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(generated from captions) This Program is Captioned Live Tonight - an Australian

teenager's anxious wait as

prosecutors push for a prison term.

Also ahead - world leaders to

have another go at solving

Europe's debt woes. Sort it out. Get your act together. A

final Salute for Captain Bryce Duffy as the nation marks

Remembrance Day. And Cape Town collapse - Australia for 47. This is quite extraordinary what's happened

in this game of cricket today.

Live across Australia, this Live

ABC News 24. Hello, I'm Richard Davies. An Australian

teenager who is detained in

Indonesia on drug charges has

suffered a set back in his bid

for freedom. The 14-year-old for allegedly buying marijuana. was arrested in Bali last month

Indonesian prosecutors pushing for a three-month pushing for a three-month jail

was arrested sentence. The judge is

reserving his decision and the teenager will have to wait

another two weeks in detention

before he'll find out his fate. From Denpasar here's George

Roberts. If there was any hope this ordeal would be over soon, the day delivered only

disappointment. After the

usual clambering towards

door, it was all over in about

an hour and the prosecution

sentence demand dealt a blow to sentence demand dealt a

the chance of him released soon. One, because he's

he's user, the doctor in he's user, the doctor in the trial said that is a user. The defence's

defence's plan to get him

released as a an addict who work because they didn't needed rehabilitation didn't

work because they didn't make

the claim when he was first

arrested. Instead another section of Indonesian narcotic's law to two years in jail is being

applied. The adjournment means

the boy has another fortnight

in detention before finding out

his fate. Yes, I don't know

exactly why this case is extend until next two weeks. The to

for a verdict keeps the boy

behind bars when the Prime Minister Julia Gillard arrives

here in Bali for the East Asia here in Bali for the East Asia quick summit next week. She was

quick to pick up the phone and call the boy after his arrest,

but its lines of communication

in top level diplomacy that the teenager's lawyers are hoping

ministers made it a for. Both countries's foreign

thanked him for the cooperation the APEC summit in Hawaii. I

we've received from the Indonesian authorities,

including in Bali, on ensuring

that the case was heard as early as possible. But the boy's lawyers want Julia Gillard to raise it with the Indonesian President too. The Prime

Prime Minister is tonight

flying to Hawaii to join other APEC leaders grappling with the

Eurozone crisis. Finance ministers from across the Asia-Pacific have pledged act decisively to help fix the

global economy. Australia has

also held talks with the United States ahead of President Barak also held talks with the United

Obama's first visit here week. From Hawaii Obama's first visit here next

week. From Hawaii here's chief

political correspondent Mark Simkin. Standing here on

Waikiki Beach Europe certainly

seems 10,000 kilometres away,

which it is, but it is what's happening

which it happening on the other

the world that's dominating which it agenda here. Frustration giving way to anger. APEC's finance ministers can't believe

the Euro tunnel vision and your act together. The finance

ministers have just issued a joint statement pledging to

take coordinated and decisive

global economy. There's also a recognition this is a European

crisis and Europe isn't doing

much to solve it. All of my

colleagues are dismayed by the

events in Europe. Clearly, the

Europeans are still grappling

with their problems and they

grip on all of these haven't necessarily got a firm

challenges. Military choppers soldiers are marching alongside

it, amid all of this stifling

security the world leaders are

arriving. China's Hu Jintao arriving. China's Hu Jintao is

here along with a former world here along with a former

leader, Kevin Rudd with his leader, Kevin Rudd held talks

with with his American counterpart,

Hilary Clinton. They discussed

closer defence ties and there's

speculation Barack Obama will

announce an expanded American

military presence in

Australia. It is no secret to

anybody that we have close military cooperation between ourselves and the

Americans. The current Prime here for the talks. Julia Gillard flew out of Australia

this afternoon. Her focus will this afternoon. Her focus will be on trade and the possibility of setting up a Trans-Pacific Partnership or a type of

regional free-trade zone.

