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(generated from captions) Independents day - the trio

of potential kingmakers present

their wishlist to the leaders. This Program is Captioned Live. Australia's Afghan mission to

stay on course, despite the growing casualty list. And up

to 30 Victorian police officers

caught up in a racist email Live across Australia, you're

watching ABC News 24. I'm

Juanita Phillips. Well, the

time for talking has finally

arrived and Parliament's negotiate with two would-be Independent MPs are ready to

prime ministers. The Independents hold all the cards. As yet they are not even

close to deciding who they will

back. The first step has been to issue pages of demands to

both leaders. They guarantees of stability, piles both leaders. They want

of paper work and as many

briefings as they can get to

help make up their

minds. Here's chief political correspondent, Mark Simkin. Hello. Millions of Australians voted but just three of them will decide outcome. Grab a three of them will decide the

seat. Actually, she's You could think of this as a who needs to grab the seats.

job interview, complete with

CVs... A folder about what our policies and policies and plans mean for your individual electorates. And an unlikely selection panel. Olympic qualifying in long jump. The Independents met the two

applicants separately. The

first round of a process that

could take weeks. I love the

bush and every time I go to a

country area I think isn't this

fantastic. A new gang of four is in town. But I assure you we

act for good not evil. A lot of people in the room don't

understand - you are living in a different a different paradigm. What

we've done today is put

together what we believe is together what we believe is a bit of a pre-emptive

pathway. That contains seven

steps. They wrote to steps. They wrote to both

leaders with a series of demands, including reforms to

political advertising and parliamentary political donations,

proceedings. From the result on Saturday we can, if we want move forward with real action.

They want the leaders to

guarantee to serve a full guarantee to serve a full term.

from the head of They want a Budget briefing

ministers and their shadows. treasury. Meetings with

And most controversially,

access to the party's policy costings. This is a call for

information. In legal terms,

call for papers. So we can

start to prepare for a fair

dinkum conversation about the

future of this country for the

next three years. We have had a

productive, constructive discussion. My is to amend the conventions as necessary to facilitate the

request of the Independents. The

united in their demands, but Independents. The Independents

divided on key issues like

climate change. It's a sign of how fragile their alliance

could be and the perils facing

the next Parliament. Especially

when you add the wild card when you add the wild card of another independently minded

crossbencher. I can support the

Labor Party, the Coalition or I

can support neither. Every vote

will be crucial. The parties

are still locked on 71 each

with three seats in Coalition's slightly ahead in

two of them but both sides

think Labor is likely to hang

on to the Victorian seat of Corangamite.

Meanwhile Tony Abbott says

it's not appropriate for servants to brief the it's not appropriate for public

independent MPs on the Coalition's election Coalition's election promises.

The three MPs want briefings

from the head of treasury to understand the understand the Budget impact of the election promises made by

both parties. Mr Abbott says he has concerns about the I am only too happy to give the Independents full and

complete access to my shadows and to the accounting firm which fully costed which fully costed our policies. I just make this

point in passing Government itself comprehensively failed to

honour the charter of Budget

honesty. Comprehensively failed

to have treasury fully cost its own policies. The Government own

released by way of press

release, without even a conference, costings of its own release, without even a press

policies and its own

outcomes late on Friday before the election. And political

reporter Andrew Green joins me reporter Andrew Green joins

from Canberra. Now getting down to serious from Canberra. Now we're

business, how long are the

negotiations going to go on? It is still a numbers game. The

numbers that ultimately numbers that ultimately count

are the seats that remain undecided. At last count Electoral Commission still has

three seats in the too close to

call column, Brisbane, call column, Brisbane, Hasluck and Corangamite. While that counting continues, the

negotiations really

up with a firm answer. Once we know the final numbers on the

seats, won by both sides, we'll get a fairer indication. Probably within the week. Then the negotiations proper will begin. Probably anyone's guess,

but still well over a week

the next minority before we know who will form

Australia and who the Independents will, therefore, be supporting. Mr Abbott's concerns about allowing the Independents access to costings and treasury papers, Independents access to the

how is that going to affect his relationship with them? This relationship with them? This is

interesting. It is a repeat of

our costings debate that we saw

towards the end of the election

and it is a debate that you see

at the end of almost

election where both sides fight

over whether the other side has

properly costed its election policies. Of course in final days of policies. Of course in the

Labor made a big deal of the

fact that the Coalition weren't

submitting their policies through the Department of Finance and Finance and the Department of

Treasury. They instead used a private accountancy firm.

