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(generated from captions) Nine Australians found safe but Indonesia's

tsunami claims more than 100

lives. A second natural disaster in Indonesia -

thousands flee as the Mount

Merapi volcano erupts. So it's

all my fault is it - Peter

Costello fights back as John

Howard. And Australia's gymnastic's world champion Lauren Mitchell

a hero's welcome in Perth. This Program is Captioned


Good morning, it's Wednesday, 27, October I'm Paul Kennedy. And I'm Virginia

Trioli. The top story - nine

Australians missing after a tsunami off tsunami off Indonesia's West

Coast have been found alive. At least 108 people have least 108 people have been

killed and more than 500 are

still missing after an earthquake triggered a that hit the Mentawai

islands. All are said to be

safe and well and with Indonesia correspondent Matt Brown has just arrived in

Pedang stwi, point to the Mentawai Islands. Pedang stwi, closest mainland

We will get an update from him

short limit Peter Costello has launched another blistering

attack on jurd. In a piece

written for fair dinkum

newspaper Mr Costello accuse s

Mr Howard of failing country for failing to step

down. Melissa, this is a

remarkable foray into print.

This flit between John Howard

and Peter Costello is

starting to rival that between

Bob Hawke and Paul Keating. Absolutely. We

thought we were having good

entertainment provided by past

leaders by Hawke and Keating

but this is starting to

overtake it. It's a little more

recent history and clearly the

vitry yol is very, very strong.

the image that even though they They always

might not have personally got

together. But clearly any on well, they could work well

prospect of that in the future

of let ing a joint legacy remain is clearly never going

to happen. Pique has hit back

at the contents of the John Howard's just-released memoir

and he doesn't hold back

either. So in 2 Fairfax papers

today Peter Costello has made a

number of choice comments just some of them to look at he says

that of John Howard he will not

take responsibility for what

the whole of Australia knows -

that he stayed too long. He

also goes on to write that John Howard was never going to to

stand aside for anybody. He

Peter Costello is saying there never had and never would. So

is not a skerrick of evidence to support John Howard's

central tenant about this 2006

and the handover that didn't happen, which is that he going to but decided not to once Peter Costello started

agitating for it and it played

out in public. Effectively he

is calling John Howard a

liar. The honest truth is when

the time came he never would

have been able to let go. The

was only way he was going to leave

was when the voters took him

out. This is something that

makes Peter Costello very angry

in this piece that he's written

because what he is pushing back

against is that whatever has

gone wrong there was Peter

Costello's fault. And so in other words it's all that sarcastic line in there,

Peter Costello's fault. This is vicious and it will surely breaking the heart of Liberal

Party members and also

parliamentary party members right now? Particularly at right now? Particularly at the

time when the Coalition is struggling

struggling with its economic

credentials, it's trying - it

has through the election campaign and now trying to

point to the Howard and

Costello years as evidence of

their strong economic

can hold up and be relied upon

to bring back if they were

returned to Government. But

with this bitterness between these two year and perhaps some

similar - or bitterness and leadership tensions in leadership tensions in the

Labor Party at the moment, they

don't help each other. And this

person al vitry yol in a party never helps whether it's

Coalition sidetor Labor never helps whether it's on the

side. Everyone has

comment. We will see who is

prepared to step up publicly. I

would imagine at this point one

of the elder might be stepping out at this of the elder party statesmen

point in trying to bring some

calm to the matter. It will be

curious to watch the news cycle

and see who emerges in that

context. In the meantime

there's been some really interesting shifting the Murray-Darling Basin interesting shifting on what

authority will now be able to

do. There's a question now as

to whether or not Tony Burke advice from the Australian

Government solicitor about the

water reform Act whether or not

he #r5e8ised this could be the

consequence - realised this would be the consequence. We

had the Murray-Darling Basin authority say that according to

legislation they had to put

environmental concerns first.

And then only once they figured out what was needed for environment they start taking

economic and social concerns

into account. Tony Burke, the

Environment Minister, has now

tabled his Government solicitor saying solicitor, from the Australian

that all three - all those

three elements can be taken into account equally and at the

same time, which has prompted

the Murray-Darling Basin

authority so say well that

changes things and we may now

not need to have quite as much

water returned as we had in the

past. Now we can only presume

Tony Burke put a publicly made available that legal advice in

in the hope of calming down

tensions in regional

communities about the buyback s

but what he may have done is

environmentalists who were upset the other side of the

satisfied with what they had

seen from the Murray-Darling

Basin authority. So the

Government now risk s having both the the environmentalists scbrauf both the farmers offside and

side. I think the first -

offside. I think the first test

of this will be in Mildura,

where the Murray-Darling Basin

authority is having their

commeks community meeting.

Barnaby Joyce will be going

along. It's an area that, like

Griffith, relies on irrigation and is concerned

interesting to see if this has mol fied them at all. -

mollified them at all. To other

news now and

Merapi volcano has erupted in

central Java causes thousands

of nearby residents to flee

their homes. Authorities say a

3-month-old baby has died after

inhaling vol cannic ash. Several other Several other people have been treated for breathe ing

difficulties and burns. Up to

20,000 residents living near toerds evacuate. Haiti's cholera epidemic seems to be

stabilised. Almost 300 new case of cholera have been reported

overnight but the rate of

infection is slowing. More than

260 people have diend more than

3,000 people have been treated

for the disease. Iran has by

gun loading fuel into its first

nuclear power plant, the move

marks a key stage in the

construction of the plant which is by 2011. Russia will operate

the facility in southern Iran. US Secretary of State Hillary

Clinton says the US remains concerned about concerned about Iran's other

secret facilities where they

could be, she says, developing nuclear weapons The

competition watchdog says a

possible Singapore takeover of Australia's stock exchange is

unlikely to raise any concerns under the Trade Practices Act.

