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Live This morning - Libyan

Government troops storm the Gaddafi stronghold of Sirte.

finance ministers a The world watches nervously as

stabilise the global economy.

The action man is back.

Vladimir Putin to run for

Russian President next year.

And the Warriors charge into the NRL grand final with an

upset win over the Storm. While the Cats While the Cats coast through in

the AFL decider. Good morning,

you're watching ABC News 24.

I'm Andrew Geoghegan. Thanks

for joining us. Let's check the weather first.

Smoke has been billowing above Colonel Gaddafi's home

town of Sirte as Libya's

take control of one of his last

strongholds. Fighters backed by NATO war planes say by NATO war planes say they're one kilometre away from the

city centre but have come up

against strong resistance against strong resistance from

pro-Gaddafi forces. It was one

of the fiercest assaults in

this 7-month war. Anti-Gaddafi fighters unleashed on Gaddafi's home town from the

western side. Loyalists fought

back. and they fought back. and they fought back

hard. Sirte's city centre became a battleground.

Gaddafi's men are not

surrendering without a fight.

intense gun battles raged for

hours. hundreds of fight remembers taking part in this massive assault against Sirte

and they're using heavy power

to get into the city centre.

It is not an easy fight.

Gaddafi does have support here.

His snipers have been slowing

the advance. NATO has been

supporting the fighters,

stepping up airstrikes since late Friday. This territory is

not only strategic. Since it

would ConnectEast and west

Libya. Winning this battle

important would be symbolic. Sirte is

important for us because important for us because we need to crush Gaddafi's

strongholds. He has a lot of

his fighters and weapons

the resistance has been so

fierce. This advance has other

objectives. Civilians are

trapped inside, unable to

leave, they're

conditions with a lack of basic

supplies. But Gaddafi's supplies. But Gaddafi's men

are reportedly using them as

human shields. Anti-Gaddafi

fighters haven't been able to

reach those residential reach those residential areas.

They plan to hold their knew gains. The battle is far from

over. Troops loyal to the Yemeni President Ali Abdullah

people in an assault on the

capital Sana'a. Hundreds fled

the change square camp government forces pound the the change square camp as

protest with mortar

fire. Some of those killed were civilians were soldiers loyal to a were civilians while others

dissident general. Several clashes broke out in the Yemeni capital after President returned from months of medical capital after President Saleh

treatment in Saudi Arabia for

injuries he received during an

attack on his compound in June. Finance Finance ministers from around

the world are continuing their meetings discuss the global financial

turmoil. They're under

pressure to do more to resolve Greece debt problems. The IMF says it will take says it will take decisive

action to tackle Europe's crisis. The health of the action to tackle Europe's debt

crisis. The health of the world

economy depends very much on

whether one small European

country, Greece, cracks and

defaults on its mountain of

debt. The Greeks them

themselves insist it won't

happen. Greece will not

default. It has been predicted

with default the same arguments

I hear today for the past year almost. Almost every

that. In fact it hasn't. I

believe that this is a time

where such rumours are not at up helpful. It is focusing minds at the Washington where leaders are minds at the conference at

pleading with the big Eurozone

countries to take bold Andes

sis sifs steps. As IMF and G20

leaders arrive for another day of walking in Washington their

electorates will be hoping talk

lead to action soon. The

Eurozone has six weeks to avert

a crisis and there's the mood was changed. European

official are speculating official are speculating about a post Greek default scenario which might see individual banks being bailed out

contagon spreading around the entire European Union. Three years after Lehman Brothers almost cracked the economy Greece

Greece may prove to be a similar trigger on this side of

the Atlantic. Still on finance, the Chief Executive of the

Swiss Bank UBS Oswald Gruebel

has resigned over an alleged 2.4 billion rogue trading 2.4 billion rogue trading loss. The move is part of

shake up at the bank which will its shrink its banking

board says Mr Gruebel feels it division. The chairman of the

is his duty to assume responsibility for the London based trader Kweku

Adoboli had been charged over

the affair. He was arrested

last week and charged with

fraud and false accounting.

The question that's dominated

Russian politics recently has

finally been answered. Prime Minister Vladimir Putin will run for President next year.

