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(generated from captions) its troops from southern Lebanon that Israeli agreed to withdraw with Syria. and began direct peace negotiations So with the Israeli military across Lebanon, now bombing Hezbollah targets with thousands of missiles blaming Syria for arming them the south, and threatening to re-invade this conflict will end? how does he think That's coming up. But first, our other headlines. loutish behaviour of Young Liberals. Fresh allegations of rowdy and (All chant) We're racist. We're sexist. We're homophobic. 300 and rising - from last night's tsunami the growing death toll on the west coast of Java. And more carnage in Iraq 59 people in a city marketplace. with a suicide bomber killing is growing Well, the exodus from Lebanon fleeing by road and sea. with thousands of foreign citizens another 90 Australian citizens This afternoon country by bus were taken out of the strife-torn Alexander Downer says and the Foreign Minister by ship tomorrow. 300 Australians will be evacuated pleas for a temporary cease-fire But Israel has rejected Canberra's to allow the evacuation trapped in southern Lebanon. of Australians reports from Beirut. Middle East correspondent Matt Brown

Israel warplanes have again pounded

Lebanon, striking Beirut's southern

suburbs and villages in the south

the country. At least 13 people suburbs and villages in the south of

killed in the bombing. The Lebanese the country. At least 13 people were

Government says Israel has

billions of dollars of the damage Government says Israel has inflicted

the country's infrastructure and is billions of dollars of the damage to

trying to set the country back 50

years. Israel now is a terrorist

country that's committing every day

a terrorist act. Lebanon is in fact

subject to to hell that's being

placed on them by Israel. Fleeing

the bombardment, European nationals

have arrived by the busload at

Beirut's port. They were desperate

to escape being caught up in a war

with no end in sight. More than

French, Italians and other with no end in sight. More than 1500

Westerners have already made it to

Cyprus. "I feel a bit better"

this woman says, but "But has Cyprus. "I feel a bit better" ,

depressed because I've left my

father and family and all of my

friends and job." Too Chinook

helicopters lifted people to safety.

While some Australians were bussed

out to Jordan yesterday, many

were left behind. Tania Carpinelli out to Jordan yesterday, many others

and her 8-year-old son Jian Piero

had hoped they would be on the next

bus, but they had little faith in

the embassy here. When you ring and

get an answering nan's not been

updated and they could have done

that - it takes 1 minute to do that,

you understand they are not

following it properly. Tania

Carpinelli has shielded her son

the worst of the news, but she Carpinelli has shielded her son from

stop him hearing the bombs falling. the worst of the news, but she can't

We have that is getting bombed one

there, one there and two down there.

When Israel renewed its bombing of

Beirut overnight, it struck two

lorries it said were carrying

missiles near Tania Carpinelli's

flat and she fled with her son in a

taxi to the Syrian border. No-one

had told her that at that very

moment the Australian embassy was

organising another bus convoy out

Syria. The Australian Foreign organising another bus convoy out to

Minister says he's confident

hundreds more ko be evacuated by

ship tomorrow. But Alexander Downer

says Israel has refused to allow a

short cease-fire or provide a safe

corridor to move Australian

trapped in southern Lebanon. corridor to move Australian tourists

The Israelis have so far said this

was a war zone; that they wouldn't

agree to our requests at this time

or to the requests of other

countries, Americans and Canadians,

British and so on, that they didn't

want to allow Hezbollah to either

consolidate or escape from that

of the country. More than 200 consolidate or escape from that part

Lebanese have already been killed

this conflict as the foreigners Lebanese have already been killed in

flee, the Lebanese are also fleeing

and normally busling Beirut has

reduced to something of a ghost and normally busling Beirut has been

town. All I care about is I don't

pay the price for somebody else's

crime, OK. OK. There are innocent

people! In the south of the city,

the destruction from Israeli

is spreading and Lebanese are the destruction from Israeli bombing

leaving in a stream of cars, many

angry that they are suffering the

Israeli bombardment because of

'Lateline'. Hezbollah's actions. Matt Brown,

In the past few hours, have again been forced to take cover hundreds of thousands of Israelis in underground shelters rockets into the city of Haifa. as Hezbollah guerrillas fired more In the latest attacks facility and a railway depot, rockets detonated near a port have been reported. although no injuries While Israel said tonight with the international community that it would work to bring about a cease-fire, no let-up it added that there would be are released by Hezbollah. until their captured soldiers from northern Israel. Jane Hutcheon reports

On Israel's northern border

use the latest technology to fight On Israel's northern border soldiers

Hezbollah's firepower, which has

unleashed 1500 rockets on Israel

towns and cities in six days.