ACCC chairman Graeme Samuel

says it's unlikely to impact Senior politicians have

questioned whether the deal is in the national interest. The

Greens say Singapore has an

appal ing human rights record and the Gillard Government

should reject the deal. And

Paul the Octopus, who shot to

fame by correctly predicting

the outcome of this year's

World Cup and 34 other matches

in that tournament has died.

Officials at German aquarium

say they were devastated to

discover the octopus dead in

his tank. made against Paul when he

predicted Spain would loose in the finals. An Iraqi Supreme Court court has sentenced Saddam Hussein's deputy Tariq

Aziz to death. He was convict

ed of The thick rimmed glasses

of Tariq Aziz are still

familiar to those who watched

him threatening the US before the United Iraq. But it was a resigned man

who accepted the Iraqi court's judgment. TRANSLATION: The court has sentenced the accused Tariq

Aziz to death by hanging Did

you understand the verdict?

Roo Yes. Tariq Aziz was the

Foreign Minister and Deputy PM.

He was also one of the first to

surrender after the Americans

took Baghdad in 2003. He

claimed he had been unable to

stop his President's excesses. But

part in pers cutting and

killing members of a Shi'ite -

Shi'ite political party that

also tried to assassinate him. That party is now headed by

Iraq's care taker Prime

Minister, Nouri al-Maliki. And

Aziz's lawyer says that is what is behind this sentence. TRANSLATION: This judgment

against Mr Tariq Aziz is faken as a political judgment and

this is the only way for it to

be considered. Besides it was planned by the planned by the Iraqi Government. He's also accused

the Government of trying to divert attention from this

week's allegations on the

WikiLeaks website. TRANSLATION: This issue was

only announced now that the

documents of torturing and

murdering which took place in

Iraq were revealed to divert

the attention of if international and public opinion away from the crimes

that Americans and their Iraqi cooperates committed in Iraq.

In a country where the Saddam Hussein regime regarded by some as the good

old days, there were mixed

feelings about this verdict.

TRANSLATION: I don't think

Tariq Aziz has done any harm to

the Iraqi people. He used receive Ord frersz his seen

yorsz so I don't think he has harmed anyone. Ziz TRANSLATION: Tariq Aziz should

have been execute add long time

ago when the regime fell. Those people destroyed Iraq and the

people of Iraq. Tariq Aziz has

30 days to appeal the decision. The ABC has been told a number of international human rights organisations will

attempt 20 force the arrest of

Indonesia's President, Susilo

Bambang Yudhoyono, for crimes against humanity. Security

forces have already been implicated in the abuse of

pappiance and a warning some of you might find the following

images disturbing. Jeff Waters has the report. The ABC

obtained unedited versions of

extraordinary torture videos

taken in Indonesia's Papua

Government admitted s they show

security forces taking part in

what is described as un

professional conduct, which

includes suffocate and a

burning of genitals. They burning of genitals. They have

promised an investigation.

Very few military persons

have ever been held accountable

for human rights for human rights abuses committed against Papuan s.

Once again this is why the

Indonesian Army and the

government of Indonesia has to

make a clean break here. But apparently human rights groups else accountable as well.

Indonesia's President, Susilo

Bambang Yudhoyono. Political

and military leaders who fail to

to take action against

subordinates for human rights

violations can themselves be found responsible. Human rights

lawyer Jennifer Robinson works with renowned Australian

barrister Geoffrey Robertson .

She helped the GC prepare his

recent legal argument that the

Pope should be held accountable

for the alleged cover up of child rape in the Church. And

she says the torture videos may

be used by human rights groups

now preparing cases against the Indonesian President, most likely after he likely after he leaves office. Certainly there are

organisations which are looking

to ensure that people are held accountable for these horrible

crimes. President Yudhoyono

recently cancelled a trip to

the Netherlands after activists brought a case against him

there. It was thrown out of

court. Jennifer Robinson says initiated in the future in the UK, Australia or elsewhere.

We will look now at the front

pages of the major newspapers turnaround turnaround country. 'The Mercury' says all nine Australians who couldn't be

contacted after an Indonesian

tsunami have been found alive

and well. The 'Advertiser' says

one of the men who had been

missing had helped rescue

victims of the devastating 2004

Indonesian tsunami. The mother of a Melbourne man Chris

Scurrah wept when told by the

'Herald Sun' that her son had

been found Times' says survivors of the

tsunami have revealed how they

were washed inland by rising seas. The Australian reports

Julia Gillard has declared

national interest will national interest will decide the Government's response the Government's response to Singapore's takeover bid for

the asex. And political

opposition to the takeover bid

has escalated, says the 'Sydney Morning

Morning Herald'. The Treasurer has stressed Australia's goal

of becoming Asian financial

services hub will be a key factor in vetting the

Singaporean takeover bid, that

is on the front page of the

'Fin Review'. The the 'Age' reports a blue reforming the Murray-Darling

river Basin is in river Basin is in Fathers after

a backflip by the authority in charge of the process. And the

'Age' has that story written by Peter Costello, it's tes regular column he write force

the Fairfax papers and it is

such a stinging attack of John

Howard it's on the front page.

