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Tonight - driven to despair -

why it's still F for failure on

the F3. Kevin Rudd's tax test -

now union s demand

superannuation savings. And

will they cop it? I think they

will be wise to. No Florida

lift for Giuliani as McCain

gets the thumbs up. Font, my

friends, we celebrate.

Tomorrow, it's back to work. And parents forced to

camp out to get their kids into


Good evening. Joe O'Brien

with ABC News. It's happenened

again - there's been another

big pile-up on the F3 north of

Sydney. This time, it blocked

ers heading home on the

opposite side of the freeway. The accident happened this

afternoon near Cowan just a

couple of kilometres up the

road from yesterday's

spectacular truck crash. That

emergency has led to widespread

criticism of the Roads and

Traffic Authority. The timing

couldn't have been worse. Just

24 hours after yesterday's

southbound chaos, the same

drivers may well have found

themselves in the middle of

this north bound nightmare. A

truck and at least four cars

were involved in today's

pile-up, nine people were taken

to hospital and once again

traffic was backed up for

kilometres. When ever there's

problems on this road it's

always like this. Yesterday, all south bound lanes were

close and thousands of drivers

were trapped in the siefling

heat for hours. According to

the man who designed the F3,

the RTA is to blame. It appears

to me that they might have

stuffed up and they should say

so. It all dates back to the

160s when the freeway was a

very different place. A

motorists dream, superbly

functional moving cars swiftly

and comfortable from point A to

point B. Australia's first

freeway was design sod that

north bound lanes could be used

for south bound traffic if

there was an accident. Ken

Dobinson says if that had been

done yesterday the 10-hour

delay could have been reduced

to half an hour. I really don't

understand why the RTA hasn't

implemented it more often

because they've had a number of

events on that road. The RTA

says use of the north bound

lanes was considered. It's

quite a complex operation and

really can only be used in

extreme circumstances. The

Premier's conceded it could

have been handled better. I

have asked my Roads Minister to

get on to his engineers to see

if they can have a better

contingency in place for those

sorts events. But the NRMA says

a new freeway is the only

solution. It is a key road and

it really needs to be seen as

such and duplicated to make

sure we don't get the problems

recuring. This time the RTA was

able to reopen the freeway just

before peak hour. One of the

nation's most powerful unions is pressuring the Federal

Government on tax cut s but

unusual ly it wants less, not

more. The Australian Workers'

Union says Kevin Rudd should

half the $31 billion in cuts

promised before the election

and direct the other half into

superannuation. It's one item

to the Government in its first on a long wish list to be put

year in office. From Canberra,

chief political correspondent

Chris Uhlmann reports. They're

back and they're not alone. Did you have a good holiday? Yes. Testing times

for the kids - Having a struggle? But the tougher

struggle is Kevin Rudd's -

balancing an economy under inflationary pressure with the

wage expectation of the unions that helped deliver

government. Workers are

entitled to expect a wage

rise. Working familyies can not

take too much pain. 200 union

leadsers have descend on

Canberra for a 3-day think-tank

and their ideas include a

radical proposal for the tax

cuts. $5 billion this year, $5

billion next year, $5 billion

the year after into superannuation. Turning tax

cuts into savings would help

tame inflation but that's what

Paul Keating did in

1993. They're not a promise,

they're law. L-A-W law. And the

claim he broke a promise dogged

him all the way to the next election. Australian Workers'

