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(generated from captions) Good evening. I'm Scott Bevan. On the program -

tensions come to South and North Korea. The two countries have changed

artillery fire and South Korea is on its highest level alert in peace is on its highest level of

This is a situation indeed and see an escalation in

see an escalation in the coming

days. We'll have the latest

from our North from our North Asia

correspondent. Also coming up correspondent. Also coming up - stampede horror. Hundreds

trampled to death in the

Penh. The dramatic moment when Cambodian capital, Phnom

disaster struck a New Zealand coal mine. The situation for those who are below

bleak and gets bleaker by the

hour, by the day. Irish anger hour, by the day. Irish

at the international at the international bailout fuels calls for the PM to resign. And Burma's Aung San

Suu Kyi reunited with her son

as fears grow of violent conflict between ethnic groups. Live. First tonight to the developing situation on the Korean Peninsula. The South

emergency meeting Korean Government is holding an

emergency meeting after the

North fired dozens of artillery

shells at a disputed shells at a disputed island. At

least one marine has been

killed and three others

seriously wounded in the

attack. Up to 70 shells were fired at Yeonpyeong Island fired at Yeonpyeong Island on

the tense Yellow Sea maritime countries. Dozens of houses are

damaged and fires continue to burn out of Korea is now on its highest peacetime alert level.

clash took place but is

providing no further details. These are disturbing early reports about another incident on the Korean reports about another military

Peninsula for which the North Koreans are uniquely responsible. It follows of course the sinking of

Korea was responsible for and Cheonan which we believe North


which they've refused to accept which they've refused to accept themselves. This is any responsibility

disturbing. Remember this is a

highly fragile security environment very, very careful ensuring that very, very careful about

incidents ensuring that none of these much incidents trigger something

Kevin Rudd correspondent Mark Willacy. more from our North Asia

Mark, good evening. What's the latest you've

latest you've heard? We're

hearing that there are South Korean soldiers well as about a South Korean soldiers dead as

well as about a dozen injured. statement out of Seoul and

statement includes a warning to we're hearing that that

Pyongyang that if there are any

further provocations there be 'stern retaliation President, his came out of a meeting of the President, his security chiefs

and the cabinet, which was in a secure, underground war room. They are taking this very probably one of seriously indeed. It is

of the Korean decades of the Korean War nearly six always tension along the decades ago. Given there is

borders, and it does flare-up,

how does this incident compare

in severity and the level of it

in South Korea and beyond? The were in 1999, clashes between the two sides

were in 1999, 2002, again last year. We've seen the sinking of

that South Korean submarine

with the loss of 46 sailors

earlier this year. This daylight artillery barrage

launched against a that had civilians in it. From that perspective it is different sort of attack Korea. In terms of Korea. In terms of severity, it

is quite bad. Certainly a

challenge to South Korea

everyone is now looking to see challenge to South Korea and how Seoul thanks for your time. Thank further I'm joined by Dr you. To discuss the issue

Brendan Taylor from the Strategic and Defence Studies

National Centre at the Australian

Canberra. Dr Tailor, thank you National University in

for your time. What is the motivation of New York North

context. It's not the first Korea here? I think

time that North Korea has behaved in a provocative behaved in a provocative way. Over the last decade there has

been two schools of thought - the first is an optimistic

reading suggesting that this is perhaps a prelude to a period

of renewed negotiation between North Korea and its

North Korea and its allies. A way in which North Korea is seeking to gain attention. seeking to gain attention. The

other possibility is that there

are domestic political reasons

at play here that North Korea

is perhaps trying to reinforce

the rule of its leader or his

youngest son, anointed as the chosen successor. Is show for

domestic consums or to show the

world that the new lad, whenever he becomes leader should be taken should be taken seriously? I

think a bit of both. The think a bit of both. The truth

is that no-one really knows what is going Korea. The American intelligence community is Korea as the blackest of black

holes because it is so hard to country, not to mention the Korea's behaviour. Analysts such as yourself look at timing with with these events and this incident comes as Korea apparently developing a international focus on North

uranium enrichment program. Is do you believe between this there some sort of connection

and this flare-up? In disclosure about the program

there and this flare-up? In my view there is. back at the history positive position in terms North Korea has moved to a more

positive position in terms of being open to has tended to moments with periods of quite provocative and antagonistic behaviour. We've seen this previous years where they have conducted missile tests and nuclear tests in close

