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(generated from captions) Tonight - Julia new-look Government for the new Tonight - Julia Gillard's

year. I believe it is the right

blood. This Program is Nicks of experience and new

Captioned Live. Queensland's Health Department as the Premier breaks up the State's

accused of Health Department as the man

is under police guard hospital. Also ahead, is under police guard in Australian

Australian women missing out on breast cancer medication. And

Australia brought to by a rampant New Zealand. COMMENTATOR: And bowls him!

There it is, there's the win

for New Zealand! Live across Australia, this is ABC News 24.

Hello. I'm Nick Grimm. Julia

not Gillard is calling it renewal,

has expanded her Cabinet in a

reshuffle she says combines new

ministerial talent with wise

heads. Some of her strongest

backers feature among the winner s leading Tony Abbott to winner

dismiss the whole exercise as a

reward for what he calls

Labor's faceless men. Here chief political correspondent Labor's faceless men. Here is Mark Simkin. She has been

making a list and checking it

twice, trying to decide who has

been good and who hasn't been good enough. We will see an

important mix of new energy talent important mix of new energy and

and experienced heads in talent as well as wise heads

Cabinet. The new energy comes from the Left's Tanya Plibersek

and Mark Butler, along with biggest winner, former union

have been elevated to leader Bill Shorten. All three

Cabinet. We will see this new

mixture which will give us the

focus and the firepower we need

in 2012 to pursue the Government's

Government's priorities. I am absolutely stoked that our

Prime Minister has given me

and utterly support our Prime this privilege. I completely

Minister. I'm very pleased to be promoted to Cabinet. I'm

very pleased to see a better

balance of women and men Cabinet. The balance is

to 6. Tanya Plibersek takes

over from Nicola Roxon who

becomes Attorney-General. I am

proud to be the first woman Attorney-General. Other winners

include Mark Arbib who gets an odd assortment of responsibilities, and Greg

Combet. He adds industry to an

already heavy workload. The biggest losers include former

IR Minister Chris Evans and

former Attorney-General Robert

McClelland, although both are

Carr staying in Cabinet. Unlike Kim

Carr who has been dropped to the outer ministry. I've chosen the people I wanted. I've chosen the strongest possible

team. Two of the so-called

faceless men will become more

recognisable. Bill Short ten

and Mark Arbib helped knife Kevin Rudd The Prime Kevin Rudd The Prime Minister

had to buy the loyalty of the

faceless men, but she couldn't afford

afford to sack anyone, so biggest Cabinet in Australia's Australia's history has the

history. I would say making that assertion was history. I would say anybody

incapable of logical thought. Julia Gillard has been

working on the reshuffle for

months. While her primary aim was to promote good communicators, an admission the

Government has done a poor job

selling itself, it's coincidence key factional selling itself, it's no

supporters were awarded while

the minister considered close to Kevin Rudd was demoted. At

least in part this is the changing of the proprietoran guard. The public servant

accused of stealing $16 million

from Queensland's Health

Department has been arrested. The former finance The former finance executive is

now under police guard in

hospital, but is expected to be

charged later this evening or early tomorrow. The missing

millions were the last straw

for Premier Anna Bligh. She has

now - she is now dismantling

her entire Health Department.

Kirrin McKechnie reports. Police made an

early-morning swoop after a

three-day manhunt. I just heard

at 3 o'clock this morning just

some noise next door with the

neighbours there.

capturing him at all. But it was actually a security guard,

not the police who not the police who finally

tracked down the accused

frausster in his luxury river front apartment. was found unconscious in front apartment. Joel Barlow

was found unconscious in the palatial apartment. He is now under police guard in a Brisbane hospital. He needs to be cleared by examining doctors

and specialists before he can be handed over to the police. The 36-year-old had been on the run since late

Thursday when authorities found $16 million earmarked for charities had They believe the New Zealand Queensland's Health Department.