Ultimately the Coalition is

saying that the Independents

don't necessarily want the

policies costed by treasury.

They are just happy to have all

the information provided to

them, including what the

private accountancy firm has

done on the Coalition

policies. So at this stage you would suspect the

it is crucial what they think of Tony Abbott's statement

tonight. Andrew Green in Canberra, thank Canberra, thank you. Thank you. For the third time you. For the third time in five days an days an Australian soldier has been killed in Afghanistan. 28-year-old Lance Corporal

Jarred McKinney from Brisbane

is the latest fatality. He is the latest fatality. He was

killed in a gun battle with

Taliban insurgents. 21 diggers

have now died in the Afghan

conflict. From Canberra, Greg Jennett reports. It's

season in Tarin Kowt but once

again bereavement came before battle for the ceremony to

farewell Privates Tomas Dale and Grant Kirby, Australia's 19th and 20th war casualties. What troops didn't know was

that they would soon be called to do it again. I regret I'm here this morning to announce an Australian soldier has been

killed in action during killed in action during an intense firefight intense firefight with Taliban insurgents. 28-year-old Jarred McKinney from Brisbane's 6 RAR

Battalion was on patrol when he

came under heavy fire. came under heavy fire. He was

shot early in a battle that

raged for three hours. It was

only brought to an end when a Coalition Apache helicopter

strafed the area. I imagine the

other side took a toll. No

other Australians were wounded. This second tour to Afghanistan. He was Maried with a family. This is the fourth

member of 6 RAR group deployed to Afghanistan in this rotation

who has been lost in a matter

of weeks. Firm bipartisanship

to stay the course is one thing

that hasn't been shaken by the

deaths or the uncertainties of last weekend's election. The

mission in Afghanistan

continues with a loss of 21 soldiers. It goes without saying this is difficult work. It would be

very unwise for Australia very unwise for Australia or any other of the partners any other of the Coalition partners in Afghanistan to the impression of weakness in the face of the Taliban challenge. Military commanders say the tide is turning. The

Taliban are fighting back and

we're seeing a lot more violence, a lot violence, a lot more activity. That's what you activity. That's what you will

see for the rest of the

fighting season. With all the

risk that brings for additions to As many as 30 As many as 30 Victorian police officers are under investigation for allegedly circulating offensive and

racist emails. There are

disciplinary hearings this week

for at least ten of them charged with charged with disgraceful conduct. The affairs already had serious repercussions. In

workplaces everywhere, the

wrong click on an email can

land employees in hot water.

forwarding of inappropriate,

internal mail is an offence. We

have clear policy around what

can be on our systems. We are

talking about some very, talking about some very, very serious serious seriously offensive material. Various emails

circulating for about a year

are allegedly of a sexist and racist nature. Already two

officers at the centre of the scandal have resigned. A Healesville sergeant embroiled in the controversy took his own life earlier this year. Almost

30 members have interviewed, including senior ranked officers. Some matters

have already been dealt with.

At the lower end they've

received bonds or fines or

lower order penalties because

of the magnitude of what they

were doing. We are in the process of working through

that. We have quite serious matters. They are very, very serious issues affecting

Victoria police. They are being dealt with by the Chief Commissioner. Police

Association says much of the emails' contents have emails' contents have been taken out of the context. There's been reports that there that there are videos or images of people being tortured. Now I am categorically advised that

is not the case. This week ten officers, including one superintendent, will face

disciplinary hearings, charged with disgraceful conduct and with disgraceful conduct and failing to comply with an instruction of the Chief

Commissioner. The chance of

dismissal is a realistic

prospect but officers will be

entitled to appeal.

With the Federal election

still to be decided, NSW looks to its state election. The

Premier, Kristina Keneally,

says she will lay out her

platform for change over the

coming days and wants to draw a

line under the scandals that have plagued her Government.

The Opposition Leader says

she's trying to do a real Julia

because she's doing so badly in the opinion polls. Handing out

a million dollars to a million dollars to groups helping children with helping children with special

needs was a high point on a low

day. Months of scandals and controversy in her ranks prompted the most frank

assessment of Labor's chances becoming Premier. If that ill

discipline continues the blunt

reality is we will lose the election. Tourism Minister Jodi McKay has flirted with quitting after a developer

pulled the plug on a $600 million redevelopment in her marginal marginal electorate. I understand the

understand the minister's frustration here. It is frustration here. It is a

frustration we all

share. Before a meeting with

the Premier Ms McKay says she's staying put and will staying put and will face an uphill battle according to the latest Newspoll. Labor's

primary vote is at self since the surveys began.

