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Live. Today - defence top of

the agenda as US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gets down

to business in Australia.

today - home safe, from that second Qantas plane

that suffered engine failure

fine ally make it through to

Sydney. Burma goes to the polls today to vote in the

first election in a generation.

And the Wallabies have started And the Wallabies

the European leg of their tour

de feeting Wales. Welcome to

Sunday morning on ABC News Sunday morning on ABC News 24.

I'm Joe O'Brien. A quick look

at the weather first, a at the weather first, a bit of

cities today, showers rain for most of the capital

developing in Hobart and developing in Hobart and Darwin

and a possible shower in Sydney and Canberra. A cloudy day for

Perth and Adelaide, Brisbane

Secretary of State Hillary fine, with a top of 26. The US

Clinton gets down Clinton gets down to business today on day 2 of her Australia. She'll meet the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard,

and take part in a forum with and take part in a forum

questions from the audience.

She's in Melbourne for the

Australia and the US. Her annual AUSMIN talks between

visit marks 70 years of formal diplomatic relations between

the two countries. Emma Clark reports. Touching down Melbourne, Hillary reports. Touching down in Melbourne, Hillary Clinton

says she's always wanted to fulfils a lifelong dream.

visit the city ever visit the city ever since watching broadcasts of the 1956

This is Ms Clinton's first Olympics as a little girl.

diplomatic visit to Australia since she became US Secretary

of State. She held a joint

news conference with the former Australian Prime Minister, now Foreign Affairs Minister, Kevin

Rudd. She praised Mr Rudd for

his knowledge of China. He his knowledge of China. He has been extremely helpful to the

build a positive, cooperative United States in our efforts to

and comprehensive

with China as it rises on the

global stage. After the pair

held talks yesterday, the

Federal Government pledged $15

million towards a new UN violence against women. institution working to prevent

Globally, around 30% of women and girls experience physical

or sexual violence during their

lifetime and this becomes, of

zones. We believe, course, much higher in conflict

democracies and believers in zones. We believe, as

fundamental human rights, that

we have a a a responsibility

not just to observe but to act on it. Ms Clinton just to be not just to observe this, not

will meet the Prime Minister,

Julia Gillard, today and on

Monday she'll take part in

Australian defence and Foreign annual talks between US and

Ministers. Ms Gillard says

America's defence review will

be at the top of the agenda.

How that forced posture review

has implications for Australia, could have implications in

further joint exercises, it further joint exercises,

further joint sharing of could have implications in could have implications

facilities. Clint and Julia

new climate change project this Gillard are knew to launch a

afternoon, but they've also set new climate change project this

aside time for private talks.

Ms Gillard has hinted that the

war in Afghanistan will centre piece of the discussions. As you've seen

there, Hillary Clinton held a

media conference with the Foreign Minister, Kevin Rudd,

in Melbourne last night. There

were a broad range of were a broad range of subjects covered, including a spy base

in WA and the rise of China.

Let's have a look at some of

the highlights. It is a great

treat for me to be here in this city. I Melbourne, my first visit to

greatly your very this city. I appreciate

greatly your very gracious

words about the long-standing friendship between our two

countries. On behalf of the United States, we deeply value

and respect that friendship and

the many contributions that

Australia has made and is

making and will make to the pursuit of common goals and values that are really at the

core of that enduring friendship. Minister has been a consistent

advocate and a leading for strengthening the regional advocate and a leading voice

architecture in the Asia

Pacific, including the United States engagement in the East

Asia Summit, ASEAN and other

institutions. I want to thank him publicly here in him publicly here in Australia for doing a lot of the most

important thinking about how the Asia-Pacific region needs

to be organised and the role that the United States

play in that going forward. On Monday, the Foreign Minister

and I will tis pat in and I will tis pat in the Australia-United States colleague, defence secretary ministerial together with my ministerial together

Robert Gates and Australian

Defence Minister Stephen Smith.