national had been forging

signatures to transfer the

taxpayer money into his

personal account. I am very someone with criminal intent angry about the fact that

ripped has ripped off our system and

Queenslanders. Police have

frozen $12 million in as sets,

including a multimillion-dollar

property, cars, artwork and

cash deposited in nine bank accounts. The massive

embezzlement has prompted a

Queensland Health. So today we dramatic dismantling

begin the process of abolishing

Queensland Health as we know

it, and we do so to fix the

system once and for all. The

Premier insists that's the Premier insists that's the only

way to force complete cultural

change within the troubled department. The State Opposition see it is

differently. This is a panicked

and desperate move by a

government that is clearly in meltdown. And $16 million

poorer. An Australian has

spy for Hamas. The military

organisation runs the Gaza

Strip and is considered a

terrorist group by the Israeli

more. Eyad Rashid Abu Arja was Government. Michael Vincent has

arrested at Tel Aviv Airport in March. The March. The Palestinian-born Australian citizen, he been living in Saudi living

living in Saudi Arabia. While

working there he met some

people and then he learned or

understood that one or two of

them were members of Hamas. The Hamas

IT specialist to look for

technology to improve targeting. They also targeting. They also wanted

equipment that may determine if

a phone is a phone is being tapped. Arg

did agree to buy a camera did agree to buy a camera to

carry out surveillance while travelling to Israel with his wife. He told one of those

guys, one of his friends that

he intends to visit Israel he intends to visit Israel and they sold him, "Alright, great.

Tell us what you have seen

there." Accusations deweapons

training in Hamas in Syria dropped. His lawyer says

dropped. His lawyer says Arg

was simply naive. They pulled his leg, he didn't really understand what it was all

about. It was a about. It was a very friendly attitude. He couldn't attitude. He couldn't even dream he would find himself on the bench. Arg has agreed to a plea bargain with a steps of 30

months. If the judge accepts

that and with good behaviour he

will be released by the end of

next year and is then expected next year and is then expected to be deported to Australia. A

man jailed for killing two police now been convicted of murdering

a Sydney prostitute. A jury today found Bandali Debs guilty

of murdering Donna Hicks who

was shot dead in 1995. The 58-year-old was already serving

a life steps over the shooting

murders of police officers Gary

Silk and Rod Miller and also

convicted over the murder of sex worker Kristy Harty. sex worker Kristy Harty. Debs will be sentenced in

February. Fingerprint testing has confirmed beyond any doubt that suspected murderer Malcolm

Naden had been at a remote camp site in

site in northern New South

Wales. More than 60 police

officers are now looking for

the State's most wanted man who

allegedly shot an officer on Wednesday, as detectives closed in on the camp site. in on the camp site. Experts have waited until now to carry

out the fingerprint test

because it was considered too

dangerous The thing that happened overnight was we I had identified a fingerprint at the

scene. Until this stage we hadn't had positive identification that was Malcolm on the run for six years. He is

wanted over the murder of a Dubbo woman. Police say the manhunt will continue until he

is found. There is more disgrace

disgrace for the former New South Wales Labor Government

with an ex-planning minister

facing forgery charges. The corruption watchdog has found

that Tony Kelly engaged in

corrupt conduct corrupt conduct over the

purchase of an exclusive

bushland retreat in Sydney's

north. For decades, the trade union movement ran the

Currawong holiday retreat for

workers to spend time with their families. Now it may lead to former minister Kelly

serving time in jail. The

unions sold Currawong to a property developer, then just weeks before the election it was on-sold to the State's land and property Management

Authority led by Warrick

Watkins, but the Government was in caretaker mode and former Premier Kristina Keneally had only given permission to start negotiations. Questions were

raised. It was only then that

Tony Kelly signed this letter. It authorised the

backdated in his handwriting to 28th February. The ICAC 28th February. The ICAC has described this as an act of forgery. The making of the

backdated letter by Mr backdated letter by Mr Kelly

with the intention that another would accept it as genuine was corrupt conduct within the

meaning of the ICAC Act. The Director of Public Prosecutions will will now consider laying

charges against Mr Kelly, Warrick Watkins and Warrick Watkins and another

public servant. Despite the

adverse findings, the ICAC says

land was reasonable. No-one

received a corrupt benefit, and

the developer made a loss the developer made a loss from the land sale. It's little

comfort for Opposition Leader John Robertson. I've written to

the General Secretary of the

Labor Party today asking for

Tony Kelly's membership to be terminated. There is no place

in the Labor Party under my

leadership for anyone like that. Another former State minister Ian MacDonald is

currently before the ICAC in

the sex-for-political favour as

fair. A tradesman died when his van exploded in Melbourne's

south-east this morning. The

van contained several gas bottles which investigators

believe to be the likely believe to be the likely cause.