On a two-party preferred basis,

the Liberal Party would the Liberal Party would win. I

could stand here today and say

what some have urged me to say,

which is the Newspoll reflects

a period during the Federal

do that. She is laying out a platform for change which she will articulate over the next months. I will not allow the

Government to return to the days of taking days of taking decisions by

focus group and polls. But the Opposition Leader says she's

copied the PM's copied the PM's real Julia

idea. We seem to have a suggestion

suggestion we're about to suggestion we're about to see

real krk. Well, that's what she

told us she was last

December. And he admits the

campaign has begun. It was

clear once the Federal election

is out of the way, both is out of the way, both sides

of politics would start to focus

focus on the positive practical plans. But at this stage the

election could be a election could be a little one-sided.

A high-speed rail network along the east coast may seem

like a bit of a fantasy, like a bit of a fantasy, but the stars the stars are looking for favourable politically with favourable politically with the Greens about to hold more sway

in the Senate. Rail in the Senate. Rail enthusiasts

hope to see a fast train hope to see a fast train make

tracks. The aviation industry

isn't as keen and doesn't isn't as keen and doesn't want the competition. It may be the competition. It may be very fast, but as far as catching a high-speed train in Australia,

things are moving a little

slow. After decades of fast rail network between Melbourne, Sydney and Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, passengers should have been

jumping on board this year.

Instead, there is just the

promise of another study. What

we are delighted is that all

the major parties in Australia

have now given their support to

a $20 million feasibility study

to examine high-speed rail in Australia. And with the Australia. And with the Greens

about to hold a lot of sway in

the Senate, the industry believes finally they will see

it built. It looks like the

sun, moon and stars are lining

up for a high-speed on the east coast. We will

continue to amplify our calls

for that. Persuading someone to for that. Persuading someone to pay for it could be pay for it could be difficult.

The price tag has tripled over

the past decade the past decade to more than

$100 billion. As a business

case seen by an operator, he

wouldn't do it. If it's a case

for the Government who want to

achieve wider objectives trying

to encourage people to live

to encourage people to live out

in smaller towns, there may be

a case. Competition will be fierce with the industry worried about losing fierce with the aviation

passengers. If it can compete with one hour flying Air Force of around $59, that could seriously erode our business a-an airport. Rail experts say it could boost prospects for airlines and

delay the need for a second Sydney airport. Fewer domestic

flights needed, the more room the airport will have international flights. the airport will have for

Time for sport with Amanda. The Broncos will be without their captain for another week. Bad news for the Broncos. Darren Lockyer hasn't joined

his Brisbane team-mates on

his Brisbane team-mates on the

flight to New Zealand for Friday's against the Warriors. But the injured skipper is confident

he'll be back for the final

round match against the Raiders. Down on Raiders. Down on form, confident and personnel rarely has a trip across the Tasman appeared more daunting. We need

to get harder. Not long to go. Darren Lockyer said his

goodbyes from the team's

Sunshine Coast camp. He will

nurse his injured ribs for one

more week. The more you stir

them up the longer they will

take to heal. I have to take it take to

easy and let nature take its course. Coach challenged

players to silence the critics

who say the Broncos are rudderless without their captain. We don't believe it

but when so many people tell

you you can't do it, it starts

become ing a reality. Greg was cut loose two years ago become ing a reality. Greg Bird

after being charged for

assaulting his girlfriend. He

returns to Shark Park on

Saturday night. His former to expect. The ances he

will be rough. He will be proving a point. Fremantle

coach Mark Harvey and Carlton coach Brett Ratten have taken pot shots at each pot shots at each other ahead of Friday's match. Harvey again

defended his decision to defended his decision to rest

several key players from last weekend's matches. Ratten

criticised the move saying

Harvey took a big risk with

Fremantle set to make up to 12 changes

changes for Friday night's match against the Blues at Ratten's comments. Perhaps he Subiaco Oval. Harvey rejected

should pick outside. All I

is I saw Luke hodge get up on Monday night. He said, "They

arrested me around 21 before

the 2008 finals series." The

Western Bulldogs injury woes have worsened with have worsened with defender Dale Morris out with season-ending back injury. Dale Morris out with a

