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Quadriplegic man dies after refusing treatmen -

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TONY JONES, PRESENTER: A West Australian quadriplegic man who won a landmark court case allowing
him to refuse to be fed by his care provider has died.

Forty-nine-year-old Christian Rossiter died early this morning after refusing antibiotics for a
chest infection.

Last month, the Supreme Court in Perth ruled that he was entitled to refuse to be fed artificially
at the Brightwater Nursing Home. Brightwater took the case to court after Mr Rossiter repeatedly
told staff that he wanted to die.

SCOTT BLACKWELL, PALLIATIVE CARE, WA: We now have clarity that they have - you know, they are
totally legally free of any repercussions if they do stop feeding people who request to be stopped.

TONY JONES: Mr Rossiter's family says he died with dignity.