Of the blast was Of the blast was heard 10km

away and damaged windows in and

around a dozen nearby houses.

Debris was found hundreds of metres down the road. The van's owner was a 25-year-old refrigeration mechanic. refrigeration mechanic. Police

aren't sure if he was in the

vehicle at

occurred. The last time I spoke

to him was - I said to him, "Take care of

see this happen on the Monday, it's just - not good. ? These

gases have an enormous power

when they catch fire

explode in a confined space.

It's going to be a fairly

significant scene to actually recover the recover the area. Explosives specialists, fire crews and WorkSafe are investigating. The

Army is in for an overhaul to improve its readiness for

operations overseas. 10 years

at war in the Middle East has convinced military they need three battle-ready units, one to go on units, one to go on operations, one preparing to go, and a

third outfit to stay at home. The shake-up also prepares the

Army for new duties when large troop trance sport ships troop trance sport ships are launched in the middle of this decade So we're moving to three brigades which will comprise and contain all of

and contain all of Army's key

skills - armour, infantry,

communications, logistics and

the like. This will enable response. The Minister has also

announced the latest stage announced the latest stage in replacing the Army's 8,000

vehicles, while detailing plans

to buy two second-hand Chinook

helicopters. A decision is due

before Christmas on whether before Christmas on whether a class action by Australian thalidomide victims will be

held here or in Germany. Thalidomide is a morning

sickness drug linked to birth sickness drug linked to birth deformities. Victim Lynette roe

is suing the giant and the distributor for not warning

about the dangers in the '50s

and '60. She was in court today as the company argued her

difficulty in transport shouldn't prevent it from being

moved overseas. The court heard the company has so far paid out $75 million in settlements around the world. Many women at high risk of developing breast

cancer are missing out on life-saving drugs. Researchers say women likely to get the

disease are not being offered

the medication they need. There are some practical steps women at risk at risk of breast cancer can

take, like maintaining a

healthy weight and limiting

alcohol intake, and there are medications that

medications that can make a difference. It's pertinent that

all women should have their personal risk of breast cancer

assessed by their doctor, and

then if they are at increased risk, a discussion about whether it's appropriate

them to use these

medications. But a study in the

'Medical Journal of Australia'

has found that less than 3% of

those women who are eligible

for the drugs are taking Doctors say the medications

like Tamoxifen can reduce the

risk of breast cancer by as

much as 40%. For women who are

at very high risk, there are

other surgical options as well

that should also be discussed.

So there is really a range of risk management options that really need to be discussed with

women aren't getting the drugs

are unclear. Researchers suspect that doctors suspect that doctors might be reluctant to prescribe them because because they're not on the Pharmaceutical Benefits The drugs do have side effects which are relatively rare. I

think for those women who think for those women who are

assessed to be at increased risk for breast cancer, it's important that they are offered the information and the assessment to discuss the

potential benefits and the risks in their risks in their individual case. The latest guidelines on cancer that women with moderate or

high risk of breast cancer be

offered the drugs. Last night

there was talk of an historic agreement. Morning has broth a

more sober assessment of what

was achieved at the UN climate

conference in Durban. Critics

say it's just an agreement for

more talks. The Durban meeting

was the longest in two decades

of tortured talks, and at last there was a breakthrough, of

sorts. It's been agreed that

there will be a new global

treaty by 2020 limb mying

emissions T will three biggest emitters, China,

America and India, and it will

have legal force, although that hasn't been defined. This is

actually an important step

forward. This is a remarkable step forward that means the world is showing that it world is showing that it is acting on climate change. But