Morris has been ruled out Morris has been ruled out for at least six weeks with a

fracture he suffered in weekend. The Bulldogs are Dog's loss to Sydney last

Medallist Adam Cooney for the already without Brownlow

final s after

same game. Australia has lost

to New Zealand, 32-5 in the second pool match at the women's rugby women's rugby union World Cup

in England. The Black Fern ran in six tries to the Wallaroos

one. The Kiwi women proved they

are just as dominant as the All Blacks recording their consecutive World Cup victory. Blacks recording their 17th

win against South Africa on Friday mornings and other

results to fall results to fall its way in

order to make the semifinals. The Wallabies will be hoping

to fair better than the ladies

when they take on the

Springboks in Pretoria this weekend. The All Blacks have

won the Tri-Nations but the

Aussies aren't approaching the match as a dead rubber. match as a dead rubber. They

are looking to record at the field. They

haven't won at altitude in

South Africa for 47 years. They are aiming to test out build-up to next year's World

Cup. Everything is gearing towards it, the World Cup next

year. A big part of that is

consistency. We're not great in

that department in game or

winning games. It's something

we need to work towards getting

a good squad of players together. Melbourne Heart defender Michael beacham has

been ruled out with an ankle

injury, depdising his Socceroos

spot. He injured his ankle against Adelaide United. He was

one of two players named in the

squad for friendlies in Europe.

He appears unlikely to make the trip. Cricket

revealed trip. Cricket Australia's domestic season with Queensland revealed the draw for the new

and Tasmania kicking off and Tasmania kicking off the

1-day Cup. That will be

1-day Cup. That will be on October 6. Thanks, Amanda. One

of Sydney's biggest water mains has burst causing chaos and hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage. There is a hole the size of a backyard swimming pool in Moore Park

where millions of water went gushing down the

streets. Homes were flooded and an underground car park. It is still

still floating. You can see back of still floating. You can see the

took seven hours to turn off back of my car. Emergency crews

the water supply. In the

disrupted and trains meantime, peak hour traffic was

disrupted and trains cancelled. Sydney water says it is too

early to get a cost of early to get a cost of the damage but no-one will be left

out of pocket. There's a lot of emphasis on youth these days

but when it comes to jobs it

looks like older workers are coming back into study found half of all on over 55s. Partly because

they are reliable and labor

to look again. 59-year-old shortages have forced

Margie Brown says she's

relieved to be back after four months of relieved to be back working

unemployment and demoralising knock backs because of

age. I feel I have a lot offer. It's wonderful being age. I feel I have a lot to

back in the work force and

having someone that appreciates

strong work ethic. They've got you. They've also got a very

commitment and I find commitment and I find they are

very easy to get along

with. Giselle Edwards is one of

a growing number of employers

keen to hire over 55s. A study of 600 large Australian

organisations found 50% of

public sector bosses and 40% of those in private business are specifically looking to older workers. It does suggest for

the first time that the first time that older

workers can hope to get a foot hold back in the labor

market. He says the change is

partly due to rising labor

shortages that are forcing

employers to rethink hardened

attitudes. But once mature age

workers are hired,

still less inclined to invest

in training. I think

Australia's very ageist. There is

is a long way to go. The adage

that you can't teach old dogs

new tricks is probably still

sitting in people's minds. sitting in people's minds. We

know that you can teach old

dogs new tricks. All sorts of

tricks. And with an ageing

population, it's a lesson employers may have

BHP Billiton has more than

doubled its profit in a year. BHP has posted a profit of $14.39 BHP has posted a full-year net

profit of $14.39 billion,

that's up from $6.6 billion

last year. It's not a record

result, but it follows record

sales for the ingredients of

steel as well as petroleum. We've got a very

impressive set of results which we are proud to talk about. Marius Kloppers about. Marius Kloppers says he's cautious about the

the long-term. BHP is paying the long-term. BHP is paying a final dividend of about 51

cents a share. Global fears of

a double dip recession a double dip recession have flared flared again after new home

sales plunged in the United

States. That triggered a sell

off on share markets around the world. The Australian market

had an extra issue to contend with

with - the possibility that the resources tax will survive no

matter who ends up in Government. Here's Phillip

Lasker. Bad news about

American housing, the sector the core of the global

financial crisis also shakes

global confidence to the core.

