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(generated from captions) Tonight - the Federal

Government announces a into the way This Program is Captioned Also ahead - rising costs and a string of natural

disasters force Qantas to cut

staff and capacity. A back Clarke as Australia's new basic ace proech for Michael

skipper. And they may skipper. And they may get

plenty of exercise on the job but are tradies really in good

nick I live on my own, so I am

a bit lazy on the cooking side

of things. Just get a lot takeaway. of things. Just get a lot of Life across Australia, this is ABC News 24. Phillips. The Prime Minister is ABC News 24. I'm Juanita

has Ord aerd review revenue has Ord aerd review of how GST revenue is carved up. The year-long assessment will to simplify the rules, year-long assessment will try

funding shocks and reward States and Territories for

efficiency. Former premiers States and Territories for

Nick Greiner and John will lead the process Nick Greiner and John Brumby

with South Australian talking about a Federation, sustainable and I want Australians right around

Federation to opportunities, to have access

to quality services, and I want

review team will hand over final report in September review team will hand over its

year. It final report in September next

year. It started with high

hopes. But the people smuggling

summit in Bali hasn't got off

to a good start for Australia.

Canberra was hoping for deal on East Timor won't come to the processing asylum seekers but

party. It says it doesn't want

centre and it's told Australia to house a

to look correspondent Matt to look elsewhere. Indonesia

correspondent Matt Brown reports from Bali. This agreed Australia's neighbours have

approach to processing asylum seekers. But it's the

beginning, not the end, of beginning, not the end, of a

find common ground: We must long road. We urgently need to long road. We urgently need

address all aspect of the problem, we must expand our

network and think outside regional agreement is good news box. Kevin Rudd says the for Australia's regional proposed for East processing centre plan,

Timor. Individual agree new anti-people smuggling arrangements between them,

including the possibility of

regional centre or regional centres to deal Australian plan has blow. East Timor's delegate suffered another heavy

that, despite the

The Prime

from the outset.

Timor processing centre. East Timor says it's committed to assistance to refugees. But it

maintains the Australian

proposal could cause too

serious problems worried that young nation. Others here are

could undermine more long-term efforts to get more develop their own systems for of Australia's neighbours to develop their own systems for

Australia to look elsewhere. seekers. East Timor just wants

And Indonesian police say one

of the alleged master minds has been arrested in Pakistan. behind the

Umar Patek reportedly played a key role in the night club

bombings which killed 2 O2 people, including 88 Australians. He's on wanted terrorist Federal Police Australians. He's on the most

several country, including Australia and the United States. The chief of border protection command has admitted there was no effective

Island's northern waters on the surveillance of Christmas

morning that morning that 50 asylum seekers

died in a boat wreck. Rear

Admiral Tim Barrett was evidence to the Western Admiral Tim Barrett was giving

Australian coroner's inquest Australian coroner's

into the accident. He Pirie was was posed to hearing that patrol boat PMAS

Pirie was was posed to be watching the island's north was

sheltering from bad weather the radar was infever. Rear

Admiral Barrett also conceded

the back up system was not

working at the time. He had

little to say as he left the

court. All the documents have been delivered been delivered in accordance

with the summons an they're appropriate manner. The being treated in the

coroner's inquest is expected to begin taking officials later this other senior border protection

officials later this year. The Navy is mourning the two young sailors, killed in a Navy is mourning the loss of

horrific car crash on the Melbourne. Two other Navy Mornington Peninsula south of

trainees are on life support

and a fifth is in a critical condition. Police say it's yet

another tragic reminder of the consequences of

speeding. Rarely a crash scene

is more confronting than this. The Caroeying five

sailors hit the pole with such

20-year-old driver and a force it ripped almost right

22-year-old passenger were killed instantly. The surviving passengers were killed instantly. The three

trapped in the wreck age trapped in the wreck age with critical critical injuries. They took

about half an hour to get about half an hour to get the

half to get the second and first out, the an hour and a

nearly two hours to get the third. They were third. They were flown to Melbourne where two remain on

life support. I extend our Col

dolences to the family of those

those deceased. Our prayers are with

hospital. I am sure this will

be weighing very heavily on

their Navy colleagues today and

our thoughts are also with them. Stressing the significance of the tragedy, the Commissioner travelled to the