Behind the scenes there is actually some confidence that

the leaders will take steps

towards that, rather towards that, rather than

taking pretty pictures. In

Honolulu, this is Mark Honolulu, this is Mark Simkin for ABC News. The Queensland floods inquiry has wrapped up

its final round of public

from over. The Commission has hearings but the work is

until February to prepare its final report into the summer

disaster. It was a disaster

which swept through towns and cities at a speed that caught

many by surprise. But it's

been followed by a long and

painstaking inquiry which won't

be completed until more than year after the floodwaters be completed until more than a

would receded. The thing that we

would like to see is obviously

recommendations about where recommendations about

things were done incorrectly,

that where things were wrong, how

that gets fixed up . The

hearings didn't Commission's final round of

controversial issues. Including the time it insurers to process claims, Including the time it took

insurers to process claims, the model used to determine flood

risk and the adequacy of

deliver some tough findings. evacuation plans. It may

Some of the politics of that is

a bit difficult for the

government, but again, the alternative is to walk away from

from it and I think we should

endure the difficult politics

in order to get the better

outcome. The inquire toured

the state to some of the

worst-hit areas including Ipswich, Bundaberg and Emerald,

more than 300 witnesses gave

evidence during the

hearings. The investigation

has cost the State Government

$15 million, but the real cost

has been much greater. The

Ipswich city council has forked

out more than $3 million, and the Brisbane City Council has

spent close to $4 million. The

value of the Commission's mammoth task won't be mammoth task won't be measured

until the final report printed, along with its eagerly

awaited recommendations. A journalist from

journalist from the Australian

newspaper has been ordered by a court to his confidential sources for a story about anti-terrorism raids. Cameron Stewart is giving evidence in giving evidence in the committal hearing of giving police officer Simon Artz who

is accused of leaking sensitive

information to the reporter information to the reporter on

the eve of a terrorism raid

Melbourne two years ago.

Stewart told the court Artz was his sole source on the

story. Cameron Stewart told the

court he was a reluctant

witness. He is the witness. in the prosecution of his

alleged source, Simon Artz. The met the journalist in July 2009 allegedly tipping him off about a sensitive counter-terrorism operation

Australian published a detailed

report the morning the raids

took place. The then Victorian Police Chief Commissioner Simon

Overland criticised the paper

for putting the lives of

officers at risk. Giving evidence at evidence at the committal hearing, Cameron Stewart said

Simon Artz didn't tell him very

much. He said the details came

from the

Police during a briefing.

Lawyers for Artz grilled the

journalist about other contacts

he had in intelligence agencies

who may have also known about the operation. But Mr Stewart

refused to be drawn saying he would only discuss Operation

Neath. The reporter said he

never intended to give up never intended to give up Artz as his source until the

of police integrity presented him with

him with a deed of release signed by the detective. The defence is claimed that Cameron Stewart got information

from sources other than their

client came unstuck when they

presented to the court presented to the court evidence

of a mean call made by someone

within the AFP to Stewart within the AFP to Stewart on

the day of his meeting with Simon Artz. The phone number

they presented was in fact News Limited in Canberra. journalist told the court he

feared there would be an

inquiry about the police leak

to him when he realised the gravity of the story. The gravity of hearing continues on Monday.

An Australian soldier in Afghanistan has been wounded in

a gun battle with insurgents.

The soldier was on patrol with

Afghan forces when the group came under fire last night.

The Defence Force says the

wounded soldier was flown to a

medical facility where he's in

a satisfactory and stable condition. An Australian soldier killed last month has been described

as a true and sack. Captain

Bryce Duffy and two colleagues

were killed by a rogue Afghan

soldier almost a fortnight ago. Today Captain Bryce Duffy's funeral was held in

Brisbane. Family, friends and dignitaries gathered to

farewell Captain Bryce Duffy at

his old school in Brisbane.

