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(generated from captions) against this the police is

bashing us. We still can't

understand what's going on,

what they want from us. A

couple of protesters involved

in the demonstrations overnight

in Melbourne. The Government's

contentious emissions trading

bill will clear the Lower House

of parliament this week,

however its chances of passing

the Senate before the end of

June look remote. Yesterday,

Climate Change Minister Penny June look remote. Yesterday,

Wong indicated the Government

would negotiate with the Greens

and cross bench Senators to try

to keep the bill alive.

National Senator Barnaby Joyce

joins us now from Canberra. Good morning. Malcolm Turnbull

has said Australia will have an

ETS of some sort. Is there any

way the Nationals will vote in

parliament in favour of an ETS

for Australia? Well, an ETS

for regional people is

for regional people is the

employment termination scheme.

An ETS brings about a 20%

reduction in the economy, puts

coal miners and the coal

industry at risk, ETS goes into the agricultural industry and

turns it upside down. An ETS in

the middle of the recession

would have to be the most

ridiculous piece of policy you

could go forward with. You're

suggesting the Coalition leader

is proposing ridiculous suggesting the Coalition leader

policy? The current policy Mr

Rudd is putting forward will

certainly bring about an immense swathe of devastation

in his seats, in Labor seats,

in Leichhardt, Dawson, Capricornia and anyone who

relies on the tourism

industry. Malcolm Turnbull has

made it clear he will support

an ETS of some sort as well.

Once America leads the way, voters will expect, he

voters will expect, he says,

the rest of the world to follow

that example. I would be

absolutely certain that the

bill that President Obama

certainly has will be fought up

every gully throughout the

United States. I don't think

for one moment that every

Republican in the United States

is going to vote for President

Barack Obama's bill. In fact,

through the amendments are coming

through now. One of the

great amendment. She would Democrats in California had a

support an ETS as long as the

price of nothing went up. I

think I could support that

amendment, it's a great

amendment but completely

impractical. Let's look at what

comes out the end and I will

put my house on it that it's

not going to get bipartisan

support in the House in the

United States. If you won't

pass an ETS, what is an

acceptable way of cutting

acceptable way of cutting

emission s? There's a wheel

sweet of things. Say you had

upfront tax detuktability for

more carbon efficient capital

thrarktsz innocuous can and

would likely get support. This

scheme puts traders pushing

paper around the marketplace A

job while remining coal miners

and farmers out of a job so we put out of a

put out of a job productive

people and put into a job is

bureaucracy and the hangers-on

of a bureaucracy in a sca

scraper near you in the middle

of Sydney. The Coalition is

split down the middle of this.

Are you concerned about the

implications of this on the

Coalition? I don't know sigh

this is an issue. I don't get

to vet sphrOet Malcolm Turnbull

and Malcolm Turnbull does want

vote for Warren truss. There

a National Party and a Liberal vote for Warren truss. There is

Party. There is an unofficial

supporting each other and this Coalition who always end up

one will be the same, the

Greens and Labor. That's the

reality of the diversity of

views across our nation. Why do

we have to have an idea of a

shoe box mentality that

completely ice lalts a

political view that is well

held and backed up with real fact and that

fact and that is that the ITS

is the employment termination

scheme for regional Australia

and ultimately all Australia?

It is a ridiculous piece of

policy in the middle of a

recession and shows he's got no

idea about where this nation

certainly is. If you go to a

double dissolution election

based on an ETS trigger with you saying Malcolm Turnbull's

policy is ridiculous, what

chance has the Coalition at that election? Malcolm

that election? Malcolm Turnbull doesn't have a policy,

only Kevin Rudd has a policy

we're about to vote for and it

is kru's policy that is the

ETS, the employment termination scheme, that's going to turn

the country upside down and put

the working families out of a job. Malcolm Turnbull will

eventually have to have a

policy and you're obviously

going to be dead opposed to

that. You tell me what Malcolm

Turnbull's policy is. I haven't

I have seen Malcolm Turnbull's policy.

I have only seen the 11

schedulols the bill of the

current- His policy is an ETS

of some sort. The only ETS I'm

Treasury Department couldn't looking at is the one our own

answer any questions on the

other day. Our own departments can't answer questions on the

complete muddle of a maulacy

which is Mr Rudd's solo hope to

cool the planet by himself. It

is bizarre we are going down

we'll this path because ultimately

we'll flow up every street in

Australia and turn every

Australian's income an its head. Why would we do something that at the end of the day is

no more than a gesture. It does

not change the climate one

iota. It is a political gesture

that puts working families out

of their house and on the

street while some gorilla

changes the locks on their