Queensland's Mr Toifrm has

called for an urgent inquiry

into the State's ailing tourism

industry claims it's plagued by


interference. That That's in the 'Courier Telegraph' report ttion swa NSW Government plans to extend the

four and a half billion dollar

western express rail project with a Cross Harbour Tunnel. A former partner a large former partner a large Perth

accountsy practice has launched

a sexual discrimination case

against the firm reports the 'West Australian'. And finally the 'Northern Territory News'

says police were called after a

man fenced a road in half to

keep out his neighbours. I know

we've discuss on this program

just what you make of that ongoing feud between Bob Hawke

and Paul Keating, the former

Labor prime ministers.,000 you

have a very similar feud

between Peter Costello and John Howard. Might particular if you're a member

of the Liberal Party. How do

you view it from outside as

well? You can send us emails

today on that score.

the weather today:

These are the top stories

today - more than 100 people

have been killed and hundreds

more kill missing after a tsunami struck near the most of

the Indonesian island of

Sumatra. The tsunami was

triggered by 7.7 magnitude earthquake. Nine Australians

who have been missing in the area have now been found safe

and well. Also in the Indonesia

thousand of people are being

evacuated in central Java after

the Mount Merapi volcano began erupting. Authorities say a

3-month-old baby has died after

inhaling volcanic ash. Several

other people were treated for

treet breathing difficulties an burns. And Peter

penned his own response to John Howard's auto biography, in an

article published in Fairfax newspapers today, Mr Costello

says the former Prime Minister

failed his country and his

party by refusing to stand down.

We & group of China quleez

workers are in hospital after

they were exposed to a

dangerous chemical, alleged ly

used in the production of Apple computers. The chemical causes

paralysis and one company had

more than hospitalised for nine months. China correspondent Stephen McDonell reports. This hospital

in Suzhou has been treating

worker s who have been making xierts and iPhones for Apple.

We snuck We snuck into the hospital to

hear their stories. They told

us they were using the chemical called n-hexane in poorly

ventilated factories. It wasn't

long before they couldn't walk. TRANSLATION: - Account first

the symptoms were pretty

obvious," one woman told us. "My hands were numb. I could

hardly walk or run.""I've been

hospital ides for over half a

year," another said. year," another said. "I think I'm getting better. I will probably be out of hospital at the end of this year:" In a

small back yard factory here,

the women were sticking on and

polishing Apple logos. At least they assumed the products were

not fakes. But working in a

large factory has been just large factory has been just as dangerous for dangerous for workers. Taiwanese-based Wintek has over 20,000 staff. "Our company

mainly produces the touch

screens for mobile phones." One of the workers said. "Our main client is Apple." More than 100

of their workmates also became

sick from breathing in vapours

from the chemical n-hexane.

They were using it to polish Apple touch screens. They 60 of their colleagues were

hospital ides for more than

nine months. "I am back at

work but my symptoms are still

with me," he soez told us. "My

legs still hurt. This will

accompany me for the rest of my life. It is very

painful." Apple refused to

confirm whether it buys products from these factories

or not. It did however say that

it's now tightened its

requirement s regarding

suppliers. Yet it's not only in the production of computers

that China is suffering from

problems of toxicity. When countries like Australia, and the United States are

finished with their computers,

the e-waste goes back to China to be pulled apart and

re-used. Mercury, lead,

chromium and other poisons from

computers then leech into the

ground water here. China is

sacrificing its own environment at

life of these matters. life of these matters. - computers. In this way it's effectively subsidising other countries. People all over the

world are getting cheap electrical goods in part

because China is trashing its air, its earth and its

waterways. We saw workers

sorting bits of computer waste

by burning the pieces with a

cigarette lighter and then

sniffing the fumes. Imagine the

damage to your brain from sniffing sniffing in burned plastic every few second, all day,

every day. Now the Murray-Darling

says it will review the proposal to increase

environmental flows to the

river system. It had wanted to

allow an extra 3,000 gig litres a

a year to flow back into the

river at Tex pence of

irrigation. Now it says it may reduce that amount and

irrigators are claiming it's backdown. The the expectation of many in the

big cities and regional

communities over water was

again on display at another tense reception for the Murray-Darling baste European Union Authority. This time Union Authority. This time the

- Basin Authority. This time

the battle lines were drawn in

Murray Bridge. I do question

some of the science. The

southern Basin's health would

be restored otherwise none of

us in here are viable. One way

to do that is to make sure we

don't go below 3,000. The

authority is also facing some tough questions The Minister for Water says

legal advice from the Solicitor-General suggests the

guide plan may have placed too much emphasis on the

environment. Over the economic

and social impact of

for agriculture. How can the

Australian people have any

confidence in confidence in the Minister for

Water's handling of this mess

when he sat by and allowed a

flawed guide to be

released? The msks says the

legal advice ensures all areas

affected by changes to water

flow will get equal

consideration. What the legal completely open to the

Murray-Darling Basin Authority

to go down a pathway which

optimises all three - optimises environment, social and economic impacts. The head of

the Basin Authority says he will seek further advice. It

seems there's been some

refinement in the advice

provide and the advice vice

laid before the Parliament. We

will talk further with the Australian Government solicitor to clarify those interpretations. That is the

appropriate thing to do. At a

water summit executive director of the Basin

plan conceded the authority

doesn't know enough about doesn't know enough about the

possible social impact on

communities of re reducing water flows. This respects is the weakest body of

evidence we have. And in is not

a lot of information that will

ow A-low you to understand how an individual community will

respond to a change in water availability. But those who

have crunched the number of the

proposal say there's a lot of misinformation about. And people should look at realities of the plans. We're

talking about full compensation

to irrigators in terms of the

sale of their water entitlements. That to me means

they get fully compensated. I seems to me there's enough

money oton table from the

Commonwealth to be able to

provide assistance for the

communities to make a

difference for them as well in terms of these sorts of

adjustments. Irrigators beg to differ and say the Minister's

legal advice have changed the

playing field again. We think

it could cost thousand of job,

force up threaten the viability of family farms an regional communities: We hope the

intervention in the last two

days is now leading to a more commonsense outcome. The national irrigators wants the Basin authority to

revise the environmental water

flow and there are clear

science of compromise. On first

reading the proposals of giving

equality to environment, social

and economic issues in

optimising the outkoxs the

basin plan it certainly would

mean we would obviously take less water for than has been currently

proposed in the guide. To 2

markets - Wall Street has sea sawed overnight after hitting 6-month highs on Monday. The

Dow is trading down 1 point.