The 26-year-old was serving in

Australia's Mentoring Taskforce

in Afghanistan when he and two

colleagues were gunned down by

an Afghan trainee. blue eyed and curlily haired

brother, you were a gift to our

family. We will always be part

of you. And we love you. Captain Bryce Duffy's fiance and parents listened fiance he was praised for agreeing to

replace a wounded soldier and

serve a second tour in

Afghanistan. Bryce was one of

those magnificent people for

whom life is about more than

personal advantage and who gave more than

personal Bryce Duffy aspired to join the

and a warrior, he was respected

and admired by all ranks.

Sings when the war is over... Captain Bryce Duffy

one of 32 Australian soldiers

one of 32 Australian soldiers killed in Afghanistan since

2002. 212 have been wounded. I

suspect that today people are

looking for answers. Perhaps

why Bryce? Why was he killed

in that way? Why Afghanistan? in that way? Why

Funerals will be held on

Monday for the other two

soldiers killed in last month's attack. why

paused to mark the end of WW1

and the conflictings that have

followed. All around the

country from small downs country from small downs to capital cities services were

held to honour our war dead. In Canberra Australia's losses in Afghanistan were paid

special tribute. A private moment

moment of mateship. In moment of mateship. In full counting the cost. The

counting the cost. The day

marks the end of WW1, but each year more recent losses are

mourned. My thought go out to knows who I knew, my brothers in arms and my coalition

brothers in arms that have

passed away due to service.

Also after that, it goes out to

their families. 8 new names were added to the list of Australia's fallen soldiers, a

list 102,000 names long. The truth is we are a good nation in an imperfect world, a people

of peace so often called to

war. The old Diggers are war. The old Diggers are still there, but a younger generation

is sharing its experience too. Even the Australians are paying tribute

to those lost at

glorifying war but they are

heroes. They stood up and were glorifying heroes. They stood up and were counted and said I'm the one counted and said I'm the one

who is going going to be here

to sacrifice if I need be. A

ceremony at the cenotaph honoured honoured soldiers of all begin

racials in Sydney. racials in Sydney. From

marches in Melbourne to re enactments enactments in Queensland. Guard, present

arms. The nation remembered. (Silence). This memorial was

(Silence). This memorial was

built 70 years ago

the more than 60,000 Australian

soldiers who perished in WW1

and many of them were very young. Today, the Prime

Minister said that it is still

the young people of Australia

who are accepting the cost of

war and judging by the number of

of young faces that were here at today's service, it is increasingly young Australians who

who are remembering the fallen. Honouring a history that words alone cannot There are growing

There are growing concerns

that parental anxiety is

driving students sitting their year 12 exams to behave in

immoral and unethical ways. As students

students in NSW put down their

pens for the year, there are

calls to reform the English

paper to stop plagiarism, wrote learning and the problem of tutors writing assessment tasks. It

the problem, that you end up

getting the best assessment

product that money can buy. So

that's got to be inhe can witdible. Children are getting getting to this mode of

competition and realising the sources as they move

through the university system,

they keep doing it. And then

they get into the workplace and

they keep doing it and

eventually they get caught

out. A special report on this

tonight on Lateline at 10 .30

on ABC1. Greece finally has on ABC1. Greece finally has a new Prime Minister. After four

days of crisis Papademos was elected to

replace George Papandreou midway through his midway through his four year

term. A former vice-president

of the European Central Bank, the 64-year-old has called the 64-year-old has called for unity. He insists the

unity. He insists the country must defend its must defend its membership of

the Eurozone and has promised

to seek cross-party to seek cross-party cooperation to do so. To finance and to do so. To finance and the

local sharemarket finished the

week on a positive note. The

dollar though stayed in the

doldrums waiting for a

resolution to Italy's debt crisis. crisis. Here's Alan Kohler. Would you believe after

all that, the called ortdz where it started. Banks went

down because a few of them down because a few of them paid dividends.

dividends. Resources went

dividends. Resources went up

by the big winners were the

industrials up 2.a #5s%. Global markets were like the cat that got out of the washing

machine, wobbly but walking.