There we will discuss a full range of issues, range of issues, including joint efforts in Afghanistan, cyber security,

counter-terrorism, the peaceful

use of outer space and, again,

so much more. We are also working together

poverty and spur development in

countries nearby, here in this

region and beyond. Along with

defence and diplomacy, development is the third pillar of America's foreign policy.

for your partnership and Prime Minister Rudd, thank you

friendship and I look forward

to a very productive visit. these discussions include a to a very productive visit. Do

multimillon dollar US space

Western Australia? monitoring base in Exmouth in

Western Australia? The United States is engaged in process from both the foreign minutetry and minutetry and the defence

ministry perspective, but I'm not going to not going to prejudge the

outcome of our discussions. We

want to see China's rise successful, bring benefits to

the Chinese people. But to

take on greater responsibility and a rules-based approach

toward all of its neighbours. The slowdown or the China, which is about 97% of of the supply coming from

the currently available supply of minerals, raised

in many of our minds that it is

not whether it's China or

anyone else wise to be anyone else wise to be so dependent upon a single source

for elements that are critical

to many of the most advanced

civilian and military

technology that countries like Australia and the United

produce and utilise. Australia already does produce such

element s and I am aware that

the United States also has the

potential for producing more,

as do other nations. I'm sure

that we'll discuss in the

context of AUSMIN, since it

does have direct military does have direct military and defence pertinence, how best we

can work together to ensure

that there is a broad-based

global supply of these critical me last in Washington, he

promised we would have fun in

Melbourne. I'm very much looking forward to that. Thank

you all. Very warm relationship

there between Hillary Clinton and Kevin Rudd and Hillary

Clinton giving a bit of an insight into some of the topics

that will be discussed with Julia Gillard and other officials over coming days officials over coming days in Melbourne. For more, I'm

joined live in Melbourne by ABC

reporter Tony Nicholls Tony,

this is Hillary Clinton's first

visit to Australia as Secretary As Secretary of State, yes, but

she's had a long career in

public life, as we all know, public life, as we all know, an

amazing career. She amazing career. She started out as the American First Lady,

she went on to win a Senator's position in her own right, and

only in 2007 she was a

short-priced favourite to be

the next President of the United States. She accepted United States. She accepted

that consolation prize, if that consolation prize, if you will, as Secretary of State as

part of the Obama

administration, and since she

has travelled tirelessly around

the world only enhancing her reputation

political operator. She arrived here in Melbourne

yesterday afternoon to a huge

motor kad and entourage. We're

seeing a huge amount of

security here in Melbourne, a big shutdown similar to what we

saw back at the G20 summit in

2006. This morning, Joe, here at Melbourne University Hillary

Clinton is fronting a

'Q&A'-style town hall meeting

whereby there is quite a large

audience of under 35s making

their way into the building

ready to grill Hillary Clinton

on a range of issues which so far. Security is so far. Security is always

tight for US officials and I'm guessing particularly tight for

Hillary Clinton. Have you

noticed - we can see security guard there in the

background. Has there been background. Has there been a very noticeable security presence already there this

morning? Yes, most certainly.

We have Victoria Police on We have Victoria Police on the

job here in huge numbers. I understand the Federal Police are engaged. Hillary Clinton

has her own security escorts

with her and everyone is on the

job working together to job working together to ensure

that her safety, of The ANZUS treaty celebrate s

its 70th birthday this year, so America and

America and Australia have had

a very close relationship, born out of war, which has

flourished in peacetime. The

AUSMIN meetings have been going

for some 25 years. Many say this could be the most significant AUSMIN meeting yet when you consider the when you consider the rising military and economic might of

China coming at a time when

America seems to be at one of

its lowest economic lows, certainly the lowest since the Great Depression of the 1930s. So key in the talks tomorrow

will be a strategy for America to increase its military

presence right through

South-East Asia and also the Pacific Asia region and talks

are suggested to go along the

lines of more interoperabilitiy

between America and Australian

forces, and we could see many more not necessarily more not necessarily American

bases here in Australia, but

American places, American places, military places, which American forces

can visit and can be part of

and there's also said to be much warships visiting our shores and American aircraft also. Tony, just finally, also. Tony, just finally, clipt

Clint is one of the most

recognisable people globally. Has this created much of a buzz

in Melbourne? O, it's an interesting question, Joe. I

under stand the buzz was

somewhat subdued outside her

hotel in the city. Some 45

people gathered to watch - Not exactly the Melbourne Cup? exactly the Melbourne Cup? Not

exactly the Melbourne Cup.