portable long service Union is also called for

leave. Today very few of us

stay in the place for the 10 or

15 years that we need to

accumulate long service

leave. It's not an idea that

appeals to Julia Gillard. It is

not our intention to build on

those standards. We're talking

about the current standards

being part of the safety

net. The Treasurer's scotched

the idea of putting any part of

the tax cuts into super and the

Prime Minister is sending a

message that he doesn't want

union wage claims adding to his

inflation headache. An

inflation is the enemy of

working families. But with the

prices whittling away real

income, he is expect union s to

hold the line on higher

wages. The date's been set for

the form al apology to the

stolen generation. Two weeks

from today oh on the second

sitting day of Parliament the

Prime Minister will officially

say sorry. The wording of the

statement hasn't been settled

but Kevin Rudd says he will be

apologising on behalf of the

Australian Government. There is

un finished business here on

the part of the nation. We need

to get this right because the

symbolism of an apology is

important. Older people thought

they would never live to see

this day, so - sorry, it's

very... emotional for me. And

yes, it's very important. There

will also be an Aboriginal

welcome to country performed in

the Member's Hall of Parliament

on the first day of the new

session. John McCain has done

it again. The veteran Senator

and former prisoner has won

another important primary. He

has become the front runner for

the Republican presidential

nomination . Rudy Giuliani

finished third and is expected

to abandon his bid. The

margin was thin but the result

was sweet. John McCain is a

war hero, a victim of torture

and a Republican maverick. The

71-year-old could also become

the country's oldest first term

President. We have a ways to go

but we're getting close. Mitt

Romney finished second, des

peat spending nearly 10 times

more than his rival. The Mormon millionaire criticised John

McCain in his concession

spee. With e're not going

change Washington by sending

the same people back. Voters

dloked to school, churches and

fire stations. Many older

Floridians cast the ballot for

John McCain. I think she the

best man because the other s

are mucho blah blah. Jewel id

staked his campaign on Florida

but he failed to fire. He's

irts. He popped into a campaign

office, volunteers and the

movie star John Voight tried to

stave off an embarrassing

defeat. Confidence today, Mr

Mayor? We're confident and

optimistic. We think it will

work. We will see you

later. The people of Florida

said see you late tore Rudy

Giuliani. He firn add distant

third and is expected to drop

out and endorse John McCain.

The Republicans finally have a

clear frond runner. It's a

remarkable turnaround for a

campaign that seemed doomed

months ago. John McCain still

faces challenges though and the

most immediate comes in a week

when more than 20 States

vote. Among the Democrats,

Hillary Clinton scored a big

win. The former First Lady flew

in for her victory rally as

soon as the polls

cloetsd. Thank you for this

tremendous victory tonight.

Thank you for all you did to

make it possible. The victory

is large ly symbolic, though.

The vote s won't count to the

national total because Florida

is being punished for changing

its primary date. Also making

news in Florida but for all the

wrong reason s is the former

AFL star Wayne Carey. He's

being charged with assaulting

two Miami police officers

during a confrontation in a

luxury hotel last October. It's

already cost Carey his

high-profile commentary spot on

the Nine Network. North America correspondent Michael Rowland

reports from mai yam y. This is

the five-star water front hotel

where Wayne Carey ran into

serious trouble with Miami

police. Officers say they were

called to the hotel late at

night to find Carey's

girlfriend with cuts to the

mouth and neck. The victim

tells that she got into her

boyfriend of two years, who

happens to be Mr Carey. As a

result of that dispute he ended

up hitting her with a wine bottle. The police say they

went up to Carey's room where

the former footballer was

sleeping, it's when they woke

him that Carey allegedly went

wild. He basically started

shouting profanity and

obscenities at the police officers, actually got physical

with them. He kicked one in the

face and also in the

leg. Police say Carey, thoen

here in his Miami mug shot was

so agitated he had to be put

into leg restraints. It's

claimed the aggressiveness

didn't end there. When he was

finally put in the police car,

he then started to head the

plexy glass and could have

cause himself quite an injury. Wayne Carey has been

charged with assaulting police

and aggravated battery. He

faces up to 15 years in

jail. Wayne Carey will have a

chance to give his version of

events when he appears in court

here. A date could be set for

as early as next month. Police

say it's in his best interest

to show up. The revelations

have already prompted the Nine

Network to sack the

trouble-prone star from his

lucrative commentator job. The

news comes after days when

Wayne Carey was arrest ed for a

domestic despite. His behaviour

overseas may be taken into

account when his penalties are

decide here. It's fear add

Canberra sex worker may have infected hundreds of people

with HIV. 41-year-old Hector

Scott advertised in newspapers

under the names Josh and Adam.

Earlier this this month he was

charged with knowingly

infecting someone with a

sexually transmitted disease as

well as failing to register as

sex worker. Counselors are now

industrying to contact 250

people across Australia to

identify potential Vic

ims. This is very important

moment in HIV sexually

transmitted disease control in

Australia when people are

repliended that safe sex

essential. People who may have

had sexual contact with the man

can call 1800 000, 974. School

is back for most of the State's

students today. But some of

them might be there for a bit

longer than they expected. NSW

is set to follow much of the

rest of Australia and lift the

minimum school leaving age from

15 to 16. Forcing students to

stay at school until they are

16 won't win Morris Iemma too

many friends around here. They

will just kind of not do the

work and bludge around in

class. Being in a family of

seven, it's hard to dish out

money for everyone: So I just

do my own work and get my own

money. But the Premier says

it's high time for reform.