the morning after, the enthusiasm was falling

today. It's not legally binding, not ambitious and

certainly not timely enough to

stop the kinds of stop the kinds of catastrophic climate change that the

scientists are scientists are predicting. It

won't actually come into force

until 2020 so we're still looking at a very long

time-frame as you say, until we

actually see action under a global actually see action under a new global agreement. Even the most

bitter of enemies are united in their condemnation. The Durban conference has conference has broken up without any significant

outcomes. Just proves that this is going to be a do-nothing decade for global action on

climate change. The climate change. The Durban

agreement is a case of political spin completely

trying to dis-Grice what is climate failure. The Government

says the Durban meeting has

delivered, but the haggling

over where the pain of the cut

also be felt and when is still

to come, and if previous

climate summits are a guide,

pledges made in exotic

locations have fallen by locations have fallen by the wayside over time. It's been a

challenging 24 hours for the two leading two leading Republican candidates for next presidential election N the

latest debate, Mitt Romney

appeared to damage his image as

a knock-about bloke with this exchange. I'm just saying you

are for individual mandates my

friend. No, Rick, I tell you what, 10,000 bucks. $10,000

bet? I'm not in the betting business. Pundits say offering such a big bet in hard times

will portray the former venture

capitalist as out Newt Gingrich is also in

question with his latest

outburst on Palestinians Somebody ought to

have the courage to tell the truth. truth. These people are terrorists, teach terrorism in

their schools. Solid buying on their schools. Solid buying on global markets after last weekend's European summit

dealing with the debt crisis.

Australia was no exception as Alan Kohler reports. Europe's leaders made a antecedent

effort at dealing with both the short-term liquidity problems

of European banks plus the -

how can we put it - fiscal

diversity of the members of the Eurozone. The only wet

was the UK In Asia today, the

mood was generally positive

except in China and India where

the markets went backwards a

bit. In Australia, the All

Ordinaries closed 1.1% higher

thanks to good gapes by the banks and resources leaders led by Commonwealth and BHP. The

big retailers, Woolworths and

Wesfarmers went if different

less need of a safe haven right now , gold has fallen back

below 1700 an ounce on the spot market today. A lot of market today. A lot of people have have been disappointed with gold's performance over the

past couple of months after it

spiked to 1800 and then

retreated again. Actually it's still on its three-year

tramline after the 2008 financial crisis. I've extended

the line to see what will

happen if it keeps going at this gradient. this gradient. $2,000 is the answer. The Q ratio. The

message is that on this basis, the market fluctuates the market fluctuates between

being 50% overvalued and 50%

undervalued and has done since

1900. Currently it's 15% over, about you if history is a

guide, it may be heading to 50% under. The trade surplus blew

out somewhat in October perhaps because the $rose during the

month. Today it's up just a bit against all currencies. That's

finance. Let's get some sport now with Amanda Shalala. There

has been an extraordinary end to the cricket? Yes, quite incredible,

incredible, Nick. An inspired New Zealand outfit has skilled Australia to win the Second

Test in Hobart by 7 runs.

Australian opener Dave Australian opener Dave Warner

scored an unbeaten century scored an unbeaten century to

almost get the side home, but

the 8th ranked Black Caps

ripped through the rest of the

batting order to draw batting order to draw the series. Winners are usually

grippers but the smiles restrained despite Australia retaining the Chappell-Hadlee

trophy. Australia had trophy. Australia had 10 wickets in hand going in. For

the fourth consecutive innings, the

the Chris Martin-Martin/Guptill

combination lined up their man.

Hughes' Test future is on the

edge. David Warner's First Test

century was streaky, but his timing improved. Usman Khawaja settled. The pair halved the runs required did well to keep his eyes on

the ball. Well

the ball. Well taken. Khawaja's 23 would be the second highest knock of the knock of the innings. Ricky Ponting emerged for

final Test fling in Hobart.