We've had huge events here over

the last few weeks, necessarily engaging. But necessarily engaging. But a political audience is certainly engaged here at engaged here at Melbourne University this morning. We

have the town hall meeting

starting very soon and starting very soon and waukly award winning journalist Leigh Sales

Sales will be moderating this meeting. Thanks very much for that, Tony Nicholls in Melbourne. So that Hillary

Clinton forum will be broadcast

on ABC 1 and ABC News 24 6pm tonight. To other news

now, some of the passengers on

board the second Qantas plane

that suffered engine failure

flying out of Singapore have

arrived in Sydney. About 50 of

the passengers touched last night. The Boeing 747-400

they were travelling in was on

the way to Sydney on Friday

night when it had to turn back to Changi Airport after flames

were seen coming from one of the engines. They were the engines. They were happy to finally finish the flight

last night Very scary because

there was a big bang just

outside the window. What was

going through your mind at that recent problems, we knew

something was wrong. The crew

was sitting in front of me. I

knew from their expressions

something was wrong. Within

five minutes the captain spoke

to us and said that one of the engines

engines has blown, but we are

under control, we have three

other engines, we'll take other engines, we'll take you

back home safely. They kept

talking to us every five

minutes. It was fantastic. They really did a great

job Just as we were taking off

- this is on Friday night -

there was a big bang and I

didn't see it, but some people

saw flames from the engine. But the immediately said, "We've immediately said, "We've closed the engine down, we need the engine down, we need to circulate to deposit fuel and

we'll be returning to Singapore." Some of the passengers arriving in Sydney

last night after those problems

over the last couple of days

for Qantas planes. If you have

concerns about Qantas flight,

Qantas international flights,

you can go to the Qantas

website. It has all website. It has all the latest information there on information there on what's happening. It's been confirmed

two Australian women were among

the 68 people killed in Cuba's

worst plane crash in more than

20 years. The Department of 49-year-old woman from New South Wales and a 47-year-old woman from Queensland were on

board the AeroCaribbean flight

that crashed on Thursday. that crashed on Thursday. It came down in a remote area

while travelling between

Santiago de-Cuba and the

capital, Havana. There were no

survivors. Emergency crews

have recovered the black box voice

voice and data recorders --

vorders from the Singapore and Malaysian air have cancelled

flights to Jackarta because of the threat The ash is coming from Mt

Merapi, which erupted again on

Friday. Flights to airports closer to the volcano have also

been cancelled, but this is the first time Jackarta has been

affected. Experts have warned

that the volcano could continue

to erupt for months, potentially causing long-term

disruption to Indonesian

aviation. More than 120 people

have died since the volcano

began erupting late last

month. Voters in Burma go to the polls today for the polls today for the

country's first election in 20 years. It's a vote critics say

is calculated to keep the

country's military rulers in

power in an illusion of

progress and transition to civilian

lead-up to polling was never

going to be smooth. Already

there's been allegations of

vote-rigging and the internet

and phones have been

internytentally cut. There are

also serious doubts about how

the country's 29 million the country's 29 million voters

will cast a ballot. The election has been widely

branded a farce and a sham,

designed to deliver the

military Junta back parliament. This electoral

process is designed to

establish the primacy and unchallenged role of unchallenged role of the military and

from military playing a role. TRANSLATION: I think there will be a change, only among

themselves. But as for themselves. But as for the

poor people like us, there will be no change The national party was formed with the

support of Burma's military.