The Nasdaq is up and the S&P is

one point lower. And the FTSE

closed 44 points doin.

Now for the sport. We're

joined by Amy Bainbridge. Good

morning. Western Australian world champion jam nis Lauren

Mitchell has arrived back in

Perth to a rock star reception

after an injury-plagued year the 19-year-old became the

first Australian woman to win a

world title when she took gold in the in the floor apparatus final in

Rotterdam. Mitchell hand landed

in Perth last night and was

greated by enthusiastic

team-mates. The WA Institute of

Sport took the measure of

cancel ing gymnastics training so they could welcome Mitchell

home. She says the focus now is

qualifying for the London

Olympics. Next year we have to

qualify a team first so we have

to be in the top neksz year, so

that will be our first goal and

after that anything individual

comes after that. We will focus

on that then. Definitely

hopefully everyone can see

Australia up in one of the best

in the world. Considering I haven't really competed for

rest of the year until the

Commonwealth Games I think that

Baz a really good preparation

for the worlds because it's just getting out on a podium

one more time and competing in

a front of a really big crowd

one more time before doing the

real deal. Does that mean you

might be better in 2012? I

don't know. Hopefully. I have a

few more upgrades to put in my

routines and then hopefullily be one of the competitors. Lauren Mitchell there. To the Spring Carnival

and last year's winner Shocking is now the punter's pick for

the Melbourne Cup amid

lingering doubts about So You

Think. Question s are being raised about So You

ability to go the extra

distance in next Tuesday's cup.

Bart Cummings's foreman Reg

Fleming admits the crowd of 100,000 people are the two unknowns. So You Think was

spooked a bit by the atmosphere before winning the Cox Plate.

The horse has never gone beyond 2,000 meeters in its 10 starts

to date.. The Australian team

is continuing preparation s for

the Bledisloe cup this Thursday. There was a 7-match

contest. They are desperate to

get off to a strong start. Obviously outside gits he is very

comfortable form of and I spent

a lot of time outside.

Certainly not new to me and the

time has been great. I just

have to work on my game and cement down this for the rest

of the tour. I know it'sically

shi but I do just play anywhere. As long as I am

getting game time I am happy.

At the moment I am enjoying the

week. I have guys who feed me

the ball well with Quade Cooper and Matt gitdo. It doesn't matter until you

have had to find ways to be

better over the last six better over the last six weeks. It doesn't mean anything if we can't do it on Saturday. The

North Queensland Fury has called for heads to roll over a

decision to allow a motorcross

a event at an A-League venue.

Tonight's match between the

Nasle jets and the Fury in

Newcastle has been postponed

because the Jets home ground is

unsafe for - unsafe for plaifrs the motorcross

inspected the ground yesterday and

and made the ruling after that

event 10 days ago. As we have

heard this morning the news the sporting world has been

dreading - Paul the Octopus has

succumbed to their causes and

has died. Paul shot to fame

during the 2010 World Cup as he

correctly predicted the out

come of as many World Cup matches as

matches as he had legs. matches as he had legs. All

seven of Germany's games, plus

the Spain-Netherlands final,

choosing a mussel from a glass

tank at the Oberhausen Sea Life

Centre in Germany. Paul began

his career during euro his career during euro 2008 and

then refind his craft over the

next two years. So very sad

news there. So he only has

seven legs? No he re prict

predicted seven of Germany's matches and the Spain final. He

chewed one of them off in despair

foul play. Really? A lot of

individuals in other countries

have had it in for Paul. They

want their own animal or Crete

tour succeed him. I suspect tour succeed him. I suspect we haven't got to the bottom of

this one. I think we will have more investigation from our

Europe correspondent, Phillip

Williams, who has filed a

fantastic package about which

we will play later on about the

demise or the death of Paul the Octopus. No good for Melbourne

Cup punters. We can't get a tip

from him. I reckon Bart

Cummings is playing possum here when

I like that. If him and his

people are talking down that

horse can get a bit more value

for puntsers on that horse that

is a great thing. But I don't

buy it. It's a long buy it. It's a long race,

though. It 's a long race for

every horse that goes around it

and very few horses have ever

run that lept unless they run

the Melbourne Cup. That horse was spooked by the live music. Daryl music. Daryl Braithwaite. I

have have put other plans in place saying would be well over before the horses came out. Samantha

Stosur is playing in Dohar at

the 8-women WTA tournament she is plays against Francesca

Schiavone, who beat her in the

French Open final. So we will

bring you up to date throughout

the morning. Thank you. And now

ABC News Breakfast can be

watched live on the web from

anywhere. Which means if you're

away from a you can visit the

main ABC News website. There's a link we're streamed live every

day. Time for a look at the weather with Vanessa weather with Vanessa O'Hanlon.

