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(generated from captions) Live. Tonight - Peter O'Neill smoo This Program is Captioned

and his supporters occupy the

Prime Minister's apartment in

Port Moresby.

Molly Meldrum's family and

friends overwhelmed by messages friends overwhelmed by

of support as he remains in critical condition in of support as he remains in a

that we know that that we know that there's so

many people out for him well many people out there pulling

for him well he's a fair

chance, you know, and you've

got to understand Ian is a

pretty tough guy. The fighting back after being

forced to give up their babies

in for adoption. And former V8

supercar driver Jason Richards

loses his battle with cancer. loses his battle with cancer. Live across Australia you're

watching ABC News 24, hello,

I'm Richard Davies. There have been dramatic scenes in the

capital of knin Papua New

Guinea in. A show of Peter O'Neill and his Guinea in. A show of strength

supporters have occupied the Prime Minister's Department in

Michael Somare port Moresby. His rival Sir

supporters had been Bates - based in the building but not anymore. Is this Peter

O'Neill's check mate? This afternoon he

afternoon he and 75 other MPs

Parliament House to Morata made the short drive from made the short drive

House, the home of the Prime

Minister's Department. He says

this symbolic move this symbolic move should end

he's the any uncertainty as to whether

prime minister. Let me reassure

the people of Papua New Guinea and the international and the international community

and business community in our

there is only one country, let me assure you

this country. His rival, Sir

Michael Somare, hapt been seen in public since in public since Wednesday. All

government promises have been secured, all public servants

are urged to return to work. have a huge challenge ahead of

us. The O'Neill Government says

their rivals attempted to call

out the defence force on to streets out the defence force on to the spoken to them, they will the defence force, I have

implement a call out spoken to them, they will not

because it because it is illegal. Earlier

in the day there was a sign

waning. Around that Sir Michael's influence is that Sir

waning. Around 20 police

officers that were loyal to him handed themselveses into the

Police Commissioner that's loyal to Pete O'Neill. The

situation that we're facing now

it's not us, it's a matter

between two political groups.

this We are caught in between. Is

this the end of Sir Michael's ministership, it claim to PNG's prime

ministership, it certainly

looks so. Three Melbourne men

have been jailed for 18 for planning a terror attack at have been jailed for 18 years

Sydney's Holsworthy army base.

Wissam Fattal, Nayef El Sayed

and Saney Aweys were convicted

of the terror offences a ago. The Victorian Supreme of the terror offences a year

kill as many people as possible Court heard the men planned to

at the Holsworthy barracks. In kill as many people as possible

sentencing Justice Betty King

told the men their level of

hatred and anger towards

them was paramount. The men protecting the community from

will be eligible for parole in 13.5 years. Doctors say their cautiously optistic about the

recovery of Ian Molly Meldrum who tonight remains in a critical condition in a Melbourne hospital. Meldrum Melbourne hospital. Meldrum was

preparing for a party at his

home when he had a fall last night that caused severe head injuries. Neurologists have operated on the 65-year-old to relieve swelling on the brain. In his

hat Ian Molly Meldrum has been the heart and soul of Australian music industry for the heart and soul of the

around half a century. You're

Royal Highness, it's a pleasure to have you here. Now he's fighting for his fighting for his life. Molly

got through the night alright,

so that's great news. He's

still in a critical condition

and obviously getting the best

care in the world. He will

fight this with every breath in

his body and we are always

going to remain

optimistic. Meldrum has hosted

extravagant parties at his extravagant parties at

the time of the fall it's Richmond home

believed he was believed he was hanging

a Christmas party planned for decorations in preparation for

a Christmas party planned for the weekend. Doctors say he was

knocked into a deep coma when

he fell from a height of about 3 metres. The 65-year-old

suffered broken ribs and a

fractured skull but most critically swelling brain. I'm hoping that he will critically swelling to the

remain stable, not require remain stable, not require any further surgery and slowly improve. The music critic,

journalist and producer made a journalist and producer made a

name for himself presenting the popular ABC program

'Countdown'. He also hosted a segment segment on 'Hey Hey It's Saturday'. Meldrum counts