We plot projectory of the actual

rocket itself. We shoot a rocket in

response and try to knock out the

battery itself, which is very

difficult to debecause most of

are mobile batteries. This evening, difficult to debecause most of these

Israel's Foreign Minister left the

door open as to whether Israel

agree to a temporary international door open as to whether Israel would

presence in south Lebanon, but the

return of the captured Israeli

soldiers, which started this

conflict, was not negotiable.

It is our moral obligation as human

beings, as Israelis, to demand

initial and immediate and

unconditional release of the

kidnapped Israeli soldiers. Earlier

Israel's Prime Minister defended

country's deadly offences in Israel's Prime Minister defended his

and Gaza. As the UN mission began country's deadly offences in Lebanon

discusses in Jerusalem, the Prime

Minister also vowed to seek a

diplomatic solution, once

silenced. Hezbollah's weapons have been

This after the port city of Haifa

spent another uncertain day under

Hezbollah's rockets. Most of the

attacks missed their mark, but not

this one. An apartment building was

severely damaged. Though

miraculously no-one was killed.

Residents of Haifa surveyed the

latest damage. Across Israel at

least 20 people were injured in

rocket attacks. But the message to

Hezbollah Hezbollah was one of

resilience. I am staying in my

house. This is my house. They like

us to go out. They like us --

We believe there's no two bombs in

the same police. And for a third

strait day, Hezbollah's rockets

again fell on Haifa in the vicinity

of the port. Army officials say

of the port. Army officials say this offensive could last another week,

but Israelis are not weary. There

remains wide-spread public support

for attacking Hezbollah, even if it

means the towns and cities of

northern Israel are under fire.

northern Israel are under fire. Jane Hutcheon, Lateline. The US President George Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair have been caught out speaking frankly about the Middle East

in front of microphones they thought were switched off. The President was recorded swearing, saying that the crisis would end as soon as Hezbollah stopped its rocket attacks against Israel, while an offer by Tony Blair

to travel to the Middle East as a peace broker was dismissed by the US leader. This candid exchange has led to Mr Blair being ridiculed in the British press as a weak and subservient ally of President Bush. Stephen McDonell reports.

President Bush greeted his British

counterpart "Yo Blair". They talked

about the trade thingy and got on

about the trade thingy and got on to the situation in the Middle East.

Prime Minister Blair offered to go

to the Middle East as a peacemaker

only to be dismissed by President Bush.

And President Bush had some

unflattering words about UN's

Secretary-General Kofi Annan and

Syrian President Assad who is seen

as a backer of Hezbollah. What

as a backer of Hezbollah. What about Koffi, I don't like.

A cease-fire was the priority of

Lebanon's Prime Minister when he

spoke to the European Union. But

spoke to the European Union. But the EU's foreign policy chief didn't

seem too optimistic this was about

to happen. REPORTER: Why is no-one

talking about an im

talking about an immediate serious

fire at this stage? I think at this

point in time this would be something that everybody would like

to have, at least I would like to

have, but I think we are a little

bit far still from that situation.

We have to... In the meantime a

We have to... In the meantime a team was sent to the Middle East to seek

out a cease-fire. The UN delegate

has some specific and concrete

has some specific and concrete ideas on how to resolve the current

on how to resolve the current crisis and to reach end of hostilities.

Those ideas were not fully

Those ideas were not fully explained and no breakthrough was made.

Well, as we reported earlier the Israeli Government has rejected a cease-fire plan from the Australian Government to allow safe passage of Australians out of southern Lebanon. To discuss this and the latest events in the Middle East I'm joined by Ehud Barak. Mr Barak - widely regarded as one of Israel's most decorated soldiers was chief of the Israeli military before entering politics in 1996. During his career he held many ministerial positions among them foreign minister and defence minister. He become prime minister in 1999, a position he held until 2001.

During this time he withdrew Israeli forces from southern Lebanon and entered into peace negotiations with Syria. Ehud Barak joins us from Tel Aviv.

Thanks for being there. Thank you.

