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Bali boy mobbed by media -

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The 14-year-old Australian boy facing drug charges in Bali is now in the care of the prosecutor's
office after being mobbed by the media during the handover process.


ALI MOORE, PRESENTER: The Australian teenager facing drug charges in Bali is now in the care of the
prosecutor's office, but the normally straightforward handover process turned into a circus when
the boy and his family were mobbed by the media.

The ABC's Helen Brown reports from Bali's capital, Denpasar.

HELEN BROWN, REPORTER: The first stop signalled the rough day that lay ahead. The 14-year-old had
to be pushed through a media scrum for his meeting with prosecutors handling the case - and, then
again, at another office for the paperwork.

MUHAMMAD RIFAN, LAWYER: He not release care, something like that, but he will [inaudible] following
the next process.

BRETT FARMER, AUSTRALIAN CONSUL-GENERAL: Dealing with the crush of you people is a difficult thing,
but that's part of the process, he understands that. So we understand he's about to be relocated
back to the immigration detention facility. He is doing fine.

HELEN BROWN: And this is believed to be the evidence that's put the teenager in the middle of
Indonesia's legal system.

At the Denpasar District Court, an official pulls out a small bag what have looks like cannabis.
Police allege the 14-year-old was caught in possession of a small amount of drugs.

His case is attracting attention. There was the ministerial intervention that kept him out of
Kerobokan jail. And it seems there is still political interest.

MUHAMMAD RIFAN: I don't know about some political matter or how the relation between the Indonesian
and Australian Government dealing, but for us, we just try to finish for the process in Indonesia

HELEN BROWN: The legal process is going faster than usual, but authorities say that's because the
case involves a minor. Prosecutors say they may hand the file over to the court as early as
Wednesday, and there could be a court hearing next week.

BRETT FARMER: I couldn't speculate about nationality playing a part but certainly his age is a
relevant consideration.

HELEN BROWN: The boy's accommodation at the immigration detention centre must now seem like a