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Corby lawyer denies bribe claims -

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(generated from captions) A Perth QC claims

Indonesian legal team the head of Schappelle Corby's wanted $500,000 from the Australian Government to bribe Indonesian judges. The lawyer concerned denies the claims, saying the money would have been used to pay for a public relations campaign. Allison Hembrough reports. Perth QC Mark Trowell claims bribery was first raised by the head of Schapelle Corby's legal team, Vasu Rasiah, over dinner in Bali about three weeks ago. He said he needed a substantial amount of money to bribe judges.

He said there were no lawyers in Indonesia, only negotiators. And I told him there is no way I would convey that to the Australian Government.

The Australian Government did not and would not pay money to bribe judges in Indonesia. The conversation was shortly after Ms Corby was found guilty and Mr Trowel says he then received an unsigned letter from Mr Rasiah

which asked for $500,000 from the Australian Government for lobbying. There was little doubt in my mind what it was referring to given the context of the conversation that we'd had at the start of the weekend. Mr Rasiah says the money wasn't for bribery, but to lobby the people of Indonesia and sway public opinion. Unlike Australia,

we have to pay for the TV media to come to listen to our story and the newspaper and the radio.

They don't pay for it; we must pay for them to come and visit. The Australian Government says it never received any request. I can confirm that Australia has had no request for money for lobbying or other purposes and if we had such a request, we would reject it out of hand as being totally inappropriate. The Corby family has denied any knowledge of the appeal for $500,000 and her mother says Ms Corby intends to sack Mr Rasiah from her legal team.

Allison Hembrough, Lateline.