Sales of existing homes plunged

27% in July. Three monthly

falls in a row are an unnerving

site. July's is far and away the worst result since records

started a decade ago. It should be

be said the numbers look worse because they coincide with the end of Government incentives

for homeowners, but results like this reinforce the general unease that all is not unease that all is not well, Foreclosures made up 22% of

sales. 10% were banks selling for less than the mortgage value. And housing supply is

rising. In June it would have taken nine months to sell all

the houses on the market. In

July it jumped to 12 months. A decade-high. In Australia it is

currently around six months currently around six months and

rarely moves much above or

below that. But we are

building. Construction work was

up 3.5% in the three months to

June. More than expected with

most of the increase residential. But the global

mood was set by those US

housing numbers. Equities fell

just about everywhere,

including Australia, where the market was down 1.4%. Suncorp

Metway was an exception in the

finance sector after a better

than expected doubling in net

profit. Resources stocks weren't helped by the three

Independents MPs supporting a

mining ta.. not a great day for Worley Parsons to announce a

25% drop in annual profit. The

Australian dollar is Australian dollar is hostage to global sentiment down against all major currencies as

investors became more risk averse. That's finance.

A severe cold weather is moving across the south-east

corner of the continent at the

moment. It is with a series of

cold fronts moving through. The

driving force for this cold air

is a deep low sitting well

south of Tasmania. This deep

low pressure system is allowing

these bursts of very cold air to move across

800m level around central and

southern ranges of NSW down to

around the 600 to 700m level Victoria and 500m to 600m through Tasmania. During

Thursday, a weak front will move

move through. The coldest of

the air, in association with an

upper level disturbance, will

move in through NSW. That may

even produce some snow.

Certainly around the higher

parts of the hunter. The other feature feature is the very strong and

gusty west to south-westerly

winds. That's what is producing

the widespread showers. We have

loads of wind warnings out across the across the south-eastern states. Gale

coastal areas. We've also got

severe weather warnings for damaging winds through parts of

SA, Victoria and into

NSW. Elsewhere a high pressure system is

system is the dominant feature. It

It is maintaining mostly dry weather. We have a band cloud sitting through central

Australia that. Will produce light showers about light showers about the Central

Coast of Queensland or at least patchy rain. That should move

off by the afternoon. It off by the afternoon. It should

rebuild south of Broome through

parts of the Pilbara and all

the way down to Carnarvon as head to Thursday afternoon.

During Friday the worst of the

cold air has moved to sea. We have the south-westerly winds but the high gradually starts

to move east. As it does to move east. As it does we will see a gradual improvement

of conditions. In fact most

showers should contract south out of NSW to on and south of

ranges in Victoria, the west coast of Tasmania south-eastern coast of SA. But

the air is still very cold.

Temperatures won't increase a

great deal. All the warm air is

being pushed into the far

northern parts of

continent. We expect to see

plenty of sunshine through most areas, apart from the

south-eastern corner. We will

see improving conditions

through NSW. The strongest of the winds will push to the

southern border districts as we

head into the afternoon. Showers becoming more coastal

about the south-eastern corner

as well. By the weekend that

high pressure system should be

the dominant feature through

the strong winds, the cold

conditions and also the wet

weather. Recapping tonight's

top stories - the three Independents have listed nands to Julia Gillard

to Julia Gillard and Tony

Abbott to help them decide owho to back. to back. 28-year-old Lance Corporal Jarred McKinney Brisbane has become the third Australian fatality in Australian fatality in five

days. Stay with us. days. Stay with us. You're watching ABC News 24. This Program is Captioned


The top stories this hour - the Australian soldier killed in Afghanistan yesterday has been named as Lance been named as Lance Corporal Jarred McKinney. The

28-year-old from Brisbane has

become Australia's 21st

He was shot during a gun battle

with the with the Taliban. The Defence

Force Chief says to expect more

violence in the months ahead. Opposition says it's not appropriate for

public servants to brief

Independent MPs on the Coalition's election promises. The three Independents have presented Independents have presented a list of demands to Labor and

the Coalition as they decide who to support in a hung

Parliament. They want briefings

from the head of treasury from the head of treasury to

understand the budgetary impact of the major parties election officers charged with disgraceful conduct