2006 and 2009. Dr Taylor how great is escalating? I would say at this great is the risk of this

stage the risk low. If we look back historical record

such as these but good sense has tended to repral, largely Peninsula. The one Peninsula. The one wild-card in the situation is the situation is the South Korean domestic political situation. Back in March situation. Back in March when the Cheonan Korean President said that South Korea would similar statement. There similar statement. There will be pressure domestically within South Korea from the and respond to development. How frightening development. How frightening is that that prospect then? The implications or the echoes from that out and over into international borders? Well, I think at this

stage it is a remote one of the things that the US Government at the

be trying to do is to

be trying to do is to show strong support for particularly Japan, but also specifically South Korea in behind the behind the scenes I think we will will see the US Government

urging restraint on the part of South Korea in this situation. Without for some kind of military action there are very few other options that South Korea has at its and the goal of the nuclear disarmament of North

Korea? Well, as I'm sure you

are aware, the six-party talks have been reports at the beginning of this year that the Chinese Government, who are the host of the talks were making concerted efforts to get the again. I think if there is a silver

silver lining to event which has happened event which has happened today it is that event which has happened today

it is that it probably provides

a window of opportunity for the

six-party talks to restart, a

renewed impetus. If we look

back over the records, quite what the talks will deliver that they haven't delivered previously remains to be seen. They haven't been that effective. Dr Brendan Taylor from the Strategic and Defence Studies Centre. Thank you for

your time. Thank you.

Cambodia's PM is calling it

the nation's worst tragedy since the murderous reigning of Pol

Pol Pot. Millions of Pol Pot. Millions of revellers

were celebrating at a festival in Phnom Penh when

and the crowd stampeded. Around

350 people were killed in the crush. A day of mourning has been declared and the Government has promised Government has promised a full

investigation. The ABC's Zoe Daniel reports from the

Cambodian capital. A warning -

this story contains this story contains images that may disturb some viewers.

missing. It's a horrific that too many of them have

before during the dark days of

the Khmer Rouge. Now an event that culture has culture has also become a

tragedy. TRANSLATION: During

Pol Pot's time they only have one boy. only have one boy. I hoped for

the future that he can take

care of me but now he's care of me but now he's dead before I am. Please help me. Phnom Penh's famous water festival attracts millions. But this year a big crowd

became a deadly combination. the festival's last night mass panic on this bridge became a crush.

were crushed under foot or jumped over the sides jumped over the sides and drowned. Hundreds left

the crowd for a long

it was so hot. I became unconscious. From the number of

dead and injured we know this bridge. Most of died were young women. It was

so hot in the crush that so hot in the crush that people literally took off their

clothes and they've now been left behind. At hospitals around the confusion and ultimately

devastation as people searched

for the missing and the for the missing and the dead. More More than 340 died. Most in their youth. The

been described by Cambodian PM Hun Sen as the country's tragedy reigning of the Rouge. TRANSLATION: I ask you all all to understand me and forgive me for this very forgive me for this very bad

situation. He says immediately clear what

triggered the stamp dwreed, Authorities in New say the situation for the 29 Authorities in New Zealand

trapped getting bleaker by the trapped miners is bleak and

hour. They've released video of the blast showing a powerful and sustained

explosion but no sign of the disaster it is miners. Five days after the

dangerous for anyone to enter the mine. New Zealand

correspondent Dominique

rescue Schwartz reports from the

This is the tunnel. It was the the visual proof of the power

of the explosion's possible of the blast, 2.5km from the

entrance. It is obvious that

there may not be 29 guys those who are below those who are below ground is bleak and gets bleaker by the hour, by the day. For the distressed relatives of the missing miners it was a sober disappointments. This robot, end to a day of

which was to have been blazer for the rescuers, broke

down just 500m into the journey tunnel. Five days on we know more than technology age. Help is happened. Unacceptable in technology age. Help is way from Australia.

way from Australia. The WA Water Corporation Water Corporation is sending

its robot. It has a range of

6km and can take pictures, gas samples and carry equipment into

into the mine. There were also

delays in the drilling of a

second bore hole when the operation hit operation hit particularly hard rock. The shaft will be used

for taking air for taking air samples,

critical for derming when it is

safe for the rescuersing to

in. Listening devices have been deployed. We're listening for

movement, tapping and any noise. So far there has been noise. So far there has been no

sign of life. I can't express the

the frustration that our guys

feel at not being able to deploy underground. It is heart-wrenching. There is a

nagging fear among sum that nagging fear among sum that the best chance for a rescue may

have been lost. When you have opportunity is there and ten an explosion the window of

because the gases have burnt

up. Then they build up again. The residents of

Greymouth head into their 5th night since the mine disaster

with no clearer picture about when rescuers might go in. But perhaps

perhaps with a grimmer picture

of what the outcome may be.