Good morning. On the satellite

image and cloud is moving from

Victoria into Victoria into NSW with a weak

front. We have a series of

troughs in the north, they're

causing patchy rain in the east

and stormy weather about areas

of the Northern Territory. A

trough is spreading showers

about the south-west, a high

from the bight will bring

clearer conditions to Victoria

and Tasmania. For Queensland

today: You're watch ing ABC News

Breakfast. Still to come, we will speak to Petra Becker from Medecins sans Frontieres in

Haiti. She is part of a group working to contain the cholera

outbreak in Haiti. We will also

have a review of m Somme of the

newspapers. We will be joined by Sushi by Sushi Das, a senior writer

for the tairj. Leading the news this morning nine

Australians missing after a

tsunami off Indonesia's west

coast have been found alive. At least 108 people have been

killed and more than 500 are

still missing after that earth

triggered a sun am - - tsunami

which hit the remote Mentawai Islands. The Australians were

on a surfing chartered boat and

headed to deep er waters when

they felt the they felt the earthquake. Peter

Costello has written written a

blistering attack on John Prime Minister of failing the koubilitydly and the Liberal

Party - country and the Liberal

Party by refusing to step down.

The two men have traded blows

over the publication of Howard's new book, 'Lazarus Rising'. Indonesia's Mount Merapi volcano has erupted in

central Java, killing 13 people. Rescuers say 12 people

died from burns associated with

that eruption. Earlier a

3-month-old baby died after

inhaling ash. Up to 20,000 residents living near the

volcano have been ordered to evacuate the Saddam Hussein's most senior

official, Tariq Aziz, has been

sentenced to death. Iraqi supreme criminal court found

the former Deputy PM guilty of

the persecution

parties. The charges relate to

a crackdown on Iraq's Shi'ite

majority after a 1991 uprising against Saddam Hussein. And

Paul the Octopus, who shot to fame by correctly predicting

the outcome thf th f oh thf year's World Cup has died.

Officials at a German aquarium

discovered the octopus dead in

his tank and they believe he died of natural causes. The World Health Organisation is warning Haiti's cholera

outbreak could still infiltrate

packed refugee camps. More than 260 people have 260 people have been killed in

the epidemic but Haiti

officials say they're koft the

out break has been contined. Petra

Becker beck is the deputy head

of the politician for Medecins sans Frontieres in Haiti and

she joins us on the phone now. Thank you for your time, Petra.

This is a changing situation, changing by the hour. Can you give us

on how many people have been

affected and how many have

died? I will give you a quick

overview about the situation.

And at the moment we're And at the moment we're talking about roughly 260 people are

dead, who died of the disease.

And about 2,500 who were affected. The numbers are

changing every day. Can you tell us about the cholera

outbreak, the latest reports

are that it's been stabilised.

How confident are you from what you

you have seen that the cholera outbreak will be contained?

Was the question about the containment? We're hearing

reports that from what seen it's been contained. Is

that the situation and do you

think you will be able to

contain it and stop it going into the refugee camps? OK. I

am not sure - the line is not

too good. Anyway, the thing is that the number s in the area... the number of case s

which arrive in a very which arrive in a very severe state it is better because the people are stabilised now because there is help on the

ground, which is a good

sign. And nevertheless they are

still assessments going on. And

we are still getting ready in

case the cases are rising

here. Petra Becker thanks for

your time this your time this morning and good luck with your work there. The line seems to be having some

problems there. A little

difficult to understand. Tit

laes reports that it has been

stable idesed and the number of people contracting cholera has

been decreasing by the day. So

hopefully it doesn't get into

the capital city there. year exams are under way for

Australian school students. A sleepless time of year sleepless time of year for

students and parents but t

it'sth it's not just swatting causing bleary other thing, late night

computer and mobile phone use take a levy toll. Disrupted

sleep is mote a major - both a

major trigger and aggravator of mental illness such as

depression. Sleep is a

precious commodity, but cut

into the recommended eight hour

s and brain s and brain and body vuntions

are jeopardised. Bronte O'Brien

know s a desperation of being a young insomniac.

recently be bipolar disorder,

lack of sleep did not help her condition. I would sleep all

day and not go to school. I

could sleep for three days at a

time, stay a wake for three

days at a time which, because I

wasn't in the normal cycle of

school life or life in general

I missed out on a lot and felt

isolate and alone. Were wha were you doing at night-time? Um, What was I

doing? >>Ig Big anything but sleeping? Basically, but sleeping, yeah. Teenage

sleep problems are aggravated

by late night technology use - Internet, mobile phones and

computer games. By staying awake until almost dawn, the circadian rhythms of teenagers

are disrupted. And mental

health experts warn there's a long-term

sleep cycles we think is one of

the major risk factors on top

of some other s like alcohol

and drug use and other social factors is contributing to increased race rates of anxiety

and mental health problems in

young people. While sleep should

should happen outside school

hur hour, Professor Hickie heb

says schools have a responsibility to make sure

young people get enough of

it. The 24-hour body clock is a

24-hour clock. How well sleep at night depends on what

you do during the day. So

schools are very important in

terms of maximising physical

activity and social and cognitive activity during the

day. Increasingly we have a

concern about lack of physical

activity during the day, contributing to poor sleep contributing to poor sleep at night. And changing

expectations of academic

performance and not enough

emphasis on physical and social

activity during the day light

hours to help you get to sleep earlier and night. But Australian schools

have a crowded curriculum. And there's intense competition for

academic results. Phys-ed at school is often school is often the first

subject that kids drop anyway.

