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Rescuers continue frantic search for survivor -

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Rescuers continue frantic search for survivors

Reporter: Tim Palmer

TONY JONES: Rescuers on the Indonesian island of Nias are battling driving rain and shattered
infrastructure in their search for survivors of Monday's earthquake, some of whom are sending text
messages from beneath the debris. It's now believed up to 2,000 people have been killed. Hundreds
more could be trapped under the rubble. The rescue operation has also been hampered by a series of
powerful aftershocks that have rocked the region. From Nias Island, Indonesia correspondent Tim
Palmer reports.

TIM PALMER: After misery landed upon misery, it's little wonder they're calling on God to save them
here. This woman's family of seven people lie under a pile of concrete and tiles across the road.
"Even last night we went to everyone toe get help, but no-one has come," she said. Gunung Sitoli's
centre is now street after pitiful street of the same despair. Most of the recovery work is still
being done by hand. One of the few pieces of heavy equipment here tries to retrieve a visible body,
the man's parents dead inside with him.

A six-year-old girl, one of the latest to be brought out, as the official death toll climbs towards
the 2,000 now feared by Indonesian authorities. Pouring rain isn't helping the rescue, nor even
extinguishing the fires still burning in some of the collapsed buildings. In the past few hours,
four bodies have been pulled from this building alone and relatives here believe that they heard
the voice of a baby just half an hour ago. A faint hope it might be, but one that has been fanned
by the remarkable events that took place just a few metres away late last night. Just after
midnight, a voice was heard and a frantic search began. A Norwegian rescue team joined the
struggle, then incredibly a survivor appeared, a teenage boy pulled clear of the house where all
his relatives had died. The boy, more than two days trapped, appeared hardly injured. But for any
others that might have clung to life, it's getting very late. Tim Palmer, Lateline.