scene himself. Police are investigating whether alcohol

was involved. They say speed

most certain ly was You can't

most certain ly was You can't

cut a vehicle in half by

impacting it on a power pole

without travelling at

significant speed. Alcohol and

speed were also blamed for a

crash which claimed of two HMAS ''Cerberus' sail

Norse Mount Eliza four years

ago. The haify conducts its own internal road safety awareness campaign, several times each

year. It will meet with police

today to discuss what else can

I h it can do to get the

message across. 'Cerberus' is indeed a family and the impact on us all, me included. The Navy has flown

the injured sailors' parents to

Melbourne to be with their sons. a hassive financial hit because

of a string of natural disasters and higher fuel prices. In prices. In response, the national

back flights and cut jobs. the global financial crisis. It's tough life being

in the airline business, it's been hit by everything. fuel costs, a whole series fuel costs, a whole series of different impacted it directly. Disasters impacted in Queensland in Queensland and earthquakes in impacted it directly. Disasters in Japan and New Qantas says those events have cost it $140 million cost it $140 million in lost revenue. So it's cutting flight s to Christchurch and it's suspending some it's suspending some services from Australia from Australia to Japan

including its direct flight including its direct flight

between Perth and

views known to Qantas. But have made this decision. I think it cease flawed decision

on their part. Qantas is on their part. Qantas is also

being squeezed by rising jet

fuel prices. In response, it's already

airfares twice this year and it is not ruling out more hikes.

Its chief executive Nobody from Qantas would

talk on camera today but in a

statement the airline also statement the airline also says

it will be cutting management positions over the next few

weeks and it will staff to take annual and long service leave. The employees of

Qantas are proud to wear Qantas uni forms. They're announce ts like today announce ts like today of seemed proud Qantas ended the higher. NATO says it's on track to take command of the

Libya but the Coalition's next

Ministers and diplomats from around the globe have met in London

London to debate how far should go to force an end to the violence. For its part, the US says it pressure on Colonel Gaddafi to step step down hasn't ruled out supplying weapons to the weapons to the opposition fighters. Emma Alberici reports. After days of mixed messages days of mixed messages from coalition opportunity to present front. The British secretary met first

Mahmoud Jibril

London to present a road map a free and democratic Libya. The real aspirations of the Libyan people are to be free, to live vow to further alienate the regime. The Coalition will help fund the rebel Army, even though NATO intelligence

officers on the ground have found what they of al-Qaida of al-Qaida in the rebel ranks. Of

danger that, if things go wrong in the region, on a basis, there could be new opportunities for terrorism extremism. The US is adamant that UN

NATO and its allies to arm opposition forces. There could be legitimate transfer of arms,

do that. As I said, we have do that. As I said, we have not time. The end game might Gaddafi immunity from prosecution. One of the significant outcomes from this conference conference has been

a commitment by the coalition to sent enter into

not, they say, an admission that the military operation is not working - it is working fast enough. world power metd in London to

mull over Libya's future, on the ground the rebels have hilt

a road block. After 10 days of coalition air strikes coalition air strikes and significant gains, they've run

into a barrage of fire power on their march towards Tripoli. their march towards Tripoli. In some cases the rebels have been routed and forced to retreat. Middle

Middle East correspondent Ben

Knight report from Knight report from Ajdabiya in eastern their momentum and weekend success would inspire

the people inside the city the people inside the city of

Sirte to rise up and help them march march in. Instead, they got a hammering Gaddafi's Army and its artillery, which far outguns anything the rebels have to respond. It didn't just respond. It didn't just stop their advarntion it began pushing them back down the road. Suddenly the road. Suddenly the Opposition forces were fighting to hold on

to Bin Jawwad, which they captured only the day before. nowhere to be seen. We can hear

the sound of vrjtser very y shelling an shelling an bombardment, missiles and rockets being fired just down still quite a way back from the

city of Sirte. It's clear city of Sirte. It's clear the front line is being pushed and the counter attack and the counter attack has

begun. Some tried to rally those behind move up and Jawwad fell to the Gaddafi

forces. Stopping them from moving on to other rebel moving on to other rebel cities will clear sign for more than a month and some here estimate that up to oppositionfighter and have been killed. have been killed. The unneez the Middle East the Middle East has forced

