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(generated from captions) Former Prime Minister Bob Hawke in a Sydney hospital

a chest complaint. And Stosur

loses but Hewitt and Tomic are both through after a mixed day

for the Aussies at Wimbledon.

Good morning. You're watching ABC News. I'm Virginia Trioli. The planes have started

flying again but it will be

another chaotic day at the country's airports. Adelaide

flights resumed early with Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra following on. It is likely,

however, to take days to clear the backlog of stranded passengers. For the latest on

the situation we're joined by

our reporter Hannah Hodson at

Sydney airport in Melbourne and

Tony Nicholls at Southern Cross

Station, where stranded

travellers have been resorting

to the bus. Let's start with

Tony first of all. I guess Tony first of all. I guess the buses have had to put on more services, have they? They

certainly have. Here at the

Southern Cross bus and train

terminal both Greyhound and

country link are doing haul

they can to alleviate this

backlog of passengers, many of

which are stranded at Melbourne Airport right now. which are stranded at the

Greyhound have been the most

successful so far. They claim

to have put on an extra 12

buses which has enabled an

extra 600 people to get to

their preferred destinations

both yesterday and today. We're

charging an extra $20 to $30,

which they claim is because

they need to get contract

drivers in to provide the service and all these buses

will be coming back to

Melbourne empty. Country link have successfully put extra

carriages on their XPT services

both Melbourne Sydney, Sydney

Brisbane this morning. Brisbane this morning. That's

enabled an extra 68 passengers per XPT service to travel this morning. Those services left

only an hour or so ago.

Additionally, country link are

aare aspiring to get more bus

services into their timetable

but they can't find the but they can't find the buses yet. At least confirmation that those friess have gone that those friess have gone up,

but that's the company's

explanation for them. We've received emails from a person

in New South Wales saying the

bus price tripled in just 15

minutes yesterday which shield

fair bit of movement at like price gouging to us. A

Southern Cross Station, the old Spencer Street there, a, Spencer

turning to you at Sydney

Airport who are the crowds like

their planes back in there? Are the airlines getting

their planes back in the

air? I'm looking at a very of very disappointed and

frustrated and tired passengers

looking at the boards, which are literally a list of

cancellations. This is mainly

for the regions of New South Wales, Queensland and further south. Passengers are waiting to hear whether they'll make it

off the ground today. We're

assuming they will. We know

that Jetstar and Qantas are

resuming all their flights from

2pm today and Virgin from 3pm.

Across on the other side of the airport, passengers are also

wondering about their

international flights. I international flights. I know

that all flights at this as we stand, are cancelled. that all flights at this stage,

Virgin Australia say they will

resume trans-Tasman flights at

3pm today. Olivia Wirth spoke

to us earlier. She said is working hard to clear the to us earlier. She said Qantas

backlog of passengers. We were

services into Canberra, once again be operating

Melbourne and Sydney, Sydney

will be operational from 2

o'clock today. There were a significant number of people

who've been delayed over the

last 24 hours. So we will be

looking to fast track and try to clear that back loving

passengers as quickly as we

can. Yesterday there was around

20,000 passengers who have been impacted across Australia overseas. We expect impacted across Australia and overseas. We expect that total

to go around to 50,000 today.

So it is a significant number.

And we do recognise it's very

frustrating for people out there. There has been significant delays to significant delays to travel.

So of . Hopefully Melbourne

open this morning , open this morning , Canberra

then Sydney. What does that

square then with what you're

seeing? These flights are gradually coming back on-line

but I guess actually that's a

fair way into the day when we

should see things becoming norm al? That's right. al? That's right. Certainly

was further on in the afternoon. It

was interesting listening to Olivia Wirth talking about the 20,000 passengers affected by

the around 200 flights. We have

some information about some of

the other airlines. Virgin Australia has cancelled 200 flights affecting another

20,000 passengers. Jetstar have

axed 70 flights affecting 9,000

people. Tiger, they have axed

60 domestic flights yesterday

and another 14 today. Also affecting another 9,000 people.

