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(generated from captions) A horror crash seriously injures three others. A blast from the past. Paul Keating lets Paul Keating lets loose on New South Wales Labor. That sicko

populism is what we populism is what we just simply don't need any more of. And

Sri Lanka beats New Zealand by five wickets in the five wickets in the first World Cup semifinal. Good morning. You're' watching ABC News

international community says

it's up to the Libyan people Delegates from more than in Libya. Emma Alberici reports. After days of messages from coalition reports. After days of mixed

nations, it was an to present nations, it was an opportunity Foreign Ministers together to present a united front.

from the Arab world mapping a state. In a show of support from the conference organisers, met first with Mahmoud the head of met first with Mahmoud Jabril the head of the interim

national council who came national council who came to

London to present a road map to a free and democratic Libya. The real aspirations of the Libyan people are to be free, to live under a system, where there is law, all essential freedoms are system, where there is rule of guaranteed. The guaranteed. The summit ended

with a vow to further pressure and alienate regime. and alienate the Gaddafi fund the rebel army, though NATO intelligence found what they call of al-Qaeda in the rebel found what they call flickers

ranks. Of course there is ranks. Of course there is a danger that if things go wrong

in the region on a sustained basis, there could be opportunities for terrorism complacent about that. The US is adamant that UN 1973 allows NATO to arm 1973 allows NATO and its allies

legitimate transfer legitimate transfer of arms if

a country were to choose to do

that. As I said, we have made that decision at made that decision at this

time. After a private meeting with the Turkish Foreign State welcomed the formation of Minister, the Secretary of

a contact group

a contact achieve a new political

achieve a new political order involve granting Muammar for Libya. The end game might

Gaddafi immunity from that is not going to be immediately breached forces, and to look for forces, and to look for a political resolution which

could include his leaving

country. According to allies, country. According to the NATO allies, there are now

displaced allies, there are now 80,000 allies, there are now little or no access humanitarian hide little or no access to came to London came to number of non-NATO countries

came to London to sign up to the military

the military effort. Sweden

among them, sending in eight aircraft. One of the aircraft. One of the most

significant outcomes from this

conference has been a commitment by the coalition to enter into a dialogue with

Colonel Gaddafi. It's not, they

say, an admission that the military operation isn't

working, it's just not working fast enough. United States President Barack

Obama says nations cannot stand

by and watch atrocities take place in Libya. What learned from bitter experience place in Libya. What e0've

from the wars that were not prevented, the innocent prevented, the innocent lives

that were not saved is that all

that's necessary for evil to

triumph is that good people and triumph is that good people and

responsible nations stand by

and do nothing. There are times, leadership in the Balkans, leadership in the Balkans, and

moments such as now, in the situation in Libya, where our conscience and our common

interests compel us to act.

been killed and three others Back home now. Two sailors have

critically injured in a car Peninsula south of Melbourne. crash on the Mornington

The ABC's Lisa Makvimovic sent

this report. This is the third

past few days. In this accident in a series of horrific smashes

last night, just before

midnight, a Holden station

wagon carrying five young men careered into a concrete power pole on Mornington Peninsula,

killing the 20-year-old driver and a 22-year-old passenger.

The three other passages were

critically injured. They've

been flown to Melbourne now for

treatment A 19-year-old is

currently in the Royal

Melbourne Hospital and two

other passengers an other passengers an 18-year-old

and 26-year-old man are here in

the scene all night trying to determine what caused this

horrible car smash. These horrible car smash. These five

Australian Navy personnel. Crib young men were all oil

point is the base for HMAS

Serbris which is one of the navy's primary training

facilities. The navy are yet to

make a statement about make a statement about this

tragedy but will most likely do

that after police have had the chance to contact next of kin. chance to contact all of the

prices are set to rise under a

carbon tax by about $5 a according to the government's carbon tax by about $5 a week,

climate change adviser

Professor Ross Garnaut. But

Professor Garnaut says that the rise is much less than the increases of the past few

years. While the carbon tax remains a hot issue, Chinese

and Australian officials are

ways to address climate change. meeting in Canberra to work out

The federal Minister for Climate Change and energy efficiency Greg Combet says he doesn't want to speculate about