Given the school leaving age of

15 was set in 1943. The cut

throat world of global economic

competition demands that we

give our kids more training and

more education. Each year about

5,000 students drop out before

finishing their school

certificate. Morris Iemma says

many end up on the unemployment

scrap heap. Low incomes, outer

suburb, rural areas, and they

are dis proportionately

represented. The tiemp s are concerned saying they don't

have the resources to handle

students who don't want to be

there. In some cases perhaps

the one on one support will be needed with these students. In

other cases it may be smaller

class sizes. Education

specialists say there will be

benefits for society. The

number of year s spent in

education can reduce the

prospect of getting involved in

breaching the law, mental

health seems to benefit. NSW

lags behind every other

Australian State, which have a

minimum leaving age of 16 or

17. In parts of Europe,

students leave school at 18. An

option the Premier says is

worth considering in the

future. Legislation will be

introduced this year so the

reform can be in place for

2009. At the other end of the

scale, just getting into the

education system is proving

tricky for some. Around 50

parents camped outside a

preschool in Sydney's inner

west overnight to grab a spot

for their child next year. It's

just after 5 in the morning in

the play ground outside the

highly sought after Birchgrove

preschool. These people are not

homeless - they've camped out

to en sure their kids get a

place here next year. I think

the inner west is gripped by a

small baby boom. And so there's

a shortage of places for

preschoolers in the inner

west. It's a case of first in

first serve and that doesn't

guarantee a place. You have to

wait until June for news and

for a mother of 3-year-old

triplets a lot is at stake. I

will be look at $1300 a week

just in day care. As compared

to $85 a week per child

here. The preschool shortage is

also happening in the north and

east of Sydney.: 40% of

preschool children do not have

a place. And we think children

are missing out on a very

important part of their

development and growth as a

child. The community sector too

is one of the major providers

of preschools in NSW. Yet, says

one of the biggest agencies,

it's seen its State Government

funding cut by 75% over the

past 20 years. Preschool

edscaetion a top priority of both this government and of

course importantly of the new

Commonwealth Government. And

with triplets, Roberta Chahoud

will be counting the days.

Tonight's top story -

another pile-up on the F3

freeway, another horrior

journey for commute

irrelevance. Still to come -

Aunty's new corporate look but

the worm logo stays.

Australia's top cop wants the

media to butt out of terrorism

cases until they reach court.

The Federal Police Commissioner

cites the Mohammed Haneef case

as one in stance where the

press was too intrusive. But

crickets say Mr Keelty's

suggestion is un democratic and

his organisation should face

rigorous scrutiny. Last year

Indian doctor Mohammed Haneef

was charged with a

terrorism-related offence and then freed when the evidence

against him didn't add up: Many

unanswered questions remain. In

a speech last night, the AFP

Commissioner criticised the

media and Haneef's lawyer for revealing the investigation.

Among them the ABC dis cover y

that Haneef's SIM card was not

found at the scene of the

attack in Glasgow as the police

claimed: A not saying that

correct processes and preetd

irs should be cast aside or

police officers be immune from

accountability but I am saying

a public discussion about them

should be delayed in deference

to judicial processes. In other

words, the micks in the Haneef

matter shouldn't have been

shared with the public until

the trial. I find it usual that

we have a Commissioner of

police who is keen to avoid

public scrutiny It's dis

appointing to see him not

understand the rites of the

Australian people to be

informed of what is being done

in their name. The former

Government was severely

criticised in the role in the

saga but One even one of its

members has rebukd Commissioner

Keelty. It would be an

inhibition of freedom of speech

in this country if his calls

were heeded. The Rudd

Government has promised an

independent judicial review

into the Haneef case. A

learner drive er whose car

ploughed into a group of people

killing a woman has been spared

jail. Charges have been

dismissed against 43-year-old

Rose Deng. Her car hit a queue

of people waiting at a bus stop

in Kogarah last year.

230-year-old Emma Hansen from

Maroubra died in the accident

and 11 others were

injured. Nobody wins, I mean

Emma is dead and Rose will plif

liver with that for the rest of

her life. It's just a

tragedy. Sydney court heard the

driver suffers from post

traumatic stress after seeing

her husband murdered in Sudan.