It's just one of 37 parties contesting the election. We

consider them all as consider them all as our worthy

competitors, so we will treat

them as if they have equal

chances of competition, they

have - if they win, you win,

you know. It's Burma's first

election since 1990 when the

National League For Democracy

won in a landslide. Since

then, its leader, Aung San Suu

Kyi, has been under house

arrest. She's calling on

people to boycott the ballot

and her supporters have staged

demonstrations from London to

Canada. They've called for the a tougher line. But the Australian Government says it

will wait for the outcome and

then decide whether to support UN investigation of human rights rights abuses in Burma. President Barack Obama has

arrived in India at the start

of an Asian trip which will see

the US President visit four

countries in 10 days. He'll

address Indian and American business executives in the

financial capital of Mumbai in

an attempt to increase trade

between the two countries. Mr Obama the Taj hotel, which was the

scene of the deadly terrorist

attacks two years ago.

Stepping down in India and

after a turbulent week back home, Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, were warmly

greeted here. It's his first

visit to India and visit to India and one that's

been eagerly anticipated by a country that's becoming a good

friend of the United States.

First stop the iconic Taj Hotel, scene of the 2008 terror attacks in

people died. The President

paid tribute to the survivors

and families of those who died, including several American

citizens. It was the citizens. It was the worst terror attack in India and Mr

Obama's words will be welcomed.

The Taj has been the symbol of the strength and resilience of

the Indian people. So, yes, we

visit here to send a very clear message that in our

determination to give our

people a future of security and and India stand united. Over

the past two years, American investigators have worked hand

in hand with India to bring those behind the attacks

to justice. A partnership that

has in some ways brought the

two countries closer. But memories of the memories of the attack has meant that security has meant that security has been

tight. Thousands of security personnel have brought personnel have brought parts of

the city to virtual lockdown.

This visit, however, is not

just about terror and It's also about sound

economics. There's a reason

why Barack Obama has picked

Mumbai as the first stop. It's

India's financial capital, home to its biggest to its biggest business houses. It presents exactly the kinds

of opportunities he's of opportunities he's looking

for, to generate deals for American business and American business and create jobs back home and, in jobs back home and, in turn, relieve some of the political

pressure. Aid workers in Haiti

fear the floodwaters caused

fear the floodwaters caused by Hurricane Tomas could spread the the cholera outbreak which the cholera outbreak which has already claimed lives. Many of the temporary

camps that were set January's devastating

earthquake have been inundated and six people have been

killed. Luckily, the canvass

tents sheltering hundreds of thousands of people appear to have withstood the wind and

rain better than expected thanks to pre-storm preparations. Tomas has weakened and has been downgraded from a hurricane downgraded from a hurricane to a tropical storm. Back home, the Commonwealth Bank has hit

back after heavy criticism over its decision to nearly double

the Reserve Bank's interest rate rise last week.

chief Ralph Norris has accused

politicians of bowing to

populist politics. After days

of bank bashing, the head of

the Commonwealth Bank has lashed back at criticism for trotting out trotting out a Melbourne Cup

Day rate rise at nearly double

the Reserve Bank's cash rate

increase. Ralph Norris told

the weekend papers:

If Day rate

the flow of criticism for the bank or his multi million dollar pay cheque, it didn't

work. Self-interest, he's an

expert. But when it comes expert. But when it comes to

the interests of the average Australian, I think he's

the plot. It's a bit rich of

some banks to complain when they've

they've made between the big

four $22 billion Small business has also weighed in, accusing

banks of hurting the economy

with a rate rise cash grab. They're destroying small business confidence, they're destroying consumer confidence.

It's not a situation that's

going to bring about growth in

this country and it's a to jobs The Government is not ruling out supporting the Shadow Treasurer's private

member's bill to increase the competition watchdog's power

over banks. We're just not getting into the game getting into the game of

debating the opposition. We

want to ensure that there's

real banking competition. The

bank boss isn't happy about

where politics is going, saying there's:

where politics is going, saying The comments seem to have strengthened the resoft of the Government and Opposition.

It's hard to argue that

current regulation is hurting

the banks when they're record profits and their chief

executives are earning record levels of income Both major

parties say increasing

competition is the answer.

They're just yet to agree on how to do how to do it. Today's

group of young Australians.