finalised all of the detailed

work, I won't be speculate

being what the price impact may or may not be, other than to

say this: the government is very clear in in its commitment that every dollar raiseed from

the carbon price paid by the

large polluters in our economy

will be used to help households

with the price impact s and it

will be used to support jobs in will be used to support jobs in the most affected industries. The government will support particularly low income

earners and pensioners in our

economy through that process. For more, Melissa

Clarke joins us now from

Canberra. Thanks for being with us. Professor Ross Garnaut has

put a price on it but Greg Combet was more non-committal they're still working out they're still working out the

details of precisely how a

carbon tax will work, he

doesn't want to speculate on

what the figures might be and says it's too early to tell. He

however said that $5 a however said that $5 a week figure that Professor Ross Garnaut mooted would add to the

electricity bills. He says that

was at the high end. He was at the high end. He is giving some giving some indication they would expect it might be something lower than that. But not committing to anything at

this point. The government has

to take on board a lot elements that Ross Garnaut has

raised over the last few weeks

as he has released these as he has released these update

papers. What he delivered with the one last recommendation that the government do an urgent review of the regulation of of the regulation of the electricity sector saying that

some of the price rises in recent times have been unnecessary because those in

the sector, generators, have been overinvesting

been overinvesting in some of

the network elements. So he is

suggesting a much broader-scale

review of the way the

electricity market is

regulated. As much as Professor for households should be

compensated, he also suggested that electricity generators

shouldn't be compensated saying

they should be able with any price changes or any

elements that change in the

economy when a carbon price is

introduced. Plenty for the

government to mull over as it tries to-to-get some kind tries to-to-get some kind of

consensus on how to put in a

carbon price. Another issue is Paul meeting former Prime

Minister of his was far from a

ringing endorsement for John Robertson to take

Labor? If they were going to

try to start afresh not looking

that way. We have the likes of Paul Keating slamming John Robertson and saying if he were

to take the leadership he would

have no moral vantage point

from which to do that and

accused him of having around 25 dead men dead men and women around his neck because neck because of his involvement in various policy and in various policy and factional moves during his time with the New South Wales is the clear frontrunner to is the clear frontrunner to now lead the New South Wales ALP into its term of opposition, into its term of opposition, it doesn't signify any doesn't signify any party unity. Paul Keating said there

is much too much focus on is much too much focus on the

background mash nations that are taking away the authority

and the rights of the

parliamentary party. Here is a little bit of Paul Keating

having a swipe at some of his colleagues. I notice ed colleagues. I notice ed Bruce Hawker Hawker out there trying to talk up ... um ... Robertson's

prospects. You know, that sicko

populism is what we don't

any more of. The thing that

characterises this group is they believe in nothing. Some fairly forthright fairly forthright language there from the former Prime

Minister Paul Keating. Melissa Clarke in Canberra, thank you.

Australia's idea of a regional processing centre processing centre for asylum seekers in East Timor is

receiving little attention at

Bali. Some officials fear it

could derail efforts to

encourage more of Australia's

neighbours to share the load of processing asylum claims. Whenever difficult questions

were being asked about the

proposed processing centre in

East Timor the Australian Government would answer which saying it would be dealt with

in the context of the in the context of the Bali

process. Lately it's been playing down expectations in

the face of sustained

indifference. But now that the meeting

here in Bali the very mention

of an East Timor of an East Timor processing centre is off the agenda. We've

been consistent that this been consistent that this is about a about a framework, but the discussion is not to be held at Bali meeting itself. The discussion is not to be held government is hoping to get agreement on a regional

cooperation framework, one cooperation framework, one that might have some might have some kind of role for a processing centre operation being talked circumstances. But the kind operation being talked about by Julia Gillard is