Can we start by getting your

perspective as a former prime

minister on why with so many

minister on why with so many foreign nationals trapped in Lebanon,

nationals trapped in Lebanon, Israel is refusing to halt its bombing and

allow them safe passage out of the

country. I don't think there is a

safe passage out of the country.

safe passage out of the country. The airport is blocked. The sea ports

are blocked. The ground roads are

blocked. Beyond that, we are not

attacking any place where

attacking any place where foreigners are leaving or should be present.

are leaving or should be present. We are attacking only Hezbollah

are attacking only Hezbollah targets and I hope no-one is there. I think

that we cannot afford - once you

stop it, you cannot renew it and we

cannot afford stopping the heating

on the Hezbollah, its

on the Hezbollah, its infrastructure and its rocket-launching systems

before all our conditions are met.

Namely, the abducted soldiers are

released, the government of Lebanon

deploys its forces to the south and

the Hezbollah dismantle from its

militias and rocket-launching

systems. OK. You say that

systems. OK. You say that foreigners or places where they are not being

targetted of

targetted, of course seven

targetted, of course seven Canadians were killed only in the last few

days. They were tourists visiting a

town, living in a house 50kms south

of Beirut. It was a mother. Four of

her children and an uncle. All of

them were killed by an Israel bomb.

So this is happen

So this is happening So this is happen

So this is happening and

So this is happening and Australians in similar conditions are reporting

that bombs are going off around

them. Could there be something done

to help them foreigners trapped in

the middle of the fighting? I

the middle of the fighting? I think in any case that the government

knows of any individuals living in

certain places should be moved and

they should approach the Israel

authorities and probably some

concrete solution for the concrete

issue could be raised. But, basechy,

only areas that are held by

Hezbollah are attacked and normally

you may say can not, if what you

have described just happened, of

course, we regret it and I'm sorry

for it. But, normally and basically

it shouldn't happen and every

concrete issue should be dealt with

based on its merits. But I'm just

wondering, are the people of Israel

hearing about what is happening in

Lebanon; that thousands of

foreigners are trapped there; that

warships are being sent to evacuate

them; that Australian and Canadians

and other citizens are caught in

areas that are being bombed by

Israel planes? Do Israelis realise

this is happening? Uhm, I don't

think that we are aware of it to

extent that you have describe

think that we are aware of it to the extent that you have described but

we will become aware of it.

Basically, I think what the

international community could

international community could easily do is trying to put pressure on the

Lebanese Government, the Syrians in

a way, to put an end to it. If the

Lebanese Government will order its

armed forces to move to the south,

backed by the international will, I

think it will dramatically reduce

the level of violence and probably

stop it. But only over

stop it. But only overnight 12

Lebanese soldiers were kill

Lebanese soldiers were killed by an

Israel air strike. I mean, I would

imagine they would be afraid to

imagine they would be afraid to send armed troops to the south for fear

they too would be caught up in the

fighting. Oh, no, no reason for

fighting. Oh, no, no reason for them to avoid it. We will not hit them.

The only place we hit is systems

which co-operated with the

which co-operated with the Hezbollah in arranging shooting missiles

towards our missile boat. So I

towards our missile boat. So I don't think that it's a place where they

were involved with the Hezbollah

directly. I am aware of the fact

that when you fight on those kind

that when you fight on those kind of loud-scale intensive fighting,

there's no way to be fully in full

criminal of every individual or

every single piece of munition, but

basically I don't see any reason

basically I don't see any reason why the Lebanese Government cannot

the Lebanese Government cannot order its armed forces to move in a

coordinated way to the south to

coordinated way to the south to take over the border to push the

Hezbollah out and I believe it

lead very Beasley

Hezbollah out and I believe it could lead very easily to the end of

lead very easily to the end of these fire exchanges. But even the United

States appears to acknowledge the

Lebanese military and the leeb

Lebanese military and the leeb niece Government are too weak on their

Government are too weak on their own (Lebanese) to take on the hard-core

Hezbollah militia in the south. Do

you really believe that Lebanon and

Lebanon's army could have disarmed

Hezbollah? Yeah. Until two years

ago, the government was a puppet

gift of the Syrians and they did

gift of the Syrians and they did not want to do that. But now there is a

weak gift, but a democratic one

weak gift, but a democratic one that wants to see the Hezbollah

dismantled and it's up to the world

to back them in a convincing way

to back them in a convincing way and tell them, "We are behind you.

tell them, "We are behind you. Don't be frightened. We will come to your

help if necessary to help you

exercise your sovereignty over the

whole sovereignty of Lebanon." I

believe that if they will feel the

support of the world leadership in

their backs, they are capable of

doing it. They are clearly willing

to do it. But Ehud Barak , how

to do it. But Ehud Barak , how could they do that when Israel has

effectively declared war on them,

has bombed its civilian

infrastructure, its international

airport in Beirut has been bombed,

sea ports, bridges, communication

infrastructure, electrical plants,

houses, vehicles on the roads, have

been bombed by the Israelis. It's

hard to see that the Lebanese

Government would be able to do

anything at all at the present

moment. You've declared war on them.