The US Secretary of State is taking

taking part in a forum in

Melbourne as part of her trip to Australia. Later today Mrs Clinton will hold the Prime Minister, Julia

Gillard. About 50 of Gillard. About 50 of the

passengers on board that Qantas plane that suffered engine

failure have arrived safely

overnight in Sydney. This was

the second plane, the 747. It

was flying out of Singapore on

Friday when it had to shut down

the engine and turn back. the engine and turn back. It's been confirmed two Australian women were people who died in people who died in Cuba's worst plane crash in more than 20 years. The department of

foreign affairs says the pair, aged in their 40s, were on

board the flight that crashed board the flight that

on Thursday. A quick look at

the weather now. A bit of rain the weather now. A bit of

for most of the capital cities

today. Showers developing in

Hobart and Darwin. A possible shower in Sydney and Canberra.

shower in Sydney and Canberra.

Cloudy in Perth and Adelaide.

Brisbane fine, though, with top of 26. In France, Brisbane fine, though, with a

protestors have made a

last-ditch effort to derail impending law raising the

retirement age. Around 400,000 union supporters have marched

across the country. The pension bill raising the

retirement age from 60 to 62 and is expected to be signed by has been approved by parliament

president Nick lass Sarkozy

next month. 1.1 million protestors marched in

arrived in Spain for a two-day October Pope Benedict xvi has

visit. It's his visit. It's his second visit to the country. He's visiting

Santiago and will celebrate open-air mass outside the

cathedral. tomorrow Relations between Russia

Russia and Georgia are

floundering once again.

Russian spy ring and Georgia says it's busted open a

Russian spy ring and among

those arrested are four those arrested are four Russian

nationals. Already the arrests is building in nationals. Already anger over

Moscow, as correspondent Norman Hermant reports. Georgia wanted

these arrests to have maximum

impact and released a video of its counter officers swooping down on sometimes bewildered sometimes bewildered suspects. last week of numerous arrests. There have been

Jormgan counter Jormgan counter intelligence officials now say all of those

detained are accused of spying

for Russia. TRANSLATION: We have uncovered a network of

people secretly cooperating with Russia's defence industry main intelligence department,

widely known as GRU The video shows suspects standing before

the camera, some in Georgean

military uniforms. Officials

say a double agent planted

inside Russian military intelligence provided information to uncover the spy ring. TRANSLATION: 13 of them

were detained on charges of

intelligence and four of working for

were Russian. Russia and intelligence and four of them

Georgia fought a brief war in

2008 over breakaway territories

in Georgia that the Kremlin now

recognises as independent. The

two former so far yet republics broke off diplomatic relations

after the war and tensions

between them remain high. responded to these arrests with

barely concealed fury. It said that Georgean regime suffers from a chronic spy mania and an

it looked like anti Russian bias. Just when

between Russia and Georgia

couldn't possibly get any worse, they just did. We'll Wallabies have started the worse, they just did. We'll couldn't

European leg of their tour with

a 25-16 win against Wales in Cardiff. Everyone was on deck for the game at the Millenium Stadium stadium, including the drew first blood with a Stephen Jones penalty, before David po

kok made it consecutive tries

at the venue, barging over from

a gen gen pass. There we go.

The game opened up in the

second half and a slice of luck

from a kick that rebounded set

before we found man of the James O'Connor on his way

match Kurtley Beale back on the

inside. O'Connor was in the

was once again provider for

prop Ben Alexander. Daniel Ellsberg says the prop Ben Alexander. Skippy

opposition made them work for it Played particularly well

today. They played with a lot of spirit. We weathered quite well. I think that, of spirit. We weathered that

particularly at the back end of

the game, we controlled match and I think that's the game, we controlled the

match and I think that's a

feather in our cap. Rocky Elsom

there. The league fans there. The league fans are happy, defeated last night in the Four Nations. The Kangaroos never Kangaroos never looked

threatened in Auckland and

struck before half time to Cooper Cronk started

provide hope for the Kiwis, but Chris Lawrence scored on debut before Mike Moroney added another. The two are due to meet in the final next weekend. Australia's Casey

Stoner has taken poll position

for tonight's for tonight's Valencia Grand

Prix, the final race of the

18-leg moto GP world

championship series. Stoner

has been in sparkling four,

winning three of the four last

GPs including the home race at

Also his last race with the Phillip Island a fortnight

duke ate team, looking to duke ate team, looking to send

his team-mates out on a high.

