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Live Claims detention centre This Program is Captioned

hours before it crashed into guards knew a boat

rocks killing dozens. Also on

ABC News 24 - volcano ash from Chile causing trouble again

with Qantas and Jetstar cancelling flights in and out

of New Zealand. At least 30 people killed in a hospital

And another billionaire bomb attack in Afghanistan.

businessman enters the Russian political scene. ABC News 24, I'm Kathryn Stolarchuk. First, a look at today's weather around the


There are claims detention

centre guards knew that boat was approaching Christmas centre guards knew that asylum

sanctimonious killing dozens of Island hours before it

people. An Iraqi detainee says

he warned guards the boat was

coming but they failed to tragedy. These are the of just some of the 50 asylum tragedy. These are the bodies

Christmas seekers who died in the

Christmas Island boat tragedy last December. The Setanta sell hit rough seas,

lost power and crashed to pieces near rocky point. They had no hope. They were eventually each of them thrown

off into the sea on to the

rocks. Now reports have emerged

an Iraqi in detention knew the

Geoff Boettcher was approaching. His wife and two

children were on board. Ken

for their Serco guard who in turn told

his supervisor. But the detape

was told nothing could be done

until morning. At this point,

he became hysterical. he became hysterical. He's

told his story through had

refugee advocate. He threatened to cut himself with

a razor because he was so desperate.

dangerous the trip was. The man desperate. He realised how

was sedated and awoke to news

the boat ha crashed and family had died. The the boat ha crashed and his

allegations are being investigated by the WA Coroner. The

The council assisting the Coroner is awaiting statement from the asylum

seeker before an inquest into

the crash resumes next month. Stephanie Boulet, ABC

News. Qantas and

cancelled all flights in and

out of New Zealand today with

volcanic Ashgrove from Chile still disruning flighth as.

Both airlines say they'll reassess the situation every

three hours in conjunction with the Volcanic Ash Advisory

Centre. Qantas says it will

also review Monday's flights

this morning. Jetstar domestic

flights within New Zealand have

been cancelled, while Qantas domestic services are operating says all of its Australian

as normal. Police are searching for a man who was thrown from his boat at Botany

Bay. The man believed to be

his 50s, was returning from a fishing trip

fishing trip with his two sons

and another man at about 6

o'clock last night when had

boat struck a buoy. His sons

jumped into the water to rescue

him but unable to locate the

man. An air and water search

operation was under way until 3

am this morning. The search is expect h ekt expected to resume Australia's major fast-food shortly. Two years after

chains promised to stop

advertising to children a study

has found kids are still regularly exposed to ads for called on the Federal junk food.

Rebecca Armitage reports. A Government to take action.

study published in the

Australian medical journal claims despite the introduction of a industry coat of conduct, children are ex boatsed to it.

V adds for fast-food. The 2009 initials not to market dense poor food and drink initials not to market energy

children under 14. Researchers from the universitiched Sydney

and leadsed televised adds

between April 2009 and April 2010. Even during children's

peak viewing times. The

researchers say self regulation is inadequate and called on the

Australian Government to take action. Turning overseas at least 30 people have least 30 people have been

killed and more than 100 others injured in a bomb attack on a

hospital in the Afghan province

of Logar. The health ministry

revised that figure. The said 60 people died in the

attack ministry has described the

attack as unprecedented and

inhumane. The government

spokesman says a team of Afghan soldiers have soldiers have been sent to the

area to rescue dozens of

civilians buried under the rub

bells. Official blame the

Taliban but a Taliban spokesman

denied carrying out attack.

Militants have attacked a

police station in north-west

Pakistan killing at least

officers. Three explosions Pakistan killing at least 10

rocked the succession. At least two does

police officers inside the

billing when the militants stormed it. Two wounded

officers had managed to get

out. The assault is one of a teams of armed insurgents slew in recent weeks involving

targeting security forces.

Another billionaire businessman

has enter the Russian political scene. Mikhail Prokhorov has now officially become the leader of the Right Cause

Party. He's widely expected to

throw his party's weight hyped

the current places for a leadership

election in nine months time. This report from Al Jazeera English. Taking the stage, Russiae newest Russiae newest political leader. leader. Mikhail Prokhorov's

better known as a self better known as a self made

billionaire. The 39th richest

man in the world. He made his fortune in nickel and gold and

currently heads the country's

large guess investment fund.

But Mikhail Prokhorov is sworn

to switch to politics if his Probus Right Cause Party wins

et cetera seats in December's election. We have initiative.

