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In the Shadow of the Palms: Iraq -

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Good evening. The promotion of

hatred and martyrdom for children on Good evening. The promotion of racial

DVDs by a Sydney sheik has been

condemned by all sides of politics.

Sydney's Sheik Feiz Mohammed

to Jews as pigs and called for Sydney's Sheik Feiz Mohammed referred

children to die as Muslim martyrs.

The Federal Government and the

Opposition have denounced the

comments as unacceptable. In Iraq,

least 17 people have been killed and comments as unacceptable. In Iraq, at

around 50 injured in coordinated car

bomb attacks in Baghdad. Five car

bombs ripped through crowded

commercial areas of the capital. The

Prime Minister office has rejected

accusations Mr Howard holidayed at

the taxpayers' expense. Mr Howard

dropped off in Broome by his VIP jet. the taxpayers' expense. Mr Howard was

His office has announced the Prime

Minister is paying for his

accommodation and air travel. But

Government won't say when the accommodation and air travel. But the

decision for Mr Howard to pay was

made. And in the US, the big chill

that's killed more than 50 people

across nine states is continuing.

Most have died in traffic accidents

with plunging temperatures making

driving conditions treacherous.

Travellers are stranded across the

country and hundreds of thousands of

people have been left without power.

Citrus growers in California have

been hard hit with damage estimated

at $1 billion. Tomorrow's weather -

Brisbane - a clearing shower.

Canberra and Melbourne - still hot.

Hobart - a late shower. Adelaide -

rain. Darwin - showers. Fine -

elsewhere. I'll be back with the

'Late News' around 10:30pm.

MAN 2: Have laser range on him. What range do you have? Spot. Go auto range. Roger. Auto. Range. Roger. Right, got auto range on him? Hit him! GUNFIRE Good. Got him. Hit the other one. Second one. GUNFIRE Hit the truck. moving by the truck. Go to the right, see if anybody's Take the trucks out? Wait for movement. Is there anybody in the truck? Not seeing any. Autorange store... Go ahead and store that. moving right there. There's another guy Firing. Do it. GUNFIRE Hit him. the other truck out? Target four. You wanna take by the truck. Roger. Wait for movement Movement right there. Hit it. Roger, he's wounded. Alright, hitting the truck. Go forward of it and hit him. Hit the truck and him. GUNFIRE Roger... They are right and true... GEORGE W. BUSH: order for us to achieve peace... ..Must be committed to peace in grave and growing danger... These regimes pose a they are evil...

APPLAUSE (Girls speak Arabic)

who is giving first-aid "It is important for the person as calm as possible "must always remain will grow... fr..." "or else the patient "Frightened." TEACHER: Frightened. Yes. Frightened. What do we mean by 'frightened'? "And the..." Afraid. Afraid. Are you...afraid of the war? No. STUDENTS: No. Yes. We are ready. Yes, of course. Yes. We are ready? To receive them very strongly. And I want to send them a message. We love our country and we defend...

This is her message. CAR HORN HONKS And with all of the soul... Yes, I'm a Christian.

Yes, she is a Christian? Yes. And, you see, she is Muslim. So they sit together. They are free. They love each other. And we live peacefully. And now we use...we need it... ..the first-aid in our war if they attack us. if they have severe bleeding, And we teach them what do they do if they have a fracture. STUDENT: I want to say... Yes... "Fuck to him!" I want to say George Bush, We are a very strong people from anybody. and we don't take flight

SINGING IN DISTANCE (Man speaks Arabic) ARABIC-LANGUAGE MUSIC CHANTING AND SINGING MUSIC PLAYS EXCITED HUBBUB # Happy birthday to you... # (All sing) (All sing in Arabic) (All cheer) (All chat in Arabic) APPLAUSE (Band plays) APPLAUSE (Shouts indistinctly)

(Speaks Arabic)

(Speaks Arabic) (Students chatter) He is going to Class now. He goes to Class. CROWD CHANTS

(Man speaks Arabic) 'Bye. Bye-bye. Bye-bye. (Woman speaks Arabic) Roosevelt... um... Churchill, De Gaulle, General Bineau... French. Um... to read the books of war. The books... I don't like to peace first to achieve peace... GEORGE W. BUSH: We must be committed JETS ROAR GUNFIRE

AIR-RAID SIRENS EMERGENCY VEHICLE SIREN FRANTIC SHOUTING (Speaks Arabic) (All shout frantically) (Woman wails) (Speaks Arabic)

(Woman speaks Arabic) SIREN WAILS (Man speaks Arabic)

This is American fight. (Speaks Arabic)

Western media come to our hospital Until now, there is not any and ask about what's happened. or to other hospital

You are the first come... Especially the Western media participate in the fighting. from the government which

affecting civilians. Most of the bombing that some military unit bombed. Until now, we have not heard Most of them civilian. Some, you see, died. Come to the hospital, died. and some of them not stable. Other is stable, some of them, With multiple injury. we have received injured people. And this is not the first time American always do things. Always. Saying something and doing other thing, which is against. (Cries) (Women cry)

BELLS RING (Priest gives mass) DRAMATIC MUSIC (Man speaks Arabic) AIR-RAID SIREN IN DISTANCE EXPLOSIONS IN DISTANCE AIR-RAID SIREN CHORUS IN ARABIC (Indistinct) JETS ROAR IN DISTANCE (People chant) 1, 2, 3, 4! We don't want your racist war. 5, 6, 7, 8! We will not cooperate! (People chant) 1, 2, 3, 4! We don't want your racist war. 5, 6, 7, 8! We will not cooperate! We don't want your racist war...