They they did encourage sport

at my school and I didn't

participate. I slipped through

the cracks with that and found

other recreational things to do which were very harmful. Current priority areas

are English, maths, science and history. But the Australian

council for health and physical

education and recreation says

that academic emphasis is to

the detriment of basic exercise which would boost the minds' ability. We no it's important

not only to offset health risks

but it is important for their brain

brain development. There's so much more research cop coming

to the foreabout how important

brain development is and how

movement, human movement and

physical activity stimulates that level of brain

development. 30 years ago,

there was an Australian model

of one hour of daily of one hour of daily physical

activity, now the average

across the nation for school s is just two hours a week. I

think that leave a young person at considerable risk. Now we

know that schools are not the

only places where children need

to be activity. But school to be activity. But school s

must accept a great

responsibility for playing their part. Professor Ian Hickie believes academic results improved by less class time. Schools have it wrong

because the curriculum has it

wrong. If we're going to have a

national curriculum, let's have one with the critical things in

it like timing and place of

physical activity and soerl

activity, not just more and

more academic content, more and

more rules about what you

should learn than how you best

learn. Ho two hours a week

would be better replaced by two

hours a day of the appropriate

physical and social activity

you need to sleep well, to

learn well and then to perform

well. Another Kay Way to tackle teenage sleep troubles is to

start school later. A recent

study in the US has found a

small delay improves adolescent alertness, mood, and health. But Professor Ian

Hickie says adjusting school hours is just shifting the

problem. We have to be much

more thoughtful about the

degree of physical activity, the way it in which it's

structure and timed to get the

best cognitive outputs as well as the best physical as the best physical health we can out of the whole school experience. Which would give

teenagers a sporting chance as

they enter adulthood. The

Queensland Government is taking

a stand against bullying

adopting a statewide strategy

and appointing an expert to

guide it. An estimated one in four students is currently victimised. The released the schools against

violence report after a

taskforce was set up in February following a schoolyard

murder that may have been link

ed to bullying. ed to bullying. Social networks

now means bullying knows almost

no bounds: We know that the

actions of a bully can scar a

young mind for life. That is

why our Government is

determined to stand up to bullies. Government appointed

expert Dr Michael Carr Gregg

says cyberbully ing in

Queensland is still low at 15% worlds. In the UK, in Canada

and Britain we're talking about

late rateds of 40 to 50%. late rateds of 40 to 50%. So we have the opportunity in

Queensland to significantly nip

this thing in the bud. The Opposition supports the

plan. The only thing that makes Queenslanders feel safer in working or school environments

is something that I would

applaud. Studies show one in

four students is bullied up

from one in six 12 years ago.

According to the experts

coordinated aksz by parents bystanders can befeet it. Most

importantly gets the

bistandsers who actually see this happen every day and

currently do nothing currently do nothing to actually do

although it seldom leads to

real violence it does cause real misery. Children are WHO

are not happy at school are not

getting the best out of school. The new strategy will

be reviewed in 18 months. Pr

sh And just in case you think there's

there's too much attention paid

to bully and you think it's

the Fairfax papers about a

15-year-old boy at a warn

honourable member Bool school

who was brutally bashed. It's

an often story. We see it where

bullying tip s over into that

violence. And the story we saw

previous to the one you just

watched wassant youths losing

sleep because of technology and lack of physical education. From what I remember teenagers have a lot to worry about.

about. There's a lot to get through being a through being a teenager. So I

do endorse the dob in a bully

campaign. In the case of this

Warrnambool student who is now

in an induce ed coma, school students apparently stood around and film around and film ted vent on

their mobile phones. So that of

you having any relationship to

that bashds person has been

broken down and needs to be

fixed in some way. That's the

problem. People just watch it

and satisfied they're not in that position. Now Paul the

Octopus who captured the

world's attention during the

World Cup has died. The with theise mag psych yib

powers, so called, was found

dead in a German aquarium.

Phillip Williams looks back at

a rather short but remarkable

life. He started a simple oct

pus, eight unremarkable legislation and an

indeterminant personality. But come the World Cup, the

management at the Oberhausen

Sea Life Centre in Germany

discovered Paul's pressing powers of prediction. Game after winners. Eight games, eight

correct results. One for each

sucker studded leg. The worlds

Wass transs fixed by the beady eyes Yoo - was transfixed by

the beady eyes and a brain that

new every time before time.

Much to the annoy yawns of the

teams he bet against against,

he made as many friends as he

did enmis. Companies against Paul

Paul got personal, death

threats but Paul threats but Paul prevailed, including prediging Spain's 1-0

defeat of Tetinerlands in the

final. No-one knew how old he

was. It's thought was. It's thought about three.

A life live ed in the fish tank

of pub lis ity. His manage ers

des cliented the ABC's request

for a prediction on the Australian election. Now it's

Paul with a higher being. His mortal coils have before the ink has dry add

successor is in training. But Paul was special. A

controversial life, a man of

infinite mystery. The James

Bond of the briny Bond of the briny is no more.

I think Phil had his tongue firmly planted in his

cheek during that report. I

don't hi he was taking it

seriously. He reserved his

Winston Churchill obituary

voice for that one I think. The

international man of mystery, I can not can not take that story

seriously. I am a sucker for

any silly story. But the whole Paul the Octopus just

completely passed me

un usual that he kept tipping

winners. Maybe it said a lot about the World Cup that he aim

baim the headline act. The top

stories this morning - more

than 100 people have been

killed and hundreds more are

missing after a tsunami struck near the coast of the

Indonesian island of Sumatra. The tsunami

7.7 magnitude earthquake. Nine

Australians who had been

missing in the area have been

found safe and well. Also in Indonesia, Mount Merapi volcano has erupted, killing 13 people

including a 3-month-old baby.