also been covering events for The ABC's Conor Duffy has

us in Greymouth. He says today

was one of the toughest for relatives of the relatives of the trapped miners.

miners. As you can imagine, every one of these four days

since the explosion on since the explosion on Friday

the families. But today would has been particularly hard for

have to have been the worst. A short time ago authorities released explosion at the released vision of the

explosion at the mine. It was

from a camera at the mine's

surface which was more than away from the itself. You still get an

was pushing so much material of the sheer force.

out of the mine more than 2km

away. I understand that the families took that vision quite hard and there were very few questions shown. The language from police

has gotten much more strident

families I've spoken to have and down-beat. Some of the

said the waiting is of all. Up until now I understand they've been

tolerant and patient with authorities in their daily tolerant and patient with the

briefings but today there an outpouring of

frustration and a lot of the this is taking so long. Why men

can't go can't go down. They can't

understand why there is this delay when there are delay when there are 65

rescuers ready to go on the part of the reason they that video was to try and make the families understand how dangerous the situation is

down there. This operation goes 24-7. So continuing of a bore hole,

which is 5-10m away

mine. That will allow samples to be taken to give mine. That will allow more

rescuers a clearer idea rescuers a clearer idea about

how dangerous down there is. How another explosion is and also down there is. How risky

send men whether or not it is safe to

send men down given the high levels of gas. That will be continuing. We understand deploy the robot will be efforts under way to

looking for deploy the robot and crews are

looking for a second site to drill another bore Duffy drill another bore hole. Conor been hearing it is an trapped men. The brothers of the oldest miner, 62-year-old Keith Valley today gathered in Greymouth. They spoke to Lisa Davies. Two Lisa Davies. Two Valley

brothers when there ought to be

three. All they can do now is wait. Is it tough for you to be

in here where he spends so in here where he spends so much

time? No, not at all. I expect

him to walk through the months door. For two years and two the Pike River Coal. The man, been commuting to Greymouth and

born and raised in Southland,

headed north when another mine

shut down. Does being here make

you feel closer to

him? Absolutely. Bad goings on

up there. As miners once themselves the Valley brothers can appreciate the horror that Keith and his 28 mates have

been facing since the

explosion. Friday was the big

can hang on for a while. It's getting getting tougher. We're getting tougher. We're not going forward. The clock is ticking. Time to stop

buggering about I think. A

strong man, a solid man, that's

how they described Keith but

worry there is only so much a man can take. Bloody hard sitting on a wet against a rib and waiting

coming. But the locals say Keith is a good man to anybody talk bad about Keith. The guys type of guy he are type of guy he was. His family are braced for the worst. It are braced for the worst. It is getting harder and harder. Want

to take him home. One way best. Put that shelf. The hope their brother with

The Irish PM is resisting calls for his resignation furore over his decision to accept a

says he's not going anywhere until the Government finalises international rescue package. Europe Alberici reports from Dublin.

For weeks they'd For weeks they'd been assured that their country's economic Ireland woke to the news that

it could no longer afford to pay its

pay its own bills. Protesters stormed the Prime Minister's crisis. Angry that a country too poor to support its working class had found $70 billion to rescue the banks. The Greens, the junior coalition partner, joined calls for joined calls for the Government

to stand down. But the PM insisted there would be emergency budget is passed. It is my intention at is my intention at the conclusion of this budgetary

process with the enactment of

the necessary legislation in the new year to

the new year to seek a dissolution of

determine who should undertake Government in the period ahead thereafter. Government ministers met late slash the budget deficit, dropping

cuts to welfare among a raft of measures designed to save billion. This Government shouldn't be in anymore. They shouldn't be negotiating shouldn't be negotiating with the IMF. out. We're here in the hope we can have a general election this week and we can get rid of can have a general election this week and we this week and we can get rid of this most with the Government that has consistently lied lied to consistently lied

that a new coalition can be formed with a clear parliamentary majority which

can deliver a new 4-year economic plan.