Started with a neat leg glance,

but kept giving the Black Caps hope. On 16, he hope. On 16, he innocuously spooned a catch off Doug Bracewell. When skipper Clarke followed for a duck, followed for a duck, the

tourists were in the hunt. Next

ball they were closing in for the kill. Mike Hussey lbw the kill. Mike Hussey lbw with

Australia 82 from victory I think it's going to gone. Warner dashed into the

90s and reached his maiden Test

hundred. He jumped for joy, but

began running out of partners

as Brad Haddin and as Brad Haddin and the tail offered little resistance.

Nathan Lyon dug in at No. 11,

surviving appeals and adding 34

with the belligerent Warner.

Australia moved to within two

shots of the target. And bowls him. There it is, there is the

win for New Zealand. The Black

Caps' first win here in 25 years spin heading towards India spin heading towards India on

Boxing Day We're playing really well in patches but then well in patches but then the other side is we're other side is we're letting

ourselves down by very poor performances. The new selectors have a task to settle the

unease. Shane Warne is in doubt

for his Twenty20 Big Bash for his Twenty20 Big Bash debut with the Melbourne Stars after

burns his hand. Warne beat a

hasty retreat from the hasty retreat from the media at

the MCG today but he the MCG today but he only has

himself to blame after posing

this photo of hand on Twitter. I just gave

him pawpaw ointment to put on

his hand before that picture,

so it looks a bit worse than

what it is. He said he hoping to bowl on Wednesday, so

it's one of those things, isn't it, blown out of proportion it, blown out of proportion a

little bit, but pretty sure he

is fine. I wish him well. If

he is fit for the first game,

it does bring a lot to the Big

Bash, more excitement

concern. Brad Hodge puld a

hamstring while playing in today's practice match the Stars. Australian golfers Geoff Ogilvy and Robert Allenby

appeared to have buried the

hatchet after their well publicised feud at the

President's Cup. They've made

contact this week ahead of the Australian Masters

on Thursday. Greg Chalmers will

be hoping to add the Masters

trophy to his recent Australian Open and PGA titles. Not often

you see an Australian Open

champion miss the ball once, let

let alone three times. Still

Greg Chalmers is confident his

ball-strike lg be better this weekend. Victory at the would make him just the second

player to win Australian golf's triple crown emulating Robert Allenby Certainly motivating. I wouldn't be here It's just something that It's just something that it

would be nice - you always want

to have a nice little piece of

history and if vu that

opportunity you jump at it. If I could wish anyone else to win

it as well as me, then it would

be him, that's for sure. Is he

a grey guy. Chalmers is part of the the 20th Robert Allenby Challenge. The challenge raised $20 million for kids with cancer. They're both trying to beat Luke Donald this week. I look back at this week. I look back at this year

as being my greatest year for

sure. Hopefully I can continue

to improve. I feel like ive I

have a lot to achieve in this

game but this is something game but this is something I

will never forget. It is a

coup that we've got him down

here and if anyone is on the

fence about coming to watch him, they should fence about coming

him because he is a No. 1 in the world. A rift between Robert Allenby between Robert Allenby and Geoff Ogilvy appears healed. I

called him last night left a

message on his phone, told

I was sorry the way it came across.

I never had an issue with

Robert, just what he said to

the press Things get taken out

of context pretty quickly. Ogilvy say it quickly. Ogilvy say it is would

be fun to play with Allenby

this week. Harry Redknapp has

blasted match officials in the

wake of his side's 2-1 loss to

Stoke in the Premier Stoke in the Premier League. Mattheweth ring tonne had two

first-half goals. But first-half goals. But Redknapp

was left foaming after a penalty denied and out for offside Not only come away with nothing because two

blatant handballs on blatant handballs on the line and two yards on side when the

ball is played to him. That's how we came away with nothing

in the end. In AFL news in the end. In AFL news the

Gold Coast Suns have released

Nathan Krakouer. He is returning home to Western Australia for personal reasons. Any word on how Shane Warne burnt his hand . Put it

