing in the south-west with possible thunderstorms. Victoria will

see scattered showers extend across the State from the west tending to rain in the south-west and north-east

ranges T will be wet, too, ranges T will be wet, too, in

Tasmania, with scattered

showers developing about the

western, northern and central parts during the Australia will have isolated

showers moving onto eastern

border districts with cool gusty south westerly winds. In Western Western Australia, isolated showers in the south-west contracting to contracting to coastal parts in

the evening. And up in the Top

End, mostly sunny apart End, mostly sunny apart from isolated light showers about

the north. Looking ahead to

Monday in the capital cities: been welcomed home at a parade

through Darwin's city streets.

It recognised the overseas

service of 1,200 soldiers from

the 1st Brigade. The troops

returned from returned from deployments in

Iraq, Afghanistan and East

Timor You can see the chests

puffed out and their faces. The riderless horse with the boots on backwards reminds us that

two of our mates didn't come

home, so a feeling of solemn

dignity as well. Mixed

feelings, great pride sakes, but also still feeling

the pain of two of the lads not

coming home. Most of these

soldiers have come back after

being part of Mentoring Task

Force 2. Force 2. What sort of

achievement s did they make in

their nine months or so over there? An incredibly there? An incredibly successful tour and what we've seen is an

expanding inplot of security

and that is significant. We supported sealing of supported sealing of the bitumen road up from Tarin Kowt up to

bringing prosperity with it every kilometre it goes. We're

very proud of what we did and

also we're taking the Afghan

National Army with us. We've got battalions got battalions that are very

close to being able to operate

independently. This he are tough, battle-hardened warriors

and they need and they need that organisational training that we

can bring. The Defence welfare

Association and some of the

soldiers I spoke to when I was in Afghanistan earlier this

year, were expressing some

concern about deployment

fatigue. Do you see that? We have to watch

soldiers, about 30% have never

been before, so there is an

element of sort of pride and

excitement in that group. There

is a small group that might

have done one tour before, perhaps to East Timor or perhaps to East Timor or Iraq,

and they are really powerful

for you because they've got and that maturity and that wisdom,

and then there is always a

group in some of our niche area

whose have been more whose have been more frequently

than that, and you have to

watch that. Combat engineers

we're going to have to watch

becauses awe know that search

task in Afghanistan is demanding one, but I did tell

you we're very good at that

now, more mature, a good

debrief process and young Australian males are better at

talking about their concerns

than my generation were. than my generation were. These

kids will express emotions,

will express their concerns.

They talk to each other, so I'm pretty proud of the way they deal with these sort of stresses

That's Brigadier Guus

McLachlan in Darwin. Finally, a shipwreck mystery more than 130

years in the making has been solved. The wreck was

uncovered by Cyclone Yasi on a

remote Queensland beach earlier this year. After months

research, it has been

identified as the identified as the two-masted

ship The Bell. The ship met ship The Bell. The ship met its end off Hinchinbrook Island

near Cardwell in 1880, one of

the many to have succumbed the many to have succumbed to the area's dangerous

charms. Look, I think it's

important the wreck remain

where it is. It's effectively an outdoor museum and being to

the site you get a of what it was like on an

isolated beach, the wind picking up, what it would have

been like for the people on

that vessel. No-one died when

the ship was grounded but it was eventually lost to

sands. Researchers plan to

carry out more carry out more extensive

studies on the wreck next

year. Standby now for 'One Plus One'. You're watching ABC News


Closed Captions by CSI..

This Program is Captioned

Live. These are today's top

stories: The United Nations

head Ban Ki-Moon says Australia

can be a world leader on human

rights. Mr Ban has

discuss the unfolding situation

in Libya and the humanitarian crisis in the Horn of Africa, but when asked about the

Government's plan to send

asylum seekers to Malaysia, he said Australia should lead by example. Meanwhile, Deputy

Prime Minister Wayne Swan has

become the latest senior Labor

figure to pledge his support for Julia Gillard's for Julia Gillard's leadership. A High Court ruling which scuttled the scuttled the Government's

ruling of the Malaysia swap.

Swap this week ignited rumours that Julia Gillard could replaced by Mr Swan laughed off rumours that there could be

another leadership change in