We're smart and energetic. But the government somehow the government somehow doesn't

see that. It is trapped in the

Soviet stereotype that people

are powerless and incapable. For nearly a decade

Russia's top business leaders

have steered clear from

politics. At rest of former

oil tycoon in 2003 became a warning to others with

political ambitions. His

supporters say he is being

punished for cal lenging challenges Vladimir Putin but

Mikhail Prokhorov agreed to

enter politics, all with enter politics, all with the

Kremlin a apparent blessing.

President Dmitry Medvedev is

eager to shakeup the country's political structure. He wants more political parties in a

Parliament where 70% of seats are occupied by members are occupied by members of Vladimir Putin's United Russia Party. Members of other fledgling opposition parties that have been barred from

running in the election claim that Mikhail Prokhorov's

leadership is part of a Kremlin

plan. The party was in plan. The party was founded in Kremlin, financing from Kremlin this. Is not an in Kremlin, financing from Kremlin this. Is not an

election at all. This is selection. He's independent

and free in his soul but he

will be a boss of pro Kremlin party. It's absolutely understandable. Mikhail Prokhorov claims otherwise. TRANSLATION: If there is a the will and there is a the will and the signal from the society

something is not right someone

should do something to change

things. I think it can happen

without the Kremlin. Change

can happen based on the fact

people will vote and decide for

themselves. Mikhail Prokhorov's

leadership marks the big money to Russian politics. He claims that he will's make his party the second biggest in the country all in the space

I've few months. He says he'll

be a be a formidable supporter of the current the current President's Dmitry Medvedev potential re-election bid that could see the

president running head-to-head

against the current Prime

Minister Vladimir

Putin. Mikhail Prokhorov's

Right Cause Party appears to be

growing stronger by the day,

but the question is whether the party and Mikhail Prokhorov will become long lasting

features of Russia's changing political landscape. A British

supplier of seeds has denied

that its products are

responsible for an outbreak of

E-coli in France. The French health authority believes seeds from Thompson and Morgan might

the source. The boss of the

firm claims any contamination

is most likely to have happened

to France The leisure Centrelinked to another

outbreak of E-coli. 7 of

those who took seriously hill

had attended a charity event

two weeks ago at which they had

been served

TRANSLATION: They identified

common food item was the sprouts that were germinated at the centre to decorate the the centre to decorate the food and in particular soups. there were and in particular soups. But

there were also other food

items identified as having been sprinkled with the sprouts. The garnish was rocket and mustard sprouts grown sprouts grown from seedlings. TRANSLATION: These

sprouts had been bought by the city of Begles. They germinated by the parents of the children at the leisure

centre. The French government is investigating whether it is

the seeds supplied by a British

company, Thompson and Morgan Ipswich, that are ultimately to

blame. The link is not definitively established but

they have called on French

retailers to withdraw the

company's seeds for mustard and

rocket as a precaution. The foods standard agency said top

it is investigating and advised people not to see the raw sprouted seeds. We sell literally hundreds of packets of these seeds throughout France, Europe and throughout France, Europe and

the UK every year. For such a

small number of people to small number of people to have been affected it does suggest

that the problem is prabs that the problem is prabs in the local area. Five of the

patients admitted to hospital are now suffering severe kidney

problems. Two of them are infected with a highly virulent explain similar to the one that

killed over 40 people in Germany. As yet there's no

evidence of a link. Here in

Paris, the health ministry has

set up a crisis to centre and

is encouraging people to early any concerns they have.

The investigation from here The investigation from here is critical. This deadly organism

could still be in the food

supply chain, viable and not

yet contained. European leaders have agreed to dig

Greece out of its financial

hole for a second time if it

imposes more austerity measures

and spending cuts. The and spending cuts. The crisis

in Greece is threatening financial markets and could affect the world economic

recovery. Europe correspondent

Philip Williams reports. With

the provisional offer of short

and long-term bail-outs on the

table, it is table, it is now up to the

Greek Parliament and people to fulfil this side of

fulfil this side of this bargain. A $38 billion austerity programs that would involve sell office, sackings

and wage cuts. Not exactly and wage cuts. Not exactly a palatable option for these people already coping with a previous slash and burn

program. A poll puts

opposition to these latest

proposals at 75%. But if

there's no agreement in the

Greek Parliament, then there's

no deal on a rescue. The Prime Minister says there is no other way out. There are so many negative effects also negative effects also to

leaving the euro, which would

create huge problems. For

example, wee this would mean immediate default. At a summit of EU leaders in Brussels the

message was clear. Greek

politicians must unite. That politicians must unite. That a

warping to the Greek opposition which is a against the package.