We did not, I repeat, we did not

declare war on the Lebanese

Government. We declared war on

Hezbollah. I believe that no

government on earth would accept

government on earth would accept the situation that someone tries to -

Hezbollah tries to dictate to us,

Hezbollah tries to dictate to us, as well as the Hamas from the other

side of the Gaza Strip. Namely, the

first at tribute of any legitimate

sovereign is the monopoly on the

sovereign is the monopoly on the use of weapons. No-one would accept or

enable where a political party,

which has its members in the

Parliament, even the government,

Parliament, even the government, has its own militia with weapons and

they shoot rockets at will of the

militia, not of the government into

a neighbouring sovereign. That's no

way to accept it. The primal

contract of our government with our

nation, as well as your government

with your public is to protect them.

If this would have happened in

Sydney or Melbourne, I have no

Sydney or Melbourne, I have no doubt what Prime Minister Howard or his

predecessors would have done.

I'm talking from experience. I know

him very well. Well, let me just

him very well. Well, let me just put this to you. This is what Lebanon's

Prime Minister has said tonight. He

said Israel - and this is the man

you want to help you - he said

Israel is now a terrorist country

that's committing every day

terrorist acts. He's talking about

the bombing campaign that's hitting

the bombing campaign that's hittting Lebanese targets and has killed now

a very large number of Lebanese

civilians. Where can this go now?

You know, is it up to him. If the

Lebanese Government would tart to

govern, namely to exercise this

monopoly on the other weapons and

make sure only its armed forces

make sure only its armed forces will be allowed to shoot over the border

and only if there is a reason for

this, the whole issue would not

this, the whole issue would not ever have come to the table. The right

way to make it stop is to join

basically the spirit and the letter

of the G8 resolution or statement

two days ago in St Petersburg. They

made it clear what the world

leadership expect is that the

soldiers will be release

soldiers will be released - the

abducted soldiers. The government

will send its soldiers to the

will send its soldiers to the border with Israel; that the Hezbollah

with Israel; that the Hezbollah will be removed from the area and its

military activities will be stopped.

I can tell you for sure that when

the first three of these four steps

happens, the fire exchange will

happens, the fire exchange will stop on its own. OK. Mr Barak, if Syria

and Iran are truly be

and Iran are truly behind the

and the order

and Iran are truly behind the arming and the ordering of the Hezbollah

and the ordering of the Hezbollah to attack Israel, as Israel claims

attack Israel, as Israel claims they are, why are you not attacking

are, why are you not attacking Syria and Iran, rather than the Lebanese

government, which appears helpless

to do anything?

I keep telling you, but you for

I keep telling you, but you for some reason do not want to hear or to

adhere to it. We are not attacking

the leeb niece Government. We are

attacking the Hezbollah. It's

(Lebanese) true we want the

(Lebanese) true we want the Lebanese Government, the sovereign

government, to about. It is true

government, to about. It is true the Syrians are supporting them

logistically and the Iranians are

supporting them with munition and

some financial support. That does

not create a reason. We do not wish

to put the whole region in flames.

But, you know, we want to minimise

the parametres of these fires. Not

to widen it, as far as possible.

I hope it will not deteriorate.

I'm sorry, we're just about out of

time 'Ve got to ask you -- I can

tell you -- Do you believe a UN

stabilisation force may be the

answer? I don't think so and clear

answer? I don't think so and clearly not - I thought it was a

very bad experience for all of us.

But if as an interim stage in order

to help the Lebanese Government to

send its forces to the south and to

collect Israel rockets and demolish

them, they will need small, tight,

highly operation

highly operational group of units

from strong kind of political will,

kind of party, countries in the

world. If this has to be for 90 or

100 days, I would not have excluded

it. Alright. Only the temporary

it. Alright. Only the temporary from armies with strong will behind them.