A BBC investigation has uncovered evidence that some weekend Muslim schools Britain are using Saudi Arabian

textbooks with anti-Semitic and homophobic content. The

schools, not inspected schools, not inspected by Office For Standards in

Education, teach young as 6. John Ware ware has

this report. Dotted across the

country is a network of more

than 40 Saudi students, schools and clubs teaching Muslim

children up to the age of 18 in the evenings and weekends. We wanted to find out wanted to find out what they

were being taught. So we sent a

young Saudi researcher

undercover into the London sool. He asked for and

obtained the books. Part of the Saudi national curriculum Saudi national curriculum for teaching 12 and 13-year-olds. It says the Jews were cursed

by God and look like monkeys

and pigs. We obtain ed and pigs. We obtain ed all 12 years of years of the Saudi curriculum,

including die ag rams about the punishment for thieves, foot. Officials say they are passages which we've taken out of historical context. expert on the Korean expert on the Korean believes the way is open to interpretation. To present it cold is part of the teaching of Islam - no, the wrong hands yes I think it

is ammunition for is ammunition for anti-Semitism. The Saudi part-time Saudi schools. A

director of the schools network told us quite the opposite. He said

part of the embassy, has

authority over them. Ministers say offensive material will not

be tolerated. We cannot anti-Semitic material of any kind being used in inspector here is considering whether to schools. Burma's pro-democracy leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, has been reunited with her youngest son after ten years apart. The house arrest ten her son has been waiting for a visa Burma. After greeting mother, 33-year-old Kim Aris

took off his shirt to show that

on his arm he had a on his arm he had a tattoo of her political National League for Democracy. of the past 21 from the outside world. from the outside world. There is growing concern in following the general election. Roughly half the the population belong different ethnic groups that

have their own armies and many are ready to pick up weapons

group has been fighting six decades

force but own the forest paths,

have mined the jungles have mined the jungles and ambushed Burmese troops. This

rebel footage shows how they fight. But the group fight. But the group were divided. divided. Ruled by religion. Half joined the Burmese army

and fought amongst themselves. But this is a celebration of

the latest local reunification.

Christian and differences with the greater

threat of a Burmese army

offensive. It is small-scale,

but packs are being made between other ethnic armies.

Together they number tens of

thousands of troops. In order

to achieve freedom, democracy

and self-determination we need

unity. Together we can make it. There is movement on the

front-lines. A few front-lines. A few days earlier this was a Burmese army camp. Now it is rebel controlled. At the moment things are

uncertain here in Burma with

power changing hands after the election with Aung San Suu Kyi

being released and the ethnic groups think now is perhaps good a time as any for them to push for what they want. push for what they want. But the Burmese military knows this. They are sending in there will be heavy fighting

and the chaos that will and the chaos that will bring.

Fighting spilled across the after the election. Thousands

of refugees followed. of refugees followed. Many were forced back within days. But not all. not all. These people fled more fighting and are now fighting and are now hiding

from the Thai authorities so we won't show their faces. They

described how the Burmese army

fired mortars into the village.

How very dangerous it was as they were been oppressing us for a long time he said. He was longing

pore peace. Many more pore peace. Many more refugees could follow if fighting worsens. The struggle for democracy in Burma is one thing. Avoiding guerrilla war is now another. Let's update

you now on the situation on the Korean Peninsula after the artillery exchange between

North and South Korea. These are the latest pictures into us from South Korean TV.

What we know is that more than a dozen others have been wounded and a number of

houses caught fire. reports say about 50 North

into the island of Yeonpyeong, Sea disputed border and Sea disputed border and 120km west of forced to flee forced to flee as the shells hit homes and hit homes and set them ablaze. Seoul has raised its Seoul has raised its alert to

the highest level and the security cabinet has security cabinet has been meeting in meeting in an underground bunker. South Korean fighter planes have been

the island. We'll keep upto date on any changes throughout the evening. Let's get the latest world weather with Graham trough extending from SA

through Victoria and into

Tasmania will introduce widespread showers and isolated the rainfall through the continent will be through

Queensland. We've got showers

on the coast. A band on the coast. A band of rain and thunderstorms across through central parts of the

inland. It's along that thunderstorm and rain area we are expecting to see the we are expecting to see the heaviest of the northern half of the

but dry and mostly sunny across

in WA. We've got a broad area of low pressure sitting across the Coral Sea

rainfall associated with thunderstorms, anywhere east of Vanuatu. in the Tasman Sea in the Tasman Sea will maintain

mostly dry and sunny weather across New Zealand. near Japan. It crosses the far north of the Philippines and then Indonesia. Along the trough

showers and thunderstorms

trigger heavy down pours and

we'll see those associated another area of thunderstorms area. The trough is sitting well sitting around the Borneo area. The area. The trough is sitting

well south of Vietnam but is

affecting the areas around the

Thai and Malaysia border. An

area of rain is developing over

the southern inland of China.