But even if it is passed, But even if it is passed, the British Government won't be contributing. I think it would be wrong for us to into the European element of a future payment and I sought

assurances on that. I got assurance s on that. I think that is important. While David

Cameron returns home with that assurance, the Bank of England's Sir Mervyn King issued

issued a warning any contagon flowing from a Greek flowing from a Greek default would affect everyone. A new study

study mass found the number of

adult with diabetes worldwide

has doubled since 19 80 to 347


the lancet journal suggests the cost associated with the

treating with the disease will balloon in the coming years.

China, US and Russia had the

most h most diabetics blamed on

obesity and lack of exercise.

Work has begun on the Work has begun on the 15 million dollar temporary

detention serve centre at Pontville. The first Pontville. The first asylum seekers are expected in 6 weeks. It is three months since announced its plans for the

centre. The delay is blamed on the need to get appropriate heritage approvals. There heritage approvals. There are finally signs of construction

at the Pontville army barracks.

I'm excited. The business houses are excited. Of course

those that are going to get employed are really excited employed are really excited as well. The Immigration

Department has confirmed a contract has been signed contract has been signed with local construction firm fair brother. After a dollar upgrade, it will be home for 400 asylum for 400 asylum seeker. I'm

going to be pushing as hard as I can for long-term these people in Tasmania. But

news construction started has

shocked the Tasmanian

Aboriginal centre. They haven't

come near us apart from make an initial contact and without giving us the opportunity

giving us the opportunity to

get back to them get back to them they issue contracts for the contracts for the beginning of

the construction works. The

centre was expecting to sit

down with the department to discuss concerns will damage Aboriginal

artefacts. As recently as

yesterday, they received an

email offering to do so. But the email also says the department has met department has met its statutory obligations to ensure

there are no environmental or heritage issues that would preclude construction at the

site. The department had also

planned a field assessment to

meet the spirit of Tasmanian

laws. But this hasn't been

finalised due to a ban or all Aboriginal heritage officers from participating flowing from the dispute at the dispute at the nearby Brighton highway project. We do know that

reports indicate at least half of the site area has Aboriginal

heritage in it. How on earth

can the Commonwealth say can the Commonwealth say they're doing they're doing the right thing. A government thing. A government spokesman says the I'm xwration

department is still department is still keen to engage with the local

indigenous community. The

first asylum seekers are expected to arrive expected to arrive here in about 6 weeks about 6 weeks after the first stage of construction is

completed. These are These are today's top stories, the WA Coroner is investigating claims that

detention centre guards were told a Christmas Island hours before it crashed into rocks killing

50 people. A man allegedly

inform a Serco guard at the

centre who passed the information on to a supervisor.

It is claimed the Serco

employee said nothing could be

on until morning. Qantas and Jetstar have Jetstar have cancelled all

flights in and out of New

Zealand with volcanic ash from

Chile still disrupting flight

faths. S 30 people have been killed and 100 other injured at

a hospital attack in Logar

Province. A quick look at the weather around the capitals. Melbourne has become home to

Australia's first urban skiing

centre and it doesn't even have snow. The new business created massive treadmill force

skiers and its operators say it

will help families to learn to

ski in a safe and warm environment away from the chilly winds. wind, no snow, not a problem.

This is skiing without the

constraints of the weather. I

like to jump and stuff like that on it. that on it. Yeah, it's pretty

real, actually, yeah. It seems

like a the real thing. What we're really about is not

taking people away from the

slopes. The advantage is introduction to skiing in a really safe and warm

environment so when they do get to the mountain, to the mountain, their experience is a

better. They've become popular in Europe and make for an

infinite ski runs. The ski and

so bodes glide on a lubricated

astro turf and because astro turf and because the skier remains stationary they

learn with the support of a bar. It takes you about bar. It takes you about 15

minutes to half an hour to get used to T if used to T if you're like not proper technique it's proper technique it's going to

be more difficult. A remote

control stops the run if the

inevitable happens. It

doesn't hurt nearly as much. With no snow it means

there are no chunky parkers

scarves or beanies. That means

you don't have to look ridiculous while you ski. It

is Australia's first urban ski

centre but probably won't be

the last. The company wants to

open to Sydney within a

year. Outdoor rock year. Outdoor rock climbing,

now indoor rock climbing say

popular sport, we're looking to

make outdoor skiing come make outdoor skiing come into

our centres so people can have it all year around. This was

just a dummy run. The centre

hopes to open to customers next

month. Time for sport month. Time for sport with Tulsen Tollett. A mixed Tulsen Tollett. A mixed night for the Aussies at Wimbledon. It was a mixed

night. Bernard Tomic night. Bernard Tomic is looking better than those ice

on the guys then. He's eased

to the last 16 at Wimbledon with a win over Robin Soderling. Australian hopes after Jarmila

Gajdosova lost out to top-seed and and world number 1 Caroline

Wozniacki and there were wins for defending champion Rafael

Nadal and third seed Roger

Federer. Tomic eased through

the first set in 17 minutes

with Soderling calling out the

trainer after complaining of

stomach issues. The stomach issues. The match continued as the Australian did

a little harder in the second

winning it 6-4 and winning it 6-4 and although

tested in the third set, he

remained composed for the win.