He's been name the candidate of

returning to the office he has the ruling United Russia Party,

already held twice. The current president, Dmitry

Medmedev, will likely wind up switching jobs, becoming Prime

Minister. Analysts say

there was is uncertainty about

a fight for power behind the

scenes Mr Putin has put it to

rest. Norman Hermant

reports. There's an answer to the political question in Russia finally. For experts have been wondering Russia finally. For months

Putin or President Dmitry whether Prime Minister Vladimir

Medmedev will be named as the

ruling party United candidate in presidential

elections next year. At the

United Russia Congress it Vladimir Putin as United Russia Congress it named

candidate. He'll try to return Vladimir Putin as its

to the presidency. It is

expected the current President, Dmitry Medmedev, will lead Dmitry Medmedev, will lead the

party in parliamentary

becoming Prime Minister if elections this December, likely

becoming Prime Minister if it

wins. Vladimir Putin has already served two terms as President, but the constitution prevented him from running for a third consecutive 2008. 2008. He became Prime Minister. Now he'll be overwhelming favourite to return to the presidency next year. Analysts say that will

send a very clear message about Russia's political development. It says that there's no It says that there's no such entity as Russian political

system. There's no election, no accountability, even no no accountability, even no competition among politicians. Russia's

presidential terms have been

extended to six years, so

Vladimir Putin, if he wins,

will be serving until at least

2018. He may run again. That

means he could feasibly be President until 20 24. He will have been the dominant

political force in this country

for nearly a quarter of a century. That's Norman Hermant

in Moscow. NASA says its 6 tonne UARS satellite tonne UARS satellite has plunged into the Pacific Ocean off the US West Coast. off the US West Coast. No injury or damage to has been reported. The bus

sized satellite was the largest American space agency satellite

to return under controlled into the atmosphere in about 30

years. It had been in orbit

for two decades. Johanna McDiarmid reports. The upper

mats to fear research satellite fell back to earth between 1.30

and 3.0 9 yesterday afternoon.

It was passing over can at that and after as well as vast portions of the Pacific

Atlantic and Indian Oceans. Its tumbling motion difficult to narrow down the precise location and time of

re-entry. It may orient

itself to present a lower profile to the forces. The

forces can actually change the a appendages on the spacecraft

and change its shape. This can

cause the forces to be reduced

and delay its time of

re-entry. NASA says the two or so dozen parts that may have

survived the he re-entry could

weigh as much as 158 kilograms. The debris field is expected to span 800 kilometres. The

satellite's 10.6 metres long

and 4.5 metres in diameter. It

was put into orbit in 1991 to

study ozone and other chemicals

in the earth's atmosphere. It

completed its mission in 2005

and had been slowly losing

altitude since. The surviving chuntion of the at light chuntion of the at light are mostlically to intud titanium

fuel tank, beryllium housing and stainless steel batteries and wheel rims. The Prime

Minister is about to feel some extra heat over her proposed changes to the Migration Act. Melbourne man Lev Lafayette

says he's been a member of the party for 15 years. He's now lodged a letter with the ALP

charming Julia Gillard with a

breach of party rules. breach of party rules. In the

document he says she document he says she has committed an offence under the

rules and he calls on the disputes tribunal to consider these offences and apply an appropriate penalty. It is a

very serious because it is a

breach of the party rules. breach of the party rules. The

penalties that could be faced by the Prime Minister if the

disputes tribunal so desires

include a reprimand, suspension

or expulsion. The Labor Party platform requires asylum

seekers to be processed in

Australia. Mr Lafayette says

the case could be dealt with

within a few weeks. The

Victorian branch of the ALP has

told the ABC it is yet to ascertain whether Mr Lafayette

is a financial member of to battle with the prospect of

a second recession, one of the key saviours of the key saviours of the Australian economy is continuing to surge.

WA's resources industry has posted record figures for the past financial year, past financial year, but analysts say it is only a matter of time before the market turbulence catches up

with the sector. WA's resources

wealth has reached record levels with levels with commodities sales topping the $100 billion topping the $100 billion mark for the first time last year. Iron ore, gold and LNG are for almost 90% of all mineral

and petroleum sales. It shows

the state's resources projects

have so far managed to weather the global financial storm but

analysts say with WA's mining

industry so reliant on China,

it is yet to feel the true

effects of the latest round of turmoil. In Australia, really

we've got lunch leg to stand on

and that leg is China. If that leg

leg should crumble we can't rely on North America, Europe,

we can't rely on Japan any we can't rely on Japan any more

F China slows down, so will

earn $4.9 billion in royalties

from minerals, petroleum and

gold sales in 2010-11 but

admits the latest global downturn is a cloud on an

otherwise bright horizon and

has its fingers crossed that

China escapes relatively unscathed in the latest unscathed in the latest market commotion. We wait with hope

that the Europeans and Americans will sort out their

problems so the Chinese can

continue to grow. Over the next six to

next six to 12 months what

we're going to see is a slow

slow down in the volumes and

that will mean less royalties

coming through for the state.