That will spread showers and light falls into northern

Vietnam. Most of the remainder of China is clear but of China is clear but cold air

will sweep down into the

central parts. We've got central parts. We've got snow

and cold conditions and cold conditions about the

northern border areas. A suburbance in the south-west of

the Bay of Bengal will trigger

heavy falls in the far southern peninsula

peninsula of India and Sri Lanka. We'll see heavier falls

moving up the west coast and moving up the west coast and up around the north western districts. Snow and blizzards will continue across the far north of north of Europe. Snow to fairly low levels and widespread rain and showers with heavy falls expected across the northern parts of Italy. Another significant wintry outbreak will develop across

the northern half of Europe and the UK from around Thursday. Showers Thursday. Showers and

thunderstorms will be

widespread across the African countries, anywhere along countries, anywhere along and

south of the equator. We'll see moderate falls developing moderate falls developing about

the eastern parts of South Africa. We're looking at widespread showers across Madagascar. Freezing air the north-west of the US will

dip south on Wednesday.

Widespread snow and possible blizzards across that region. That

That cold air is sitting across

all the northern US all the northern US states. The only area under the influence

of some hot air is through the inland parts of Mexico. Moderate to

Moderate to heavy rain will

continue in Colombia. That's

extending the summer wet season and can dangerous flooding. We've dangerous flooding. We've only got southern got only areas in South America

likely to remain Creed. A prince from the Spanish Royal Family has

arrived in Peru for an official Borbon and his wife are meeting with President Alan Garcia

with President Alan Garcia and members of the Peruvian Congress. The royal couple will visit a number of historic monuments near the Lima, which Spain has helped restore. Still ahead - world welcomes two Aboriginal students

You're watching 'The World' on ABC News 24. Our top - the South is in an emergency session

tonight after the North fired

dozens of artillery shells at dozens of artillery shells at a

disputed island. Two marines

have been killed

after a deadly stampede that killed more than 370 killed more than 370 people. The country's Government has The country's Government has

ordered an investigation into the crush on the crush on a bridge in the capital Phnom Penh. And New Zealand authorities released CCTV moment an explosion happened at the Pike River Coal trapping miners underground. Police say

the situation for the miners becomes increasingly becomes increasingly bleak by the hour. All the news conference earlier. This

is part of what they had to

about the developments. Over the past 24-hours we've moved actual mine site. These include 65 mine rescue staff,

65 mine rescue staff, 18 from NSW and a number of NSW and a number of support personnel who personnel who have arrived to assist in the assist in the operation. We're currently trying to source a second drill rig talk about that talk about that to allow us to carry out multiple sites of Defence Force which hopefully will deploy. We sourcing and sourcing and negotiating to get safe robots safe robots from America and Australia

Australia and having

to New Zealand to utilise them as part of the as part of the operation. You can understand that having briefed the families they were

extremely frustrated with the fact that we fact that we can't go underground. That frustration

is shared by is shared by all families and

the rescue teams and the mine

rescue staff that forward point. We share their frustration at not being able

out those who are trapped. What

we do know though, and we do know though, and you will

see it very soon, is just what a dangerous situation this is. The decision has been at this stage that we cannot

risk the rescue crew in this way and also for those way and also for those who

might be alive that they could be further

be further endangered. The situation for those below ground is bleak and gets

bleaker by the hour, by the

day. As everyone involved in the operation has in the operation has in their hearts, that is the most frustrating situation. Our

hearts go with those families

who have loved ones who are in

the mine. What sustains hope

the mine. What sustains my

hope is the information that we

had from day one, which is that - and also the point that I

made then - is that the survival or otherwise in blast of that nature depends on

where you are and what

structure you are behind or where you are standing. Daniel

was only a couple of metres off

the road and not in the direct path of that blast and he was knocked

knocked into the rib and to the

ground but got up. It was the

gases in his case that knocked

him out and he woke up from

that. The other thing that

sustains my hope is that we still have a compressed airline

going underground. We don't know where it goes to. I it's becoming obvious that

there may not be 29 guys

sitting together waiting to be rescued. How many of them are I

don't know, but those are the

don't know, but those are the ones ones that I need to rescue. Those are the ones I'm to see. And all those comments

are from a held earlier today held earlier today in New Zealand. Well, the Rudd Government was warned there could be an increase in people smuggling if it closed the detention centre on in a document released under freedom of information The departmental advice cited a number of factors that could add to people smuggling

activities and the closure of the Nauru centre was one the Nauru centre was one of