In fact there is concern here

it might prove to

of the problem than the of the problem than the solution. That it's solution. That it's an undercooked policy by a novice leader that could undermine efforts to get undermine efforts to get all of the countrys in the region the countrys in the region to shoulder the burden undermine efforts to get all of

the countrys shoulder the burden of processing shoulder the burden of processing asylum processing asylum claims. When the ministers release

agreement later today, it will

probably include language about sharing

sharing the burden but for onto a poor country ill was first floated Timor processing centre still being damned by still being damned by faint

praise, or it's being shunned shifted off into the cooperation and an agreement with a still reluctant East Timor. Pro-Gaddafi forces have line, pushing back opposition fighters. The Libyan

also fighting hard to capture Misrata. A short time Misrata. A short time ago we got the news that the town of

Bin Jawad has been retaken by the Gaddafi just a very short assistance

we saw and heard was we saw and heard was a massive artillery assault coming from the Gaddafi lines back towards that town that the rebels held. there seemed to be very little that the rebels fight back against it. What's happened now is that furthest point that the rebels fast advance has now been

pushed back there is very little opposition now between

the Gaddafi forces and the as Ajdabiya and also Benghazi.

Will they advance? That remains to be seen but it's unlikely. If the artillery

start pushing back

opposition centres it's very likely they'll get the same treatment they got a a week treatment they got a a week ago

from coalition jet fighters and artillery. But it certainly been a cold dose certainly been a cold dose of reality for the opposition. It has not just advance, it's them back, their morale will them back, their morale will be absolutely devastated by this.

But if this is to bog But if this is to bog down on a line that effectively divides this country from one side

the other, down the middle,

then this is going to be even longer and more drawn-out conflict. The international community has

a contact group Libya's future. International delegates have demand for Colonel Gaddafi to

go. They say the Libyan people must decide who will govern

them. Two young men are dead and

and another three critically injured after Melbourne. The defence department has men are navy personnel. And former Prime Minister former Prime Minister Paul Keating has attacked the man tipped to in New South Wales. He has

branded John Robertson a described his supporters as

In what could end the biggest lawsuit ever to hit six American women are taking

on the world's deciding whether the women can act as a group taking a class action against Wal Mart behalf of at least half a

million other Mart is itself. What is trying to whether the women can take their case as a group class

action and represent not only the six of million other Wal Mart employees. Why it's protesting is that Wal Mart protesting is that Wal Mart is the largest world. One of my experiences that I had was I had a into that Wal Mart to work,

they came in making the same

amount that it took her 10 years to where I saw the general discrimination. Because Wal

Mart, people don't want to

believe it but they do tend to

pay males more forth job. They're working really

hard. There is a huge stereotype about the poor

people being lazy but in

reality the poor people are

working hard every day and the

corporations are not valuing them enough to

them enough to pay them enough to pay them what

they need to live. It will end up being the discrimination case in the US.

And that's why big business has been watching it very closely,

because they're concerned that if the women succeed, it will open the way open the way for other cases and there could be billion

dollar pay-outs. None of it

will happen quickly. These

people here, who've been involved, have been involved, have been involved

for a decade already in this

case. And the Supreme Court may

not make a decision on this

particular question until June

and even then it could be

anything up to another decade before it's

To finance news now. The

Federal Government's climate adviser Professor Ross Garnaut says power prices will rise

with or without a carbon tax.

Professor Garnaut says price

rises under the tax small compared to recent increases. He predicts the

average household would pay an

extra $5 a week. He's also

called for improved electricity

regulation to help limit the

impact of the carbon price. impact of the carbon price. He

says generators don't need compensation, but compensation, but the government should offer

temporary loan guarantees.

House prices in the US have had a year. Home prices in American cities fell for American cities fell for the

seventh month in a row in seventh month in a row in

January down by just over 3% on

average. The Standard & Poor's

index suggests after a slight rebound last year, house prices

could sink even lower than could sink even lower than the record lows of two years ago.

Consumer confidence also

slumped in February with high

fuel and food prices eating

into household budgets. A look

at the markets now. Now so sport. overnight? Australia playing

Germany, you wouldn't expect to

win too many of those

especially after the World Cup townsing from last year but the

Aussies did well in the friendly. They won 2-1. Here are the highlights. On a chilly night, Australia have banished

nightmare to history. The

coach was very, very pleased. Holger Osieck Holger Osieck is

in charge. Aussies sh he has in charge. Aussies sh he has a big smile. I'm really proud of the boys. They did a great job.