hundreds of the world's biggest celebrities as friends, many of

whom have sernt - sent their whom have sernt - sent their

best bishs. Kylie Minogue

tweeted her love. Boy George

sent his prayers. Even

Prime Minister said Australia sent his prayers. Even the

was behind him. His Beloved St

Kilda football team and Kilda football team and the

Melbourne Storm also sent

messages of support. I can tell

you that he would be absolutely

overwhelmed by the support and

the response and

neighbours who normally stop by

to marvel at his latest wall

art came to bring

little one wanted to put some flowers out the front so So very sad. I just wish flowers out the front so yeah.

well. Doctors say it's too

early to know whether he's sustained permanent early to know whether he's

damage. Do yourself the old favour. For now friends and relatives can only hope Molly does everyone a favour and

shows signs of recovery soon. Homicide detectives questioning the 32-year-old son

of an East Melbourne couple found murdered in their found murdered in their home this morning. Friends came

looking for them when the woman

failed to turn up

failed to turn up at work. The

husband and wife aged in their 60s are believed to have been 60s are believed to have been killed some time overnight but

their bodies their bodies weren't found until this morning. Suspicions

were raised when the lady

failed to arrive at work. Two

of her work colleagues came

around to the house here around to the house here at

about 10:30 this morning.

They've gone inside the house and sadly found her husband deceased. They were

still in their pyjamas still in their pyjamas with

serious injuries. There was no sign of

sign of a break in. The front

door had been left door had been left unlocked.

This neighbour remembers

hearing a disturbance in the night. It would have been like

1:00 or 2:00 in the morning and just heard like really loud

kind of screams. We kind of turned everything down because

it was a bit odd. The couple's

32-year-old son arrived home after the police after the police were alerted. He's assisting alerted. He's assisting us with our

our inchoiry. He may be

involved he may not involved he may not be involved. Family dynamics at times can times can be volatile. The couple's home sits in a quiet

part of Vermont south. Across the street is a children's play

ground and primary school. But police say they have been

called to this address in the past to past to help settle family

disputes. Nearby residents remain

remain in a state of shock. It surprises everybody something

when this happens. Beautiful when this happens. Beautiful

area, we never hear this problem before. Police problem before. Police say the

exact cause of death may not be

known until tomorrow. The

celebrated writer, critic

journalist Christopher Hitchens has died from complications from cancer. He was 62. A prolific author and a brilliant debater Christopher Hitchens wrote more than wrote more than a dozen books and contributed and contributed countless columns columns to magazines and

newspapers. He began his career as a Marxist but after moving

to the United States he adopted

many pro-American views including strongly supporting

the war in Iraq. An outspoken

opponent on religion Hitchens rejected the concept of the

afterlife and was often asked about his - feelings on

death. I'm not going to see my

grandchildren, almost certainly

not. One has children in the expectation of dying before them. In

them. In fact you want to make sure you die before

as you plant a tree or build a

house knowing, hoping that it

will outlive you. That's how

the human species has done as

well as it has. And you can see

more on the life of Christopher

Hitchens on the world with

Scott Bevan in just under an

hour. They were un shunned by society, drugged and

forced to give up their bay b.

5 Tasmanian women have spoken

out at a Senate hearing into

forced adoption hoping their grave breach of human rights

will finally be acknowledged.

They came seeking justice and

an apology but more importantly

to send a message to their

children. I want people to know

that I loved my that I loved my baby, that that I loved my baby, that she

was wanted and that I am her mother. Robyn Cohen gave birth to a girl to a girl at the Royal Hobart

Hospital in 1969, 18 and un married she says she was

drugged in the delivery room to stop lactation and forced to

sign a consent form to give up

her baby. My baby was taken from me immediately at birth.