They'll have to budget for

that. Despite WA's record sales, news sales, news that China's economy could slow sparked some

unrest in the market. When the

Australian market closed on

Friday, BHP Billiton's share

price had dropped 3%, Rio Tinto

3. 8, and iron roar miner Fortescue Metals Group more

than 9%. An investigation is

under way after aed about I did was found inlet on the NSW south coast.

Police say a bushwalker Police say a bushwalker came

across the body around midday yesterday in the shallow waters

of an inlet in the Royal National Park National Park at Curracurrang. The body was found in an

advanced stage of decomposition

and the age and gender had not

yet been confirmed. A 20-year-old man has died in a motorcycle accident in

south-west NSW. Police say the

man's motorbike left the road 5 point 30 yesterday afternoon at

that time Moulamein and hit a

guard rail. He died at guard rail. He died at the scene. Government says it's acted on all but one of the recommendations of a report

into child abuse in remote

ringal communities. It's faced

criticism from welfare agencies saying less than a quarter of

the recommendations have been implemented The implemented The former Supreme

Court Judge was farewelled at a state funeral yesterday. One of his most important achieve.

S was leading inquiries into

abuse of children in state abuse of children in state care

and on the APY lands. In the latter, he uncovered 141 cases

of child abuse. The report was handed

handed down in 2008. Today, an Aboriginal rights Aboriginal rights organisation

says only 10 offist 46 recommendations have been implemented. He has done the it had to do is dig into the Treasury and provide certain resources, but they

done so. Mr Gillespie says as Mike Rann retires he's leaving

behind a legacy of failure on

Aboriginal issues. The one thing that he has failed to do

is look after Aboriginal people. He has failed people. He has failed to

ensure that Aboriginal people have access have system mat particularly progressively been changing

procedures and also putting

available compensation packages to individuals compensation rather than going

through the through the courts. The State Government says it is acting on

the recommendations. It says

that it has built police stations and family centres stations and family centres on

the land, but other

recommendation are ongoing

projects, such as building new housing. There are many, many programs, many recommendations

that judge Mulligan will be ongoing for will be ongoing for many years,

but only one recommendation wasn't accepted by Government, only one recommendation hasn't been acted on. Ms been acted on. Ms Rankin says that recommendation was to

build a correctional centre on the lands. Buckingham palace has released more has released more details of

the Queen's Australian visit

later this year in what's

expected to be her last visit

the Queen will travel to both

sides of its royal occasion in less than a

year. Queen Elizabeth was the

first reigning British monarch

to visit Australia and has been back

back 14 times since back 14 times since 1954. In

five weeks she will again put

the Queen back in Queensland.

She will only be in Queensland

for a day but I think it is

terrific that she's coming after the tough year that we've

had. Her last visit was in 2002

for the Commonwealth heads of

government meeting in government meeting in Coolum

but first she went to Cairns for a quick look at its tourist way. When she got to brings

pin, it rained. Welcome to the Sunshine State. (Laughter). This time, the Queensland will arrive in the Queensland will arrive in Canberra on October 19th. She'll come to Brisbane on

Monday, the 24th. She will be

very welcome. I'm sure as she walks the streets she'll walks the streets she'll feel

the warmth of pour people. the warmth of pour people. That's the key feature of

Brisbane. The royal itinerary

is being finalised but will be opportunities for Queen on what could be her last

visit. It makes us feel a bit

special. We need all our ties

around the world. It just

hopefully going in a direction. Very good. The

Premier says it shows she still cares about the state that

carries her title. It puts us back on the international stage, gives us international

spotlight, but it is a very

clear message from her January

testy that Queenslanders have

not been for got 10 and she understands we've had tough 2011. It is hoped the

visit will boost the spirits by

people affected by this year's disasters. It might lift

someone else a don't know. Why isn't it Justin beener. Perhaps

this will be the chance for the Queen to further Queen to further increase her fan base. Karen Berkman, ABC News. Summer is etch proing for a remote community in the Red

Centre that's no reason to

celebrate as if the Northern Territory heat isn't bad enough

the town's pool has been closed

and there's not enough money to reopen it: The pool at reopen it: The pool at Santa

Teresa is falling apart.

