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(generated from captions) pretty much the same, 16-28. You'd recognise tonight's plant - it flowers in late spring, - the crimson flowered spiraea,

early summer. Also, if you're going out with the a look at the Christmas lights, going out with the kids to have

make sure you take brolly. Thanks, Mark. Before we go, a brief recap of our top story - Prime Minister Kevin Rudd Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has

taken the climate change warning of a rural unless greenhouse gas warning of a rural catastrophe

are kerbed. That's ABC news unless greenhouse gas emissions

now. Stay with us for Stateline are kerbed. That's ABC news for with the final show of the year. That's coming up next. CC Hello and welcome Stateline. Our last for the year. And we're going indulge both you and with us the best of the year. A trip down the dust memorandum ri. As well very new Australians performing the gnat gnat, and the folks of Yass d, guess what, naked again! But first we wanted went for you. I wanted to know how the year

And I bout a went for you. I got engaged.

the election I suppose of us. Is that good news far as you're concerned, the of us. Is that good news as change very good news. I would change of Government? It was

liked to have a seen a very good news. I would have

different result in the living on the land. We will elections being a farmer and elections being a

just have to wait and started working, finished just have to wait and see. I school and stuff that. That's a big year, how's it been? Really good. Me house value went up! That was good. Moved to Coomera bought a louse for $70,000 three years that is worth $300,000 was en kourjds by the election result. I did vote for Liberal but, you know, the needs change. from Yass and we to have all this rain. Got from Yass and we wer just happy

engaged. That's huge. Tell us about that. It was quite boring actually. We were watching TV and he asked me, that's about that's good - I wake up every day. I'm 80 years bonus. I'm very happy to be able to come here in shopping centre. Happy Christmas anyway. Same to you all. And the story is being told by all. And the first Christmas

latest members of our story is being told by the

who come latest members of our community around the globe. 'The Nativity who come from countries from

Play - an Australian Story' is a musical celebration with a multi cultural cast of I ice written and directed multi cultural cast of locals.

recent I ice written and directed by Okai-Davies. Catherine Garrett recent migrate Kabu

joined the group at the rehearsal for their performance at the Playhouse Saturday. (Angels sing) Socially the play is celebration. (Angels Socially the play is a

goes from a cappella ancient celebration. (Angels sing) It

hymns like that song we heard from the angels into contemporary gospel music, some of it is played with no muse represents - all yirk. Tall continents are

are represented. My wife, she represents - all the continents

niece labour, and we have nowhere stay. There are no rooms left and, even if there are, there will be none for you. We've been travelling since dawn! Please! We have people from Japanese background, Chinese background, of course African and across Europe and Australia. It's called the dance of the separis. That means dance the shep hefrds. I want to - separis. That means dance of

shepherds. I want to share culture within the community, especially in Canberra, is a especially in Canberra, which Even though it was not perfect, I think Australia way ahead of the perfect, I think Australia is

world in trying to create way ahead of the rest of the

community cohesion instead of say. community confusion, if I can community confusion, if

(Sings) # The stars bright (Sings) # The stars in the # Look down where # It's # Look down where he lay... end of the year, showing # It's of reconfirming at the

gratitude for all this that we've been through and creating an at months fear for what we want to see - atmosphere for what we want to see happen in the future. (Sings) # The little Lord Jesus air sleep - asleep on the hay. # The celebration and his - Christ and his birth # The celebration of crietion

in a time in which we find ourselves is so important to bring all so celebrate, to have of hope and to have so celebrate, to have a sense

a future that of hope and to have a sense of

everybody. So I invite and welcome the whole city Canberra to come and see this welcome the whole city of

wonderful, fantastic, spectacular play. (Angels sing) And now to our special. We've reported on from the country and from storms, floods and drought s