So we're talking about tens of

thousands of people here that have been affected by have been affected by this

travel chaos and it really will

take days for the backlog to

clear. Thanks so much and Tony

just to finish with you this morning, are we morning, are we expect fog see

much more movement? The bus

lines going to put on even more

buses or once this initial wave

goes through, is that the

can see it? The backlog does backlog cleared as far as they

seem to be clearing. Greyhound

are confident they have the

capacity to provide more is needed but their orders are capacity to provide more bus it

started to wane now. Country

Link can't find the buss in the

the terminal just across the first place. When we get into

street here the biggest line street here the biggest line at

the moment is for want to be

airline passengers hopping on a

sky bus, wanting to get to the

airport terminal. The news has

possibly come through to those passengers that airline

back services will be slowly coming

back on-line this afternoon. They're pretty eager to get

They're pretty eager to get on their flights. Thank you both

their flights. Thank you both for that as we've been hearing,

things are slowly getting back

to normal this morning. Andrew Tuppe pr, told 'ABC News Breakfast' earlier the cloud is now finally moving away now going to Australia. This morning it's

Australia. It should going to be clearing most of Australia. It should be free

Sydney and Canberra by midday,

1pm. Melbourne, it's clearing now. now. The only capital still affected late today will be cleared. We're trying cleared. We're trying to constrain that as much as cleared. We're affected late today will be possible, but it looks like

there will be ash there. Most of this ash is now there will of this ash is now heading over the Tasman and will be over New

Zealand fairly shortly. Zealand fairly shortly. In terms of the Zealand fairly terms of the longer-term outlook, the volcano is not erupting to the same erupting to the same levels. Yes this is the second Yes this is the second time the

ash cloud has been around but it's broken it's the meantime. I'm still wanting to be a bit more optimistic

than sort to be a than sort of suggesting we're just going to go into just going to go into endless cycles of just going to go into cycles of ash. It's very unusual

unusual for ash clouds to cycles of ash. It's unusual for ash clouds to do two circuits of the globe and be a bother to be a bother to us. So cross fingers we might be week. If the ash cloud itself strong belching from this volcano, then presumably it is as it travels back around the globe, breaking up to some extent even globe, yes? We've been seeing that the continuing confined to the south Atlantic. That's not confined to the south That's not a problem for us.

broken up. It's in these strong winter low-pressure systems and

they've been moving it around a winter low-pressure systems and they've it up Not going to go on

forever. At least it's out of

our air space by the end forever. At least it's return, is it going to take a full week before it comes

back? Well, as to that one - I

imagine the timing would be reasonably similar. But we system bringing it right up

over south eastern Australia. It

that's going to happen again.

Also making news this morning the former Prime Minister Bob hospitaling with being treated

for a minor chest complaint. It's understood the 81-year-old

was admitted to St Vincent's

private hospital with chest

congestion following an

overseas trip. The ABC has been told the situation is told the situation is not serious. British police arrested a 19-year-old man

suspected of being involved in hacking attacks on hacking attacks on web sites in

Britain and the Britain and the US. There

that's been a series of attacks on business and government web

sites, including the CIA, sites, including the CIA, the

US Senate and Sony. The arrest

was part of a joint between Scotland Yard and the

FBI. The New Zealand city of

Christchurch has been hit by

another night of aftershocks. Most powerful was a 5.3

magnitude tremor which struck

about 30 kilometres south-east

of the city. It caused power

outages but no outages but no additional damage. The Greek damage. The Greek Government

has won its crucial vote of confidence. confidence. There have been clashes between police and

protesters who'd gathered outside

outside the Parliament to watch

the vote. But that now clears

the way for Prime Minister

George Papandreou to push ahead with trying new austerity measures approved. EU has said it will

not pay a $17 billion loan to

Greece until those measures adopted. Early this morning, ABC Europe Williams told us that Greece's

debt woes are debt woes are far from over. This is just the

precursor to a much bigger

battle T would've been extremely disastrous for the

socialist government if they'd

lost this vote. That would've

taken them to an election at the most inopportune moment.

Now they have to get the

austerity package through.