Syria's government to quit. The Prime Minister and his Prime Minister and his cabinet today aseed - stood aside just hours after hundred thousands of people took to the streets of Damascustor prodemocracy demonstrations. President Bashar Al-Assad nation tonight in response to weeks of reformtion. At least 50 people have died in have died in the anti-government dem Tri-Nations. - has been a prison in Burma after seven weeks behind bars. Ross Dunkley is facing two drugging a local woman violating immigration committing an illegal act. was set at $9,000. Thank you so much to the judge for being so kind to give me bail. I don't want to comment on the case while it's under business dispute, targeting business dispute, targeting his ownership language newspaper the ownership of the English language newspaper the faces up to 15 years

jail. Nearly three weeks after Japan's earthquake and tsunami, authorities are still

struggling to deal with a crippled crippled nuclear plant.

Radioactive water and gas s are

seepg out of the Fukushima

site, now there's a plan to

drape the reactors with special

covers to limit owe missions.

Food and drinking water has

been contaminate and radiation

is seeping into the Pacific Ocean, small amounts but enough to cause long-term worries. More from Tokyo correspondent

Mark Willacy. This is the new

reality in Japan, it's the threat you can't threat you can't smell, see or

feel. And for children,

understand. These people are

evacuees from Japan's nuclear

ground zero, their homes are now

now cardboard enclosures inside

cavernous sheds. Many fear they

will never be able to return to Fukushima.

TRANSLATION: My big est concern

is being able to go home and

my normal life. New pict virs

merged from within the stricken

nuclear plant. These nuclear plant. These eerie

shots are from inside the

crimmed control room. While these aerial these aerial pictures show reactors two and three with smoke or steam pouring out of

them. Inside, there are fears that nuclear fuel rods are exposed and melting. TRANSLATION: This is a

situation in which we cannot

have any optimism but we will

continue to deal with it and be alert. The radioactive umbrella

is now spreading

Traces of radioactive iodine

have now been found in Asia and

as far away as Europe and the United States. And produce, once famed for its

clean, green image, is clean, green image, is now

under the micro scope. These

are very, very small dozes. And certainly nothing to be

concerned about in terms of health effects. While much of the focus in this disaster has

been on the radiation threat

from Fukushima, from Fukushima, the humanitarian situation in the

earthquake and tsunami zone remains

goes on. This school in I watty

repre-fecture went a head with repre-fecture went a head with

its graduation ceremony, even though many students didn't survive the tsunami. For those

who remain, the grief will take

a long time to recede.wate repre-fecture went a head with its graduation ceremony, even though many students didn't survive the tsunami. For those

who remain, the grief will take a long time to recede. a long time to recede. Time

for sport now with Claire and Michael Clarke promising a no-fuss approach to cricket: He

call s it old fased, back to

basics. So that is lots batting, bowling and fielding.

Michael Clarke took over today from Ricky Ponting. He is not your typical Australian

captain. He has some work to do

to win over the Australian public as welg. Australian

cricket has a fresh look, the

bats man nick named Pup is now

top dog with Shane Watson his right-hand man. There will be some tough

some tough Tais dace an some great days but it's a great

challenge and I look forward to it. Another challenge will it. Another challenge will be winning over a sceptical public

which has found it hard to warm to a player who doesn't fit the traditional captain's with his celebrity lifestyle. I don't sit here and believe I

can get the whole of this country to like me. For me, it's about respect, it's about erning that respect, leading the team in the right the team in the right way,

playing Crick threat the right manner and manner and hopefully I can earn the respect of the doubters

that are out there. My best

naughts and best wishes go to Michael Clarke as he takes on what

what obviously is the hard what obviously is the hard est job in Australia. At almost years of age, Test runs, and having filled in Clarke is ready to be his own

man: It is not I am not Ricky Ponting. I I am not Ricky Ponting. I am me

and I want to do things my and I want way. But advice from the former skipper won't be knocked

way. But advice from the former happen. Clarke's first task back. I hope it does

will be a 3-game tour Bangladesh. Spinner Xavier Doherty and scom into the squad for Jason Doherty and James paddin son scom Krejza and the scom into the squad Tait. The home team had set 218 for victory in the World Cup semifinal against New Zealand. After