Canberra centre. On school and library closures, on shortages and aged care inadequacies. Athrong way had stre fun, met incredible people pictures. Our camera rues and editors are - crews are second to none. Waterfront editors are - crews and odetors

l. We've produced several half hour documentary specials which and loss, heart ache and won awards - stories of triumph

our story, so this is 2007 by Jan Pritchard. Canberrans should frightened Canberrans should be Commonwealth has done a deal frightened tonight, the

with the NSW Liberal Party, they're prepared to put at risk the water security of the people of the ACT. you're stealing my water. I'm Stanhope's initial resacks

sorry, it's not his water. Prime Minister, Minister, Fiona Stanley has water. Prime Minister, - Prime

said you have deal. I haven't welshed on In the good days fl, good old good old day, where was the water level? It would be up to our chest here and we'd have two or three boats launching on this ramp. And when is the this ramp. And when is the last time that happened? The last time that November in 1996. Does it get you down? Um... yeah, every now and then I get a bit upset with it all. I say to hell with it, you know. And I think of the kids and think of our lifestyle happy again. So, yeah, and every now and then it teases me and starts rain ing. what it can look like when it's full and in the past it was like this quite regularly. And now? And now have a yourself. Where are these sheep going? Going abattoirs, southern meats. Why

are you having to sell them at this point? Lack of this point? Lack of water and lack of feed. I love it. I can do things on me own and not worry about anyone else. Now we come here and we've got and we've got the social contact. So it's made life a lot better for you? Oh, yeah. Have you tried it? going, Molley? That's think the community that we're doing something for the community, not only for the community, not only for the

elderly but these citizens. Community. Community. Community. Co hard basket. Far too hard. Can't do with it. We were actually told not long ago by one of the local pollies Tharwa, Tharwa. The absence of the bridge is causing hardship and we're asking folks to be a bit patient. It's like a slow growing illness I suppose, it's crept upon suppose, it's crept upon us and as it's as it's started to take hold we've really starting to we've really starting to feel the financial and emotional impact of it in months. I just ask people to turn to the person beside them and do three things - look at them in the eye, grab hold of their hands and give them a firm handshake and say, "We're with you, mate." That was the theme of our night, look after your mates. An elderly chap came up to me, and he just said to me, "Gary, when we shook hands tonight, I think you saved my When you do go to look for family member, you know, family member, you know, that they've been suffering and you are just filled with dread what you might find and when you do find them it's tough but it happens to a lot of people, a lot of people. of people, a lot of people. And it is tough. just - just breaks your It's just the worst - it's the pits. MUSIC I think we're only six I think we're only six miles or something from Parliament House as the crow flies. House as the crow flies. So we're right in the middle of Canberra and yet you come through our farm gate and you wouldn't know there wouldn't know there was city anywhere near you. So anywhere near you. So a few people have remarked it's and we've had a Nanian existance, we've had a existance, we've had a lovely life here and we want to save that. SONG: # Baby it's SONG: # Baby it's cold outside # Probably the last couple of years has been the lowest number of registrars we've number of registrars we've ever had training in had training in Canberra. We're some 60 We're some 60 general practitioners short in this city, which is just not good enough. To hear 35,000, it was To hear 35,000, it was just like - it wasn't even his like - it wasn't even his wage for a year, you know. It's insulting. To wait that insulting. To wait that long and then hear that that's it, that's what you think the death of my Two months after he came back, he met the demon - I call the demon. And there that was tend of him. That's the only mistake he made in his mistake he made in his life. That's the mistake - his love. And he paid you? Good. Have you been good? The very first one I went to I ended up in the dementia unit and I just prepared for what I was about to see. It was so horrifying to me. I cried for four hours thought of having my father going into a place that. Um, I believe some dementia wards are like something out of dickens. something out of dickens.- - bed lamb. The challenge for ussize a) society is what value we're actual ly placing on older people. I don't want to suffer. I suffer. I don't see why I should suffer. So tell us about the living will that you've had drawn up. What's its purpose? Well, it is to specify the physical conditions under which you do not So the Minister for So the Minister for press releases has dumped us. The company told us they would be able to have the finance in place. They told us at the time they were only a few weeks from getting this sorted out getting this sorted out and they weren't. We're not going to abort a tender bro cess to abort a tender bro cess that starts next week - process that starts next week because of John Howard's desperation. It's State Government that has the so it's up to them now to do something rather than throw all these people these people out of work. Did you know there was you know there was a big fight after sky fire in civic on the weekend? Yeah, I saw it on weekend? Yeah, I saw it on the news. Have you ever news. Have you ever been and witness add witness add fight where people have been filming it have been filming it on their phone? Yeah, all the time. If though when it's being that it eggs people on to be more violent? Yeah, probably, because you don't want to because you don't want to look like an idiot in front of the camera. Do you see a moral problem with it? I don't know. We're 16. We library. We want to ensure that that libraries are focussed on areas where people access the most. To me, this is a degradation of literacy, if you like, as well as civil liberties. It's the briefcase that Harold Holt had in the back Harold Holt had in the back of his car when he went mission at Cheviot Beach. If it's Canberra's story, it's Dawn's story as well. I'm sure you would be interested in this extraordinary billy. It's extraordinary billy. It's very stable. Very here. It's a smiling Canberra countryside. I felt that this was the stuff of high I actually thought be an incredible story to write. This was at the ends of the day a loss that was felt right across Menzies said in the Parliament it is a Parliament it is a great calamity, the full significance of which even yet of which even yet is not fully realise, every man realise, every man concerned was doing an important war The others used to look at you through there. You weren't allowed to muck there, you were to sit on the floor and if they come and floor and if they come and you didn't hear didn't hear them and you weren't sitting on weren't sitting on the floor, you you would get flogged. We were never allowed anything, no eye contact with anybody. We never walked anywhere. Even if it was to come from here to there. The length of this car, we had to march. Left, right, left, right, left, right. And heads to the ground, heads to the ground. Just didn't think I would be able to walk in here at lot of courage to walk in yesterday. It doesn't seem so frightening now. It's good to see people having fun. Licorice: It's very odd coming to work now. This place is normally jumping. We 100 ride ers a week coming in to Peg suss and it's just quiet. The hors aren't even coming to the stables. Normally I come out of my office and I look at the stables and I see this beautiful row of this beautiful row of heads popping out the stable doors. We're have travelled so far, 130 k or something like that. to New York with this show, I've been all over the world and Canberra really sticks out. I love the wines that we get from our wine makers and they're so varied. they're so varied. I would like to get the pinot. I'm in interested in the bet but I didn't know that Canberra had this amount of wineries. Two bar am terse. It's a very easy place to live, it's a great place to bring great place to bring up kids, it's wildly unestimated,is ooh it's one it's one of the nation's best secrets and I would be quite glad to keep it that way, Well, we're in a place that I call bal Balancing which is on top of a which is on top of a rural ridge. You don't put a bulldozer through the bulldozer through the front pews of a church and for a lot of thus is our church, the church of the outdoors. It is important that It is important that we shour the maximum vote because of the eyes of the world are Australia. You know, the people of Australia accepted that Aboriginal people should be part of a census, and I guess that's what started the ball rolling about, you know, we're a it. The time it. The time has come when Australia can no long Australia can no long er tolerate legal tolerate legal racial discrimination against its indigenous people. To come out and celebrate with people and once you share a day with each other you will to share these things from here with each other you will want