That's going to be very , very tough, too. Because it's extremely of the people you just saw of the people you just saw is number of people that are against

against this, because what happened when we first started this operation, there was some

recognition that they had

overspent that he had a budget

problem that they had to

tighten their belts but not to

the extent that they have to do now. And with another 26, 27

billion dollars worth cuts on their way, if this gets through, they're saying that

will decimate the country that

will actually reduce the

country's capacity to get out of its debt crisis, and every time debt grows. a vicious cycle. And people are

talking very well programs the best thing we do is to

we'll default, we'll go like Argentina did in take the consequences because they would be preferable to what's going on loans, with this IMF and the constant pressure constant pressure from

countries like Germany and from

France. Still in America - the

former US Ambassador to China has announced his candidacy for the 2012 US presidential He has pledged to make hard

decisions to prevent America

from sinking into a debt

disaster. For the first time in history, we are passing down to

the next generation a country that is less powerful, less compassionate, less competitive

and less confident than the one we gentlemen, is totally unacceptable and it

un-American. I'm John Huntsman

and I'm running for President of particularly slim. Pat this point he looks the margin of error candidate. factor is roughly 2%. Most Americans have no idea who he is. But he has quite a

compelling story to tell, was a successful Utah governor.

He is seen as a moderate which probably helps him in probably helps him in the context of

doesn't necessarily help secure him him the primaries, that party nomination, because he nomination, because he needs to convince that he isn't too moderate. He

supports civil unions for gay

couples. He is supportive of climate change science and emission cams. These are issues

that don't sit well with

Conservatives. His other issue

is he is a Mormon like Mitt

Romney the GOP frontrunner hat

this point. He is a

a recent Gallop poll says 22% of poll wouldn't vote for a Mormon

candidate. That could be an

issue for him as well. But he

is seen as an alternative to

governor who is running in the key. He separation on the idea that his

will be a civil campaign. will be a civil campaign. He's refusing to the US President who of course

recently he worked for in clip

as the US Ambassador. He's

saying he difference of opinion saying he simply has a

leadership with Barack Obama

but he doesn't intend to

denigrate the President or his Republican opponents as Republican opponents as his

campaign proceeds. The campaign proceeds. The Huntsman campaign is trying to turn that

to its advantage, not so much

by Barack Obama to be by Barack Obama to be the

ambassador in China and worked ambassador in China and

closely with the US

because he was in China, he has because he was in China, he

a different perspective, an outsider's perspective that

isn't captive to the offers a different Huntsman's supporters are keen

to point out he was also worked now voted unanimously to

confirm Leon Penetta as the new

secretary of defence. The

outgoing CIA chief is replacing

Robert Gates in the Penetta is expected to start as

Defense Secretary on 1 July. The UN Secretary-General has been re-elected to a second

five year term after a vote in

the General Assembly. The former South Korean Foreign former

Minister was the only unanimously recommended his

re-election. His new term will

begin on 1 January next year. A look at the top airline schedules are gradually

returning to normal today, as

the threat from the volcanic ash cloud eases. Adelaide flights have resumed as flights have resumed as Sydney,

following throughout the day. Melbourne and Canberra

Former Prime Minister Bob Hawke is in hospital, being treated

for a minor chest

It's understood for a minor chest complaint. is in hospital, being treated

for a minor chest complaint. It's understood the 81-year-old chest congestion after Vincent's private hospital with chest congestion after returning from an overseas trip. And protesters have

clashed with police in Athens

after the Greek Government won

a crucial confidence vote in Parliament. Prime Minister

George Papandreou can now concentrate on trying to his unpopular new austerity concentrate on trying to get

package through Parliament. The

installment until those EU is withholding its next loan

measures are adopted. For months international journalists have been banned

from the Syrian capital but now the BBC has isn't in a

correspondent undercover. Sue

Lloyd Roberts has this exclusive report. The road to

Damascus. I'm travelling

without permission from the

authorities to meet with authorities to meet with the

dangerous place to be. protesters. Syria is a

Particularly for those

demanding a change of regime.

Nearly all the activists I

spoke to were in hiding from

the State's Secret Police. I

found this 26 -year-old

journalist in hiding in a

friend's apartment. Just

released from prison after

criticising the President, he

was writing his will. After

they tortured me they put me in

solitary. It was so small, I

was made to stand. I couldn't

sit down. They beat me with electric batons. Syria's President is clearly sensitive

to criticism. When Bashir

al-Assad took over in 2000 aged

34, he asked opposition MPs for advice on political reform.