GEORGE W. BUSH: The first war of the 21st century. Part of that history was written by others. The rest will be written by us. APPLAUSE HORNS HONK Give me that camera... (Woman speaks Arabic) (Speaks Arabic) I don't know what's coming. I've been waiting for nine months. And, unfortunately, each day...each time we go to the doctor they say, "Maybe this week. Maybe next week." We finished all this period and the important issue is that the baby is in very good condition. The mother is strong enough to handle this issue. The father - that's me - is losing his patience. And 'Insh'Allah' - if God wants - I will see the baby. Before, I can go out at 3:00 in the morning, I can return back at 6:00 in the morning. Now, until 10:00 in the morning, I can't. There's no security because it's getting worse. The situation are very... Let's say it's chaos. Also the...ethics completely changed. The manner of behaviour has completely changed. After I forced to get out from my house, I've been informed by one of my relatives to come here, to this place, to register as a refugee. There was an old agreement between the Iraqi Government and the United Nations that Iraq will take the responsibility of Palestinians while they are living in Iraq.

My father came from Palestine when he was five years old and I have all my education here and all my certificate,

even my dialect is pure Iraqi. But, unfortunately, I have no right to take citizenship in Iraq, Iraq citizenship. We are now stateless, homeless, jobless. After 65 years of living in this country, we were re-registered as refugees. I'm supposed to live here between these tents because I have the right to take a tent and put it here and live just like any other, but you can see the circumstances, they are very difficult and very complex. So I'm not ready to bring my family and the new baby born here. I would rather do my best to keep them away from this place and I will try.


Got him. Good. Second one. Hit the other one.

GUNFIRE Hit the truck. Go to the right, see if anybody's moving by the truck. Take the trucks out? Is there anybody in the truck? Wait for movement. Not seeing any. Go ahead and store that. Autorange store... There's another guy moving right there. Do it. Firing. Hit him. GUNFIRE Target four. You wanna take the other truck out?

Roger. Wait for movement by the truck. Movement right there. Roger, he's wounded. Hit it. Alright, hitting the truck. Hit the truck and him. Go forward of it and hit him. GUNFIRE Roger. HORNS HONK CROWD CLAPS CROWD CHEERS WHISTLE BLOWS (Shouts in Arabic) CROWD CHEERS This is mine. This is my document to register my daughter. I don't think I'm going now to do this. And the fact I don't want to do it, but...I will. (Speaks Arabic) (Arguing in Arabic) She is very spoilt girl.

(Speaks Arabic) You can hold it...hold she? Hold her. (Both laugh) I know... She is my new life. She is my fortune. She is my big motor to continue. give me enough power... Just the smallest smile from her fight all the war. (Blows kisses) selling benzene again, Tell him if I catch him and never come out. he'll go to Abou Ghraib ever do that again." He said, "I will never You give me your word, I'm gonna give you mine.

(Speaks Arabic) *

This program is not subtitled CC

Disgln tonne - preaching

hatred calls for a crackdown on

a Sydney Sheikh Feiz Mohammad,

the alpine village of Thredbo

braces for the worst. And it's Australia Day at the Australian

Open. Good evening, Joe O'Brien

with the Late News. Also

tonight - racist taunts, the

reality of Britain's 'Big

Brother' for a Bollywood star.

But first, Australian Federal Police have begun an

investigation into a Sydney

Sheikh Feiz Mohammad who

promotes martyrdom for children

and vilifies Jews on the

Internet and on DVDs. His

views have been condemned by

political leaders and by the Islamic community. Australian-born Sheik Feiz

Mohammed is no newcomer to

of the Global Islamic Youth radical preaching. As the Amir

Centre in Sydney's western

suburbs he's long been known as

a firebrand. What are you

living for! Now a British

documentary has shown children

training his lectures outside a

mosque in Birmingham. In his

death series he rails against

Jews and encourages martyrdom. We want to have

children and offer them as

soldiers defending Islam. Put

in their soft, tender heart the

zeal of jihad and a love of martyrdom. That's raised alarm

in Australia. As I see it

Sheikh Feiz's statements add up

to an incitement to terrorism. The Federal

Government says an

investigation is already under

way. We are particularly

concerned about literature that

can find its way into the hands

of young people and children in

this country. Many Australian Muslims are also

concerned. That needs to be

examined very closely by I

guess the authorities when he

does come back. Sheikh Feiz has

been in Lebanon for the past

year and the sect he belongs to

is shouldn't by Australia's mainstream Muslims.

Representatives of his local

community were today playing

down his influence. This issue