Ehud Barak, we're about to lose the

sat lie. We thank you very much for

taking the time to come and talk to

us tonight. I thank you and I hope it will all be over. Being racist, sexist and homophobic isn't something many people would normally be proud of. But for some Young Liberals it seems it's almost a badge of honour. Tonight, we can bring you a rare glimpse of the unguarded behavious of some of those Young Liberals captured on video by a documentary team at a student conference. Young Liberals from the shrinking moderate faction say that racist attitudes are now common within the dominant right wing of the movement. And at least one former Liberal prime minister says such behaviour needs to be stopped. John Stewart reports and we should warn that this report contains language that some might find offensive. It was a busy day for security guards at last year's National Union of Students' conference in Ballarat. For the second year, members of university Liberal clubs were removed from the conference. Yeah, film this, I've just been assaulted, the security guard just punched me in the face, he's assaulted me, called me a c***! In 2004, Aboriginal elder Ted Lovett opened the national student conference with a speech from the land's traditional owners. He says that throughout his speech, Liberal students sang 'God Save the Queen'.

I sort of, you know, I just sort of stopped dead and I let 'em finish their song and when they finished,

I said, "Alright you've had your national anthem" - I said, "I'll give you mine". Mr Lovett says the students were later removed. You know how they humiliated me, they not only humiliated me,

but they humiliated all elders right across Australia and all Aboriginal people. The Aboriginal elder wants an apology and a guarantee that it won't happen again at this year's conference. (All sing) # For we are young and free... # In December last year, documentary film-makers Vanessa Hughes and Jessica Tyrrell captured these images at the student conference. Here, university Liberal students are recorded singing racist chants. (All sing) # Glory, glory, Liberal students, # history's page, let every stage - advance Austtralia fair...# We will always rule, we will always be over everything. I remember back when I first joined the party, seven years ago, there was a big spat about Young Liberals singing the national anthem during a minute's silence that was held for the stolen generation. John Hyde Page is a current member of the NSW Young Liberals and a member of the moderate faction, which has been fighting a losing battle with the right wing of the Young Liberal movement. He's recently published a book detailing systematic branch stacking by the Liberal Party's right faction, led by NSW Upper House member David Clarke. are not uncommon He claims racist attitudes right wing of the NSW Liberal Party. throughout the new, dominant

power of bigoted conservatism I think it's a sign of the growing in the Liberal Party.

I think it's a reflection almost militarised operation of the sort of of the right wing in this State. that's been run by senior members For half a century, and Young Liberal organisations university Liberal clubs grounds for Liberal politicians. have been the traditional recruiting more polite and gentile. But those days were far against them... We can't possibly talk down the street. so we'll go further is the current patron The Prime Minister Students' Federation of the Australian Liberal the Sydney University Liberal Club. and a former member of

that future Liberal leaders John Hyde Page claims youth organisations. will come from these every day in the NSW Liberal Party These opinions are espoused and said by people and they're being heard politicians in the Liberal Party. who will one day become senior which represents Liberal students, The president of the peak body refused to be interviewed. Julian Barendse, Liberal students... # (All sing) # Glory, glory, (Students chant) the NSW Young Liberals, Noel McCoy, The president of but said in a statement: also declined to be interviewed Malcolm Fraser Former Australian prime minister should not be tolerated. said racism anywhere or discriminatory If people are being racist in their comments or policies, they ought to be clobbered. whoever they are, In the meantime, is still waiting for an apology. the Aboriginal elder John Stewart, Lateline. are now reported dead 339 people as the latest Indonesian tsunami still missing. with another 400 people by an undersea earthquake 3-metre-high waves whipped up to higher ground sent thousands of people fleeing on the island of Java. Around 430 people are still missing. The tremor that created the waves south-west of Java, was centred 240kms

the ocean floor. almost 50 kilometres below Geoff Thompson reports Indonesia correspondent areas. from one of the worst affected the wreckage left behind Dawn over Pangandaran revealed by the tsunami's roar. Wave after wave, some three metres high, crashed across south Java's shore. Buildings were punched to the ground along with hundreds of people. The dead were carried from rubble all day and laid out in gruesome rows along hospital floors. Those lucky enough to live had terrible tales of survival. There was a moment I felt like I was dying. I thought to myself, "This is the end, "I'm gonna drown now." And at that moment the wall collapsed and the water threw me out. Foreigners are among the hundreds of injured and the worst fears are held for a similar number of missing. More than 5,000 people are now displaced as the death toll continues to rise. (Speaks Bahasa Indonesia) TRANSLATION: The search for people is continuing. of the total who are dead, Because of this, an accurate report or even the injured, cannot be done. of more waves Uncertainties and fears