Red Cross cuers say 12 bodies

had been burnt by heat clouds,

up to 20,000 resident s living

near the volcano have been

ordered to evacuate. And Peter

Costello has penned his own

response to John Howard's

autobiography in an article published in Fairfax newspapers. Mr Costello says

the former Prime Minister

failed his country and his

party by refusing to step down.

I am quite sure that story

leads our review of the

newspapers today. We're joined

by Das da, senior writer for

the 'Age'. You can't go past

that stoush. It's grinning

reading. In the 'Age' and the

'Sydney Morning Herald'

today. For those joining us, take

take is us there what Peter Costello's argument is this morning Well morning Well he is essentially saying that because Howard

didn't step down when he

thinking he thought to have, did the wrong thing by the

Liberal Party MPs, some Liberal Party MPs, some of whom haven't got jobs still. They

tear ones who lost their

seats? He did the wrong thing by Australia, by the country.

So that is quite a serious

accusation being leveled at him. He says he has a reason

for not stepping down, he

seemed to be running away from Rudd, from Costello and

voters. Let's read this bit out

- now for the first time he

reveals he intended to stand

down as Liberal leader in

December 2006 but was prevented

from doing is a mainly by me

but also by his colleague, then

by Kevin Rudd and Larsly by his

own family. So if you want to know who caused all this Cats

fy fee, it's Peter Costello. John Howard was responsible for

anything except his own

retirement and it goes no-one

oh n in that rather sarcastic tone. It's interesting that he

repeatedly refers to Howard's

lack - he says he does haven't

a spirit of generosity. It is

not the nature of the man

soi.'S really vicious poisonous

kind of attack. I am interested

in what part the book plays in

all of this. Usual lir an author would be rapt with this kbrersy to sell the book. I doesn't seem that John Howard

needs the money from the book.

So what is at stake here for

him? I fr I am sure he was

hoping the book would mean we

would focus on his successes

but everyone is focusing on his

failures and that can't be a

good thing. Not necessarily

everyone. There's going to be a

huge number of people who will

happily read that book and will

WHO will be a fan of John Howard and been a great Prime Minister.

And will be happy to look And will be happy to look at

all that. Reading his book we

have John Howard on the program

tomorrow discussing that plem

wa. There is that strong, you know, defined person al ity of

John Howard which shines

through, he takes his decision,

stands by them and doesn't

apologise for them. So if Peter

Costello was after any

reflection or apology or of them in the book, maybe he

is right. Maybe that is not the

nature of the man. I think

Howard makes that point if

Peter Costello ever had the

numbers he would have. I think

he never had the number s. Or

as others have said as others have said he didn't have what else is required in

order to take him on. What is

in it for Peter Costello writing this story. It's

interesting - He doesn't look

good any time he puts his head up on this issue. He would see

it as the fight for posterity

and longevity and history. And truth. And claiming your own little piece of little piece of it. And people

in all soortds of situations -

think of - dr sorts of situations, think of marriages

and divorces people get

outraged at that verse of history being the one that

Steve and they insist on having

their - - sphiefs and they insist on having theirs. Also

you Justice just can't go past egoes of positions. These guys,

honestly! Now there's another

story that you're looking at in the 'Canberra Times' today? Yes

they have a story on the front page saying work is bad for

your health. Or rather overtime

is bad for your health. It's an

Australia Institute survey

where they've talked to over

1,700 people and what they've

found is that half of them said that they were always pressed

for time, the ones who earn the

most are the most pressed for

time and more alarmingly they do so simply haven't got time to go

to the doctors when they're ill

and they haven't got time to

eat healthily. Who are WHO are earning more than

year are the ones suffering the

most apparently. So is it that

if you work be beyond what

you're supposed to work is when

your health starts to suffer.

If you snick to 9 to 5 you will

be OK? That's right. What does hours? We get the afternoons

hour, usually. And you get time

to see your family. That is is

the whole thing. It's

to see your loved ones. I think

some time ago a very important

person said work-life balance

was a barbecue stopper. I think

he is joining us on the program

tomorrow. A A story also in the

Hells. This is interesting the

brumby Government had said if

you vote them in what they will do is introduce legislation so that real estate agents when they advertise Howe

house also no longer be able to say - use the plus advertising,

so the house is working

$500,000 plus. Meaning it's

worth $750? They have to give a

range to stop them under

quoting. I think it's a fair ly

cynical attempt to win votes

because - because they have said we will introduce

legislation if you vote in as Government. If they're really serious they will be doing it right now There have been re forms around that.

They're supposed to already be

in place. Truth in advertising

if you about the prices if you about the prices of

homes. But very few real estate

agents have actually agents have actually been pinged under that legislation. They will say

anything. But buyers know

basically the tricks, most

people when they're searching

for a house, they know what to

look for, they don't just look

at the sign? But I think the

levels at which homes for and apartments are going

for are way beyond people's expectation. That is the shock.

I was just charting to someone

the other day who was the other day who was had

something that was $8 dds 80,000

80,000 more than was quoted I

Get say get rid of auctions, go for private sales. Do you want

a buy a house on an auction on

the street. Displit's less

theatre. Under - d - under pressure to decides in two minutes. I don't believe minutes. I don't believe you want to talk about Paul the Octopus. I do! Come

on. Apparent ly they say he

died of natural causes but conspiracy threat theories

abound already I am with the conspiracy theory. They are

making a movie about his life

and the conspiracy is that he

died some time ago and an

impostor was nut p put in. dfr Was put in. They have made

a movie on that - Weekend at

Bernie's. The Vatican had a

long history of that too. That is hilarious and unbelievable. Suchy good to see you. Thank

you. Now let's move on to sport.

sport. Here is Amy Bainbridge. Good morning,

Australian tempis player

Samantha Stosur has defeateded Italy's Francesca Schiavone at

the WTA championships in Qatar.