Lanka lost three quick wickets to

But the five-wicket win

spare. Sri Lanka will play either India or Pakistan in the World Cup decider. That's happening right now. happening right now. Arch rivals India and Pakistan are playing for place in Lanka. India has won the toss and is batting. A short time and is batting. A short time

ago the co hosts were ago the co hosts were 0/6. To other news now other news now and Wayne Bennett has confirmed he will

leave the St season. Bennett took over as head coach

2009 after 20 years in charge

of Brisbane. And led the to a minor premiership. Last the ladiner the regular season and went on to lift premiership trophy as the club's first title years. I didn't come here as long-term koe. I

with a job to get donement.

with a job to get donement. I believe that has been believe that has been done. And

I think it's a good time for to move on. Dragons assistant coach Steve Price over as senior coach. He's where he might where he might coach next. Newcastle, South Newcastle, South Sydney and Brisbane have all expressed interest interest nit. Karlt cron's match against the golds Coast 'Sun' s will be 'Sun' s will be one for the record it's the Gold

it's game 200 for Judd decorated careers to date. Two Brownlow medals,

and a best on ground in a Grand Final. Now on Saturday night Chris Judd will mark another milestone, 200 AFL gape starting off AFL football wondering if I would ever play

a single senior being a really strong focus was to play a senior says it would be naive of him

to speculate how many matches

he will manage after his 200th

but admits it's not getting any easier. I would be lying if I

said I was as frightly as I said I was as frightly as I was when I had long hair. He says

ing was one of the ing was one of the toughest decisions on his Saturday night he will come up against another man who has made a much am not sure when I get to the

ground and I think I will be excited. After sitting on the Gold Coast 'Sun' s will be injected into the AFL injected into the AFL this weekend. Weir an AFL side with a lot of talent. If our structures and play the right way, the win. 'The the win. 'The Sun's seemingly

have history on their side o.

TV six clubs to have joined the

AFL in

expansion, five of them have won their opening game. In

super rugby Ben Robinson and

Pallot now will return for NSW tas clash with the Chiefs on Friday and Pat make his debut for the side: Queensland's side: Queensland's toughest tradies are about to get a mass makeover through makeover through a fitness program promoted by the builders labourers Federation.

workers are not in the best shape. Everyone thinks

plenty of exercise on the plenty of exercise on the job.

But it's not the right kind for their long-term health. But it's no laughing mat they're two-thirds of construction workers

workers are overweight or obese. And one thirds obese. And one thirds have seriously high blood pressure. They are busting

gut on workplace s but it's the type of exercise outside of the workplace including a cardio Government and the builders labourers Federation are encouraging them their ways through they're called the Bussta Gut challenge. It's the lifestyle, they start they start work early, don't

eat #3w6, they have one meal eat #3w6, they have one meal a day and they go to pub. Working 10 hours a day and

eight on Saturdays it's hard to

find the time to go to the gym

and cook proper lifrmts I and cook proper lifrmts I make

my own lunch some days but

takeaway is easily. I I live on my own so I'm a bit lazy on the cook cook ing side of things. The superannuation fund is paying for members to have a health assessment. Checking all their vital signs, including blood mass index. We want people to live into retirement and enjoy are being encouraged to sign on

with a 24-hour gym and see with a 24-hour gym and see how they can change things in the alcohol? Yer. Plenty. Figures show show one-third of trades men

still smoke and two-thirds are

heavy drinkers. On the

finance now and the Australian dollar surged back above $1.03

and as the Alan Kohler reports

the share market jumped sharply as well. gone up near lay cent today to

103.25 US cents, its highest

level against the American

currency for 29 years. Against

yen, it's the highest level for

a year, but against the a year, but against the euro

and the pound it's only at the highest point for highest point for a couple of

months. But to k - some up - it's very

it's very high. Here is one entirely predictable and

dramatic effect of that - on

tourism. People are going, not

coming, so our tourism

industries are struggling. And

here is the fundamental reason

the currency is so high. It's an amazing graph I think - real GDP rebased to December 2007,