them. The Government says the reference was brief and people are taking it out of

context. The document released

under FOI and referred today's media was not a detailed analysis on people smuggling or its courses or Nauru, it was about Nauru, it was about detention operations on Christmas The Opposition says the document proves that Solution was a mistake. The British Government has lost a legal challenge that would have prevented families at

from hearing top from hearing top secret MI-5 intelligence. It argued if information was heard in information was heard in open court it would threaten

say the decision is a milestone for open justice. phase these inquests are for open justice. In the first

the day London came under attack. In the coming months

they will examine events in the months

the men responsible. House, the headquarters of lawyers tried and failed to the

coroner to have their

intelligence evidence heard said behind closed doors. After

behind closed doors. After she

said no, they appealed and bereaved families were in court for the ruling. MI-5 have spent since April, not just here for the ruling. MI-5 have

saying the law doesn't apply to

them. Three senior judges have

told them they have to

with the law. After five years

the stress and distress it is

causing needs to come to a close. You've seen in court in

the last couple of weeks people

crying and breaking down. There has to be an end to that. One of the big questions for the inquests is could the 7-7 attacks have been prevented? Of

the four bombers, two were on

MI-5's radar in February and March 2004. At that time, these two, with the beard an a hat

are secretly targeted here.

MI-5 do not know who the two

men are. Around this time a surveillance team follow these

two back to West Yorkshire.

They establish their car is

registered to a man and have an address N March 2004 decide that the two are not

essential targets and do not

follow them up. In July 2005

attack one of the two leads the first

right-hand man. Five years

the inquests of the first public forum where the issues evidence is due to be heard in

the new year. The US Government

has defended the need for new security screening has defended the need for tough

airports new security screening at

had to remove her prosthetic breast and a man says he was

reduced to tears

on his colostomy

at a pat-down. With the US approaching, officials are

worried about protests over the pat-down the grounded Qantas A380s will soon be back in the air. The have passed have passed safety checks and the first jumbo to back into service will leave

Sydney for London on

Rolls-Royce we're checks with Airbus and

of the aircraft. The aircraft comfortable with the operation

have been grounded for 19 appropriate to and we believe it is

services this appropriate to start the

grounded its at least of six planes after an Airbus exploded mid-flight forcing the plane with 400 people on board to make an emergency landing in Singapore. No-one has fly nor would Qantas if we thought there was thought there was issues. 16 of As a precaution, long-haul the engines have been replaced.

flights to the United are still on hold. One Indonesia's highest profile are still on hold. One of

suspects has been moved to a different detention facility

after bribing his way out of on trial for a role in to avoid a charge. Gayus Tambunan was told

in court he's been sent to a The move prisoner pictured check on the high profile at a tennis tournament in Bali after after allegedly paying guards to let him out of his

something he'd done 68 times.

He mentioned several names. That's only to show that That's only to show that we are going out of the detention almost normal. He says he was first in court for taking

bribes from corporate players to help with tax to help with tax disputes. His

lawyer says he is now ready tell all about his role in the nation's legal and tax Mafia. We asked him if he would name names. TRANSLATION: If I am

asked that question by the

judge I will

this case the low-ranking this case the low-ranking tax bribes to officials accused of paying

for corruption. It is alleged bribes to escape a conviction

he paid out $2.5 judge. police, prosecutors and a

screw, he is only a tiny

in this big game of tax official has galvanised the nation because for ordinary Indonesians it represents all

that is wrong with their

systems and also confirms

suspicion that Yudhoyono hasn't made too many suspicion that President

inroads when it comes to stamping out corruption. Gayus Tambunan's lawyer says to use the case to blow apart the public secret that is


around the world To other stories making news

Croatian city of Dubrovnik have around the world - parts of the

been left under water been left under water after

flash flooding. Shops, cafe flash flooding. Shops, cafe s

and roads were floodeded.