I'm really happy the way I played. This is the greatest achievement of my career achievement of my career so

far. I'm far. I'm really happy. Jarmila

Gajdosova's dream has come to

an end beaten in straight sets

by Caroline Wozniacki in a

little over an hour. There were four matches four matches played in the AFL yesterday. It resulted yesterday. It resulted in wins for Melbourne, the Western

Bulldogs and Fremantle. Collingwood almost sur rented a

30 point lead at the Olympic

Stadium in Sydney. It was Stadium in Sydney. It was going

against the Swans early as

Kieran Jack was dazed from

contact at the she beginning and halftime, the Magpies had opened up

Midway through the third

quarter are Travis Cloke's mark

and third goal had them ahead

by 30. That's three goals, two, he adds his fourth. He's a dominant figure. Sydney's

wayward shooting finally hit

the target in the final term and remarkably, they were in front midway through the last

quarter. It is a big long

ball but it is wide. It is

enough to put the Swans in

front though. Mick front though. Mick Malthouse's house struck back, though, to

keep the pressure on frontrunner's Geelong.

out to an early lead with

skipper Jonathan Brown exploiting Fremantle. The things only got worse for Dockers when key ruckman sand things only got worse for the

land was withdrawn, but Matthew

Pavlich took matters into his own hands kicking five majors

on the night. Elsewhere, Gold Coast cost themselves a on the night. Elsewhere, the

possible home win with too many turnovers and wayward The crux of their problems. turnovers and wayward shooting.

Melbourne, the Demons inflicted

a defeat on Richmond to make it

Bailey's side. To rugby successive wins for Dean

league, and the Cronulla sharks

with within reach of the NRL's

top 8. In the other match, the

Canberra raiders downed

Parramatta. Torpi Torpi

somehow stayed infield to somehow stayed infield to give

David Mead the Titans first.

The team's traded skies and the

sharks were up by four at life in the second half life in the second half with Paul Gallen once again the

pivotal figure. Gallen. He'll

charge that line. There's no

stopping the skipper. What a

run by Paul Gallen. In Canberra the Green Machine turned pink

for the women in league for the women in league round and lady luck smiled on the

Raiders as they led 14 nil at

the break. The Eels got to

within a converted try in the

second half, but Josh McCrone field goal field goal bounced off Matt

Keating to give a 7 point break. Sam Williams got his break.

second try to wrap-up the

result. We can't really afford to lose them for the rest of

the year. Everyone is a good

one. Woe came out with better

attitude in the second half but

didn't do what we've been doing

in the last month. We said how

dangerous Canberra can if you

give them ball. It showed top.

They were too good for Canterbury They were too good for us. The Canterbury Crusaders are into

the Super Rugby semifinals

after a 28 point win over South after a 28 point win over South

Africa's Sharks in their

qualifying final. The

Crusaders were now play the


semis next week. The Sharks

made the best possible start

against the 7 time champions

with a try eventually with a try eventually coming

off the back of a sue push break. Sonny Bill Williams

burst through to restore order

and the New Zealanders led and the New Zealanders led 13-5

at halftime. Kieran Reed came to the party. Kieran Reed is

going in and he read it

brilliantly. That is a big try. After plenty of try. After plenty of pressure, Ben Franks's Ben Franks's try sealed the win. It took a bit of time and

we knew it was going to be the

case. The Sharks are a case. The Sharks are a quality

outfit. The guys stuck in end create those there to just finish off at the

end create those opportunities

and finishes. Great from us. Australian's Mark Webber will start from second position on the grid for tonight's European Grand Prix in

Valencia. Webber came in two

10th of a second slower World Championship leader 10th of a second slower than

Sebastian Vettel who set the new lap record 7th poll position of the

season. It is a tricky

circuit. There are so many

corners we have 25 before we

cross the line. To get every cross the line.

corner right is difficult. To

get the perfect lap in this it

quite tough. I think my first

run was quite good. I was very happy and Mark obvious happy and Mark obvious knit

second run. The Dutch Moto GP

Marco Simoncelli who started from pole had an opening lap

Jorge Lorenzo allowing accident with world champion

Australian Casey Stoner and Ben

taking the chequered flag and Spies through

Stoner coming in second.