The magistrate's recommended

psychiatric treatment and a ban from driving for at least three

years. To finance now and the

local share market was down

again today and once again the

fall here came despite gains in

the US and Europe. Alan Kohler

has the details. It was another

dreadful day on the local share

market. There was a fairly strong opening after a second

day of gains on Wall Street

which took the All Ordinaries

back to yesterday morning's

peak. But the buyers ran out of

puff at 10:28am and then share

prices sank like so many stones

in virtually a straight line

for the rest of the day. The

index finished 1.6% lower and

it was really all about the

banks and the retailers. CBA

and NAB had horrible sections -

down 5% each. Woolworths

dropped 4% after coming out with second quarter sales

growth of 8.3% which was just

slight ly below analysts

forecasts. It's a pointer to

what will happen to any company

that disapoiting the market

during the coming profit

season. Woolworths's

competitor, s we farmer, which

owns Coles now, was slashed 5%

today just in case. The mining

companies had a reasonable day,

though, led by BHP Billiton, up

1%. We thought the fall in the

share market was all about the

problems in the United States

the and the prosz pect of a

recession there. In fact, the

US share market has been doing

better lately than ours, it's

down 6% for the year so far

compare ed to 12% for us. And

that moith have something to do

with this - the Chinese share

market has been taking a

battering because of concerns

about the Chinese economy. Here

is what happened on Wall Street

last night - the Dow Jones rose

0.8% in anticipation of a rate

cut tonight and metal prices rose strongly in London last

night as well which came despite the International Monetary Fund slashing its

growth forecasts for 2008, for

both the world and the US. And finally the Australian dollar

was steady today at 88.8 US

cents. That's finance. It's a

case of lost in translation -

the man who cleared Harbhajan

Singh of racial abuse says he couldn't prove the Indian

offspirn had vilified Andrew

Symonds. The ICC appeals

Commissioner laid out the

reasons for his finding today.

He said an expletive in

Harbhajan's native tongue

sounds like money and that's

the word that outranged the

Australian team. Just as John

Hansen said the exchange

between Harbhajan and Symonds

had been heated and abusive,

but that Harbhajan had denied

using the term 'Big monkey'. An ordinary person standing in the

shoes of Mr Symonds who had

launched an un provoked

attacked would notd be insulted or humiliated in terms of

3.3. He also said there was

insufficient evidence to

sustain the racial vilification

charge and Harbhajan had

admitted use ing offensive

language. With his future now

assured, Harbhajan Singh was

ready to leave the controversy

behind in Adelaide. I am happy

with the decision. Team

management insisted there was

no threat of a tour boycott if

the appeal had been lost. No

thinking like that at all.

We're taking thicks step by

step as to how - we were more

concerned about the appeal than

anything else. Others dis

agree. The BCCI was prepared to

charter an aircraft, that was a fact. That was your understanding? Absolutely. Harbhajan understanding? Absolutely. Harbhaja

had gone into yesterday's

appeal facing a 3-match test

Test man for allegedly calling

Symonds a monkey during the

second Test. New stump

microphone audio was tendered.

But the challenge was

downgraded to abusive language

and Harbhajan merely fined. Indian fans welcomed the

decision. That I think it's

about time BCCI, you know,

basically show cases its

clout. While some Australian

cricketers are reportedly un

happy at the backdown and

blamed it on India's power in

public cricket, that is not

being said publicly. We're

happy an move on. The tension

between the teams took a

political twist today with

calls on the Australian team to

play differently. Sledging in

its true sense I think is

totally un-Australian. It

should be just unacceptable. It's great if we

can see in the future more and

more opportunities for greatest

and greater civility to perm

yaelt the viefns the

game. The Indians will play a limited overs match in Melbourne on Friday.