onwards. That's what it's all just being as one. about - respect, sharing and

Let me sing you the song. And here is Phillip in his rightful place as floor manager. At least that's where he was when he started. I I've just readily where he was when he first

my last news bulletin at WIN so it I'm glad to be back at my old stomping ground. Phillip will get used old stomping ground. I'm sure

idea. Idea. Phillip will get used to the

a story about me. Sunny idea. Idea. Meanwhile, here is

calm and 30 degrees. Good a story about me. Sunny and

evening, everyone. Nice, evening. Also tonight in The first joke I ever was by an American comic called The first joke I ever heard

Fred Allen, he was and he told this joke and this Fred Allen, he was a witty man

made me think I might to do that. It's a fairly made me think I might be able

innocuous joke. He farmer had this the crows were coming and farmer had this corn field, and

stealing the corn. And he just desperate, he didn't what to do about it. So he went and found scare crow he could and found if most frightens

put it in the field and scare crow he could find and

work. The crows not only brought back the corn they had stopped stealing the corn, they

that's the joke. That's the joke. Thanks for talking Stateline. You're most welcome! And that was the and the year. We thank you for to meeting up again with you your support and look forward

again in early February. best wish for the festive again in early February. Every

season, have fun and keep safe. And we give the final word to the folk of Yass - this their latest calendar, there will be links to it website on Monday. spend a lot of time buff, spend a lot of time in the our world. Goodbye.

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