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Clarke, Dawe and Kim Beazley -

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(generated from captions) And for their take on the week in politics, here's John Clarke, Bryan Dawe and Kim Beazley. Mr Beazley, thanks for your time.

Very good to be with you, Bryan. And good evening. Mr Beazley, Mr Howard's popularity has declined significantly. I'm not surprised, Bryan. They've got this IR legislation which is a dead-set shocker and they've smeared it all over the media at a cost of $20 million. But why hasn't your popularity gone up? There's only two of you and his has gone down, why hasn't yours gone up? Well, yeah, you would think so. Well, who's the preferred prime minister?

Makybe Diva. That's a horse.

Who's second? iPods.

I give up. Who's next? Couple number four in 'Dancing With the Stars'. Well, am I there at all, Bryan?

Yeah, yeah, you're equal fifth.

Who with? Missy Higgins. Bryan, it's no secret we've been pinned down by some pretty accurate enemy fire this year. We have to - Yeah, but hang on - Mark Latham is technically on your side.

Yeah, but you don't expect a catherine-wheel to go off up your jacksy, every morning, Bryan. We've struggled. Be honest. Yeah, but you're with the government on the terrorist legislation. Oh, yes, we are. Very, very much. And that's because Mr Howard showed you something nasty in the woodshed. Bryan, Mr Howard has had a frank briefing with me describing in detail whatever it is. Can you tell me what it is? No, I can't.

That would be very irresponsible of me. But I think it speaks very well of John Howard that he would take a bipartisan approach on an issue of this importance. And did Mr Howard tell you why we are a terrorist target? Not in detail, no. But he did say it had absolutely nothing to do with our support for the war in Iraq. How does he know that? George Bush told him. We're a bit tight for time tonight. I was just wondering if you could go through this list here and tell me if there's anything -

This is a list of government policies. Yeah. yeah. See if there's anything you don't support? Anything I don't agree with? Yeah, yeah, and then we'll discuss it. Well, I don't see anything immediately. OK - voluntary student unions?

No, we're with the government there. We want the student amenities in the universities to be paid for. And how will they be paid for? No idea. Right. Strong position. This all looks good to me, Bryan. Immigration, Aboriginal health, defence... Foreign affairs? Foreign affairs, yes, aged care. Why do you want me to find fault with this? Are you trying to get me in trouble with the PM?

Mr Beazley, you are the Leader of the Opposition. Leadership is the key concept there, though, isn't it Bryan? Rather than 'opposition'? Well it's not the job of an opposition simply to oppose. Mr Beazley if it's not their job to oppose, what is the job of an opposition? Bryan, the point I'm making is what this country needs is leadership. How would you know? They told me in the lift. So there's nothing in this list that you disagree with? I don't know that we'd be entirely happy about this enviroment thing here, for example. Well, how would you improve their policy? I don't think we'd change the policy. We might structure the department differently. I don't like the look of the carpark, for a kick-off. Stay with the fossil fuels? Oh, yes. The 4WDs are good for business.

Good for all Australians. Yes, good. OK, Mr Beazley, thank you very much. Always good to see you, Bryan. Could we send in the next applicant, thanks?

Next applicant for what? Next applicant?

PHONE RINGS Hello, yeah.

Sorry? There's a horse in reception?

And that's the program for tonight and the week.