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Deported activist back in US -

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(generated from captions) by all of it. I'm baffled. I'm completely baffled Nearly a week after being detained to national security, as a possible threat his lawyer is also in a fog.

by all of it. He has no idea and we I'm baffled. I'm completely baffled

have no idea. On meeting him, I

it hard to imagine anything that he have no idea. On meeting him, I find

would be inclined to do that would

justify removing him as a risk to

our freedom. what the Government has done. But that is exactly in June on a 6-month visa. Mr Parkin arrived in Australia the global CEO conference in Sydney. He joined the protests of non-violent peace activist The self-described is opposed to the Iraq war of Haliburton, and especially to the role US Vice-President Dick Cheney. the company linked to None of that, says the Government, has anything to with a finding by ASIO that Mr Parkin was a security threat.

There was an adverse assessment. A

visa was cancelled lawfully and the

visa was cancel and the person was

lawfully detain and reremoved from

Australia. That is the natural

outcome of a person with no entitle

to be here.

That is all Mr Parkin and his supporters know and they may not find out much more. Scott Parkin has lodged an appeal of his deportation with the migration review tribunal.

But since last month, the Attorney-General has been given the power to request - on national security grounds -

that details of the case are kept secret. His lawyers won't know the evidence against him. They won't even know what he's accused of doing.

Of course the appeal will fail

because, without knowing why he was

declared to be a security risk, we

can't challenge the finding The Government says these are not ordinary times - declared to be a security risk, we can't challenge the finding itself.

on some occasions, security information has to be kept secret.

There are a lot of reasons why ASIO

assessments need to be protected.

Often it relates to the need to

protect sources of intelligence

information. But without even revealing the specifics of allegations behind closed doors, Julian Burnside says the Government is playing with a stacked deck.

This is a bit like playing pokier

against someone who tells you he's

won because he has four aces but

won't #140e you his hand. Back in America, Scott Parkin did get something out of all of this - the bill. More than $11,600 to pay for the cost of his expulsion - flights and accommodation for two government escorts and of course, the cost of his detention. Norman Hermant, Lateline. And now to Tony Jones's extended interview with Mark Latham. On the eve of the publication of his diaries, interviewing Mark Latham was always going to be a competitive business for journalists. Months ago, his publishers actually got TV producers to pitch for the right to speak to him. They were asked to bring along audience figures, flow charts and a marketing strategy. In the hands of such people, a public figure had been reduced to a product to be traded on the media market. Well, I'm happy to say Mark Latham is not so easily reducible. He agreed to this interview independently. On the basis that we run it after that other celebrated interview. And so to the point - our interview deals in detail

with the allegations about Kim Beazley and other senior Labor figures.