My request to see my baby were My request to see my baby were

ignored. My requests to know

the sex of my baby were ignored. During the labour I was was shouted at to stop making

all that noise because you were

disturbing all the other ladies. I cannot remember making a noise. making a noise. I couldn't remember what had I was drugged which is a breach

of my rights. The women say

they were isolate and made to

feel guilty and ashamed. The baby needs a family, how can

you look after a you look after a baby? If you look after a baby? If you

love the baby you will adopt it. We're not who we were

painted to be. We're not

jezebels, we're not sluts,

we're not whores, we're not bad

girls. Some of the women were

sent to group homes to be

hidden away until after giving birth.

birth. They said their babies

went to infer tile couples the records in many cases have been lost. Money must have

changed hands somewhere, I am

sure. The Salvation Army ran a maternity home maternity home in West Hobart

from 1923 to 1973. In that time

over 2,000 un married mothers

gave birth , some as young as

13. My guess is that there probably were things that happened there that were inappropriate. We would apologise for any pain that

occurred at that time but I occurred at that time but I also social workers who were

involved were working within involved were working within

the cultural context of that particular period of time. The Senate committee Senate committee will decide early next year whether a

Commonwealth apology is more


A man has been sentenced to A man has been sentenced to 6

years prison over an assault on

AFL great Ron bras Melbourne 3 years ago.

75-year-old brasy was injured

after coming to the aid of a

woman who had been attacked on

a St Kilda street. Raymond Bowl ck was Raymond Bowl ck was found guilty last month of intensally

causing injury. After noticing

an jalt taition Barassi an jalt taition Barassi tackled

Bowling but was head butted and

kick and required surgery. The

judge described Bowling's behaviour

behaviour as brutal and

arrogant and ruled that he

won't be eligible for won't be eligible for parole for at least 4 years. A Victorian

Victorian judge has warned teenagers they're not teenagers they're not safe on the Internet after jailing a

sex attacker who preyed on more than 50 than 50 young girls. 26-year-old John Zimmerman 26-year-old John Zimmerman used

Facebook and MySpace to groom dozens of

dozens of girls as young as 12.

This girl was 12 when This girl was 12 when John Zimmerman asked her to be a

MySpace friend and offered her

tickets to the band he managed,

now she's warning others to

stay clear of Internet

strangers. They act like they're your age they're you're age but they

could be some creep. So be

careful. Aged 21 Zimmerman began contacting young girls whose details he

whose details he had obtained

from the MySpace page of from the MySpace page of band Getaway Plan. Over Getaway Plan. Over 4 years he

used 2 more MySpace accounts and

and his Facebook page and his Facebook page to lure

them into posing in them into posing in their underwear and threatened to

release the photos unless his

victims met him for sex. Girls as young as 12 told the court

they felt powerless to refuse.

The now 26-year-old pleaded

guilty to 87 charges including rape, sexual rape, sexual penetration of a

child under child under 16 and making child pornography. Judge Richard Bateman told Zimmerman

Outside court the parents of

Outside court the parents of Zimmerman's victims said the

pain and humiliation their children suffered was avoidable

if teens think twice before sharing sharing their private

information on line and above

all talk with their parents. It

scares me to think that there's

probably a lot more of this

Internet and other girls who are possibly in a similar

situation now and talk to your

parents, talk to your parents about it. Zimmerman will spend at least 12 years before he's eligible for parole. A recommendation has been made to include boys been made to include boys in the free immunisation the free immunisation program for the Gardisil vaccine. It already protects girls against

cervical cancer and can prevent

a range of cancers in boys but

the Government is yet the Government is yet to decide whether to fund a whether to fund a school-based program. The Gardisil vaccine was was rolled out to schoolgirls in 2007. Five years later it's been recommended for been recommended for boys too. Look, it's a tremendously exciting exciting day. It's great to see

that we are now going to have

gender neutral vaccination,

boys as well as girls in this

country. It's known as the

cervical cancer cervical cancer vaccine but

Gardisil offers protection for

boys as well . There are

cancers like cancer of the cancers like cancer of the anus and cancer of the and cancer of the throat that have been connected with the


and also of course they get

warts due to the virus. A

course of 3 injections

course of 3 injections for boys

costs $450. The vaccine distributors first attempt in March to make it free for boys

was knocked back due to pricing factors. Now the Pharmaceutical

Benefits Advisory Committee has

decided to support it on decided to support it on the

basis of acceptable cost effectiveness compared with female only vaccination. Experts say vaccinating boys stops them spreading the spreading the sexually transmitted virus to girls who

haven't had Gardisil. The whole vaccinate both boys

girls. It's recommended boys

aged 12 to 13 get aged 12 to 13 get the vaccine

at school and a catch up program

program over 2 years for Year 9 males. The recommend nation will now be considered for funding by funding by the Federal