down to a cooking incident Not

the baked beans? No, who

knows? Thanks very much. An amazing amazing tale spanning time and

tide. A 14th Century quadrant

is expected to raise over

$300,000 when it goes under the

hammer tomorrow. Part of the

time piece's appeal is a very

direct royal connection, as

Philip Williams reports. In the Bonhams London click and talk of time pieces centuries-old await the hammer. But this quadrant,

sporting the Mark of King

Richard II is stealing

show It is the second earliest

known instrument ever made -

1396. I mean, there is one earlier instrument

earlier instrument known in the

whole of the world. Only rich

could afford an instrument like

this, but its extraordinary

history may have remained

hidden if not for its Sydney-based owner Christopher

Becker The digital watch of its day

various functions - various functions - it tells

the time, tells the date, has

almost like an alarm

function. For year it is lay in

a bag of old pipe fittings in the shed the shed on the family farm in

Queensland. As a child,

Christopher Becker used it as a shovel and the family had no

idea what it was. It actually went to the dump a number of

times and was saved by times and was saved by sheer

luck. My father literally

picked it up and sort of

thought, "Do I throw this away

or do I keep it?" He was "No it is a good piece of brass." A very good piece, as

it turns out. After it turns out. After researching its origins on the Internet, its incredible history its incredible history was

finally con frmed by the British Museum. But its value

is relative It's the fabulous

cool thing I found in a bag of

pipe fittings when I was 7 or

8. Having survived 500 years,

its relatively short time in a Queensland in a sack on a Queensland farm is over. This

has attracted attention worldwide and undoubtedly

command a very high price, it's

not all about not all about money, because

this is a unique piece with a miss steer youse Australian

connection that may never be

sold. (mysterious) Surface and upper disturbance have been a

big feature on the country over

the past couple of days. One of

those features moving out off the coast of Queensland and New

South Wales. Of but another set to replace it is already

forming through Western

Australia. So whilst the

eastern states are expecting relatively dry conditions,

Western Australia likely to see some some fairly widespread thundery

rainfall, although it will

clear away from the coast as

the day progresses and starting to develop around the western border of South Australia.

Cooler southerly wind as cross

the south-east. That's picking

p a little bit of moisture, so showers about through the

southern coastal fringe and

also across Tasmania, but most of the models are suggesting these fall also and very isolated. They are in

the forecast pretty much from Adelaide all the way around the south-east up the New South

Wales coast and up the

south-east of Queensland but

none of the models are

suggesting anything in the way of of significant rainfall. Really

just the tropics that we're

likely to see very heavy

totals. Isolated with thunderstorms, also decent

falls through the southern inland of Western Australia. As

we head into Wednesday, that

system in WA moves across into

South Australia, so showers and thunderstorms redeveloping in

the afternoon. That will the afternoon. That will tend

to thundery rain at times. about the coastal fringe, although

although they're clearing from

Victoria and Tasmania. Also another trough developing

through the inland of

Queensland. That will really

have an impact on you from around about Thursday, so showers and thunderstorms

redeveloping and pushing over

the northern border the northern border of New South Wales. But for Wednesday,

still isolated showers about

the south-east and also along

the coast and ranges of New

South Wales, but again the

falls very light. More likely

to see a band of rain through South fairly widespread across the northern tropics. Despite the showers showing up for Brisbane

and Sydney, we are expecting to

see a mostly dry day. I'm Nick

Grimm. Stay with us now for '7:30'. You're News 24.

Closed Captions by CSI. Welcome to 7.30. I'm Chris

Uhlmann. Tonight the winners and losers in Julia and losers in Julia Gillard's

Cabinet reshuffle. We talk to

one of the rising stars, Bill

Shorten. Some people would be

saying today that you got this

job because you helped the Prime Minister get her job,

fair comment? She's injecting some new blood into the

Cabinet. She's changing some

people's responsibilities. I

think she's doing a very good

balancing job. And's black day

at the crease. What went

wrong? We have to do something

about our batting to

continually stay in the game. It's pretty clear that players

like Ponting and probably Hussey are close to the end.

The Prime Minister says

today Cabinet reshuffle focuses

on her priorities for next year.

year. Jobs, the economy and