Stoner says the track is a

tricky one to negotiate.

There's a couple of corners on the circuit I really enjoy and have a lot of fun on have a lot of fun on and

there's a few corners I'm

struggling with today. We have to improve that situation for tomorrow. We have to get a little bet feeling at the front tomorrow. We have to get a


end. The way everything's gone this weekend, we can't

complain. We have to try to

improve before tomorrow's race and see what we can do Champion rider but he still

kid. In formula 1 wb Webb will

start third on the grid ahead

of the Brazilian Grand Prix

tonight. The Red Bull team-mate Sebastien qualified second fastest while

hol kenberg has taken poll,

giving them a first qualifying win for five and a half years.

England produced a rusty

batting performance on day 2 of

its tour match against its tour match against WA. Kevin Pietersen and Stuart Broad were the only Broad were the only English

centuries. WA batsmen to reach half

now of 1/109 at stumps and have a lead

now of 128 runs. In perfect

batting conditions at the England lost early wickets to batting conditions at the WACA,

be in trouble at 3/27 before

Jonathan Trott and Pieterson

steadied for the tourists.

middle session to crumble They then lost 4/29 in the

middle session to crumble to

7/117. Some big hitting from

Broad sparked a late fightback.

In soccer, Brisbane has pulled

away at the top of the

ladder after a 4/0 within over

Adelaide at Lang Park. Ren

aldo was first to score for the

Roar with the strike just

before half time. He was

pretty happy about it. Celebrations were cut short in

the second, after he was given

a second yellow for dissent a second yellow for dissent and

sent off. It didn't harm

Brisbane's chances, though, Brisbane's chances, though, as Matt Smith responded soon after. The 10-man after. The 10-man Brisbane

outfit had no trouble cutting through Adelaide's defence and Kosta Barbarouses's Kosta Barbarouses's double emphatically showed league's best team is. Earlier, Gold Coast Earlier, Gold Coast beat

Melbourne victory 1-0 at

Docklands with a Roddie Vargas

own goal gifting the

Queenslanders the win. basketball now, there were

matches in both the NBL and

WNBL last night. In the NBL, the New Zealand Breakers

continued the impressive start

to the season, making it four

wins from four played away to

the Gold Coast Blaze, while the

Adelaide 36ers had a home Adelaide 36ers had a home over

the Sydney Kings and the reigning champions Perth went down to Cairns. In the WNBL,

there were wins for Dandenong,

Townsville and bulleen. Some of

Australia's best surf athlete are this morning to compete for the

Holy Grail of iron man events.

The gruelling Coolangatta gold

surf race is in the tenth year, in this year's field of elite

endurance athlete is is 40-year-old ironman having his

final tilt at the title.

Standing in his way is a man Standing in his way is a man 16

years his junior who's looking for a reports. Dean Mercer is doing

everything he can to stay at

the top of his sport. Look

your feet, friend, yes, good. Keep looking at your feet. Beautiful. When he became a

professional ironman at 15, he never imagined he'd still be competing and competing and consistently finishing in the top 5 finishing in the top 5 a quarter of a century later.

The endurance athlete says yoga

helps him stay balanced and, more importantly, for a

40-year-old still competing at

elite level it reduces the risk


increases my flexibility, and

also it's like giving back to my body. It's a my body. It's a different

aspect, I suppose now a little more mature, looking at things

in a different in a different light and for me it's longevity in the sport.

This certainly has been a part

of my longevity in the sport of my longevity in the sport to be able to continue on. He's

considered to be a ruthless

competitor and one of the most

enduring in ironman events.

Still today, you know, he's

still such a hard, fierce,

driven competitor. He's just

me wake up in the mornings and

think that if Dean can do it at

40 years old, why can't I at

almost 30? Staying ahead of