Government but that won't be in

time for the new school year time for the new school year in

2012. A decision will be 2012. A decision will be at

least 6 months away. Every year

that we wait is another year of

boys who are not protected by this vaccine which we this vaccine which we know is

very highly effective. The ball is in the is in the Government's court.

The country's biggest ever

consumer class action just got

a whole lot larger. Law a whole lot larger. Law firm Morris Blackburn has extended

its legal campaign against

exorbitant bank fees to take in the

the big four banks. At the

ANZ's annual general meeting chief executive Mike Smith said

he'd be fighting the action.

Those who launched Those who launched an initial class action against ANZ for

charging exorbitant fees on accounts and broadened their battle front. It was appropriate to

institute these further four proceedings against Commonwealth, National Australia Australia Bank, Westpac and Citibank. They will build on

the current action against ANZ

which argues late payment which argues late payment fee penalties don't reflect true

costs. The litigators will also continue to push for the courts

to rule dishonour and overlimit charges are excessive and illegal. We've got people who felt aggravated enough and enough and aggrieved enough and aggrieved enough

about how they've been about how they've been charged

these fees over 6 years and more. It brings the of the claims against the big banks to around $200 million.

At ANZ's AGM chief executive Mike Smith was unmoved. I think our position on that is very

clear, you know. We will

continue to resist those

claims. Earlier he pointed to

other global challenges facing the high debt and low high debt and low economic

growth is toxic and has given rise to even more risk. But rise to even more risk. But he

dismissed a report dismissed a report the banking regulator APRA had ordered an urgent bank stress test urgent bank stress test because

of rising anxiety over Europe's debt crisis. This sort of thing

is going on all the time. I'd never heard of never heard of anything that

was required within a week. The Bankers Association confirmed

the request had been made but the media shy banking wouldn't confirm or deny the

report. Share markets around

the world including Australia's

enjoyed a rare rise today. It

was mainly because new data is showing that showing that there are signs of

life in the US economy. Here's Alan

Alan Kohler. Retailers were

smashed today after JP hi fie

issued its first ever profit

warning foreshadowing its first ever profit

ever profit decline. 5% for the

current half year. It's current half year. It's not much but broking analysts much but broking analysts and

investors for merciless cutting

JB's price by 15% today and

other retailers got caught in the cross-fire. Harvey Norman down 7%, Billabong 5%. It looks

like those two rate cuts have

not helped retailers much at

all. Elsewhere banks and resources resources were bid up and the All Ords finished the week with

a 0.5%. Rise. Here's an interesting fact. The Australian resources sector and

the Chinese share market have

each underperformed by the same

amount this year. Each is down

about 23% for the year while

the Australian All Ords index

and the global index are both

down 12%. I guess it's Australian miners did about the same as China's share market

which is in turn anticipating a Chinese economic slowdown. The other notable thing that took place this week is that the

Australian 10-year bond rate hit a record low of about hit a record low of about 3.8%,

at least I think it's a record

low. The RBA website has data

going back to 1969 and it's the

lowest since then. Normally a low bond rate

low bond rate is telling us a

recession is around the corner

but these are not normal times. It might be telling global money is flooding into

Australian government bonds

because this is the only AAA

sovereign paying more than 2%

interest. The US interest. The US market struggled higher because a couple couple of manufacturing surveys, New York and

Philadelphia, showed signs of

life and European and life and European and Asian

markets did much the same except China, see above. The Australian Australian dollar didn't get

back to parity but it's close,

99.7 US cents.And that's

finance. It's time to check

sport now with Amanda Shalala and and the big bash is under

hosting the Brisbane Heat in the opening match of the highly

anticipated Big Bash league and Australia is 5/107.