When some suggested introducing

genuine democracy, they were

promptly arrested, including

Riyadh Saeef. Syria belongs to

the Syrians. Not belongs to the

Assad family. And this let's say Assad family should have

been stopped. It's enough. The Syrian

Syrian would never accept it

any more. Life in Syria is now dominated by the weekly Friday

protests. Who will go? Who will

risk being killed by army

snipers? Will they survive to

return home afterwards? It's

Thursday evening, the eve of

what's become protest day here

home before the roadblocks are in Syria and people are dashing

set up between the suburbs of

Damascus and the city itself.

The last thing that authorities

want is for people to converge

on the city, recreating the Damascus equivalent

Damascus equivalent of Cairo's

a rear a here square. A mass demonstration in --

Tahrir Square. People say a mass demonstration here would

be like a massacre A Syrian

soldier who fled across soldier who fled across the

border to Lebanon explained

what was expected of him by those in command. They gave us

the orders to fire Hove live at

unarmed people. We were

surprised to be told to shoot randomly. No distinction between women, children, armed

or unarmed men. Many, many were killed. All unarmed civilians.

Sh This week saw the biggest

Tahrir Square proportions but protest in Damascus yet. Not of

hundreds turned out to pour

scorn on the President's latest promises of reconciliation.

People here tell you that the fear barrier has been broken.

To finance news. The return of

the volcanic ash cloud isn't just causing headaches just causing headaches for tens of thousands of passengers,

it's having a real impact on

the balance sheets. It's estimated the delays and

cancellations are costing the

airlines up to $30 million a

day. He says Qantas is day. He says Qantas is worst

affected because it has the affected because it has

largest slice of the lucrative business market. I think it

will cause the Qantas board to

actually start making some real decisions and stop sort of

tickling around the edges. This

will put some focus. They are

going to be the worst hilt.

They are the airline at the

moment that is the provider to

the business traveller and when

it falls during the week like

it is now, this is when your

premium business travellers are

moving. An up a jit date for from you Qantas. It's just announced it's suspended announced it's suspended all Tasmanian flights for the rest

of the day. No flights to and

from Tasmania for the rest of

today. Maybe that will be

reviewed later on this evening.

We were hearing that the cloud

Clearly affecting Tasmania was moving south and out east.

along the way. A look at the

markets now.

A Picasso painting donated

to the University of Sydney by

an anonymous donor has sold for

$20 million at auction $20 million at auction in

London. It was donated on

the proceeds going to fund condition that it be sold with

scientific research at the

university. The Vice-Chancellor

of Sydney University Michael

Spence says the person who made the successful bid is staying

anonymous for now. There were

several bidders but it's all

high drama. They're all

represented by dealers. They

want to remain anonymous. We

watched on closed circuit

television, crossed our fingers

and were delighted with the result. We're not really

talking about the identity of

the donor. It's very the donor. It's very important

to them that they remain

anonymous. They're just very

keen to support the work of the

University of Sydney. And University of Sydney. And this painting was part of a much larger gift that included 10 other paintings, cash, bonds,

jewellery, even some canned lab ras that we're selling tomorrow

at Christie's. The figure was

in the upper estimate that we'd

had the auctioneers. We were

very excited about that. We're

using most of the money using most of the money to fund

a university project that

a university project that will involve everything from involve everything from the

economics of grocery shopping

all the way through to the

physiology of the metabolic

disorders of diabetes. We'll be

trying to make a difference in relation to these killer

diseases. Now, Amy joins diseases. Now, Amy joins us for a look at sport. for a look at sport. We're paying attention to Wimbledon

but not too closely because the

Australian news isn't that good? It's mixed at good? It's mixed at least. But

our main drawcard Samantha

Stosur has been knocked out, as

we've been reporting this

morning. She unfortunately fell

in straight set. The score line

was 6-3, 6-2 to the Hungarian

player Melinda Czink. There was better news for Lleyton Hewitt.

He was able to beat Japan's Kei

Nishikori in four sets and Tomic knocked out Nikolay Davydenko in straight sets.