Wall Street closed higher last

night but European markets were

all over the place. Here are

two more charts looking at the

Italian job. This tracks the

different between 10-year bond yields in Italy and yields in Italy and Greece and

those in Germany from the time

each crisis began which

each crisis began which is

actually 400 days apart. Italy is on exactly trajectory so far as Greece and

Greece has shown just had you

fast things can get out of

control in financial markets.

This is why they compare it to Germany. Its bonds yields are

falling which is to say bonds prices are rising at the time the reverse is happening in Italy. Know what's going

on. Investors are selling Italy and buying Germany which is nice for the German government, except if Italy

goes broke, so do the German

banks that lent to it. The Australian

Australian dollar stayed where

it was against the it and fell a bit euro. Here are some of the highlights from today's sharemarket action. Fairfax

Media fell 7% after John B

yesterday became the last

Fairfax to own any of the company. News corporation which seems to be which

trouble than a politician whose phone has been hacked went up.

Some of the best gains included

Some of the best gains included

AMP, Qantas and Woolworths.

I'll be back at 10 am on Sunday

with 'Inside Business' and the

CEO of AGL Michael Fraser

the man who is putting the

Centro group back together, its

CEO Robert Tsenin. Until then,

that's finance. Time to check sport South Africa's headed for a win

in the cricket. Disappointing for Australian fans. South Africa's closing

Africa's closing in on victory

on day three of the first test on day

against Australia in Cape Town. On day two Australia was all

against out for 47 in an effort captain

Michael Clarke Michael disgraceful. The Proteas are

currently 1 for 125 and need

another 111 runs to win.

Australia had a chance for an

early scalp on day three but Shane Watson gave Hashim Amla a chances, one the last ball of last night and early on

last night and early on

today. Graeme Smith has been a last

little more fluent in his innings and me and Amla are

passed 50. Day two saw an extraordinary from Australia after bowling the Proteas out for 96, the the Proteas

tourists completely capitulated. They were nine for 21 and for 21 and lookeddes tinned to post the lowest score of all

time. But a 26 run last wicket stand from Peter Siddle time. But a 26 run last wicket

Nathan Lyon guided the stand from Peter Siddle and

Australians to 47,

total since 1902. Manly's post NRL premiership imexplosion appears complete. Des Hasler

has been sacked as coach for

trying to lure Sea Eagles'

staff to join him at his next

club Canterbury. Manly's board

says Hasler's explanation of

his actions was unbelievable,

will you Hasler rejected will allegations saying his

dismissal is unlawful. To the

victor goes the spoils, but rarely is a victory spoiled

quite like this. In the 40 days days since Manly's premiership, its coach has gone from Messiah

to pariah. We have terminated

his contract from effect from today. Des Hasler stands

contract. Manly believes that accused of

for 2013, Hasler began after he signed with Canterbury

encouraging his staff to follow

one more year became him, staying at Brookvale for

impossible. Up until we

realised there was a systematic

poaching or discussions with

staff going on, up until that

point we felt it was possible.

were being made, that made it untenable. In a written statement Hasler describes statement Hasler

dismissal as unlawful. I have

improperly, he says, I will not acted in any way

improperly, he says, I will be

acrimonious end to a long and seeking legal advice. It is an

successful relationship. Hasler

won two premiership with the

acrimonious Sea Eagles as player and

his eight years as coach. former teammate Geoff Toovey his eight years as coach. His

took over the job took over the job today. It happened. I is disappointing what's

bit disheartened by it happened. I think we're all a

in the grand final, so it was a particularly after such a high

bit of a shock to us all. This whole situation is very disappointing for the club. The other club involved is biding its time. At this stage,

Canterbury plans to keep Jim Dymock as its coach next year.