was dealt an early blow when Brendan

Brendan McCullum was forced to retire hurt. James Hopes made retire hurt. James Hopes made a quick fire 18 before he was foiled. McCullum returned to

the crease but he only the crease but he only added one more run as Stuart one more run as Stuart MacGill

claimed his first wicket back from retirement. Australian opener Matthew

Hayden was holding Hayden was holding Brisbane's

innings together with his 29

off 28 balls before Magill off 28 balls before Magill again struck. again struck. Indian batsman Sachin Tendulkar has scored an

unbeaten 92 in the side's

opening tour match against the

Chairman's XI in Canberra.

Chasing a first innings target

of 399 the Indian batsmen

started slowly as the local bowlers found plenty of

movement. But Raul Dravid

stepped the stepped the tourists up a gear

late in the first late in the first session. Tendulkar Tendulkar joined crease just before lunch and

took control. Tendulkar and VVS

Laxman both made unbeaten

half-centuries before retiring

at tea. The match finished in a

draw as the Indians were left on 6/320 when stumps was called early due to rain. English

golfer Ian Poulter has opened

up a 2-shot lead after the

second round of the second round of the Australian

Masters. Poulter followed yesterday 65 with a 68. yesterday 65 with a 68.

Sydney's Matthew Giles is in

Sydney place and world number 1 Luke Donald remains Luke Donald remains in contention.

appeared ready to fire in the

second round of the Masters.

Consecutive birdies took him to

4-under par before Victoria

struck back. He got a free drop

from the face of the bunker but

a double bogey was still a double bogey was still the result. Playing partner Geoff result. Playing partner Geoff

Ogilvy was struggling to get his round going until this his round going until this putt

from off the green for eagle.

He picked up 5 shots in 6

holes to shoot into contention. Zblp Marcus Fraser and Ogilvy

set a stiff challenge on 15 but the world number 1 was up to

the task. Stephen Stephen Bowditch made consecutive eagles and Peter

Lonard shot up the leader board

before his putting demons returned to haunt him.

Matthew Giles followed a 67

with a 68 to be two off the

pace. The 22-year-old was

recently in contention at

Coolum. You know I can draw on

that and I think I've

this week so hopefully just go

out and play two so lid out and play two so lid rounds. He'll play with Ian

poulteder tomorrow who has a

stomach upset but stomach upset but he still

managed to hit 68. I hit a few

poor tee shots and second shots

but I managed to recover nicely. Stuart Appleby couldn't recover nicely. The defending

champion succumbed to his back

injury and withdrew. Australian

motor sport is mourning the death motor sport is mourning the death of former death of former V8 supercar

driver Jason Richards. The 35-year-old after battling a rare form of

cancer. The New Zealand born

driver made his debut on the

Australian touring car Australian touring car circuit

in 2001. After his diagnosis last year he returned for

memorable race victory in

Adelaide in March. Rismeds is

survived by his wife Charlotte and children Sienna and children Sienna and Olivier. The Central Olivier. The Central Coast

Mariners are prime to take top

spot on the A-League latter

from Brisbane in tomorrow night's grand final Patrick Galloway was at the

Mariners final training run today. Certainly is the match

of the round in the A-League on

Saturday night. The Mariners up against the Roar in Queensland. Should be an

intriguing battle. Both teams

locked on 20 points on top of the A-League the A-League ladder although

the Mariners do have one game

in hand. The Central Coast finalised preparations on

Friday at Kogarah. They fly to

Brisbane tonight for the match.

