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Family pays Nguyen a visit -

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(generated from captions) Victoria's Attorney-General As you've just heard, to Singapore is tonight preparing to fly of death row inmate Van Nguyen. to plead for the life a letter from Premier Steve Bracks, Rob Hulls says he will deliver

seeking clemency. But Prime Minister John Howard says pressure will help Nguyen's cause. he doesn't believe international for Mr Nguyen's family It's a desperate time this morning, who visited him in jail allowed the first of the daily visits

in the lead up to his execution scheduled for Friday week. Lisa Milllar reports. From Singapore,

A dreary day for a distressing

visit. Van Nguyen's mother and

brother spent an hour inside Changi

Prison separated from the convicted

drug trafficker by a glass wall si.

Likely to be a daily ritual, a

depressing countdown his execution

10 days away. They flew into

Singapore last night, clinging to

hope Van Nguyen's life can be saved,

but having to prepare for its end.

For his brother there, is the wait

of knowing it was his financial

debts that prompted his brother to

take a deadly gamble, strapping

heroin to his body. There's a sense

of desperation among those trying

stop the execution. The Victorian of desperation among those trying to

Premier is sending his

Attorney-General to Singapore with

final plea for clemency. He wants Attorney-General to Singapore with a

the 25-year-old to be able to serve

a jail sentence in Australia.

Certainly we would facilitate that.

We would move heaven and earth to

make sure that worked effectstively.

If that was to be undertaken as

of an intervention through the If that was to be undertaken as part

international court w I I Noye the

Foreign Minister Alexander Downer

now considering. Van Nguyen's Foreign Minister Alexander Downer is

lawyers have pleaded with the

government to appeal to the

International Court of Justice, but

there's doubt that would succeed.

The International Court of Justice

has no jurisdiction. The only

who can stop the execution of Mr has no jurisdiction. The only people

Nguyen are the people compromising

the government of Singapore. So, I

know feelings are running strongly

and I feel - I met his mother and

was a very moving experience and I

felt desperately sorry for her.

She's a dear woman who is

understandably feeling completely

desolate and distressed. Formal

fedcal court justice Ien field

expects any appeal to the ICJ to

fail. He's joined Singapore's

Opposition Leaders in calling for a

campaign of international

condemnation. I think at the CHOGM

conference coming up it would be

possible to get the prime ministers

or presidents of friendly countries

that don't have the death penalty

like Britain and South Africa and

Canada and New Zealand and others

speak to the President of or Prime Canada and New Zealand and others to

Minister of Singapore. But John

Howard has dismissed the idea. The

Howard has dismissed the idea. The more international constructs

The more international constructs in a sense that are brought to bear on

the issue the less likely, rather

than the more likely, it is for the

Singaporean Government to change

Singaporean Government to change its mind. If all attempts to stop the

execution fail, it will happen here

at Changi Prison at dawn on

at Changi Prison at dawn on December 2nd. A hangman will tighten the

noose around Van Nguyen's neck,

noose around Van Nguyen's neck, open a trapdoor and end his life. A