Victoria's David Hussey has

been picked along side his big

brother Michael for Australia's

Twenty20 game. In Canberra, the

Sri Lankan team warmed up for

the one-day try series with a

victory over the Prime

Minister's 11. Cred's cricket

credentials are not as well

known as his predecessor s but

he made a good start with the

side winning the toss. Kevin's

XI experience add Rudd-slide of

sorts. David Hussey was look

fog make an impression after

his elevation to the Australian

Twenty20 team. Which he hope

also be a stepping stone to

higher honours. Hopefully I do

OK and you put your name up in

a certain liabilities and

hopefully one-day international

cricket and the pinnacle is

Test cricket and that's what I

want to do. The in-form

Victorian batsman could imagine

only 23 today as the Prime

Minister's XI was dismissed for

152 in 38ers of. An aggressive

unbeaten 75 from Tillakaratne

Dilshan was the back bone of

the Sri Lankan innings. Tasmanian Ben Hilfenhaus celebrated his selection in the

Australian Twenty20 squad with

two wickets but it wasn't

enough to prevent Sri Lanka

winning by four wickets. That's

double what's required. Sri

Lanka starts its Tri-Nations

campaign against India next

Tuesday. Australian speedster

Shaun Tait won't be laying in the tournament after taking a

break from cricket due to depiz

ical and emotional exhaust

shvenlt He is not in a great

place at the moment. He has

admitted that. He has to get

back to enjoying life again and

cricket and get his body right

and get back and doing what he

does best. South Australian

cricket says it won't be place

ing any pressure on Tait to

make a return. Reports of its

death have been greatly

exaggerated. The ABC says the

worm logo is alive and well and

won't be killed off as part of

a new corporate look.

Speculation on the fate of the

famous trademark flashed around

the nation this morning when a

new logo was leaked to the

Internet. TV ne, update their

image all the time. But axing a

logo that's one of the most

recognised corporate identity s

in the country - would the ABC

do it? The ABC is not dropping

its famous worm. The worm has

been with the ABC for 40 years

now, it's Parliament of the

Australian cultural landscape

and it will be very much part

of our identity going forwards. Looking backwards,

the ABC has run promotions

which would raise eyebrows

today. While Aunty was

courageous enough to get

raunchy, analysts say it would

be a very brave ABC that stomps

on the worm in 2008. The ABC

people quite rightly think it's

their ABC and I'm not quite

sure they want to change. But

some change is coming and it

will look like this. ABC TV

will become ABC-1, so there's

no confusion with the second

channel on digital - ABC-2. And

it sets up an easy number ing

system for extra digital

channels in the future. Part of

the new ABC-1 logo was leaked

on to blogging sites, fueling

the rumours that the worm was

dead. The new naming structure

for the TV networks follows the

BBC model. The ABC says a

revamp here is needed too. To

talk about ABC TV, yes, it used

to be one channel. It is no

longer one channel, it is

actually two channels. Despite

the online leak, ABC management

has refused to show off the

official new look until the

launch next month. To the

weather now and high pollution

levels sparked health warning

across Sydney today. Asthmatics

were urged not to exercise

outdoors. The high smog levels

were caused by several hot

still days in a row. In Sydney

it was warm overnight with a

low of 23 and today the top was

28, that that's two above


The satellite image shows

cloud building up over inland

NSW triggering potentially

severe thunderstorms. There's

thick cloud over eastern

Queensland and cloud over the

south generating patchy light

rain. On the synoptic chart,

there's a low sitting over the middle of the nation with a

trough extending down over NSW

through Victoria. A front is

passing over Tasmania and

there's a trough over WA. Rain

tomorrow - much of the

south-east of the nation is

expecting showers an storlts.

There will be more falls over

the northern tropics and over

WA. In the capital cities


Tonight there's a possible

severe storm warning more much

of the State.

Another look at tonight's

top stories - nine people have

been taken to hospital after

another serious accident on the

F3 freeway, north of Sydney.

The Australian work relevance

Union has called on the

Government to put some of its

promised tax cuts into

superannuation instead. And

Senator John McCain is now the

Republican front runner in the

race for the White House after

win ing today's Florida

primary. That's ABC news for

now. I will be back with

updates during the evening. The

'7:30 Report' is next. Have a

great night.

Closed Captions by CSI

Every time you turn around

it's more and more

expensive. Tonight on the 7:30

Report - can the consumer

watchdog ease the supermarket

squeeze? Finally we're going to

get someone with teeth who can

really get to the bottom of

what's happening with the

grocery industry. Mr Carey

became immediately belij rentd

to our officers. He kicked one

of the officers in the mouth

with his famous foot. And

Wayne's world - the former

football star in strife with

police on two continents. I

hear some players say from time

to time we're not role models,

we're footballers. I just don't

agree with that.


Welcome to the program. I'm

Heather Ewart in Melbourne. The new Federal Government is acting on one of its key