Here's what coach Graham Arnold

had to say on how his side was

tracking this season compared to the same year. We're probably 50% better

than where we were last year in

terms of football, our standard

of football, in terms of our fitness

fitness levels, in

everything. Last year in the

first 10 rounds we grinded out

results and we worked extremely hard on the field and we

pinched results but this year pinched results but this year I think that we've been quite

convincing in what we've

done. Certainly full of

confidence the Mariners,

they're enjoying a rich vain of

form. They beat Newcastle 2-0

last weekend. It will be interesting to see how they go

on Saturday.

on Saturday. And in AFL news

Sydney coach John Longmire will remain a Swan for remain a Swan for another two

years. He took over from Paul

Roos at the beginning of this

season and led the Swans to the

semifinals. The Swans locked in

Sam Reid until the end of the 2017 season. The 19-year-old

signed on for another 5 years

after missing just one after missing just one game

this season. Certainly this season. Certainly exciting times ahead and hopefully the

supporters really see that with our younger group coming through and no better example

than Sam's commitment obviously

to the club for a

long-term. Came down to how

much I love it up here in

Sydney and the guys that are at

the club. The young group we've got it's really exciting in the years coming forward. It feels like we could be a really successful club and I want to

be part of that. It's be part of that. It's really good security that Sydney

good security that Sydney have

offered me.

Graham Creed with 2-day

outlook and we've got a outlook and we've got a stormy forecast, particularly through

most of the eastern and central association with the surface

and an upper level disturbance that's moving into South

Australia. Now anywhere along

this line we're expecting to

see the prospect of some

moderate to heavy falls association with thunderstorms. That will

That will tend to a thundery

rain band through southern

parts of the Northern Territory into South into South Australia, south-west Queensland, western

NSW and western parts of Victoria on Saturday. Now Victoria on Saturday. Now we

could see severe thunderstorm

warnings issued for this event and with previous flooding up

around parts of northern NSW

and southern Queensland could also and southern Queensland we could also see some problems there in some of those flooding areas

flooding areas and for NSW in

particular where some roads are

still closed we may see some

further road further road closures. We've

also got onshore winds along the Queensland

the Queensland coast. That will

continue some cloud, similar

story for the NSW coast but

mostly dry conditions. There could be an isolated exposed

coastal shower but they will be

very light. The further north we head through Queensland, particularly up around the

tropics, moderate to heavy falls, thundery rain across the far

far north, also into the Kimberley and pill thainks to the monsoon trough becoming active to the north of

the mainland. Across the south

a warm day but we've got the

thundery activity in Adelaide,

in fact right across the State but the but the worst of the storms

will actually be north of Adelaide and we've got some

late rain pushing into

Melbourne. We'll see that

system move in to the inland system move in to the inland of NSW. NSW. It will still stay NSW. It will still stay through

most of south of Queensland, particularly over the inland.

We'll see that thundery rain

clearing out of Victoria as the

day progresses but showers

developing in behind that. We will drizzle patches, even some showers and isolated

thunderstorms on Sunday through

Tasmania. We've also got a slightly cooler air flow

developing through the west so winds tending more south,

south-westerly and that will drop winds drop winds back a little.

Showers late in the day along

the east coast pushing in towards Brisbane, the Gold Coast, possibly the Sunshine

Coast but all those falls will

be late in the day at this

stage. We've got clearing

conditions about the

south-east, although rainfall

quite widespread across

Victoria to begin the news for now but I'll be

back in a moment with an

back in a moment with an update

on the main headlines and then stay with us for 'One Plus One'. I'm Richard Davies and you're watching ABC News 24. Closed Captions by CSI

Live. The top stories from ABC

News. 3 Melbourne men have News. 3 Melbourne men have been jailed for 18 jailed for 18 years for

plotting a terror attack at a

Sydney army base. The court heard the men planned to kill as many people as possible as many people as possible at

the Holsworthy army base to

further the cause of Islam through violence. They will be

eligible for parole in 13.5 eligible for parole in 13.5 years. The years. The federal Opposition

Leader Tony Abbott says the

Prime Minister should have aced the Agriculture Minister Joe Ludwig over his poor handling

of the Indonesian live export phase out the importation of

Australian cattle but says it's not due to Canberra's earlier

suspension of live exports. Mr Abbott says the Agriculture Minister should have been

dumped in the recent cabinet

reshuffle. More big banks are

being sued by customers over bank fees. The Commonwealth