School children were told to stay at home because power supplies an transport routes were disrupted. What is claimed

to be the largest satellite

launched by ever sent into space has been

The spy satellite was sent aloft on board a Delta rocket that

classified mission. And that the US says is a

classified mission. And the former vice President of former vice President of the Democratic Republic of Congo

has pleaded not guilty to

charges of murder, rape and pillage at the start of his war

crimes trial in the Hague. They claim he allowed 1,500 members

of his personal militia to run riot in rebels. The actor Paul a The actor Paul Hogan has had Commission dropping its investigation into his tax been investigating Mr Hogan

since 2005 over allegations of a multimillion-dollar a multimillion-dollar unpaid tax bill. It says the international the case have meant delays and

it's no longer in the interest to pursue the interest to pursue the matter. However, the Tax Office recently won an injunction to

stop the

the right to return to the United States. OK, let's

update you on the situation the Korean Peninsula update you on the situation on

artillery the Korean Peninsula after the North and South Korea. These

pictures have just come into us

from South Korean TV. It shows the moments launched an the moments after North Korea

on a South Korean since the end of the Korean War

nearly 60 years ago. Two South

Korean soldiers have died while more than a dozen others have been wounded. State media in North Korea says the South fired first. Seoul fired first. Seoul has raised its alert to and the security cabinet has been meeting in an underground

bunker. South Korean fighter planes have been planes have been scrambled to

the island. We'll have throughout the evening. Oxford university has for university has for the first time in its 900-year welcomed two Aboriginal students into Paul Grey are the first recipients of the Charlie Perkins Scholarship post-graduate study. The young men post-graduate study. The men are studying fine arts and

men are studying fine arts

experimental psychology, but in the process they will share the process they will share a

lit of their indigenous

culture. Rachel Brown spent a

couple of days with the pair as they settled into life they settled into life on campus.

These pioneers are still

findings their bearings in this very new world very new world and say it is sobering in this day and age there can still be firsts. The oldest university in the English-speaking world has long

attracted students from

Australia, but these Oxford

scholars are the first Indigenous Australians to walk its hallowed halls. Both received a honour of one of Australia's best known Aboriginal

activists, the late Charlie

Perkins. If you are in Melbourne you play the best

sportsman will be sportsman will be AFL. The

story goes that a young Charlie

Perkins after a soccer Perkins after a soccer game here stared up at the spires

and was inspired to forego a contract with Manchester United

to return home to eventually became the first and went from an Australian university and went on to lead indigenous person to graduate from an Australian university and went on to lead freedom riots in rural NSW in the 1960s and became an influential public

servant. When I met him when I was a really young kid and he

had a significant affect then. I still remember that moment. So So there is So there is definitely, you know... Where did you

him? At high Oaky state high in grade nine. Paul Grey, from grade nine. Paul Grey, from the

Bogan River in NSW is studying the neurological processes of

development of emotion, social functioning and cognitive things people take for How that development is affected by abuse and neglect early in hundreds of foster hundreds of foster children. Now he's 17,000km away learning different ways to reach

policy groups here that work in developing nations and just different parts of the different parts of the globe and seeing how learning from their experiences in areas and seeing how that knowledge

knowledge can apply to Aboriginal community as well.

Queensland Christian Thompson

is studying fine arts and be researching the artefacts at the Pit Rivers the art world and museum culture culture as a site for the archival of culture and archival of culture and I think that that my traditional intellectual

intellectual knowledge is the contribution I'm making. Already an established artist his work examines the idea of identity and his work already attracting interest. The work was bought by Kate Blanchett and Upton from a series called Australian

Australian Graffiti I made in

2007. It is a series constructed headdresses made of native Australian flowers. It's about life and birds. The scholarship is not without critics. An Oxford student was quoted why the itself with the discriminatory scholarship and others have need of help. But these men Aboriginal and are have cleared the

have cleared the same hurdles

as any other Oxford scholar

having to be admitted proving they have tuition funds before applying for the

scholarship. Mr Grey and scholarship. Mr Grey and Mr Thompson hope their time at

Oxford will blase trail for

others to follow. The value is

it encourages people like me it encourages people like me to

apply where otherwise I might

not have. That's the thing that makes Oxford so have students from all over the world, all walks of life, coming together and bringing

together their experiences and that's what makes this such an interesting and amazing interesting and amazing place

to be. It's been a

to be. It's been a pretty

life-changing experience in the

sense that it is absolute polar

opposite from where I began to

where I am now. It puts

everything in perspective and

all of the same things that drove me

that I wanted to pursue to get

from regional Queensland to

Melbourne, it seems like Brown there among the dreamy spires

spires of Oxford. To sport and

Claire Aird. Baton down the town. You can hear them before seeing them. Today

match in Brisbane. All eyes are on the Australian vice Michael Clarke. He gave his at the Gabba and while he stopped short of declaring himself a certain starter for

the first Test of the Ashes

series on Thursday, he remains confident. confident. For a test trikter with a bad back, Michael Clarke

was in a buoyant

was in a buoyant mood during a private fielding private fielding session with former Australian former Australian Opener Justin Langer. How are you feeling? Going to feeling? Going to the nets for a bat. But he didn't test himself against any Australian quicks. Instead he faced a few slow ones from coach Neilsen neelts. optimistic. You are ready? I