There's cracks in the pipes, and the ground is sinking. It

is one of the most essential community facilities in this

town. It is a social hub, it

is health benefits are is health benefits are massive.

It is going to cost It is going to cost around

$400,000 to rebuild the pool, money the McDonald shire just

doesn't have. That's making

the residents of Santa the residents of Santa Teresa

angry. We want our pool back. Pretty upset.

kids because in summer it is

just hot and there's no way to

cool off. The shire has been

applying for grants to get a

new pool. They've got half of the money but it is to fix it in time for summer.

Without it, it is the

livability of this town veritivity. Community leaders

say the pool helps keep kids

out of trouble. With the out of trouble. With the pool

not open kid are getting into a

lot of mischief. Burning

stuff, as you can see on the fence, and most probably breaking breaking into houses, you know, even stores. They're worried

about what will happen this

summer without it. It's going

to be terrible. Most probably

a ghost up to. Local doctors are also concerned. They the Federal Government to step

in with some cash. Since the

pool has been closed in the last year and last year and through

particularly last summer, we

came in to winter this came in to winter this year with a lot more kids with skin scores than we normally

have. For these kids all they

want is to get back in the

pool back? Me. But until some cash comes through, these gates

will remain locked. An dare devil has risked his life

to become the first wing suit

stuntman to jump in China. Jeb Corliss jumped from a

helicopter 800 metres. The 35-year-old used his bat like

costume to glide through the

air before flying through a cave. Crowds gathered cave. Crowds gathered to watch

the stunt which lasted just under a minute. In the the 35-year-old has jumped from

the Eiffel Tower in Paris and the Petronis Twin Towers in

Malaysia. To sport, beat that, Tulsen

Tulsen Tollett. I'm not a

spider person myself. We'll

move to the sport. I'm

starting to get crying here and

tears are coming out of my eyes from laughter. The New Zealand Warriors have pulled off one of

the upsets of the NRL season to earn a grand final berth

against Manly next weekend.

The Storm had beaten The Storm had beaten the form team all year but the Minor Premiers couldn't contain the competition's entertainer.

After finishing the regular

season in 6th and losing in the

first week of the finals, the Warriors are

Warriors are on the cusp of their first ever their first ever NRL premiership. Referee premiership. Referee says

that's it. The Warriors fans

put out the war cry before the

match. But the Storm fired the

first shot thanks to Manchester United. Manchester United scores. scores. Manchester United scores The Warriors started to find their

hit back. The kick over. Came

back. Bill Tupou. back. Bill Tupou. Try New

Zealand. It got even better for the the Kiwis the usually infallible Kelly infallible Kelly Slater

faltered and the war terse took advantage soon after as Michael

luck paid off a perfect pass to

James Maloney. Bowe champion reignited the Storm's

Storm coach Craig Bellamy rode the try all the way home. the try all the way home. A Maloney penalty try gave New

Zealand a two point lead at the

Zealand a two point lead at the break. The points break. The points weren't flowing in the second half,

though. It was gritty

determined football from both sides. They had sides. They had ample chances to breakthrough and Lewis to breakthrough and Lewis Brown

thought he had the clincher,

but it wasn't to be with Kevin

Locke ruled to have knocked on early in the piece. But Brown wasn't to be

time. Yes. Gets it away to

Brown. Brown in to score. The

Warriors go to the grand final. Maloney sideline converse to put the

margin beyond a converted try

and send the Minor Premiers out of the competition. Amanda

Shalala ABC News. Geelong's

charge into its fourth AFL

grand final in five years after

dismantling West Coast at the

MCG. The Cats were

Collingwood in the decider. Fwee long made a Fwee long made a scintillating

start with a four goals to the

game the Eagles didn't let game the Eagles didn't let them

get too far away though and trailed by 25 at the main

break. The Cats proved much

too good after that. McKee, Macto Bartel with a bit of a

wind up. He's kicked them from

there before Jimmy Bartel there before Jimmy Bartel and he's done it again. Steve he's done it again. Steve

Johnson was just as inspired. He left it behind. Steve Johnson's bouncing kick went

just the right some doubt whether he'll play

next week after going off

the heard third term with day

knee injury. New Zealand remains undefeated at the Rugby

World Cup after beating France

at Eden Park in Auckland. The

All Blacks never looked threatened and the victory all

but ensures top spot in pool A. Earlier England thrashed

Romania in Dunedin. Moving Romania in Dunedin. Moving to football now, Manchester United are top of the English Premier

League on just goal difference.