Tiger Woods is back where

he'd like to be. The former world number 1 golfer has hit the lead at the halfway mark of

the Australian Open in Sydney.


five under par 67. He's one

spoke r stroke ahead of only

open and Peter O'Malley and open

Friday was an added clear of the Jason Day. A sunny

the crowds to flock to the Friday was an added excuse for

lakes for the second round. Those on-course early wouldn't

be disappointed as Tiger Woods

and Jason Day enjoyed another

18 holes together. They played

the back nine first, Woods

settled in with five first nine

under 67. The 35-year-old, who birdies on his way to five

spent more than 600 weeks as

world number 1, rocketed up the bit of time but once it starts

coming, you know, the confidence start confidence

two behind his playing partner. duo fed off each other. Day is

The day before his 24th birthday, the Queenslander put

opening round 69. He's playing a four under 68 next to his

great. He's got a lot of good

momentum rolling into the next

two days and it was just a lot

The crowds weren't just rooting of fun to play with my hero.

for me, Jason was doing great

and it was a fun atmosphere to

be part of There were no and six birdies two days

the New South Welshman to O'Malley's card, a 66 lifted

within one of the leads.

blustery breeze made life tough

for the afternoon field. Aaron

Baddeley scrub. Legal couldn't repeat

his day one hero wicks. Baddeley

number five, dus Dustin Johnson

dropped shots late in round. Geoff Ogilvy was Baddeley

wayward. He scrambled to try

to make the cut. As did Greg Norman

Norman who squeezed through

with two late birdies. American Fred Couples was the few to hold their ground

for round three. The the few Hawks have toppled Hawks have toppled the National Basketball League leader New Zealand by 18 Basketball

Auckland. Rhys Martin top

scored for the Hawks with 20

points. In top area other game

over Townsville nearing the Tigers have a slim lead

halftime in Melbourne. In tonight's A-League soccer tonight's A-League soccer game

there's no score yet between Adelaide and Gold on at Hindmarsh Adelaide and Gold Coast early

on at Hindmarsh Stadium,

rich. Thank you Amanda. He's often called the greatest

artist of the 20th century. Now

best opportunity ever to see

the works of Pablo Picasso. A

collection collection of

regarded by the artist himself

as his finest, has been

on show at the Art Gallery of unveiled in Sydney. They'll go unveiled in Sydney.

March. Pablo Picasso didn't New South Wales until

leave a will when he died in

1973 and it is for that 1973 and it is for that reason this extraordinary collection of artist he's favourite works

has remained intact. The

family handed them over to the French Government in lieu of

death taxes and remained in Paris until now. We will never see a Picasso

exhibition like this in the

Southern Hemisphere again. It

will be impossible to there's nor than 150 paintings, Southern Hemisphere

drawings and

drawings and sculptures, but drawings and sculptures,

the French Southern Hemisphere

generosity. Sydney is one stop artworks come here out of sheer

on a selective world tour that

will raise tens of millions of

the museum that houses them in euros towards the rebuilding of

Paris. There's strange

familiarity between the oldest

works, a self portrait when the artist was just recent, another self portrait when Picasso was 90. So great

is the demand to see this

exhibition that the gallery has introduced timed and booked sessions for the first time.

More than 300,000 people are expected through the doors,

raising the question is raising the question is the exhibition worth all the hype? The first to see it thought

it did. You often get some

shows which they talk it up and

thin it's not so crash hot.

But this is just one of the

best. It's just so good

best. It's

such a fantastic exhibition

here at home. Judging interest, Picasso still has tremendous pulling power 40 years after his death. Anne Maria Nicholson, ABC Graham Creed with the two-day outlook. We're going to see

some fairly unsettled

conditions developing across the eastern half of the

continent over the weekend.

For WA, though, relatively

clear, just a series of very

weak cold front clipping the

far south-west corner of the State.

State. That will trigger a couple

couple of showers there. We've

got a trough that extends from

the Kimberley across the

of Queensland. That will

become active during the afternoon, so showers and thunderstorms developing along

its extent. It will start to into

dip a little bit further down into NSW on Saturday. From the

Hunter north there's also the

Hunter north there's also the

possibility of some showers and

thunderstorms. Around the central and south coast of the

state we're expecting to see

those showers pop up as we head

in towards the afternoon.