for the hills again, had survivors running as they knew it. as others mourned the end of life at the moment. We are sending a team in there and also an AusAID officer An Australian Defence Force officer to make an assessment. are going into the area David Fuller Australian disaster volunteer was today a victim himself. by the whole - Pretty much devastated and now it's gone. this was my sort of dream home move from here. So I'm going to have to I don't think. I won't ever come back here, But it seems, these days, is surely safe as though no place in Indonesia from natural catastrophe. The tsunami which did this to the monster waves may be small compared in 2004. which tore across the Indian Ocean trying to live their lives But for the people along this strip of coast, it's proven no less devastating. to establish And despite recent efforts a tsunami early-warning system, along Java's coast, none was in place when the waves struck. Geoff Thompson, Lateline. has killed at least 59 people A suicide bomber sparking further sectarian violence. in the northern Iraqi city of Kufa, were Shi'ites. The victims of the bombing

to take up their weapons Local Shi'ite militias were quick to demand revenge. GUNFIRE in this minivan, The bomb was hidden in a busy market place which pulled up near a holy Shi'ite mosque. unemployed workers. The bombed targetted poor, and a minibus came and parked here TRANSLATION: We are labourers said he wanted labourers. and the driver Some of the men boarded the minibus breakfast, when the car exploded. while others wanted to have to have had Baghdad plates, The minivan is reported were probably Sunni militants. indicating the bombers last month, killing 63. A similar tactic was used in Baghdad in East Timor Australia's military presence is about to be wound back. On a lightning visit to Dili, the transport ship 'Kanimbla' John Howard has announced that will soon come home. political leaders And he's reminded the country's in East Timor indefinitely. Australia will not keep troops From Dili, Jim Middleton reports. without a break, They've been at it for 54 days but today John Howard dropped in Australian military contingent to offer his thanks to the back to East Timor. for their efforts in bringing peace loves the Defence Force I think the Prime Minister and the soldiers certainly love him. Visiting the troops PM's lightning visit to Dili today. was one of the reasons for the his weight behind Jose Ramos Horta, Mr Howard also wanted to throw Prime Minister barely a week ago. who was installed as East Timor's You know you have a very good friend in Australia. flew in this morning The Prime Minister

nation's new government to give the tiny, struggling his personal endorsement - for President Xanana Gusmao. symbolised by a passionate hug CAMERA SHUTTERS CLICK descended into lethal violence It's just two months since Dili and lawlessness. as gangs went on the rampage. At least 30 people died troops and police Since then, the 2,500 Australian have restored order. Things are getting better, for many months to come. but many of us are going to be here the mistakes it made before 2006 Australia must not repeat by withdrawing too early. We need to convey a clear cut message to Prime Minister Horta that we will not be turning our backs on their security needs now. We don't want to go prematurely but we don't want to give the impression that we are here indefinitely. John Howard could not have done more to boost Jose Ramos Horta but he was equally eager to stress to the East Timorese that Australian troops could not stay forever. I made the point to both Dr Ramos Horta and the President that the future of East Timor is in the hands of the East Timorese. It's not in Australian hands. And the Prime Minister did reveal the Australian force would be scaled back with HMAS 'Kanimbla' and some of the Black Hawk helicopters returning to Australia shortly. Mr Howard's appointment with the troops concluded his 6-hour stay in Dili. MICK SLATER: Three cheers for Australia -

Hip! ALL: Hooray! And with that his third visit to East Timor was at an end. Jim Middleton, Lateline. To the markets now. The All Ords finished down today.

Resource stocks pulled the market lower. Santos lost ground. The major banks dropped. And retailer Woolworths couldn't escape the trend despite a 23% rise in its fourth-quarterly sales results. In the region - the Hang Seng and the Nikkei fell. In London, the FTSE is weaker. On the commodities markets both gold and oil are ahead. And the Australian dollar is buying US$0.7525. Now, to the weather. A shower or two in Sydney, becoming fine in Melbourne and tomorrow should be fine in the other capital cities. And that's all for this evening.

Tonight's interview with Ehud Barak will be on our website shortly along with our stories and transcripts at I'll be back tomorrow night, so please join me then. Goodnight. Closed Captions produced by Captioning and Subtitling International Pty Ltd

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