don't know, we'll see how don't know, we'll see how it pulls up. Clarke's team-mates are positive. He's gone into

games being stiff before and come out fine and to someone like Michael not on someone like Michael not on the

team would be a big loss for

us. But what a moment it be for ace be for ace stand-by replacement, Usman Khawaja. The English squad trained English squad trained at the Gabba this Gabba this afternoon,

continuing their perfect build-up. Opening batsman Alistair Cook believes England has a team of match-winners but it is players who can win cricket England. At the moment exceptional for us over the last 12 months. He's

backed up prelude to the prelude to the start of the Ashes, the barmy army took on

the Australian fanatics in a

match in Brisbane. This is

ours, mate. You ain't having Brits their Bob Willace look-alike kept losing his run-up. 99 yachts have and a third will be making their maiden voyage. 'Wild Oats for line honours in the absence Romeo'. This year we've been

out sailing and have out sailing and have done some dale development and in the

we were out at cabbage tree on

Friday night. We are on schedule to put in our best performance. There is overseas contingent this year, including American yacht 'Dawn Star' which has take part. The take part. The annual bluewater classic begins on Sydney

Harbour on Boxing Day. It will

be a big night at the ATP be a big night at the ATP world tour finals Murray will be aiming Murray will be aiming to continue his impressive run against Roger Federer when the two meet Soderling faces Spain's David Ferrer. Rafael Nadal is

preparing to take on Novak Djokovic on Wednesday. The

world number one fought back to beat American 8th seed Andy

Roddick 3-6, 7-6, 6-4 overnight. Novak Djokovic has an easy opening match, cruising to a victory over Berdych best friend. The Wallabies are ready

to face an unpredictable France

in their tour-ending test in Paris. James O'Connor has

jumped back into the Australian

squad after missing the weekend's win over

Italy. France's slipped below England to number five in the

world rankings, but the Australians Australians aren't undersmimenting undersmimenting their competition. Very competition. Very strong scrum,

possibly the strongest. And

they also have a fair bit going

for them as far as attack

as well. With them you never know what you will get. You

have to prepare for the best.

Socceroo Tim Cahill is at centre of a club versus country battle. Everton have expressed anger battle. Everton anger at battle. Everton have expressed anger at his involvement in the Asian miss up to Asian Cup campaign. He with a

with a goal against The Aussie gave The Aussie gave his side the lead of five minutes with trademark header. The hosts The on-loan Manchester striker added his second with 20 minutes left but with time running out levelled. Sunderland remain in

7th place on the ladder, two points behind Tottenham. And back home in Melbourne Heart is gearing up for a clash with for a clash with Wellington tomorrow night. Both of those teams are trying to break two heat is on. Who won the the cricket game between the barmy army and the barmy army and the Australian fanatics. Did say it was even. I'd say the Australians won. Thank you. The early in Paris with the city's most famous street lit up like

a Christmas tree. Flashing LED

lights have been placed Elysees creating a snowing affect. Thousands watched affect. Thousands watched the mayor and mayor and a famous French

actress flick the switch. Now we can

we can feel that Christmas is

coming. Love is in the air coming. Love is in the air and all the small pieces all the small pieces of gold are flying over the cars so we are really, really happy. Now we are starting to wait we are starting to wait fog

Christmas. And by the way for

those counting down there are just A reminder now of our top stories. The South Korean Government emergency session tonight after

the North fired dozens of

artillery shells at a disputed island. Two South Korean marines have been Cambodia has declared a national day of mourning a deadly crowd stampede a deadly crowd stampede that killed more than 370 people.

The country's Government has ordered an investigation into explosion happened River Coal Mine trapping miners underground. Police say the situation for the miners becomes bleaker by the hour. To

keep up to date on all the stories we're following, stories we're following, log on to our website. And that 'The World' for this Tuesday

evening. I'll be back in a

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Live. Disglp tonight the Korean

peninsula at flash point after a deadly exchange of fire between North and

Stampede horror, hundreds tramp told tramp told death in Phnom Penh. The dramatic moment Penh. The dramatic moment when disaster struck a New Zealand

coal mine. And battling back,

Michael Clarke digs in for an

Ashes fitness test. So you're all ready to go at the moment? I don't know about that

but we'll see how it pulls up in the morning. Live Australia this is ABC News Good evening, I'm Scot Bevan.

First tonight to the developing

situation on the