And the only thing I said to

them after the game, thank you

very much from the bottom of my

heart. I mean, probably at the

beginning, there was a little

bit of bit of intimidation, we are

Australia, we are somebody, we don't have to be scared of them. I'm really happy about

our performance, particularly

in the second half.

did so well and it was a great

performance and it's a reason

to be proud. To the Cricket World Cup. While Ricky Ponting has handed over the Australian

captaincy, it was a captaincy, it was a big match last night, and a couple more

notable people. Sri Lanka

chased 217. They were delighted

to chase down the total after

lose ing another match. There

is Muttiah Muralitharan being chaired around the game. That's his last international match in

Sri Lanka. Most of the order got a star, but they were

unable to turn it into anything

big. Jessie Ryder was Muralitharan's first wicket.

Then he got the wicket of Scott

Styrus who made a nice half

century. That was the final ball on Sri Lankan soil for the master offspinner. Their

batsmen got to work. Sri batsmen got to work. Sri Lanka's top order has been magnificent in this magnificent in this tournament

and will take some beating in the final be it India or

Pakistan there is Jessie Ryder,

one of his final acts in this World Cup. New Zealand have done themselves proud in this tournament. They've made six

semifinals in 10 attempt bus they're out they're out now. What a great

servant to Sri Lankan cricket he has been. tell them, put me down, you're hurting

hurting my leg, I have another

match to play!. This is just little lap

cricketer of all time does

cricketer of all time does a lap of lap of honour after his final cricketer of all time does a international here in Sri Lanka. Look forward to keep on

playing. The pressure was building a bit. We lost quick wickets. But it's Muralitharan's Everyone was pumped

sure that we give him a sure that we give him a great send-off from Sri Lanka and everyone did good send-off. everyone did a great job. A good send-off. Daniel last game as New Zealand captain. Ricky Ponting has the big news days. The tributes

have been pouring in. have been pouring in. People reflect on his career looking forward to seeing him captaincy any more. Michael Clarke is expected to be announced as the Australian skipper today, but let's just look back on a couple yesterday. Any decision that I

have made or any game I have Cricket Australia and Cricket Australia and the selectors' blessing. I think it's been my job to try to do

the best I can and take the best I can and take the team for me haven't for me to move on now. I guarantees about that. I have made the decision I guess hoping I will be selected hoping I will be selected in the squad forward to turning up to training and I can and setting examples for everybody and hopefully getting to play and the way I know I'm

capable of playing. You forget

when those announcements are happening and focused on that, Muralitharan and Tendulkar will play his last World Cup play his last World Cup match

no doubt either tonight the final on the the final on the weekend. India and Pakistan will play off for final. Who do you tip to go all the win and I think Sri Lanka will win the final. a spectacle tonight. Pakistan, India, maybe they can India, maybe they can break down some but it won't be but it won't be on their minds. Now a look at the

weather. Brain is increasing

over the Top

over the Top End from a developing low-pressure system. the south-east. the south-east. Today will get

progressively colder. More cold fronts on Friday and Sunday tomorrow onshore winds up in north east Queensland heavy rain between Bowen and Cairns. This Cairns. This morning in Queensland, more Queensland, more flash flooding is expected for Central Coast and Whitsundays. Showers will also fall in

Queensland's east and a stormy day expected for the south-east.

Thanks so much. That's it

from us. Stay tuned for all the

latest news can always check our web site. All the coverage on the situation in Libya. Closed Captions by

Welcome to Business Today.

Coming up on the program -

limited impact. Professor Ross

Garnaut says a carbon price will only result in will only result in small rises in electricity in electricity bills. Production delays. Nissan says

it will be two weeks before its

Japanese factories are in full

swing. And strong outlook. The

resumption of the yen carry

trade to boost the Australian

dollar. Those stories shortly,

but first, a quick look at the

markets. And the local market's about to kick off the day's trade. More on that in trade. More on that in a moment. But yesterday around

the region, a fixed decision.