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Makybe Diva races into history -

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Makybe Diva races into history

Reporter: Kerry O'Brien

RRY O'BRIEN: And now, that other race and the horse that has today stamped herself as arguably the
finest staying mare in the rich history of Australian racing.

Makybe Diva is the first mare to win the race twice and the first horse to win two Melbourne Cups
and a Sydney Cup in the span of a single year.

And she had to beat some of Europe's finest stayers, to do it today.

It was also a second triumph for Makybe Diva's jockey Glen Boss and a training windfall for Lee
Freedman, who was given the horse when her original trainer, David Hall, moved to Hong Kong in

It's Freedman's fourth Cup win, but a sweet victory just the same.

I spoke with the winning trainer and jockey after the last at Flemington.

KERRY O'BRIEN: Lee Freedman, I know you've done it all before, but I suspect it must just keep
getting better, is that the case?

LEE FREEDMAN, TRAINER, MAKYBE DIVA: It was a very sweet victory today, Kerry.

You know, to inherit a horse off another trainer that had already done it and then to set the
history books alight by doing it again it was a very special thing.

KERRY O'BRIEN: On paper this just about allows Makybe Diva to claim the title as the best staying
mare in our history.

Would you agree?

LEE FREEDMAN: Not a question of a doubt about that.

She may be the greatest mare ever raced here and I'd love to see her go to Europe next year and do
the same to them.

KERRY O'BRIEN: What are the attributes that make her so good?

LEE FREEDMAN: Oh, probably too many to list on your lovely program tonight, but she's got a great
temperament and that's a huge thing.

Massive ability and great lung capacity, great temperament, and that carries her a long way.

KERRY O'BRIEN: And she also, arguably, beat Europe's best stayer in Vinnie Roe fair and square.

I know the record books would say this is a silly question, but do you think she could do it all
again for a third Cup?

LEE FREEDMAN: I'd be doubtful.

No horse has ever done it, let alone a mare.

And I would have thought that by this time next year she'd be well and truly off to stud, probably
in the northern hemisphere to some stud up there and live out the rest of her life as a very
valuable brood mare.

KERRY O'BRIEN: So, what sort of races overseas would you earmark for her?

LEE FREEDMAN: I think the Arc de Triomphe is something I'd love to do.

It's great race in Paris, great weight-for-age race and ever since I was a child I've always wanted
to have a horse good enough to run in that and I believe in this mare that we've got one good
enough to run in it.

I'll talk it over with Tony Santic, the owner, and he has some designs on perhaps going to Japan.

But tonight all we're going to do is have several beers and just live the moment I think.

KERRY O'BRIEN: You told me yesterday that Boss was riding with such confidence that you felt he
imparted that sense of confidence to the horse.

He obviously did it in spades today?

LEE FREEDMAN: He did Kerry, yeah.

He did it again.

He did it earlier in the day on one of Tony's horses.

It was an inspired ride in a smaller race.

I was really confident then because I knew Glen's a confidence rider and once things are happening
for him they keep happening for him.

I've never seen him so overwhelmed with emotion after the race.

He was very emotional after the race.

I think it was probably the sense of the history that he achieved.

KERRY O'BRIEN: Sparing a thought for David Hall tonight, the previous trainer?

LEE FREEDMAN: Yeah, absolutely.

I said in the presentation speech that to thank Hally for handing her on to me in such good

She wasn't used goods when I got her and she's trained on and she's done everything right.

So, thanks David and I hope I did you proud again today, but this is my victory and not yours mate!

KERRY O'BRIEN: Well, Lee Freedman, thanks for making the time to talk us.

Congratulations on the win and thanks for giving our audience the tip last night.

LEE FREEDMAN: Good on you Kerry, thanks very much.

COMMENTATOR: A history-making win by Makybe Diva.

KERRY O'BRIEN: Glen Boss, Lee Freedman tells me he wants to take Makybe Diva to the Arc de

You wouldn't say no to the ride would you?

GLEN BOSS, JOCKEY, MAKYBE DIVA: I don't think he's probably got much choice.

I think my name is tattooed all over her at the minute.

I think it would be hard to go there without me.

KERRY O'BRIEN: Is there a horse that's meant more to you than Makybe Diva?

GLEN BOSS: She's just made history today.

She would be the most, undoubtedly she is the best staying mare, probably the best stayer Australia
has seen at any stage.

So, you know, she's given me the most, my biggest thrill when she won last year in my professional
career and today was like tenfold.

You cannot believe the feelings I had that went through my body today.

KERRY O'BRIEN: What are the attributes that make her so great?

GLEN BOSS: She's clean, she's got a great set of lungs.

She's one of the best breathing horses I've ever been associated with and I've said this going back
a long time ago, even with David Hall.

She's just this got this unbelievable set of lung capacity that she can take it in.

She's got clean legs and she's bred to run more than two miles and she possesses a great will to

She's just got it all, she's got the whole package.

KERRY O'BRIEN: So when did you know that you had the race won?

GLEN BOSS: I was starting to grow in confidence about 1200m from home.

I know it's a long way from home but I just started to feel I was confident that far from home.

Once I got to the 600m mark, she moved up through field with great ease and you know she went from
a fair way back at the 600 to within striking distance at the 400 and by the time she got to the
300m mark she started to break clear and by the time she reached the 200 she had broken away from
the pack and she was sailing for home.

COMMENTATOR: And she's going to do what no mare has ever done!

Makybe Diva wins it again.

KERRY O'BRIEN: Would it have mattered much to you if you hadn't got that inside run?

GLEN BOSS: Not really.

My plan was actually if I had a clean run throughout the race which I did, was probably to start
moving out.

I knew the track was chopping up on the inside.

Like I said, another one of her attributes is she can handle really soft going and she was going
with the greatest of ease.

I decided I'll stick to the inside and ride her for luck again and the luck was just going my way.

KERRY O'BRIEN: Glen, you've had so many big moments in racing.

Why do you think the emotion caught up with you so much today?

GLEN BOSS: Well, this year - last year was unbelievable, but this year I had a lot more input into
the race and Lee trusted me.

He sort of let me guide him in certain respects because I probably knew her better than he did and
he was always asking for input and information back from me and when you've probably got one of the
most dominant Australian trainers in the last 10 years asking you for your input and your guidance,
it's a tremendous thing and, you know, it just self-satisfaction.

It's just overwhelming that you've been a part of a great team and you've created history.

A mare may never do this again.

You know, just to be part of that, it's just, totally awesome.

KERRY O'BRIEN: Well, Glen Boss, congratulations.

Thanks for sharing the triumph with us tonight.

GLEN BOSS: It's absolutely my pleasure.