Roger Federer, Andy Roddick,

Richard Gasquet and Novak Djokovic all won their

first-round matches. Federer cruised to a straight cruised to a straight sets victory over Mikhail Kukushkin

from Kazakhstan. The top women's seed Caroline Wozniacki

is through, so is Serena Williams the Williams the defending

champion. I'm not a cryer. So I don't know. I think it was

something in my eyes at one

point. It definitely was just

so emotional for me, because you know, throughout the last 1

months I've been through a lot

of things. It's nice to win in

straight sets. I thought I

played a good match. Tough

conditions. Really windy out

there. First rounds here at

Wimbledon on centre court are

never easy, it's somewhat never easy, it's somewhat nerve

racking, you don't get a chance

to practise on the centre

courts here. I'm happy I was

able to win in three this time around. I thought I served

pretty well. There was one

point where I hit the ball and

it almost didn't come over and I hit the next

I hit the next one and it just

flew. So I tried to do that as

good as I could. And hopefully

I will be ready for the next

match as well. Caroline Wozniacki there. Back home now. Johnathan Thurston's Queensland team mates are anxiously

awaiting the outcome of the

halfback's hearing tonight at

the NRL judiciary. Thurston will miss the State of Origin

decide er and the Cowboys' next

two games if he is two games if he is making contact with a referee.

Queensland and Johnathan

Thurston himself both maintain the the contact was accidental.

Australian men's basketball

coach Brett Brown says he's coach Brett Brown says he's not sure if Australian board guard

Corey0 Irving will be eligible to

to play for the Boomers at the

London Olympics. The Cleveland Cavaliers are expected to

select him. This weekend. select him. This weekend. He

was born in Victoria but moved

to the US when just a toddler. Phil Waugh says he wants to

finish his career on a high by

making the Wallabies making the Wallabies squad for the World Cup in New the World Cup in New Zealand.

The 79 Test veteran will retire at the end of season. The

flanker will lead the Waratahs

into this Friday's elimination final against the Auckland

Blues. Waugh first played

senior representative rugby senior representative rugby in

1999. It really is going to be

a must win for the Waratahs

this Friday night with Phil Waugh announcing his retirement yesterday. He is very hopeful that in the next couple of weeks he will be named in the Wallabies squad. Just Wallabies squad. Just quickly,

how do you see the how do you see the Australians' hopes playing out hopes playing out at

Wimbledon? I reckon Bernard

Tomic could be our best bet. He

was bli terging against Nikolay

Davydenko. He has such a big serve, so athletic, moves

really well around the court.

Lleyton Hewitt I hope he does

well but it was a pretty tight

win in the end and it was four

sets. We know he is coming back from injury. Fingers crossed for him. Thank you. Vanessa

O'Hanlon is here for a look at

the weather. Thanks, the

south-east has been battered by

winds and cold weather, it's

given the ski resorts a given the ski resorts a boost. Sydney levels will rise today

to the higher peaks. The cloud

is starting to drift away from

the south-east as the front moves down towards New Zealand,

but there are still a but there are still a few showers this morning, a broad high is keeping the skies clear

in the north and also over in

the west. The high is directing

cool and dry south easterly

winds through the Northern Territory and the cold westerly

winds will ease in the south-east today. The highest

wind gusts were at Thredbo, they got up to 143 kilometres

an hour, that's the highest in

six years. For Queensland

today: Already

Just repeating that update

that Qantas sent us a short

time ago. All Tasmanian flights

have now been suspended by

Qantas for the rest of the day.

So no assessment will be made I

should imagine till much later

today about tomorrow's flights

but the rest of the flights

around the country now slowly

getting back to normal or getting back to normal or at least we hope. That's a

round-up for you of the Morning

News. Up next is Business

Today. I'm back tomorrow Today. I'm back tomorrow on

'ABC News Breakfast' from 6am. See you then. Closed Captions by CSI This Program Is Captioned


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Greece's government survives a

crucial vote to push through austerity reforms. Positive

reaction. Stocks in the US and

Europe bounce on Greece's decision. An and opening shot.

sets its sights on Foster's.

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