And how good is it? China's not

there, but compared to Canada,

America, New Zealand, America, New Zealand, Europe, UK and Japan, this UK and Japan, this is the land of milk and honey. Except that, the Australian share market

during that period has fallen 27%, while the global index has fallen just 19%. Although fallen just 19%. Although if you adjust the Australian share

index for the currency effect it's done better than the

global index. Today the index was among the best perform ers

in the world, up 1.3%. BHP And in the world, up 1.3%. BHP And Rio

Telstra 1.5% and all the banks

were up around 1.5% as well. A minute's silence for clothing

retailer Colorado which caved in in today under its dents. It

was taken over in 2007 by private equity group Affinity Equity Partners for $43 0

million and de-listed from the

ASX at the time but hasn't made

it back. Creditors rejected a

dent restructure this week, so that's all folks. The receivers

Ferrier Hodgson will now try to

sell the stores along with

boarders antz Angus and

had a big rise today and there

were solid gains in Tus and

elsewhere in Asia as well.

That's finance. Graham Creed with the Graham Creed with the 2-day outlook. A Tropical Cyclone

watch is current for the Tiwi watch is current for the Tiwi islands in islands in the Northern Territory. A tropical low still

sitting well to the east is expected to intensify,

particular ly overnight

Thursday and Friday morning, in

fact by Friday it's expected to be a category 1 cyclone.

Because of the location of the low, anywhere to expecting to see very moist Northerly winds. That will produce some very heavy

rainfall across much of the Top End of the Northern End of the Northern Territory. And as that system is slow

moving and just moving and just gradually starts

northern part of the northern part of the Kimberley, we're going to see that we're going to see that very moist air mass continue and

that will trigger some very heavy falls across much of the

Top End of the Territory. We

also have decent falls expected

moderate to heavy totals about the coast, anywhere north of Mackay through Queensland. Not as widespread as what has been

over the past couple of days the severe weather warning has been cancelled bit will still

remain wet across that remain wet across that region dh. Is a weak frontal system

moving through NSW. It could trigger trigger isolated thunderstorms anywhere from Newcastle up to the Queensland border: Showers

and storms along the coast of Queensland

Queensland but they will be

more frequent when we hit the

central coast up to the northern

northern tropics. We expect to see widespread showers and

storms anywhere north storms anywhere north of Tennant Creek in the Territory. As we head into rain is expected to develop the south-east, certainly nothing extensive expected nothing nothing extensive expected

there. As we head into Friday,

south-east. We have a series of

these over the coming days and

Tasmania will be 2 State most affected. As they slide through Victoria they will bring some

showers and a drop in

temperatures but we're looking at significant rainfall. They will also up along the NSW coast. up along the NSW coast. We see very little up along the NSW very little change in their overall pattern for overall pattern for Queensland, still moist still moist onshore winds, so further still moist onshore winds, so falls. Most of

further moderate to heavy should be isolated. Heavy rainfall continuing. You is request see that request see that northerly flow per zition across the Top End. That will produce heavy falls. If we look at heavy falls. If we look at the forekasz -

Animal handlers at a Gold Coast theme park are adjusting to the demands two new require 3-year-old siblings Jake two new require white tigers. 3-year-old siblings new purpose built Mishka today in inspected a new Dreamworld. They are on Dreamworld. They are on loan

and they are ji justing well their new surrounds. I will back with an update in a

moment. Then stay with us for Lateline Business. You're watching ABC News 24.

Live. The top stories from The The top stories from ABC News - the Prime Gillard, has announced a review

of the carve up of the $50 billion a year GST. The

year-long assessment will aim

to simplify the rules, reduce

funding shocks and reward

States and Territories for

efficiency. It will be led by former Victorian Premier John

Brumby, former NSW Premier Nick

Greiner and South Australian

businessman Bruce Carter.

Australia's hopes of a

breakthrough on a regional

processing centre in East Timor

have been dashed. At a meeting on people smuggling in Bali.

The Federal Government is pushing for a regional cooperation agreement that

would allow individual nations to strike their own deal on a processing centre. But East Timor's delegate says his country

country is still opposed to the plan. Qantas has announced

cutbacks to counter