Onshore wind as long the

Queensland coast will also trigger showers about the coastal fringe. Thunderstorms more likely through the west and southern

inland. For NSW, the bulk of

the rainfall through the rainfall through the eastern side of the ranges eastern side of the ranges and

along the coast, but we've also got widespread showers across Tasmania. they'll clear during the

morning. It is the western

parts of the State that parts of the State that could see shows showers see shows showers harnging around until the evening.

Showers also starting to spread

through SA with through SA with thunderstorms about most of the west and about showers reach Adelaide in the

evening, but a dry day on the

way for Perth. It remains very unsold settled around the Kimberley the Northern Territory on Sunday and bit

as a frontal system starts to

move up as well. That's going

to see the prospect of some showers and thunderstorms through inland Queensland,

along the NSW ranges, even the north-eastern ranges of


Victoria. We're not looking at

significant rainfall. In fact,

even temperatures, once that

cool change moves through,

aren't going to drop back

substantially. Pretty close to average as we head towards

Monday. Showers about, isolated thunderstorms isolated thunderstorms through

the south-east of SA, one or two through Victoria,

some rain spreading pretty much

right across Tasmania, but

again we're not expecting

overly heavy falls with that.

Most of eastern NSW and some of the inland areas also looking a

little bit unsettled. The chance of showers and

thunderstorms about. The

southern half of the coast

should clear in Queensland. Still got those thunderstorms,

though, through the inland and

fairly widespread showers across the tropical coast. What's in a number.

Plenty it seems. One represents new beginnings. So

when the date is 11th of when the date is 11th of the 11th of time is there for new babiestor

born or for star-crossed lovers

to tie the not. They lined up

outside registry offices around

the country to get day that comes only once a century. First, a century. First, a minute's

silence to remember the past.

Then it was time to make personal history. I now

pronounce you husband and wife.

You may kiss your bride. rules (APPLAUSE). They broke the

rules today, marking the marriage certificate with the married time. Why due want to get

time. Why

of the 11th at 11? Because it

is a unique day. Unique for us yes. Easy to remember. The numerologists say 11 is numerologists say 11 is a master number packed with

energy. So if ever there was a day to get your first astrology reading today seemed to it. You have sore sun in the reading today seemed to be

10th house of career and ambition. Whoever is your

boss is very lucky lady or

man. She's very lucky lady. Astrology Yasmin

new cycle in life which has

extra punch today thanks to

this morning's full moon. It

will be a great time to let go

of a bad habit, whether it was

drinking too much, eating too much, smoking. birthday. Too much cake is okay much, smoking. Happy


if you're turning birthday. And it is a birthday if you're turning 11. Happy

these brand new parents these brand new parents won't

forget, but just in case

- Maybe his name is 11.

on it. Adrian Raschella, ABC Yeah. It might be best to sleep

News. That is the news for now. I'll be back with an update I'll be back with an update in

just a moment and stay with us

for One Plus One. I'm Richard

Davies. You're

Davies. You're watching ABC News 24. Closed Captions by

This Program is Captioned

Live The top stories from ABC News 24. The Federal

Government has refused to give

ties that will be announced details of the extra military

when the US President when the US President visits Darwin next week. The

speculation comes amid focus on

Australia a military build-up by China.

Australia and the US are

looking at boosting cooperation

But between their armed forces.

Rudd, wouldn't confirm reports But the Foreign Minister, Kevin

that US Marines will be stationed at a Darwin stationed at a Darwin barracks. Tomorrow Victorian nurses will

close one in three public

hospital beds due to an ongoing

industrial dispute. The nurses

are demanding the Government maintain the current

Government won't say if it is nurse-to-patient ratio.

going to seek an intervention from Fair Work Australia.

Tomorrow's closure won't affect critically ill patient,

Indonesian prosecutors have children or oncology wards.

requested a three-month jail