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Rescuers pull 9yo girl from earthquake rubble -

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Rescue teams in Turkey have worked through the night to pull a nine-year-old girl from the ruins of
a building where she had been trapped for 34 hours.


ALI MOORE, PRESENTER: There've been extraordinary scenes of survival in eastern Turkey's
earthquake-devastated towns.

Rescue teams worked through the night in the worst-hit town of Ercis, near the Iranian border.

After 34 hours trapped in the ruins of a building a nine-year-old girl was pulled out alive.

The rescue bought a round of applause.

An 18-year-old man was also saved. As he was carried from the site, he could be heard speaking to
those around him.

The Turkish government has pledged more aid to thousands of people after it was accused of failing
to help some of the most needy, who have spent a second night exposed in freezing conditions.

With hundreds of people still missing, the official death toll - currently around 300 - is expected
to rise.