Stoner now has a 28 point lead in the women's hockey team has been women's hockey in the standings. Australia's

in the first match beaten 3-nil by the Netherlands

in the first match of Champions

Trophy in Amsterdam.

Australia's best chance came in

the first minute. Netherlands converted a the first minute. The

corner high into the right of Netherlands converted a penalty

goal followed by a second

before halftime. There's more

goals on the horizon. Maybe

there is one now. There it is. Number two for the Dutch. A

third with less than 15 minutes

remaining sealed the win.

Australia's next game is

against New Zealand tonight. In cricket Sri Lanka has beaten

England by nine wickets to their 2020 international England by nine wickets to win

Bristol. We'll check in with their 2020 international in

you next hour. The Duke you next hour. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are presented medals to British

troops recently returned from

Afghanistan. It was part of

celebrations mark the third Armed Forces Day. 2,500 veterans and cadets marched

down The Royal Mile. On parade down The Royal Mile, Scotland's regiments and others drew the

crowds today despite the

overcast skies. The red arrows

left their mark. Watching on

the ground, a solemn David Cameron, Prime Minister now in

charge of two wars, in

Afghanistan and Libya. He Afghanistan and Libya.

expressed his frustration earlier this week with senior officers speaking out, but Staff played down any talk of today

tension. At the level which

tension. I absolutely we're working there is no

thoroughly enjoy construction tiff debate we we

have. I made my point and

others make their point and we

get on do whatever we've been

asked to do. Doing their duty

this morning the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge presented operational medals to operational medals to soldiers

of the first battalion Irish

guards some of who took part in

the Royal Wedding celebrations days after returning from frontline. Among those days after returning from the

seeftion their medal was Lance Corporal Scott who lost his

legs to a roadside bomb in

Helmand. There was little

mention of the defence that aisle

aisle use the UK K with smaller

armed forces in the absolutier.

The show of public support

thanks from the families

serving on the frontline. It's means so much to It's means so much to see everyone coming in showing

their support and appreciation

for the job they do when they're over here. There's a

huge sense of public support

for the men and women who served in

forces. Even if that support forces. Even if that support

doesn't always carry over the

wars that they're sent to fight

in. Taking a look at the

satellite image first, a trough

and cloud is causing patchy

rain in WA. Isolated showers

are expected over north-east

NSW and along the Queensland

coast. Cloud crossing Tasmania

is triggering showers and a

high pressure system means clear skies elsewhere around the early frosts expected around the south-east are Darling Downs and Granite Belts.

Downs and Granite Belts. Isolated showers in Isolated showers in the east

coast of the inland NSW will

see morning fog and frost. Isolated showers will start Isolated showers will start to

clear along the far north coast.

coast. Victoria will see some

morning drizzle about the north-east rangeses north-east rangeses with scattered showers developing in

the south-west. It will be a

mostly cloudy day for much of

the state. It is looking mostly fine for Tasmania today

with some isolated showers in with some isolated showers in

the west and north and north-westerly winds. SA north-westerly winds. SA will see light asked terse see light asked terse showers

along the western and southern

coasts. Early frost coasts. Early frost is expected between Coober Pedy

and Renmark. Isolated showers

are expected across WA's south, particularly for the particularly for the far

northern goldfields and far

eastern Gascoyne regions. The

Northern Territory will have a cool but cool but mostly sunny morning

with gusty south-easterly winds

in the north. Looking ahead to

tomorrow's weather around the capital cities, possible

Brisbane a fine day for Hobart

and Adelaide, more early

morning fog for Canberra and

sunny in Sydney, Darwin and

Perth. We'll update the Perth. We'll update the top stories in a moment stories in a moment then standby for The World This

Week. You're watching ABC News 24. Closed Captions by 24. Closed Captions by CSI.

This Program is Captioned Live These are today's top

stories - the WA Coroner is investigating claims detention

centre guards knew about the

boat approach ing Christmas

Island hours before it crashed into rocks people last year. Counsel

assisting the Coroner has heard

an Iraqi asylum seeker was

concern for the welfare of his

wife and two children on boat

and told Serco staff. allegedly told him nothing

could be done. Volcanic ash

from Chile has forced Qantas and Jetstar to cancel the

flights. All flights in and

out of New Zealand have been

cancel and Jetstar suspended

its domestic flights there.

Qantas and Jetstar says they'll reassess the reassess the situation he was

re three hours. 50 people have

a bomb attack on a hospital

south-east of Kabul. The health ministry said 60 died in