Stosur won the match in straight sets

lost to Schiavone in the final

of the French Open earlier this

year. Stosur next's opponent will be Caroline Woznicaki. World champion Mitchell has arrived back in

Perth to a rock star reception

after an injury-plagued year

the 19-year-old became the

first Australian woman to win a

world title when she took gold

in the floor apparatus in week. Mitchell

Mitchell planneded Landed in Perth last night and he was

greeted by enthusiastic

teammates. Her focus Olympic. So to the Spring

Carnival last year's winner

Shocking is now the puntders pick for the Melbourne pick for the Melbourne Cup. Reg Fleming admits the length of

the race and the impact of a

crowd 100,000 people are the two unknowns. So You Think was

spooked by the atmosphere

before winning the Cox Plate.

The horse has never gone beyond

2,000 m in its 10 starts. Next

hour we will speak to Adam

Goodes who is in Dublin for the

Rules series Now time for the weather and Vanessa O'Hanlon

can tell us about a typhoon

that is heading towards Japan. It's typhoon cha vai,

also the name of the tropical

flower in Thailand. We can see it over the Pacific ocean on

the satellite imagery and it

has Japan in its sights. At the

moment it's a category 1 but

should strengthen to a category

2 rand weaken as it heads to Tokyo. Damaging eastern part of Japan vrntion vrn, especially ons Friday

night. Back home for us and in

Queensland today: Comments are pithy this morning morning on News Breakfast.

Readers dispute between Howard and

and disoel Costello - I don't

believe either of them. I

believe they're both being

babies. Trudie says it all

sounds Akermanis erate to me. More after the break . Nine Australians found safe

but feeshz's tsunami claims

more than 100 lives. There's a lot of destruction, there's

some deaths and a great need

for food, shelter and medical


A second natural disaster

in Indonesia, 13 kill and thousand evacuated as the Mount

Merapi volcano erupts. So So it's all my fault? Peter Costello fight s back at John Howard. And Australia's

gymnastics world champion

Lauren Mitchell arrives home to

a hero's welcome in Perth.

Goorntion it's Wednesday, 27 October. I'm Paul Kennedy. And

I'm Virginia Trioli. The top story

story - a group of nine

Australians who disappear ed

during a deadly tsunami on the

west coast of Sumatra have west coast of Sumatra have been

found alive and well. At least

112 people have been killed after a after a 7.7 magnitude earthquake triggered the

tsunami which hit the remote meant meant islands. Matt Brown

reports from Pedang where

officials are still searching

for 500 people washed away by

the giant wave. Information

about the human toll in this

disaster is still sketchy

because some of the emergency

relief teams have been forced

by bad weather to return here

to the port. But the national

disaster management agency says

at least 112 people are confirmed dead. And 500 others

are still missing. It's going

to send a team of police and

para military police out to

have a better look at first

light and the non-Government organisation Surf-Aid

International is also planning to head to four villages it believes could be especially

hard hit. We managed to get an SM

SM served . - SMS from one of

our staff. Every now and then

you can climb up a tree and get

an SMS message out. This is one of our staff who has been there

in for a lot of years. She says there's a lot of destruction,

deaths an a need for food, shelter and medical care. The Australian

Australian surfers whoer washed

inland are still waiting on a small island for a lift back

here to the mainland. And the other boat carrying Australian

surfers that was feared missing

has now made contact. And all

aboard are safe and

well. Yeah, with e're all

really relieved to have found

them and they're all well. So that is the great

news. So now they are help us to respond to the to respond to the need. A much larger earthquake probably causing a marriage larger

tsunami is long overdue here

and the area is not prepared

for such a big disaster. To

other news - Indonesia's Mount

Merapi volcano has erupted in

central Java killing 13 people.

Rescuers say 12 from burns, earlier a

3-month-old baby died after

inhaling ash. Up to 20,000 rez

debts living near if volcano

have been ordered to evacuate. Haiti's cholera appears to be stabilising but

health authoritieses warn the outbreak is not yet over.

Almost 300 new cases have been reported overnight but the officials say the rate of

infection is slowing. More than

260 people have diend more than

3,000 people have been treated

for the disease. Iran has begun loading nuclear power plant. The move

marks a key sage in the

construction of the plant, with

I which is said to produce

electricity by 2011. Russia will operate southern ir Iran. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says

the US remains concerned about Iran's other nuclear facilities

where they could be developing

nuclear weapons. And the

competition watchdog says a

possible Singapore takeover of Australia's stock exchange is

unlikely to raise any concerns

under the Trade Practices Act. ACCC chairman Graeme Samuel says it's unlikely to impact competition in

Australia. Senior politicians have questioned whether the

deal is in the national interest. The Greens say

Singapore has an appalling

human rights record and the Gillard Government should reject the deal. And Paul the

Octopus has shot to fame by

correct ly predicting the outcome of the World Cup matches has died. Officials at

a German aquarium say they were

devastated to discover the

octopus dead in his tank. Death threats were

when he predicted Spain would

beat Germany in the sphfs. It

is said he died of natural causes. Peter Costello has launched

attack on John Howard in a piece written for Fairfax

newspapers today. He accuses the former Prime Minister of

failing the continuesry and the

water by refusing to - country

and the party by refusing to step

step down. This dispute not