Following their one-all draw at

Stoke City. Earlier,

Manchester City had one two-nil at home to Everton to put pressure on their neighbours while Liverpool beat Wolves and

Arsenal got their campaign back

on track against Bolton. Else where, Chelsea saw Fernando

Torres score before being sent off in their win over Swancy city while Tottenham city while Tottenham and

Newcastle also won with West

Brom and Fulham playing out a scoreless draw. Manchester United appeared to be United appeared to be heading

back to the top of the league

after Nani gave them a lead with an individual first-half

effort, but Peter Crouch effort, but Peter Crouch scored

his first goal for stoke city

from the corner for say missed a chance to put Everton ahead against Manchester City

and shortly after, he left the

field clutching at his left leg

after this tackle. substitute Mario Balotelli handed city the lead shortly

after while and field Luis Suarez, scored again for Liverpool and their win Wolves Liverpool and their win over

Wolves to take them fifth. Moving to motor sport. Sebastian Vettel is on pole position for

Singapore Formula One Grand

Prix. Girth man was fastest in qualifying taking his 11th pole

of the season ahead of Mark Webber who was satisfied with his performance. It his performance. It has been

a pretty testing venue for me

in the past, particularly on

Saturdays and racing normally

go better here. Sebastian

Vettel laid it down pretty hard

and fast for all of us. He's very quick around very quick around here. Jenson

Button completed the top three, while Vettel could possibly

wrap up the championship with his victory tonight. Cricket news, South Africa's cape

Cobras have defeated NSW wickets in their opening

champion league 2020 match in Chennai. In replies to the

Blues 8 for 135, the Cobras

reached the target with 16 balls to spare. After winning

the toss and elected to bat,

Shane Watson top scored for the

Blues with 34 hitting 1-6 and 6

fours off 29 balls before Robin Peterson ripped through his defences. Skipper Simon defences. Skipper Simon Katich

saw his wicket fall to his counterpart Pirjo Kemmpainen after a brilliant catch in the Herschelle Gibbs pulling the strings on his way to a half

century for the Cobras, the

result was wrapped up with nearly three overs to spare. NSW play NSW play Trinidad and Tobago next on Wednesday while tonight South Africa play the South Africa play the Warriors,

runners up last year. And in the final tour the final tour championship

event of the year in Atlanta Aaron Aaron Baddeley is joint leader after his third-round on after his third-round on nine

under par. Adam Scott not looking Della lar man will decide when

he's 90 will he'll re incarnated. The he's signalled

a willingness to break with custom and appoint his own

successor. The 76-year-old

made the statement after a

gathering of Buddhist leader in

the capital in exile. The

spiritual leader said China

should have no say in the


A check of the weather.

high in the bight is clearing

skies over SA, Tasmania,

Victoria and inland NSW.

Taking a look around the

I'll update the top stories

in a moment. Stand by for The World This Week. You're watching ABC News 24. watching ABC News 24. I'm

joining us. Andrew Geoghegan. Thanks for

by CSI joining us. Closed Captions

This Program is Captioned Live The top stories from ABC News. Libyan Government Government troops have clashed

with pro-Gaddafi fighters in

Sirte. Sirte is Gaddafi's Sirte. Sirte is Gaddafi's home

town and one of his remaining strongholds.

National Transitional Council

soldiers charged in from the

west. The pro-Gaddafi fighters say they're about a kilometre

away from the city centre. Russian Prime Minister Vladimir

Putin has agreed to run

Previously he held office for Previously he held office for 8

years. It's likely the

current President, Dmitry Medmedev, will switch jobs, becoming the becoming the Prime Minister.

NASA says its 6 tonne upper atmosphere research satellite

crashed off the US West Coast

after entering the earth's atmosphere above the Pacific

Ocean. The satellite is the